Annuals of Knox County, Illinois

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This is a book written by fellow Historians in 1921. Each township history here was written by a different person. It is really a very interesting read. Some of it goes back to the beginning and then others is what was happening a little later on. There are maps of the Indian Trails, the Twps, Railroads, and a Topographical map of 1921. I found some of it very interesting and a little different from some of the other histories. Hope you enjoy. and we have Ann Maxwell of Texas to thank for typing this whole book up for us to enjoy here online. Each township history and section of this book will open in it's own page. Made them separate for this book. None of the pages ran onto the top of the next page and such and made it a whole lot easier. Wonder what they would think if they could see this online electronic version of the book??

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Scanned front of book of Annuals of Knox Co., IL published in 1921 for Genealogy purpose.


This book is the product of the attempt in 1918 to celebrate the Centennial of the admission of Illinois to Statehood. In accordance with a state-wide movement, designed to preserve the annals of all the counties, and properly to commemorate the creation of Illinois as a State, the County Judge Walter C. Frank, Superintendent of Schools W.F. Boyes, State’s Attorney A.J. Boutelle, County Clerk Frank L. Adams and A.O. Lindstrum, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, were designated by the Hon. Hugh Magill, who had the State work in charge, to form in this county a Knox County Centennial Historical Association, which should originate and carry out in the schools of the county fitting programs, and which should arrange for the collection of material for township annals, that should, with the cooperation of the Board of Supervisors, be published and be preserved in the schools and libraries of the county and in the State Historical Library.

At a meeting held on January 22, 1918, the County Centennial Historical Association was formed with Superintendent W.F. Boyes as president and Fred R. Jelliff as secretary, and with the following advisory committee: Mrs. A.J. Boutelle, president of the Galesburg Woman’s Club; Mrs. G.W. Thompson, Mrs. T.C. Minnehan, George A. Lawrence, Fred R. Jelliff, William Pearson, president of the Galesburg Trades and Labor Assembly; Professor D.E. Watkins, of Knox College; President J.M. Tilden, of Lombard College, and W.F. Boyes.

At a meeting of this committee on February 5th, 1918, there was appointed a committee, consisting of Professor Watkins, Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Jelliff, authorized to arrange for the material for the township annals. Requests were sent to a well qualified person in each township in March, 1918, and in nearly every instance there was a cheerful response. The late W.L. Steele, so long superintendent of schools of Galesburg, was deputized to prepare a general review of the county annals, while Mrs. R.W. Colville, Mrs. Martha Farnham Webster and George A. Lawrence were authorized to arrange for the marking of historical points in this county.

The advisory committee, of which W.F. Boyes was chairman, also considered and outlined an elaborate program of celebrations for the schools of the county, which was to culminate in a stately and beautiful pageant in Galesburg with the entire county as guests. All plans, however, were interrupted by the dreadful epidemic of influenza, which swept through the county the fall and winter of 1918, bringing sorrow to many scores of homes. The pageant and many other features of the year’s program had to be abandoned. Schools generally were closed to prevent the contagion from spreading.

Meanwhile several of the township historians died. Superintendent Steele suddenly passed away. Illness and other causes delayed some. The committee, however, felt that it was due to those who had so generously prepared manuscripts, to persevere in the preparation of material, with the result, that due to the generosity of the Board of Supervisors, the publication is at last made.

The committee is under great obligations to all who have contributed annals, and to all others who have in any way assisted.

FRED R. JELLIFF, Secretary






Knox County History


Early Settlements


Cedar Township


Chestnut Township


Copley Township


Elba Township


Galesburg Annals


Haw Creek Township


Henderson Township


Indian Point Township


Knox Township


Lynn Township


Maquon Township


Ontario Township


Orange Township


Persifer Township 145

Rio Township


Salem Township


Sparta Township 174

Truro Township


Victoria, Town of


Walnut Grove Township


Indian Trails


The Indians


Out on the Prairie


Maps of Knox County


Municipal Notes: Links are below this short histories on these towns.


   Yates City






Illinois History


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