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This is to announce the Knox County Genealogical Society will be not having their publications from them anymore. You will be able to order them online at Ancestry Publications, and Ancestry Publications has nothing what so ever to do with It is being run by Bob Miller who used to host the Knox County, IL GenWeb site. Click on this link to check out Bob's new site,

Bob should have everything up and ready to go by the first of October or a little later. In the meantime if you are wanting books for your genealogy purposes send them to the address below they will still be honored until Bob has his up and running smoothly. Thanks for your support. These make good documentation on helping to prove who, what where, & when your ancestors were in Knox Co., IL. Have a wonderful day & thanks for reading & stopping by.

Knox County Genealogical Society Publications - Oct- 2007!

Ancestry Publications, Inc.

Exclusive Internet Distributor of Publications for

Knox County Genealogy Society


The Knox County Genealogy Society is pleased to announce that it has contracted with Ancestry Publications, Inc. to be the exclusive Internet distributor of its publications.  All of its publications are now available for purchase through the Ancestry Publications web store at  Publications will continue to be available for purchase face-to-face at the regular monthly Society meetings and periodic workshops.


Ancestry Publications has as its mission to bring together genealogy enthusiasts and local genealogy societies from across the country by providing an easy-to-use Internet source for local genealogy society publications.  As they find them, they will also stock original, county-specific publications from the past that they think will be of interest to genealogy enthusiasts (i.e., histories, biographies, atlases, maps, etc).


Purchases at the web store may be made by check, money order, or debit or credit card.  Publications will generally ship within 24 hours of receiving a paid order.


Ancestry Publications, Inc. and have no affiliation whatsoever with the commercial genealogy website


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