These are some photos of views of the Abingdon Cemetery I took recently you may

click on them for a bigger bigger view.  The ones above are of the older

 parts of the cemetery. Thanks!


 Abingdon Cemetery Cedar Twp., of Knox County, IL

Beings the Abingdon Cemetery is a huge cemetery and will take a up allot of space this is divided into sections.  Makes it easier to navigate.  This page will be a link to all the Sections of the Abingdon Cemetery.  There have also been newer burials here since the Knox County Genealogical Society have read the cemetery.  I have some photos of this cemetery and place some of them here and then later take some newer ones as time permits to a photo gallery like my other cemetery web pages.  Thanks for your patience....

Kathy Mills typed and made this cemetery possible for you locate your loved ones buried here in this cemetery.   We all owe her our thanks and appreciation in her handiwork as she has done an excellent job here.   Thanks ever so much Kathy..... Kathy and her husband are now in TN but will be traveling on .... soon to be near IL.  Can't wait to meet her.   She's been a very big part of my Knox County site without her I wouldn't have much typed up here for you to explore.

Also, want to note here Kathy has checked and rechecked but can NOT be held responsible for errors.  She has done her best and if there are errors on these pages please contact me with the correct information I will do my best to get it corrected.  You the responsible party of your loved one are the one who should find out if the information if correct and then let us know.  We are only human and humans are all known to make errors.  Thanks for your time and patience. 

This is a work in progress....

Also, note Foxie always pays tribute to Veterans buried in any cemetery.   I make them stand out as my tribute to them and my thanks for whatever war they fought in to save our peace, freedom, peace of mind, to make us one United States of America.  Thanks.

This is Foxie's note and warning to anyone who visits this cemetery page:

I mean this to go out to one and all. Kathy has went to a lot of time and trouble for me to type up this cemetery listings as time rolls on we will add the newer burials.  But I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION ON ANOTHER SITE BOASTING THAT THEY DID IT OR HOSTED OR WHATEVER.  The cemetery listings for this cemetery all of them that Kathy has done are not seen elsewhere or anywhere on the net.  Maybe a patch here and there but nothing more.  If I do and I mean when I do there will be hell to pay from Kathy and me. So, just be forewarned.  I hate to put this hear but am tired of others after my long hard work and others who have submitted then finding it on another's web page and them boasting and claiming rights to it.  Kathy and I will not tolerate this at all. Thanks.  Genealogy is actually not free as some people also lead others to believe.  It takes money to buy the information and then our time should be worth something although I've never charged for my time and would probably feel funny in doing so. But it cost me for the listings of the cemeteries, photos taken in them, books, copying and sending to Kathy to type, and so forth... Just would like a little cooperation here on other people stealing information from other web pages and then when you find it on another's web page as submitted by your host you tend to see red if you know what I mean. Just a warning to anyone who thinks about taking these pages and then claiming they did them for their own purposes or whatever.  These are copywrited by Foxie & Kathy Mills. Thank you very very Much and have a wonderful day after all that is said....

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Have a Great Day.!! If you would like a photo of tombstone in this cemetery feel free to fee my little Doggie or if you have information to share, corrections, suggestions, anything just feed my doggie and he'll love you forever.... Thanks.

Foxie's note" This is Sunday afternoon and I'm working on these pages... They will be done hopefully by Monday Morning... Thanks

Still working on these pages as they are long a big. Takes time to process and highlight the Veterans.  will hopefully have done by end of the week so can start on the listings for the Knoxville Cemetery.  It is also another huge cemetery with lots of people buried there. Thanks for your patience.   Foxie

Foxie's Note: Finally have processed all of the Abingdon Cemetery on Sunday, July 31, 2005. Will make a few look over to make sure everything works then it's to the uploading.... Halleluiah..........Just have the New Sections left to do.... Thanks so much Kathy for typing up this cemetery for me... We are the first and only ones to have the Abingdon Cemetery listings online.... And I think that is wonderful. Thanks bunches and bunches Kathy.

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Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V

Section VI

Section VII

Section VIII

Section IX

Section X

Section XI


Requested Photos

Contributed Photos

John Melton's Relatives


Section XII

Section XIII

Section XIV

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New Sections

Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V

This will take a little more to down-

load as I put flowers as a memorial

for the Unknown...

Unknown Burials

Photo Page 3

Photo Page 4

Photo Page 5

Comments from fellow researchers:

May 2007


 Hello my name is Ed Donaho of  Englewood, Colorado. First, I want to thank you for all of your time and efforts that you have put into your Knox County, Illinois Website. It is "Awesome"
Researching Knox County myself for my Donaho family ancestors, I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you have made available online!! Thank you for sharing.  I have had a great time checking out all of the family info and the Knox County history.
I was lucky enough to find the burial listing in the Abingdon Cemetery, Section 8 for John and Kate Donaho and their daughter Amy that you made available on your site.
John Donaho, b. Oct. 1855, Banner, Fulton Co. IL.,
 d. 26 Mar 1909, Knox Co. IL.
m.. 25 Dec 1879, Knox Co. IL.
Charlotte Catherine Shumaker, b. 15 Aug 1853, Chestnut Twp. Knox Co. IL.
d. 22 Jan 1937. Knox Co. IL.
Kate Shumaker Donaho is the daughter of Jacob Shumaker and Charlotte Smith of Knox County.
I was so excited to find the location of  John and Kate Donaho's burials in Abingdon Cemetery, Section 8. Would you happen to have photo's of these particular headstones? Is there any way I could request copies from you? Is there a possibility of acquiring the services of Kate and your nephew if you do not have copies? I would be more than happy to compensate you all for any expenses for your services.
Thanks so much for any help you can provide me!
You should be very proud of your accomplishments Foxie. Your efforts and your willingness to share your research are deeply appreciated!
Ed Donaho


I'm so thrilled to receive the photos of the Donaho family markers at the Abingdon Cemetery. Thank you so much for doing this for me, I really appreciate it. You are a wonderful person. You have done a great job with providing  help and information concerning genealogy research for the Knox County area. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with me and everyone. I hope that you are feeling better and make a full recovery quickly.
Best Wishes,



Thanks Foxie....very sweet of you to do that. I OWE YOU :) And I might add, you have a WONDERFUL website!! Keep up the great work!

Thanks again Bonnie


June ---2007

Dear Foxie, You are such a nice person. Living clear up here in Alaska makes it so hard to get pictures of my relatives headstones way down in the "lower" 48 states. I'll know you, when we see each other in heaven....you'll be the one with the double halo :) God Bless and thanks again for all your hard work. If you ever get to Alaska, God knows you must need a vacation, please let me know. Your welcome here anytime!!

Sincerely Bonnie


Hi Foxie,

Sorry it has been awhile for me to get back to you on this. I forgot all about it. Please do not shoot me.
I see that you have now More website's that you are over.  Kudo's Foxie.  Great Work.   
Thank You Foxie. 
Did you know my Aunt Iva Gibb/Myers ?? just wondered.
I did not do genealogy for a while and then I had problem's with my Family Tree Maker. One thing after another.
I wanted to ask you if it is at all possible to get copy's of some of the tombstone's that you have taken for Illinois ? And If I can, can I use them on my Home Page for my Family ?  I promise I will use you as a source of the information.  I will send you a link to my home page next. I have some work to do on it. It has endless' listing's for my Cox's. Still have to fix that.
Don't work to hard.

Sincerely, Lisa


My father in the 1930's was issued a coal miners cert. by the state and it said he worked in a mine near Middlegrove, IL.  How can i find  info on what mine he worked at?  I'm pretty sure it was an underground mine only because I remember the miners hat with a light when I was young.
Would the mining dept of the state keep records of cert. issued.  He also received the Black Lung benefit when he retired.  He passed in 1983, before I was interested in genealogy...mad at myself now...
Lois Anderson Richards
Abingdon, IL


That is wonderful of you to do this for me.

Would love it if you could email the photos as an attachment. It would be easier to
fix them with a photo shop program.

I wrote to Jack in Florida - he is the only other relative I know of for the Chase family and
forwarded the photos to him too.

He is willing to share in the cost with me to try to repair the one stone for Strain.
If you can tell us whom to contact that would be very helpful.

You daughter is such a sweetheart to go and help you. She is a cutie!
Melissa (my youngest - age 14) has gone with me on many occasions, and has been quite helpful in researching. She doesn't enjoy it as much as I do, but she does help.

Did you get the email I sent you of the stone for Benjamin Moore in Old Monmouth Cemetery?

Also - I plan to mail you a check for your time. I really appreciate it and perhaps it will help pay for some gas or something for you. Take the little cutie to lunch or something for helping you?
Your an angel!


As usual Foxie, you have given me more than I could have hoped for. Bless you!

That was my Ole Anderson! And all that new Gibbs material...what a huge family.  The book Ole's info came from was a "Portrait and Biographical" book of the county. I wonder if there is a picture of him too..

I'm going to ask the library if they have a copy to see if there might have been a picture. I don't want to ask you any more favors for a while. I'm very greatful for the time you've given me. If you ever get to fit those cemetery photos into your schedule that would be outstanding, but I know how busy you are and it has to be God and Family first...especially momma!

"Thanks" just doesn't seem to cut it but that's all I can think to say.



Hi Foxie,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for all the work that you and Kathy  have done.  
I believe you were the one that sent me the paper about the Knox County Book that is now being printed.   Thank you for doing that also.  I ordered the book, and much to my surprise I also wrote about Anson Dolph and family.  My surprise because I am not a writer, but the lady that sometimes I exchange information with and who has told me numerous times that she is a writer, finally told me that she writes to slow and would not send in any thing. I still laugh about that.
I did find one Dolph child buried in section 1.  I do not know where she fits ,but now have that information.
Thank you again.
Carolyn m Russell


June 08, 2008---


   Great site with a lot of good info on the cemetery.  I have some info for the Rowe entries in Section XI.  Mary C. Rowe was born in June 1841, died Apr 4, 1930, wife of JJ Rowe.  JJ Rowe , MD was James Jackson Rowe, born Feb 20, 1830, died Feb 29, 1908. Was doctor in Avon and Abingdon.  Nina D. was wife of James Jesse Rowe, son of Mary and James Jackson.  Lena Rowe, born abt 1869, died 1960.  Life long school teacher and daughter of James Jackson and Mary Rowe. 
    Keep up the great work, I wish all cemetery sites were this good.  Thanks Dan Rowe. 

Hi Foxie,

   Thanks for the quick return post.  In regards to your question about these Rowe's being the first settler in the area.  I do not think that is the case.  James Jackson Rowe was born in Ohio and came to Illinois in the late 1850's, most likely.  He was not in the 1850 census because he and his brother, Morris B. Rowe, my great grandfather, were en-route to California from Ohio in search of gold.  In the 1860 census he was listed as JJ Roe, physician, living with Madison and Sarah Head in Avon, Il.  Five weeks after that census he married Mary Cutler in Avon, Illinois.  James Jackson was one of 11 children of Jesse Bascom and Sarah Morris Rowe of Ohio.  He was a brother to my great grandfather, Morris B. Rowe.  Most of the family moved from Ohio to the Blue Springs, Missouri area in the late 1860's.  Jesse Bascom bought over a section of land and divided it up among his children in April of 1869.  He gave 80 acres to James Jackson and 2 lots in Kansas City for him to come to Missouri from Illinois.  James was evidently already settled in the Avon and Abingdon area and they did not move.  James and Mary had 4 children:  Daniel Leonard, Lena V., James Jesse, and Mary.  James Jesse also became a doctor and surgeon.  So, I do not know when the first settlers came to Knox Co. but the earliest in our line was the late 1850's.  So this Rowe you mentioned would not be in our direct line. This is probably more than you ever wanted to know, but I can get long winded when it comes to this family history.  It is amazing how much info can be found and dug up when a person stays at it long enough.  Again, Thanks for your site.  Dan

Cemetery deed fro Frank Abbott's plot in the Abingdon Cemetery curtsey of Harvey Abbott, my great friend. thanks Harvey....

Always a work in progress.....

Thanks for stopping by... come again..

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