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1886 Introduction  typed by Kathy Mills

Typed by Joyce

Typed by Kate

Daniel W. Flynn

James H. Linsley

Harmon Way.

Jacob Gum

Mary Roe

Joseph Ellis,

John Hobbs

Pedro W. Epperson

George Stevens

Ole Anderson**

Hugh M, Mitchell

Mathew Fooks

John Harpmann

*James Alexander Wilson

Patrick Shehan

Harvey Ouderkirk

James Latimer

Isaac  N. West

Stephen Wyman

Samuel Jarvis

Oliver Norval

William Gould

William M. Craig

Joshua L. Crawford

Jesse Wagner

John H. Wagner

Dr. Elijah F.Purdom

Gilbert G. Weeks

Daniel t. Wilson

T. H. Sumner

Anthony Caldwell

Rev Thomas Camp

Orange Lowell Campbell

k**Thomas McMaster

 k**Michael O'Shea

K**R. J. Wilber

 K**Marshall Bruner

k**Edwin A. Cooley

k**Josiah Multer

k**George M. Collinson

k**Mrs. Mary A. Coleman

 k**M. L. Overstreet

William Henry Gibbs*i

Jonathan Gibbs

Thomas Duval

Cornelius Dempsey

James W. Davis

Andrew Adams

Ziba Adams

James Allen

Issac O. Armstrong

Ole Anderson**

Jonas F. anderson

James R. Catterton

Benjamin Ramp

Solomon Wood Rogers

Walter Redd

George Simkins

Charles P.  Smith


These were typed and emailed to me by Linda Kestner 

on which I also made her a web page at Linda Kestner

Xavier Gehring

Alexander Gehring

Martin Gehring



These take a bit to download

so please be patient. You

won't regret it. Thanks!

2 pages now....



These take a bit to download

so please be patient. You

won't regret it. Thanks!

2 pages now....


Typed by Foxie:

George W. Butt

G. P. Burnett

Samuel Shives

George Tryon

R. H. Kimber

David McWilliams

Benjamin Lombard, Jr.

Mrs. A. Lowrey

James Hammond

George W. Elliot

Julius D. Bragg

David P. Harper

Joseph E. Latimer

Edson Huggins

F. H. Peterson

Mrs. Annie McClang

William S. Kleckner

Andrew Cochrun

Gilbert Swart

Calvin A. Cole

Jacob England

Levi Knox Byers

Peter Cronland

Truman Roe

Harry Schroder

William G. West

J. G. Lafferty

John Hoxworth

Ezra Tucker

Henry Tucker

Vachel L. Tucker

William Swigart

Joshua Boynton

Alfred Thurman

Alex Thurman

Jacob Booth

J. V. R. Carley

James O. Housh

David Hartsook

John West

Anderson Barnett

Morris Griffith

Anthony W. Cadwell

Cramer's & Mather's go together

Isaac Cramer

Elijah Cramer

George Mather

Samuel Mather

George Washington Brown

The Next 3 are all related!

Francis Wilson

**James Alexander Wilson

John Wilson

Reuben Castle

Francis T, Derby

Lieut. John Hall

Elder Joseph Latimer

Samuel Barlow

William Snider

William A. Smith

Solomon Wood rodgers

Frank Huggins

Abraham Rambo

Eli Benfield

Typed by Kathy Mills

March 22, have been adding a few links for the people on page #4

Jacob Ackerman

Andrew B, Anderson

Walter Bailey

*James Bale

*Nathan Barbero

*Erasmus Bartlett

James Campbell

Albert B. Cochrun

Jefferson M. Dawdy

William A. Neill

Dr. Sylvester Foster

Isaac Hunter

James Runkle

Gideon Pitman

Harvey Montgomery

related to the Gum's above

John R. Plecker

Charles H. Vaughn

Joseph N. Reed

David Mooers

Thomas B. Mount

John Mosser

Malcolm Smith

Volney C. Steadman

James W. Kays

 Edward Wyman

William A. Yates

*John W. Wood

Edmund Russell

James Mackay

Samuel Junk

George C. Hudson

Fredrick P. Foltz

James M. Flemming

Olof P. Norine

M. T. Perrin

Nels Peterson

Andrew J. ross

Charles S Clark

Edward M. Collins

Simeon L. Collinson

John C. Cover

Herbert Judd

Lowry J. Edgar

Henry B. Olmsted

William Overlander

John Rees

Edmund Smith

Samuel G. Stephenson

John A. Stuckey

Wilkins Seacord

John Barnett

Thomas Newell

John T. Wilson
Horace H. Willsie
John C. Stewart
George W. Sawyer
Fletcher C. Rice
Henry Ream
Ernest S. Moulton
James W. McCutchen
C. E. Lanstrum
John N. Irwin
Andrew C. Housh

Tells who is on the pages.

~on Page 4~

Otto Anderson

Harmon Brown

Capt. James L. Burkhalter

John E. Erickson

Peter Erickson

John A. Leighton

J. W. Lindquist

George W. Mead

Stephen Osborn

Gen. Philip Sidney Post

Augustus E. Remier

John M. Sipes

George A. Avery

Alfred H. Blick

Capt. Benjamin F. Holcomb

Charles W. Leffingwell

George Loy

Edwin Chauncy Olin

David Spence

A. F. Star

Edward J. Tyler

Andrew Vance

Nels M. Burgland
Alanson G. Charles
Gilbert Evans
William Selden Gale
Gust & H. G. Hawkinson
N. O. G. Johnson
Ebenezer Lass
Charles T. Larson
Frank W. Latimer
Lars J. Lindberg
William McGowan
Hon. Henry Runkle

David H. Frisbie

Solomon Frohlich

Henry Hitchcock

Hoffman Bros

Edson Huggins

Robert Bruce Jameson

Michael Maley

John Sullivan

Albert Upson

Darius Woolsey

John W. Andrews

Joseph H. Bloomfield

Jeremiah E. Derham

George A. Merrill

A. W. Miller

Timothy Moshier

Michael Riner

J. S. Simpson

Ralph Skinner

Eugene James Sullivan

Major Josiah Tilden

F. E. Fowler

Erick Larson

Billings Moulton

L. W. sheldon, M. D.

Capt. Gardner G. Stearns

~William is Edwards Father

Bios are together.~

Edward H. Ware

William Ware --62

**Tells who is on

~ Page 6 ~

Benjamin F. Arnold

R. M. Campbell

Hiram Enke

Lorenzo D. Ferris

Andrew Harpman

David Harshman

Charles A. Hinckley

T. R. Inness

John T. Kennedy

Thomas H. Pool

Houston P. Tait

William Talbot

Barney Wagoner

Sheldon W. Allen

Sala Blakeslee

Frank H. Case

William M. Combs

Timothy G. Hadley

E. R. Hardy

Isaac Jones

Louis Palmquist

Thomas Anderson

Charity Teague Camp

John J. Sutor

Asaph Newton Carpenter

Andrew T. Dunlap

Mrs Matilda Dunlap

William dunlap

Edwin F. Green

David Grim

Mons Hawkinson

Isaac E. Hurr

Henry Hurd

J. L. Jarnagin

David Mc Conchie

Proctor F. Meyers

Patrick H. Sanford

Charles A. Schoonmaker~37

Albion P. Charles

Horace F. Dodd

Olof Hawkinson

John S. Holmes

Henry Sterling Hurd, M. D.

Samuel W. May

Samuel Kirk Mc Cullough

Hon. Thomas Mc Kee

Andrew Main

George M. Melton

Miles Smith

Samuel VanGilder

William H. Wiley--61


John W. Head

John C. Hearn

Robert C. Edwards

Foxie's note***

The next two are

father & Son
Thales Edgar Givens

Thales H. Givens

Sheldon O. Allen

William Smith

Alex Thurman

James McMurtry

Hon. Rufus W. Miles

George Woodmansee

Daniel Fugua

Loamma M. Bartlett

Thomas R. Glisson

Howard M. Griffith

Elisha Humiston

Erasmus J. Easel

Jonathan Latimer

Olof Johnson

*Nelson Cunningham

W. W. Dickerson

James L. Cashman

Edwin Brainard

A. G. Anderson

Edward A. Cardiff

Clark E. Carr

Hiram R. King

William McCornack

Robert McIlravy

Peter Nelson

Samuel Caulkins

Thomas Barton

Francis Orman Crocker

Oscar Finch

Dr. John Fifield

George Ekins

Charles A. Hopkins

Walter N. Jones

Adolph F. Nelson

Col. Leander Potter

Edward Swartz, MD

Silas Whitcomb

Eric Newburg

Franklin Jones

Isaac Jones

Charles H. Fuller
Charles A. Ericson
George England
James W. Cothren
John C. Burt
Zacchues Beatty
Jonas F. Anderson

Tells who is on

~On Page 5 ~

Rev. Charles A. Backman

Rev. Lucius E. Barnard, A. M.

Gen. Myron S. Barnes

Jacob S. Chambers

Capt. Francis Fuller

Daniel Fuller

Daniel Henshaw

Louis P. Lauren

S. H. Mc Omber

Josiah Multer

Swan H. Olson

Albert J. Ostrander

George Whitney Robinson

James B. Speaks

Nels Youngdahl

John Collinson

Joseph Fisher

George W. Foote, M. D.

Mark S. Lemon

Edward Marsh

Clinton H. Meadows

G. F. Resseguie

Capt. William H. Reynolds

Robert R. Steck

A. D. Waste

Angeline Whipple

Nealy C. Woods

Charles Collinson

Frank S. Bartlett

Erwin H. Belknap

Hon. August W. Berggren

Iram Biggs

Albert Calkins

Milo D. Cooke

Robert G. Jamison

William J. Mosher

Franklin Nichols

N. J. Oleen

Edgar L. Phillips, M. D.

Henry Sisson --40

Chester E. Allen

John Clarkson

Hon. Orin P. Cooley

Charles H. Cuyler

George Davis

John Doak

Hary Dunbar

T. Judson Hale

Jonas T. Hedman

James K. Howland

Nathaniel B. Ives

William Lalor

Albert J. Perry

W. W. Washburn

Henry Biederman

J. C. Crandall

James E. Ground

Hiram Mars

Nlels Nelson

**Tells who is on ~

~  Page 7  ~

Aaron Phelps

Darwin B. Day
Samuel G. Holyoke
Arthur W. Jones
Hon. George Cromwell Lanphere
Taylor Linn
John Mangion
Asa A. Matteson

Barney Wagner

Austin Gaines

two Metcalf's are brothers bios are together.
Albert D. Metcalf
Samuel J. Metcalf
John W. Olson
George Runkle
Dewitt Smith

Van Resselear Smith

Thomas D. Stafford
Joseph Torley
Benedict Wainright

James T. Main

Judson Briggs

H. S. Bradford

Erasmus Earel

.Mrs. Margret A. Bulkeley
Nelson W. Burneson
Michael H. Colllins
George F. Edwards
Clark Glenn
Marvin H. Goff
George H. Graves
David Greenleaf
Levi Hager
O. Harlan
Gideon S. Hawkins
Thomas Housh
Hugh H. McIlravy
Joseph Masters
John Peterson
DR.Elijah F. Purdum
Henry W. Smith
W. D. Thomas
M. O. Williamson

William Arms

James E. Brown, Foxie'
s  cousin

Alonzo C. Clay

William R. Hoyle, Jr

Jonathan Knapp

Judge Alfred Knowles

William H. Leighton

Michael Mount

Prof. W. C. Parker

George Washington Parker

Samuel K. Pedrick

William Riser

Edward H. Stilson, M. D.

Edward above cousin to Capt below

Capt. J. F. Stilson

Robert N. Wallace

George W. Weir

Mrs. Agnes McKie

Page 4 over 50 new ones

click here & follow directions

Page 5    Page 6     page 7

Franklin Odgen


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