Annuals of Knox County, Illinois

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Maps of Knox County


This map of Knox County shows the stream and watershed system of the county; its valleys; the elevation of principal points above the sea level; and the number and location of coal veins.  These veins are numbered from the bottom up, the lowest vein in the county being No. l and the highest No. 6.  The forested areas are as a rule contiguous to the streams.

 Topographical Map of Knox co., IL of the Indian Trails 1921


The following map shows the townships and railroads and the older municipalities of the county, along with several neighborhood centers.  Williamsfield in Truro township and East Galesburg in Knox Township are later towns on the Santa Fe.  Hermon in Chestnut Township is on the Fulton County branch of the Burlington, formerly the Narrow Gauge.  Summit on the Peoria Branch is better known as Douglas.

1921 Map of Knox Twp., Railroad lines, & later settlements of the Knox Co., IL Genealogy.

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