Biographies from the 1878 History of Knox County, IL


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Flynn, John, son of William and Mary Flynn, natives of Ireland, was born Nov. 7, 1811; came to America when a child; at the early age of 13 engaged as a bar tender in a saloon; came west in 1834, settling in Illinois; July 27, 1838 he married Mary Spears, who bore him 13 children, 9 of whom are living.  Democrat.  In 1861, when our country’s flag was fired upon, he was the first in his township to offer his services; he is a radical temperance man and a hard worker in the cause; on the 22nd day of May, 1878, he gave a large temperance picnic at his place, at which over 600 people assembled; he formerly was very intemperate, but has thoroughly reformed, and is a member of temperance organizations and the Baptist Church; he has held local offices for over 20 hears. P. O., Knoxville. P. 675

Foote, George W., physician, Galesburg. P. 675

Ford, Dyer.  P. O., Oneida. P. 675

Foster, James M., Black Hawk Veteran-- farmer, son of Zebulon and Elizabeth (Wingate) Foster, the former a native of New York and the latter of New Jersey, was born Jan. 2, 1808 in Hamilton Co., O.; moved to Indiana in 1814; received a common-school education, moved to Illinois in 1830, settling in Fulton Co. until 1833, when he moved to Knox Co.; was married June 13, 1841 to Eliza Combs, then again to a second wife, Louisa Roads, Sept. 1848; he is the parent of 9 children, of whom 7 are living; was a soldier in the Black Hawk war; has been School Director, School Trustee and Supervisor; republican. P.O., Maquon. P. 675

Frail, J. C., residence section 12, Walnut Grove Township. P.O., Altona. p. 675

Freer, E. A., residence Henderson. P. 675

Freeberg, Andrew C., farmer, son of S.T. and Nilla (Oredsson) Freeberg, natives of Sweden, was born in Feleberga, Sweden, May 30, 1858; educated in public schools and college in Christianstad; formerly followed bookkeeping; came to Galesburg in 1875, and on to his farm in 1876; joined the Lutheran Church in 1875.  Republican.  P. O., Abingdon. P. 675

Freeman, Fred E.,   Civil War Vet- was born in Lagrange, Lorraine Co., O.; is the son of Rev. F. R. and Lucy (Ritta) Freeman, of New York; he was educated in the Seminary at Norwalk, O., and studied law with W. F. Hopkins of Morris, Guernsey Co., O.; some years since he engaged in railroad business, in which he is now employed; during the late war he entered the army as a private in the 106th Reg. N.Y. Inf., and was promoted to Hospital Steward of the regiment; he came from Ohio to Illinois in 1854; was married to Annie M. Bunker; he strongly opposed the great railroad strike of 1877, being then as now connected with the C. B.. & Q. R. R.  Republican.  Member of the Baptist Church. P. O. Galesburg. P. 675

Frey, Henry, shoemaker, Abingdon, was born in Switzerland June 29, 1826; is the son of Casper and Anna (Nateely) Frey, of the same nativity; came to Abingdon in 1855; learned his trade when young; has served as Mayor 4 hears. Alderman, City Treasurer and School Director; was married April 26, 1851, to Sarah Bell, who has borne him 2 girls.  Republican. P. 675

Frost, John E., insurance agent, Galesburg

Fuller, Francis, President First National Bank, Galesburg. P 675

Fuller, C. H., train dispatcher C. B. & Q. R.R. Galesburg. P 675

Fulton, Robert A.,   Civil War Vet- Son of Alexander and Catherine Fulton, natives of Pennsylvania, was born in Indiana Co., Pa., Nov. 27, 1838; received a common school and academic education; was engaged in mercantile business, afterward became a bookkeeper, then farmer; served 18 months in late war in 63rd Pa. Inf.; was married Dec. 31, 1868 to Margaret J. Campbell; they are the parents of 4 daughters; moved to Knox Co., Ill., Jan 19, 1869.  Republican.  In 1856 united with Presbyterian Church; has been very successful in farming; has served as School Trustee in Salem Township. P. O. Yates City. P. 675

Gale, W. Selden, residence, Galesburg

Gardner, B. H., farmer, son of William and Catharine (Holland) Gardner, of Virginia; was born in Louisa Co., Va., July 14, 1811; had but little schooling and raised on a farm; moved to Warren Co. in 1834, and to Knox in 1869.  He opened a coal bank in Warren Co. in 1838 from where coal was taken for miles; it was the first bank worked in Warren Co.; was married Jan. 1835 to Jemima R. Wallace, and again in 1864, Aug. 23 to Mary A. Deatherage; is the parent of 7 children; joined the Christian Church in 1838; baptized by Levi Hatchet.  P.O., Abingdon  p. 675 related to Foxie married my great grandfather's sister.

ISAAC STILES PERKINS.  As a representative business man of Knox co., the subject of this sketch stands prominent.  but few men in Illinois have larger business interests under their immediate supervision than he.  He was born in Southwick, Mass., June 4, 1832; his parents, Walter and Harriet Perkins, were also natives of that State; his early life was passed on the farm; he attended common district schools and Southwick and Westfield Academies.  Attaining his majority, he came west to Terre Haute, Ind., where he taught school one year, after which he took a tour through the Northwest, stopping at St. Louis, where he engaged as a commercial traveler, which he continued for 5 years.  Prior to the outbreak of the rebellion he returned to his native State, where he engaged as commercial traveler and continuing as such until 1863, when he came to Jacksonville, Ill., where, until 1864, he was connected with a hardware firm.  During that year, with George W. Brown, he made an engagement to become his general traveling and business agent, and with whom, for a period of over 14 years, he has been engaged.  For the first 5 years, Mr. P. did almost all the traveling for the manufactory, which included the selling of the products and much of the collecting.  As the business increased, more cares, greater difficulties and closer application became necessary, but with his intimate knowledge, judicious judgment and unquestionable integrity, Mr. Brown found much of the burden taken from his shoulders.  Through long and weary patent litigations against infringements upon Mr. Brown's patents, he took a prominent and successful part.  July 31, 1866, he was married to Eliza Clark, of Westfield, Mass.  She is a graduate of Massachusetts State Normal School, and a lady of high social standing.  They have only 1 child, a son, Clayton C. Perkins, born Nov. 24, 1873.  Besides his connection with the corn-planter works, he is Director in the Second National Bank, of Galesburg; he also acts as agent for Eastern capital.  Republican.


Swegle, Lafayette, farmer, was born in Sussex Co., NJ, September 24, 1824; his parents were natives of that State; his opportunities for attending the district schools were very limited; his early years were spent on a farm; came to Knox co., in 1850. He married Amelia Morgan February 07, 1850; they had 4 children, He married Mary Ann McElrea in 1861, by whom he has had 6 children, 4 living. Republican. Residence, St. Augustine.

Swift, Job, retired farmer, is the son of Erastus and Louisa Everest; was born in Addison co., Vt. May 09, 1811; he was educated in Shoreham Academy, Vt. His early life was passed on a farm, and he devoted his attention to farming chiefly; spent some time in the millings business. He came from Vermont to Galesburg in 1836;' has held the office of Alderman of the city for years. He married Amanda M. Sumner, February 14, 1854, in Granville, NY. They have two daughters. Republican. Residence, Galesburg.

Swigart, William, Maquon.

Symons, William, tailor, Yates City, is the son of William and Sarah Symons; was born in England December 16, 1830; had no school education; came to Illinois in 1869; served 5 years as soldier in England. Married Elib Conroy in 1853; six children living, four dead. Republican.

Talbot, Thomas, Farmer, sec 21, Ontario Township. P O, Ontario.

Tasker, William, farmer,
P. O., Maquon; son of William and Mary Rooke Tasker, natives of Ringmer, Sussex County, England; was born July 18, 1848, in Sussex County, England. His early life passed mostly on the farm. When 15 years old he went to sea 3 years; emigrated to America, coming to Knox County, December 14, 1866. Married Eda Moore, April 6, 1873. They are the parents of 3 children. Green-backer.

Tate, J. W. stock dealer, Bedford, Iowa

Taylor, A. B. P O, Yates City.

Taylor, James Martin, banker, -
--Civil War Vet--Yates City, son of Samuel and Mary Taylor; was born in Clarksburg, Pa. March 24, 1844. He was educated in the public schools and at College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In youth he learned the printer's trade; then short-hand reporting; afterwards farmed for a series of years, and finally engaged in the banking business in Yates City. He served in the United States Army during the rebellion. February 18, 1858, he married S. J. Davids, by whom he has 2 sons. He is connected with the Presbyterian church. Republican.

Taylor, John, farmer,
son of John and Anna Taylor; was born in Champaign, Ohio. His early life was passed on the farm; received his education from the common schools; moved to Illinois; thence to Missouri, stayed 3 years, then move to Knox County in 1848. Married Eunice Milum in 1847. They have been the parents of 12 children of whom 8 are now living. Democrat. He has been very successful in farming.

Temple, John, druggist, Galesburg, `
`Civil War Vet--son of Thomas and Elizabeth Temple; was born in Yarm Branch Station, Durham County, England, January 18, 1835. He is self-educated from the age of 10 years; he came to America in 1855, and to Galesburg in 1857; engaged for a short time in farming, then re-entered upon the drug business; he enlisted April 19, 1861, as a private in company E. 17th Regiment Illinois Infantry; was appointed Hospital Steward May 14, and held that position till mustered out June 07, 1864. January 30, 1867, he married Anna Peterson. They have 4 children; 3 living.

Terry, Rufus E.,
farmer, son of John and Nancy H. Benson Terry, of Greenbriar County, Virginia; was born in Chestnut Township, Knox County, Ill., August 20, 1848. He was educated in the common schools, and at Abingdon college. He was brought up on a farm and continued farming from choice. June 19, 1873, he married Alma F. Halten. They have 1 boy and 1 girl. Democrat. P.O., Hermon.

Terwilliger, Philip Nelson,
farmer, P. O., Midway, Fulton County, Ill.; was born in Pickaway County Ohio, June 13, 1847; parents were Abraham and Pency Rector Terwilliger, natives of Ohio. His early life was passed on the farm; move to Fulton County, Ill., in 1850; attended school at Hedding College, Abingdon. Married Sosa Welch January 01, 1871. They are the parents of 4 children, of whom 2 are living; move to Chestnut Township, Knox County, Feb., 1871; was school director. In 1863 united with the Methodist Church, of which he was Class-leader.

Thomas, James, farmer,
was born in Guernsey County Ohio, December 19, 1824. He is the son of Enoch and Anna Dilley Thomas, the father of Pennsylvania, the mother of New Jersey. He was educated in the common schools; spent his early life on a farm; came from Ohio to Knox County Illinois, in 1856; has held the offices of J. P., a member of the school board and Trustee in Victoria Township; September 14, 1847, he married Caroline Creighton, by whom he has 7 sons and 3 daughters, 4 dead; has been connected with the Methodist Protestant church since 1851. P.O., Abingdon.

Thomas, James Edwin, Civil War Vet--mechanic, son of Edward and Laurena Kidwell Thomas, of Indiana, was born in Wayne co., Ind., December 08, 1843. He was educated in the common schools; learned the wagon-maker's trade, and has followed it; in the fall of 1858 came to Wataga; served in the U S army during the rebellion as a member of Co B., 138th Ill. Inf.; in September 1868, married Elvira Morrison by whom he has two children; is a member of the M E Church. Republican.

Thomas, Milam, farmer, Rio Township. P O, Rio.

Thomas, W. H., carriage manufacturer, Abingdon, the son of Edward and Laurena Kidwell Thomas, of Ohio, was born in Madison, Ind., in 1842. He came to Knox co, in 1860. settled in Abingdon in 1875; served three years at the carriage trade with Sheldon & Harrison in Galesburg; traveled for two years before settling in business for himself; in 1873 married Ellen Morley. Greenbacker.

Thomas, William Newton, --Civil War Vet--son of Edward and Laurena Kidwell Thomas, of Indiana, was born in Wayne Co., Ind., May 14, 1842; learned the blacksmith trade, which vocation he has followed; came to Knox co., Ill., in 1858; during he late war enlisted in Co. A 9th Mo., but was transferred to the 59th Ill.; was married in Dec., 1869. Independent. P O, Wataga.

Thompson, George Wallace,
attorney, Galesburg, of English parentage, born near London, Canada, August 09, 1851; educated at Upper Canada College and a graduate of the University of Toronto, taking the degree of B A and the University gold medal in 1874; studied law in Toronto and was admitted to practice, 18778,m and came to Galesburg immediately and formed a partnership with William Davis; early life passed on a farm; his parents live on a farm near Galesburg; selected the profession from a liking for it, and to make money and have an occupation.

Thompson, David, Civil War Vet--farmer, born in Indiana December 06, 1835. His father, John Thompson, born in Pennsylvania; his mother, Catharine Thompson, was a native of Ohio. David spent his early life on a farm, and has never had reason to engage in anything else; was married July 02, to Catharine Richmond; they have 5 children; three boys and two girls; when our country's flag was fired upon he showed his devotion by enlisting, and served 3 years. Democrat. P O, Altona.

Thomson, Prof. Adoniram Judson, is the son of Herbert C. and Louisa W. Hall Thomson, the former of Virginia, his mother a native of Kentucky. He was born in Cumberland Co., Kentucky, September 03, 1835; his parents came to Illinois when he was about 3 years old; at the age of 14 his mother died; he soon entered a dry goods store as clerk, remaining over 3 years; in the meantime he confessed his faith in Christ, and was baptized by Elder Zib Brown and united with the Christian Church at Macomb, which then had hopes of making him a preacher, and but few preachers of the gospel have done more efficient labor than he; many have confessed Christ under his preaching, and scores of our subscribers were baptized by him. In 1853, he entered Abingdon Academy, and in 1858 graduated from Abingdon College, and until 1865 was connected with the college as tutor and Professor.  In 1866 was Principal of Hiram College; he was recalled to the chair of languages in Abingdon College; severed his connections with he college in 1877; has served a number of times as Alderman and once as Mayor of Abingdon; was married Jan 01, 1860 to Aldula Gertrude Price; 2 sons and 2 daughters have been born to them; 3 now living. Republican. Residence, Abingdon.

Thurman Elisha, farmer, P O, Maquon, was born July 01, 1812, in Highland co., Ohio. Parents were Thomas and Feba Goard Thurman, natives of Virginia. His early life was passed on the farm; moved to Illinois in 1830, settling in Knox co., and has been out of the county only three years' time since. December 25, 1834, was married to Anna Hall. They are the parents of nine children, of whom seven are living. Was first a member of the Methodist Church, but now belongs to the Christian, which he joined in 1838 or '39. Has been School Director and Trustee. Republican. Owns 592 acres of land.

Thurman, W. H. farmer, son of Philip and Jane Thurman, from Virginia, was born in Highland co., Ohio. March 27, 1822; only attended the district school a few terms. Came to Illinois in 1841; worked the first 3 years for his board and a 3-year-old colt; and the next summer for $9 per month. January 03,1845, he married Phebe Jane Thurman. He has been a member of the Christian church for many years; has been a member of the School Board of the township. Republican. P O, Yates City.

Tiffany, O. M., of Altona, is manager of a large drug and notion store, and carries on business under the firm name of H. Tiffany, and which was established Jan. 26, 1885, succeeding John Becker, M. D., the previous owner and manager.  Mr. Tiffany, before engaged in the drug trade at Altona, had been in the same business at Union, Hardin Co., Iowa, where he continued for seven years. Removing, after successfully carrying on the business there, to his present location.

            Mr. Tiffany was born in Schoharie County, N. Y., October 11, 1854.  His father, Horace Tiffany, was formerly by occupation a farmer, but feeling himself called to the ministry, he abandoned this work, engaging with the Methodist Episcopal denomination, in which church he has since labored.  He resides at Cornell, Livingston Co., Ill., to which place he came in 1871.  He was married while in the State of New York to Lucy J. Teel, who was a native of that State, and who with him entered his chosen field of work.  She is yet living and is his helpful and appreciative companion. 

            Our subject is the second in order of birth in a family of seven children. At the time of his parents’ removal to Illinois he was two years of age, and after attaining a scholastic age was sent to the public schools of Livingston County, and after reaching years of discretion, during which he grew to truly estimate the value of an education, he was sent to Hedding College, Abingdon, Ill.  He was 15 years old at this time but developed beyond his age, mentally, and was of serious and dignified disposition.

            He began teaching in the public schools in this State and in Iowa, about this time.  He pursued his chosen vocation up to the time that he engaged as druggist at Union, Iowa.  In Cornell, Ill., he made the acquaintance of Miss Flora C., the daughter of Harrison Carroll, a farmer of Livingston County.  Their friendship ripened into a wormer sentiment, and on April, 15, 1877, their marriage took place.  Her father still lives in this section of the country, in which Mrs. Tiffany was born, receiving her education in the public schools.

            The union of Mr. and Mrs. Tiffany has been blessed by the birth of three children, named respectively Harry M., Nellie M. and Frederick.  Mr. Tiffany is a wide-awake and energetic member of society, and takes a keen interest in public matters, upon which he is an able thinker.  Politically he is a Republican.  P. 670

page 676
Gibson, Peter, was born in Sweden, June 21, 1829; was educated in Swedish schools; chose agricultural pursuits; came to America in 1854, settling in Bureau Co., Ill., remained there, however, but one year, when he came to Knox co.; was married in March 1859, to Anna Lyburg; again in Dec 25, 1863, to Anna Eng; is the father of 1 boy and 2 girls.  Mr. Gibson lives an exemplary Christian Life; is a member of the Baptist Church in which he now holds the office of Clerk.  PO Altona.


Linn, Prof. Albert, deceased, was born in Adams co., Ill., Feb 25, 1810; his parents, John and Nancy Linn, were natives of Indiana; he had a collegiate education, and was teacher and principal in the preparatory department of Abingdon College, and for many years was professor of mathematics; he united with the Christian Church in 1868, was baptized by Prof. Thomson.  He died March 11, 1875, in the very prime of life.  His widow, Mrs. E. C. Linn, Nee Lyon, whom he married Aug 29, 1865, resides at Abingdon.  She is a graduate of Abingdon College. 

Liden, Mrs. Elizabeth, mid-wife, residence of Galesburg. Mrs. L. has a diploma from the Royal College of Midwifery of Stockholm, Sweden, which she received when no other kingdom was granting such honors to women. She is a native of Sweden, born March09, 1838; was married to Stephen S. Liden. July 04, 1861. He is a coppersmith; formerly was Pastor of Swedish Baptist church, now Deacon; they have 2 children living and four dead.

Lindberg, Henry, sec 23, Walnut Grove township. P O,  Altona.

Liebant, Jein, son of Jein and Katie Liebant, natives of France. The subject of this sketch was born Sept 10, 1913, in France; has been School Director; moved to New York, then to Illinois, in 1836; returned to France; then to St. Louis, Mo., then back to New York, then tot this county. Mr. Liebant is well liked by his neighbors; he lives alone on his farm in Elba Township. P O Douglas.

Lindburg, Charles H., farmer, son of Gust and Anna Yden, Lindburg, was born in Sweden Nov 22, 1858. His parents came to Fulton co., Ill., in 1869. He was educated in the common and high schools of Sweden and Galva; was raised on a farm , and became a farmer from choice. He settled in Knox co., in 1876, where he now lives. PO Galva.


Little, Albert G., mechanic and dealer in musical merchandise, Altona; was born Sept 27, 1817, in Boscawen, Merrimack Co., N H. His parents were Henry and Susan Little, of the State. His education was confined to the common schools; followed farming in early life; afterwards learned the carpenter's trade and worked at it till 1852, since which time he has been selling musical instruments. He came to Peoria in 1836, removed to Liverpool, Fulton co., in 1839; thence to Altona in 1866; he has held the offices of J. P. and Town Clerk. He first married Deborah Bruck, Nov 10, 1842. by whom he had 5 children, 4 living; married Jane Stell, Dec 05, 1850, by whom he had 10 children, 4 of whom are living ; joined the Congregational Church in 1835.

Lomax, E. H., farmer; PO Abingdon; born in Warren Co., Ky. Oct 15, 1815; his parents, E. H. and Rachel Hiat were natives of South Carolina and Virginia, respectively; came to Knox co in 1842; learned the trade of wagon maker and boat-builder; was married December 05, 1852, to Rebecca C. Ferris; member of the M. E. Church. Democrat.

Lomax, William D. Civil War Vet---- farmer, son of John and Nancy Howard Lomax of Kentucky; was born in Indian Point township, Knox Co., Ill., Oct 08, 1837. His parents settled in that township in 1834. His early life was spent on the farm. He enlisted as private in the late civil war, in Co K, 55th Ill. Vol., in 1861, and by meritorious conduct was promoted to the office of Captain. He removed from the farm to Abingdon in 1866, and served as Postmaster there until 1873, when he returned to the farm; was married Dec. 08, 1864. and has 3 sons and 2 daughters. P O Abingdon.

Long, T. L. P O, Yates City.

Longden, William Henry, born June 19, 1827 at Haywood, Lancashire co., Eng.; attended school till 14, then placed in a cotton mill, followed this till he came to the United states in 1850, to Salem township. this co., 1851. Married Sept. 03, 1848 to Mary Duckworth. They have 2 children living, 2 dead. Republican. Visited England in 1872. P O Yates City.

Lotts, Milton, farmer, born Jan 01, 1823 in Ohio, and spent his school-boy days on the farm, under the parental roof' his father Isaac born in Greenbriar co., and his mother was a native of Monroe co; came to Knox co., 1837, where he has since resided; married Miss Elizabeth Ward march 13, 1875; their family consists of 8 children. P O Gilson, near which place he owns a find farm.

Love, Richard,----Civil War Vet--- R .. conductor, son of Robert and Margaret Love, natives of England; was born in the year of 1844, in Toronto, Canada; his childhood was passed on the farm; came with his parents to Aurora, Ill., in his youth; started railroading early in life, and has continued. has been a conductor on the C B & Q for 12 years; in 1869, he married Jennie E. Displain; the union has resulted in 1 daughter, Mary E. Mr. Love was a soldier in the late war. Republican. Residence, Galesburg, Ill.

Lowrie, Rev. M. B. Pastor Presbyterian Church, Galesburg.

Lucan, Charles, son of Henry and Anna Mary Oesterhald Lucan, natives of Germany, born in Germany, June 17, 1836; educated in the German language; until 14 years old he lived on a farm; went to learn the tanner's trade, which he changed for farming, in which he has been successful; in 1854, removed to Pennsylvania, thence to Canton, Fulton co., Ill., living there 18 years, then moving to Knox Co., in 18752; September 11, 1851, was married to Phileica El Lloyd; they are the parents of 4 children; in 1865 united with the Christian Church; republican. P O London Mills, Fulton, Illinois.

Lundeen George, farmer, resides on section 8, Walnut Grove township; P O, Altona.

Lynam, Richard H.,---Civil War Vet-- farmer son of William H., and Lovina Rice Lynam of Kentucky, was born in Pike co, Ill., August 16, 1840; his early life was passed on a farm, and his education obtained in the common schools; his parents came to Knox Co., Ill, in 1846, he served 3 years in the late was as a member of Co G., 89th Ill Vol; on the 3rd of October 1865, he married Minerva A Starboard; 5 sons and 1 daughter, are of the fruit of the union, 4 of whom are living. Greenbacker. P O., Victoria.

Mackintosh, Geo. Donald, ---Civil War Vet---farmer, born in Bauffshire, Scotland, the native place of his parents, James and Sarah Mackintosh; educated at Merchiston Castle Academy and High School, Edinburgh, Scotland; went to India, then came to America; served in the late war; was married Sept. 05, 1871, to Grace Kirk; learned the cabinet trade. Republican. P O Altona.

Mackie, John, farmer, born in Scotland, March, 1824. His parents, Mathew and Jane, were natives of the lowlands of Scotland; was sent to private school in his native country, and while yet quite young began work in the nines; was married April 17, 1846, to Miss Janet McFayden, who bore him 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls; came to America in 1848, and settled in Knox co., and has lived here since; has held the office of School Director and Road Commissioner of Truro township; early in life united with the Presbyterian Church, but later joined the Christian church, in which he has served as Deacon. Independent P O Truro.

Main, E. B., sec 16, Walnut Grove Township. P O Altona.

Main, James, farmer and blacksmith sect 30 Ontario township. P O Ontario.

Mansfield, Thomas J., son of Jos. and Elizabeth Champion Mansfield. natives of Kentucky. he was born in Crawford Co., Ind., March 16, 1828; came to Henderson township in 1860, and has been Road Commissioner and School Director in Ontario township, where he now lives on a large farm; married Sarah A. Wilmont Feb 17, 1853; they have 3 boys; joined the Christian Church in 1850; baptized by Elder Jno E. Martin; Deacon for several years. Republican. P O Woodhull, Ill.

Markham, Horace L., whose parents, Horace and Esther O., were natives of Vermont and Kentucky respectfully, was born in Peoria co., Ill., Jan. 31, 1827; attended the common schools in Indiana and this State. took a professional course under Dr. O'Neil at Daublin College; practiced veterinary surgery; went o the West; encountered many hairbreadth escapes; served in the 1st Ill. Cav. as Asst. Quartermaster; married , in 1872, Eliz E. Martin, which union was blessed with 3 sons. Republican P O Henderson.

Marshall, John, Salem township, P O Farmington, Fulton Co., IL.

Martin, Oliver J., farmer, was born in Hamilton co., O., January 24, 1842, His parents were Francis and Eliza Jones Martin, of the same county; his early life was spent on a farm and education confined to the common schools; came fro Ohio to Illinois in Feb, 1868, and settled in Knox co; has held the offices of Town Clerk, Collector and School Director; March 30, 1865, he married Eliza J. Moon; they have 2 children; he has been a member of the Christian church since 1870, and is a Deacon. Democrat. PO Hermon.

Martin, John M., Principal of Western Business College, Galesburg.

Mason , Martin B., farmer, son of Jacob and Catharine Mason, the former of Pennsylvania, the latter of Virginia. Martin B. was born in Fayette Co., Pa., May 06, 1808; was schooled in log school house in Ohio; moved to Ohio in 1814, to Illinois in 1837; married Mary Ann Slosson; they have 7 children; has held offices of County Commissioner and Supervisor a number of years; is a Universalist, P O Yates City.

Masters, Wm M., Sparta Township, P O Wataga.

Mathews, Robert G., farmer, was born in Knox Co., Ill, in 1851. His parents were John and Clara Mathews, he of Ireland, she of Pennsylvania. He was educated in common schools chiefly;' his life has been spent in farming and stock-raising; he is now Commissioner of Highways. Republican. PO Douglas.

Matson, Lewis, farmer, son of George and Catherine Olson Matson; was born in Victoria, Knox Co., Ill., November 25, 1852; removed to Wataga In 1869. Republican. P O Wataga.

Matteson, Asa A., Vice President First Nat. Bank, Galesburg, IL

Matteson, C. S., harness maker, Oneida.

Maxfield, William, son of Jas and Hannah Batchler Maxfield, natives of New Hampshire, born in Maine January 10, 1814; was educated in district schools; early life passed in different vocations; learned the trades of carpenter and cooper, and has followed farming, which he continues; moved from Maine to Illinois July 04, 1847; married Marah K. Maxfield; they are the parents of 5 children. Republican. P. O., Knoxville.

May, S. W., See article on windmills in chapter on manufactories.

May, H. H., son of Ellis May, a descendant of John May, who came from England to Boston in 1640; was born in Washington co., NY When he was 21 years old he joined the church, and has been a member since. To show the drift of his genius and how his brains drove his hands, we will name some of the many inventions that he shows by drafts and lettered specifications on paper, although in some cases he has beautifully working models. He says: "Some of many experiments proved worthless tot he world but not to me, and where success even of man has repeatedly prevented me from being the almoner of the bounties of my own brains." according to affidavits before us of eye witnesses, he invented  in 1824 a reaper which cut rye, in Aug., 1826, at the rate of 1 acres per hour, and casting it back upon the platform nicely with reel, like those now in use, and was drawn by one horse, for it was mounted on the hind wheels of lumber wagon. But since C. H. McCormick has claimed priority in this invention, it appears to be duty to quote his own testimony to show his mistake, and so let honor rest where honor belongs. He had applied for an extension of his patent, and the Scientific American, Vol., 8, page 70, says: "The testimony of C. H. Mc Cormick presented to the Board of Extension, clearly proves that he invented and put in operation his machine in 1831;" Hence Mr. May's successful trial of his reaper above was a 5 years before Mr. McCormick's.

     After his father had decided not to assist his son to take out letters patent, he applied to several of his friends for aid but got none. January 13, 1831, we find a $500 bond not to divulge Mr. May's plans for reaping grain, signed and sealed by Timothy Durkee. Even the signing of this bond was some months before Mr. McCormick';s first trial of his reaper. To get help he went tot he mercantile business in 1832, determined to take out letters patent for his reaper as soon as he could earn enough to do so. But in 1834, he saw the claims of C. H. McCormick to a "great invention" in grain reaping. After reading a few lines he discovered his grain-reaper was being described; his vision failed him so that he could not read a word. After waiting, he tried again, and again the third time, when called his brother to read the item to him. His found hopes being thus broken, his health declined, and he finally concluded to sell out and move west, and go to farming. He started in March, 1836, to find a new home, which he did with the colony at Galesburg. For the invention of steel plow we refer to Chapter XXII, In 1842 he invented a wood-bender, now extensively used. When Mr. May read the account of the Merrimac sinking the Cumberland, he devised a horned boat or ram; he made a draft and specification of it, which he sent to President Lincoln, who said he liked it the best of many devices that had been presented.

     He has taken out the following letters patent, viz'; On prairie plows May 02, 1843; old land plows, Jan 27, 1846, foundation for railroads, Nov 26, 1850; on elevating water without pump, Nov 14, 1865. He has 5 caveats on which patents can issue if they are deemed worthy and 45 specifications of inventions.

McBride, William, sec 22, Lynn Township, PO LaFayette.

McCalmont, John B. son of Henry and Ann Wilson McCalmont, natives of Pennsylvania; was born September 07, 1807, in Centre Co., Pa.,; he was educated in the subscription schools, and his early life passed in a blacksmith shop; moved to Venango co., Pa., in 1818, and to Knox in 1855; was first married May 12, 1831, to Ann Thompson, and again on December 09, 1851, to Sophronia Stockham; he is the parent of 8 children, of whom 3 are living. Republican. Was Justice of the Peace for 15 years in Pennsylvania, and 4 years in Knox co., P O, Altona.

McClelland, Dr. M. A. County Physician. Residence, Knoxville.

McClymont, Peter, farmer, born in Scotland December 1816, son of Gilbert and Mary McClymont; came to Pennsylvania in 1844, and to Knox co., in 1845; married in November 1848, to Mrs. Margaret Miller, Parents of 6 children; member and trustee of Presbyterian Church. Republican. P O Oneida.

McCornack, A. F. Copley township. P O Oneida.

McDannoels, George, farmer and stock-raiser; is a son of Abraham and Louisa McDannoels, natives of Ohio. George was born in Macomb, Ill., Feb 07, 1854; attended common school in Knox co. Has been very successful in his business. Republican. PO, Eugene.

McDowell, John, farmer, son of John and Anna Livingston McDowell, natives of Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland; he was born in the same place October 26, 1816; his early life was passed on the farm; emigrated to Knox co., July 26, 1839; returned to Scotland in 1843 and married Margaret Gordon. They are the parents of 10 children, of whom 9 are living; has been Justice of the Peace, Trustee and Supervisor of Copley township; is a member of the Presbyterian Church, of which he is Trustee. Republican. P. O Victoria.

McEldowney, Hezekiah, miller, St. Augustine, is the on of Robert and Elizabeth Smith McEldowney, former of Scotland, his mother of Virginia; he was born in Bedford Co., Pa., February 089, 1836; came to the county first in 1867; was married December 25, 1858, to Sarah Heckman, who has borne 2 children, a girl and a boy; was in Co C 22d Pa Cav. Democrat.

McElrea, W. C., farmer, was born in Warren co., Ill., February 10, 1839; he is the son of Thomas and Hannah Peterson McElrea, the former from Ireland, the latter from Pa.; his early life was passed on a farm, and his education obtained in the district school. He has always been a farmer, but has also operated in the mercantile business in St. Augustine for a number of years; settled in Knox co., in 1852, in 1866, March 01, he married Melissa Snare, who bore him four children, two of whom are living. Republican. P O St. Augustine. Served in the war of the Rebellion; enlisted August 27, 1861, in Co. C. 36 Ill. Inf.

McElwain, Ed. H., sec 22, Persifer township. P O, Knoxville.

McFarland, Samuel, farmer, son of William and Catharine Bowden McFarland, of Va.; was born in Richland co., March 01, 1837; was educated in the common schools and academy. From the age of 20 to 25, he engaged in mercantile business in Hermon; the remainder of his life he has been a farmer. He has held several offices of trust in the township. He settled in Chestnut township early in life, where he still resides. October 17, 1861, he married Sophronia G. Terry, by whom he has a family of 4 girls. Republican. P. O. Hermon.

McGaan, James, is the son of a hardy Scotch parents, whose names were William and Agnes McGaan. James was born at Ayreshire, Scotland, March 22, 1850; attended the common schools in his native country, and coming to America, attended the high school at Altona; engaged in farming; served as School Director 3 years; was married, January 01, 1874 to Miss Collinson. P O Altona.

McGirr, Mahlon, farmer, PO Douglas; came to Knox co., in 1840, son of Thomas and Ann Wilman McGirr, the former a native of Md, and the latter of Va.,; was born in Stark Co., Ohio, June 20, 1828; he was educated in the common schools, and his early life passed on the farm; learned the blacksmith and carpenter trades, but changed to farming, in which he has been successful; married Sarah L. Barbero May 12, 1853. They are the parents of 6 children. Republican. He has been School Trustee in Maquon township, also School Director.

McGirr, T. Leslie, teacher, Maquon.

McGrath, John, farmer, son of Patrick and Mary McGrath, natives of Carlon co., Ireland; was born in the same place as parents, in 1826. At 16 years of age he emigrated to NY and 25 years later, to Knox co., He was married to Martha Shields February 11, 1850; they are the parents of 4 children. He has long been a member of the Catholic Church. In political views is Democratic. P O Oneida.

McKee, Hon. Thomas, whose portrait is in this book, is the son of Thomas and Hannah Dougherty McKee, the former of Scotch, the latter of Irish, descent. He was born in Harrison co., Ind., Aug. 22, 1810; he was studious in boyhood, and well advanced when 11 years old. His father then moved to Sangamon co., Ill., and in 1824, to Schuyler co. On the 10th day of May 1827, when 17, he took a change of clothing tied in a cotton handkerchief, and with an ax on his shoulder, started in search of his own fortune, and by Nov., 1828, found himself in Knox Co., being one of the very first settlers, where he  has led an eminently useful and successful life. He passed his early life in the woods, mauling rails and clearing ground, and commenced farming, which business he personally carried on for many years. He has held many official positions, among which are Assessor, Constable, J. P., Supervisor, and from 1852 to '54 was a member of the legislature. He was Lieutenant in the Black Hawk war, Captain, and Major of Militia. He was married, March 04, 1832, to Maria Rice. They are the parents of 10 girls and 3 boys all of whom grew to be men and women save 1, and 7 live now. He is a Universalist in religious belief, and oftentimes a Trustee of Church. He is a prominent Democrat, and at present U. P. and Supervisor at Galesburg. As the early part of this work is largely from nim and his experience, we refrain from giving such matters here.

McKeighan, James, son of John and Lillie McKeighan; was born in Ireland June 19, 1803; came to Philadelphia in 1835; remained 3 years, then came to Fulton co., Ill., December, 1838; after being in the States 12 years, he returned to Ireland, where he was married to Miss Elizabeth Cunningham; they had had 6 children; two are dead; those living are Robert J., Rachel, Mary Elizabeth, and Emma; Mary is the wife of Robert Steke. Jas been a very successful farmer. Is a member of the Presbyterian Church at Yates City. Republican in Politics. P O Yates City.

McKenzie, James A., attorney, Galesburg.

McKiearnan, L. A., son of Joseph and Julia Ann Smith McKiearnan, natives of Maryland, was born in Union co., Ky., Jan 28, 1820; reared on a farm and attended common schools; came to Knox co., in 1848; was married to Emily Hagan in 1847; have had 3 children, 2 living; member of the Catholic Church. Democrat. P. O., St. Augustine.

McMaster, W. W., physician, was born February 23, 1819, in Highland co., Ohio. His parents were David McMaster, formerly from Ireland, and Elisabeth Wirdlaw, of Virginia; he was educated in common schools, and obtained his medical education in Cincinnati, OH, where he graduated at the Eclectic Medical College. He has been a practicing physician for 24 years. Dr. M. enlisted in an Independent Cav. Co., at Rushville, Ill., in May, 1847, and participated in the Mexican war, under command of Gen. Z. Taylor; he also served in the United States army as hospital steward during the Rebellion. Enlisted Aug 22, 1862, in the 119th Reg. Ill. Inf. He married Susannah Hendricks October 19, 1856; they have had 2 daughters and 1 son. Has been a member of the Presbyterian Church since 1860. Republican. Residence. Hermon.

McMurtry, James W., born at Henderson, Knox Co., Ill. July 27, 1856; is the son of honest parents, who gave him a liberal education in the public schools and Knox College; is a farmer from choice, and in politics Independent. Married June 1875, Nannie Henderson, one daughter being the fruit of the union. P. O. Henderson.

McMurtry, James C., Physician, Henderson.

Meadows, Lemuel Cibley, farmer, son of Elijah J. and Jane Cobb Meadows, natives of Kentucky, was born in Warren co., Ky, Dec 18, 1823; received a common school education, and passed his early life on the farm; moved to Warren co., in 1833, and to Indian Point township, Knox co., in 1848, married Mary R. Marshall April 13, 1848; they are the parents of 6 children; united with the Christian Church of Abingdon in 1840, of which he has been Deacon for 20 years. He has held nearly all the township offices, and been School Director for many years. P O Abingdon.

Melton, George W., was born on President Harrison's farm, Indiana, September 05, 1811; parents were David and Catharine Phrimmer. His early life was spent on a farm, and his educational advantages were confined to the common schools of Harrison co., Ind. He removed to, Ontario Township, Knox co., in May, 1834; married Mary Ann Riley, March 26, 1836; family consists of 11 children, 8 girls and 23 boys; has been a member of the Congregational Church since 1853; has always pursued the calling of his early choice, with satisfaction, and good pecuniary results. Republican. P O Ontario.

Messplay, George S., residence Galesburg.

Metcalf Brothers, lumbermen, Oneida.

Miles, Solomon S., minister, was the son of Benjamin and Hannah Buckminister Miles, born in Washington Co., Ohio, December 28, 1794; was educated at Ohio University, Athens; devoted his life to the ministry in the Presbyterian Church; was pastor of the church in Newark, Ohio, from 1821 to 1836, when he removed to Knox co., Ill. He married Eliza Ann Gillmore, by whom he had 10 children; a sketch of one of them, Hon R. W., Miles, follows this. He died October 06, 1876.

Miles, Hon. Rufus W., farmer, was born September 22, 1822, Newark, Ohio,. He is the son of Rev Solomon S. Miles, of Ohio, and Eliza Ann Gillmore, of Vermont. He was educated in the common school, finishing at Knox Academy, Galesburg. His parents removed to Knox co., Ill., in 1836. Nearly ever since attaining his majority Mr. M. Has been called to serve the public in some official capacity. He was J. P. for seven years, 18 years a member of the Board of Supervisors served 10 years on the State Board of Equalization and one term in the Illinois Legislature, and he was re-elected this fall. He married Mary Jane Bruce, by whom he has had 7 children. Republican. P. O. Gilson.  Rufus & his father and their families are buried in the Russell Cemetery, Knox Co., IL.

Miller, Alexander W., was born September 12, 1830, on Long Island, N Y. His parents, Vincent and Alma Miller, were both natives of the same place. Alexander Miller is on of the pioneers of the West, coming to Andover, Ill., as early as 1835, and settled in Knox co., in 1843; learned the shoemaker's trade, but his health failing, engaged in farming; was married February 16, 1851, to Miss Rebecca Edwards; the fruits of the union has been 4 children, 3 of whom are living. Republican. P. O. Altona.

Miller, Elnor, Salem township., P. O. Yates City.

Miller, John M. A., son of Benjamin Miller, of Otsego co., N Y, and Julia O Garrett Miller, of Connecticut. John M. was born October 01, 1826, in Cortland Co., N Y, and at 10 years of age came with his parents to Peoria co., Ill; received a collegiate education; was married March 17, 1852, to Harriet Robinson; they had 13 children born to them, 10 of whom are now living; united with the Christian Church May, 1841; in 1856 joined the Baptist Church, in which he has held the office of Deacon 9 and Trustee 19 years; is a farmer from choice; crossed the plains to California in 1849, returning by water via Panama in 1851. Democrat. P. O. Galva, Ill.

Miller, J. Hartshorne, physician, Abingdon, was born in Alexandria, D. C. September 09, 1839. He is the son of Joseph H. and Phebe Ann Miller, from Loudon co., Va. He was educated in common and boarding schools; studied medicine, and took a course of lectures at Ann Arbor, Mich., and a course at Homeopathic Medical College of Mo. He served 3 years in the late Civil War as a member of Co., B of 84tIll. Inf.; after returning, he lived in Peoria till 1868; came to Abingdon in 1870. June 10, 1874, he married D. B. Latimer, by whom he has 2 daughters. He has been a member of the Presbyterian Church since 1866.

Mills, C., residence, Galesburg.

Mohler, Philip, miller, Oneida; son of Fredrick and Ann Mohler, of Rockbridge, co., Va., he was born Sept 13, 1828, in Rockford co., Va. Was brought up on a farm, and educated in the common schools; learned the miller's trade, and has followed it. Came to Ohio in 1832, to Indiana in 1838, and to Knox co., Ill., in 1856; was married in 18589, January 03, and has 3 sons, and 1 daughter. Is a Universalist. Republican.

Montgomery, John S., farmer born in Knoxville, Knox co., in 1845, Parents, David and Barbara Montgomery, natives of Ind. He received a limited education from the schools of Knox Co., his early life passed on the farm. On April 01, 1869, he was married to Phebe J. Kingan. A Republican.

Montgomery, Harvey, farmer, born in Knox co., January 14, 1834; his parents were John and Margret Vaughn Montgomery, natives of Kentucky; who came to the co., April 10, 1830, settling in Knox township; he was educated in the district schools, and his early life passed on the farm. Nov. 15, 1878, he married Eliza Maxwell; they are the parents of 3 children. His father died on the old homestead December 04, 1872. Is a Jackson Democrat. P. O. Knoxville.

Moor, Agnes, section, 36 Rio township. P O Ontario.

Moore, J. W., P O ., Oneida.

Morse, David M., residence, Galesburg.

Morse, T. A., Maquon township. P. O. Maquon.

Morse, Mrs. Sarah Her husband , the late Dr. John M. Morse, was born Oct. 13, 1823, at Bethel, Windsor co., Vt.; son of Calvin and Elvira (Moody) Morse. He fitted for college in Bethel, but turned to the medical profession, and from 1846 to 1850 studied medicine under an eminent doctor, when he graduated from Vermont Medical College; came to Galesburg in 1854, where he had an extensive practice. On the 23, of Dec. 1875 he died, of apoplexy. His widow resides in Galesburg.

Mosher, William Jay, son of Samuel E. and Mary Crane Mosher, natives of Oneida co., N Y; was born in the same co., August 08, 1841; received a common-school education, and his early life passed on the farm. Moved to Ontario township, Knox co., where he is now engaged in farming; married Sarah E. Wetmore, November 26, 1868, and they are the parents of 2 children, of whom 1 is living. Republican. P. O. Ontario. Has been School Director and Trustee.

Moshier, Timothy, capitalist, Galesburg.

Moshier, G. S. farmer, son of Timothy and Sarah Garwood Moshier, the former a native of New York, his mother of Michigan. He was born in Warren co., Ill, February 22, 1844. Educated in common schools and Knox and Lombard colleges, enlisted in the 1st Ill., Cav., in 1861, wounded at Lexington, Mo. He was married to Hattie Meek February 23, 1868; they have 4 children. Republican. P. O. Abingdon.

Mowery, Mauel, farmer, P. O., Maquon; son of John and Eleanor Burtnett Mowrey, natives of Pennsylvania, was born May 16, 1831, in Knox Co., Ohio. His early life was passed on the farm; came to Knox co., Ill., in 1840; was educated in the common schools; married Cemitta E. Cook, March 05, 1851. They are the parents of 8 children, of whom 6 are living; moved to Kansas in 1857; returned to Knox co., in 1861; united with the Methodist Church in 1848, of which he is Steward, Trustee, and Class Leader; was a soldier in Co. F. Ill. Inf. Republican.

Mundwiler, Frederick, was born in York co., Pa., April 16, 1807. Parents were Jacob and Anna Mundwiler, the former a native of Switzerland and the latter of Germany. He received his education from the German common schools; early life, served as an apprentice in milling; learned the trade of a miller and cooper, but finally changed to farming, which has been very satisfactory. Removed to Maryland, then returned to Pennsylvania; moved again, going to Ohio; thence to Iowa, and thence to Knox co; in 1832, he was married to Eliza Hammal, and they are the parents of 13 children. He is a member of the German Baptist Church. Democrat. P. O. Knoxville.

Munson, A. P., section 8 Walnut Grove Township. P. O, Altona.

Murdoch, G. A. merchant, was born in Elgin, Scotland, August 31, 1834; he embarked in the dry goods business early in life; Left Scotland and spent two years in London, England, in the largest dry-goods house in the world. While there he was one of two boys who sold $50,000 worth of goods in one day. He came to New York in 1857, to Chicago in 1858; then to Galesburg, and entered into partnership with A. Innes. They erected the Caledonai Block, and occupied it for 10 years. Four years ago the firm was dissolved, and he removed to the fine store he now occupies  in the Metropolitan block. He is the oldest dry-goods merchant in the city; he is now a member of the Board of Education.

Murdock, F., banker, Oneida.

Murphy, Franklin Stephenson, attorney, Galesburg; was born in Virginia, November 11, 1835; he is the son of James G. and Nancy Murphy, of Virginia. After attending the commons schools he spent some time at the Normal Institute at Woodstock, Ill; read law 2 years; was admitted to the bar; has been City Attorney for two different cities; was married in 1859 to Mary N. Lard. They have 2 children. Independent.

Murphy, L. H. Abingdon.

Myers, Procter F., farmer, son of Abraham F. and Hannah Penaweight Procter, natives of Virginia; was born in Adams co, Ohio, October 17, 1812; he received a common school education, and his early life was spent in learning the tanner's trade; and in milling. Enlisted in service to settle the question about the boundary line between Michigan and Ohio, and was in the field on duty. Removed from Ohio to Indiana; thence to Knox co; married Sarah johns December 08, 1836. They have been the parents of 11 children of whom 8 are now living. Democrat. He held the position of Constable and Deputy Sheriff in 1843; in Vermillion co., Ill. P. O., Knoxville.

Nation, Vickrey, farmer, P. O., Wataga; son of Isaac Nation, a native of Randolph Co., N C. He was born in Barren co., KY., December 14, 1818. His mother was a native of Halifax co., Va. Came to Knox co. in the fall of 1835. His education was somewhat limited, receiving the greater part of it in an old log school-house. in Ind. In October, 1844, he was married to Rosanna Proe, who died in 1858. they were the parents of 7 children, of whom 4 are living. He was again married on April 03, 1874, to Mary E. Denton. He has been very successful in farming.

Neander, Miss N. B. P. O. Knoxville.

Nelson, Nels, merchant, Galesburg, was born of Swedish parents, in Sweden, July 13, 1840. His parents were poor. Came to America in 1856, arriving in Galesburg July 15. He worked on farms and for the C B & Q. R. R. till 1860, when he began to learn the cabinet trade. In 1861 enlisted in Co., C., 43d Ill. Inf.; was Sergeant, 1st Lieutenant of Co. A., and served till November 30, 1865, when he embarked in the grocery business; was elected City Clerk, and served three terms and part of the fourth, and resigned; he is now serving as City Supervisor, and member of the Board of Education. July 19, 1868, he married Sarah, Nelson, by whom he has 1 son. Is a member and a Trustee of the 1st Lutheran Church. Republican in politics.

Nelson, Peter S., native of Blekinge, Sweden, born February 15, 1835; came to America in 1852; stopped in Chicago one year; came to Galesburg in 1853; soon after went to Altona; acted with the Republican party; was elected Justice of the Peace, School Director and Trustee. Began, in 1855, speculating in lumber, lands and live stock; soon accumulated considerable property. Married in 1863, Nellie G. Gibson, who bore him 5 children; visited his native country in1868; and again wishing to take his family abroad sailed in 1877 to the fatherland. P O Henderson.

Nelson, Josiah, residence Elba township. P. O. Eugene.

New, Edward, farmer, son of Thomas and Elizabeth New, natives of England; born in Wiltshire, England, September 20, 1836. October 19, 1861, was married to Ann Whitlered; emigrated to Oneida, Knox co., in 1864, For six years he has been a member of the Methodist Church of which he is Trustee. Is a Republican. P. O. Oneida.

Newman, George J., born in Morgan Co., Ill, February 18, 1831. His parents were George and Sarah Godfrey Newman, the former a native of Va., and the latter of Md. He was educated in the country schools, and his early life was passed in town. He chose farming but changed it and mined in Cal., where he spent 17 years; traveled over the western country from1860 to 1875. He is now placed in quite wealthy circumstances. Is an Independent thinker and voter. P. O. Knoxville.

Nickolson, J. H., son of Nickolos and Mary Nickolson, of N Y and Ct., was born in NY; attended common school; raised on a farm, and has continued at farming; has held several township offices; came to Ill., in 1842; married Catherine King; they have one daughter. Belongs to M. e. church; Democrat in politics. P O Yates City.

Niles, David P., born in Columbia co., N Y; October 20, 1824; spent his younger days on farm; came to Wataga in 1857, where he engaged in milling, continuing in this until 1864, when he went on the farm. His parents, Sill and Louisa Niles, were both born in Columbia co., N Y; in politics, a Republican; married Helen C. Johnson, July 09, 1870. P O Wataga.

Nisley, Daniel W., farmer, son of Joseph and Mary Nisley, both of Franklin co., Pa; was born in same co. Jan 16, 1828. His education was confined to the common schools near the farm where his early life was passed. He came from Pa. to Knox co., Ill., a number of years ago. March 17, 1853, he married Elizabeth N. Goff. They have 4 sons and 1 daughter. Is Republican. P. O., Wataga.

Norval, James H., parents were Oliver and Polly Norval, natives of N. C. He was born October 15, 1834, in Ind. His early life was spent on a farm, and he has always followed farming; removed to Knox co., in 1873; was married, April 05, 1874, to Argret Elizabeth Sampson. Jan 02, 1842, united with the M. E. Church. Republican. P. O., Midway.

Oberholtzer, Mrs. J., sec. 34, Truro township. P. O., Eugene.

Oberholtzer, O. J., farmer, born in 1844, Wayne co., Ohio. His parents were Joseph and Anna Oberholtzer, natives of Germany., He passed his early life on the farm; educated in the common schools of Illinois; married Amelia A. Smith in 1869; they have 4 children; was a soldier in Ill 11th Ca.; has been Esquire, School Director, Assessor and Road Overseer. Greenbacker. P. O.  Elba Center.

Ogden, Job, son of the late James Ogden, one of the pioneers of Fulton co.,  and a native of Kentucky, and Sarah Babbitt Ogden, of Indiana, was born in Scott co., Ind., January 30, 1828; went to California in 1851; and worked in the mines for 10 years. was married to Mary A. Terry in 1862; they have 5 children living, one dead; joined the Christian Church in 1862. Democrat. P. O., St. Augustine.

Ogden, Mathew B., farmer, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Leonard Ogden, of Clearfield co., Pa., was born November 05, 1827, in the same place, in a log cabin. His early life was passed in the hills of Pennsylvania. He went to Philadelphia at the age of 16 and learned the carpenter trade, which he followed for years, but finally turned his attention to farming, In 1850, he came to Illinois, and to Knox co., in 1861. November 05, 1856, he married Johanna Lundquist. Republican. P. O. Victoria.

Oldfield, Nelson, son of Jonathan and Nancy Fidler Oldfield, the former a native of New York and the latter of Pennsylvania, was born in Richland co., Ohio, in 1830. He was educated in the log school-houses of Richland co., and his early life passed on the farm; learned the trade of plastering and worked at it 29 years, then changed to farming; enlisted in the 14th Mo. Home Guards, wand was in service for 3 years. April 03, 1854, he married Julia A. Spalding. Republican. P. O Farmington, Fulton Co.

Olin, E. C., Supt. of Bridges, C. B. & Q. R. R., Galesburg.

Olmstead, Henry B., farmer, came to Knox co., in 1857. His parents were both natives of New York, in which State, at Schoharie, December 18, 1809, Henry B. was born. He married Sarah Bemis in 1830, by whom he had 3 children, and again married, and by his second wife has had 10 children. He is a member of the M. E. Church; has been Steward and Supt., of School for 20 years. P. O. Victoria.

Olson, N. J., Galesburg.

Olson, Swan H., grocer, Galesburg, was born in Sweden August 04, 1844. His parents were Peter and Sisly Olson. In 1854 he came with hi8s parents to America and to Knox co. When old enough he entered the grocery business as the calling of his choice. October 20, 1872, he married Clara M. Burke, by whom he has 1 son. He has been a member of the M E Church from 14 years of age; has been Trustee and Supt. of S. School; he served 3 years in the late War.

O'Neil, Frank, conductor, C. B. Q. R. R., Galesburg.

Palm, Peter, Jr. farmer, P. O. Altona, son of Peter and Carrie Olson Palm, of Sweden; was born in Rock Island, Ill., May 19, 1860; attended the common schools; removed to Henry co., then to Knox co., in 1874. Is connected with the Swedish Lutheran Church. Republican.

Parker, Henry E., Constable, Galesburg.

Parker, Isaac A., Williamson Professor of Greek in Lombard University, was born in South Woodstock Windsor co., Vt. December 31, 1825. His early years was spent in the labors of farm life with district-school education., He was characterized by a love of study, and was in the habit of devoting to books the most of the leisure moments which could be spared from daily labors; graduated at Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. in 1853. After leaving college, he was for 5 years Principal of Orleans Liberal Institute, an academy in Glover, Vt. In 1856 he married Sarah A. Labaree, and has 1 daughter and 1 son. Came to Galesburg, in 1858.

Parker, W. P., miller, son of Samuel and Henrietta Parker, of New Jersey; was born in New Jersey, February 03, 1831. Learned the miller's trade; has been manager of a corporation store. In 1856, he married Julia Hoycope; they have had 5 children of whom 3 are dead. Greenbacker. Was in Co. I 86th Ill. Inf.

Parkinson, John, farmer, born in county of Cheshire, England, October 21, 1828; son of Jonathan and Ann Pickford Parkinson. Educated in the common schools; is now a farmer. Removed to New York in 1850, to Wataga in 1856, September 15, 1856, married to Ann Taylor; parents of 7 children, 3 sons and 4 daughters. Republican. P. O. Wataga.

Parsell, W. R., farmer, son of Joseph and Hettie Parsell, of Ohio; was born in Peoria, Ill., in 1841. He spent his youth on a farm, and was educated in the Elmwood High School; came from Peoria, to Knox co., early in life. He served in the late war, as member of the 8th Mo Regt. enlisted September 21, 1861. November 22, 1865, he married Caroline Dixon, of Galesburg, of whom he has 3 children with. Republican. P. O., Yates City.

Patten, P. N., Galesburg.

Patterson, James, mechanic, son of John and Sarah Patterson of Breckenridge co., Va.; was born in the same county in 1825; he was educated in the common schools of Preble co., Ohio., whence his parents had removed. At the age of 20, he learned the black-smith trade, followed it for 7 years, and changed to farming; he came to Knox co., in 1852. In 1847 he married Elizabeth Marshal, by whom he has had 3 children. Republican. P. O. Elmwood.

Pease, M. H., Salem township. P. O., Yates City.

Peck, Rev. George Wesley, Ph B. belongs to a large family of ancient and excellent extraction. He was born February 07, 1849, in Wyoming Valley, Pa., where his parents had a comfortable home. While he was yet a lad, his mother, a woman of extraordinary natural endowments, experienced a sad misfortune, lost her reason and has ever since been hopelessly ill, to the extent that best medical aid could afford no relief. Thus deprived, the family seemed tossed upon the waves of deep affliction; removed to Pitcher, N. Y. Life struggles began here in earnest. The boyhood days spent by G. W. Peck in New York were improved; he mastered all common-school branches at a very early age. In 1865, in the company with his father's family, he removed to Marcellon, Wis.;; here he began to accumulate funds for the purpose of obtaining an education; he began teaching at the age of 18, and earned a reputation as instructor and disciplinarian that kept his services in good demand. After spending 3 years in the preparatory school, and the completion of studies of the freshman year classical course in Lawrence University, Wis., he was elected principal of a school in Marquette, Mich. He ranked among the first of his profession in that State. Notwithstanding liberal offers to remain a teacher, he resolved to take a 4 years' course in Syracuse University. Every dollar spent in the pursuit of his studies has been earned by himself at teaching, which is unusual in this fee and easy age, when may young men without means think that is it impossible to put themselves through college.

     In every contest of his class while in the University, for appointments on public exhibitions, he was selected as one of the speakers, and he shared with others at his graduation the highest honor that Syracuse University awards being one of eight to deliver an oration upon commencement stage. While in college he was editor of the University Herald one year, superintended for the New York publishers the revision of Bishop Peck's "Great Republic, " associated with his uncle, the Bishop, for four years at the Episcopal residence, in other literary work. He was licensed to preach in 1874, and joined the Central New York Conference in 1877, being stationed that year in Syracuse. His public ministry has been attended with great success. When called to Hedding College, he had been unanimously elected Professor in Cazenovia Seminary, and offered another good position in the West. He is now the scholarly and energetic President of Hedding College, Abingdon; his administration is both wise and efficient; he is a member of the Central Illinois Conference of the M. E. Church.

Peterson, Harper, son of Felix and Mary Weaver Peterson, of Virginia. Was born in Green co., Ohio., February 14, 1845; reared on farm, and attended common-schools; went to California in 1873; came to Knox co., in 1877; married Emma J. Reynolds November 22, 1877. Republican. P. O. Knoxville.

Peterson, J. P., section 17, Walnut Grove Township, P. O. Altona.

Phelps., Aaron. A., Sparta Township. P. O., Wataga.

Phelps, E. Frisbie, was born June 18, 1840, in Burlington, Conn., ; his parents, Samuel and Emeline L. Phelps were natives of Connecticut; educated at a common schools in Connecticut, and Academy at Elmwood, Ill.;' spent 1 year in Law Department of Chicago University, and the following year in Yale College; located at Neosha, Mo., practiced law 5 years; came to Galesburg in 1872. conducted Daily Register for 9 months. and then organized the Galesburg Printing company, in connection with S. W. Grubb. Helped organize the Cov. Mutual Benefit Association of Galesburg, and yet holds; and was elected Secretary, which position he yet holds; was in Do D., 132d Ill. Inf.; was Captain of Co B 4th Regt. I. N. G. Married Emma M. Rouse September 29, 1869; has 1 child. Republican.

Phillips, E. L., physician, Galesburg, came to Knox co., in 1856; married Mary L., daughter of John G. Sanburn; came to Galesburg in 1865; was First Assistant Surgeon in 91st Ill. Inf.

Phillips, William N., commission merchant, Galesburg.

Pierce, William H., son of Amos and Mary Pierce, of Vermont; was born in that State in 1816; had a good education, and has followed teaching some as well as farming; was Postmaster from 1838 to 1840, and Postmaster at Monmouth, Warren co., under Lincoln. Police Magistrate, Deputy Sheriff and School Commissioner several years; came to Galesburg in 1867. Has been in public life for 30 years, discharged his duties satisfactorily to all. Republican. Residence, Galesburg.

Pigsley, Prince W., merchant, St. Augustine, son of Welcome and Thirza Clark Pigsley, father from Rhode Island; mother, New York; came to Knox co., in 1857; married Jerusha A. Roe February 04, 1864; has 7 children living, 2 dead; he was in Co., E., 32d Ill. Inf.; enlisted August 28, 1861; was wounded twice at Big River Bridge, Iron Mountain R. R. from which he has never fully recovered. Republican.

Pittard, Job, His parents were James and Martha Pittard, of England, where he was born August 02, 1815; he received his education in select school his native land. Job has always followed farming, in which he has been successful; lives in Ontario township, where he has been School  Director for several terms; came from England to Chicago in 1847, to Ontario in 1849; married Mary Thomas January 02, 1842; 1 girl and 6 boys living; united with the M. E. Church in 1847; elected Deacon in 1876 of Congregational Church, Ontario. Republican. P. O. Oneida.

Pittman, F. F., farmer, son of Joseph and Catharine Lesher Pittman, was born in Fulton, Pa. He spent much of his early life in school, and obtained quite a liberal education; he spent some time in the drug business; he enlisted in Co G 205th Pa, Regt. He removed from Pennsylvania to Maryland; thence to Wisconsin, thence to Missouri, and from there to Knox co., 1868. He was married to Alice Paterson in 1869, by whom he has 1 daughter. Republican. P. O., Yates City.

Poe, Mrs. David A., residence, Galesburg.

Pool, Thomas H., farmer, Benjamin and Nancy Pool, his parents, were of Southern birth; removed to Clark co., Ind. where Thomas was born August 29, 1830. When but 4 years old he came with his parents to Henderson co., Ill., and in 1841 settled in Knox co.; was married December 04, 1850, to Nancy McMurtry, 2 sons and 6 daughters being the fruits of the union. Democrat. P. O., Rio.

Potter, Alvin H., physician, Maquon; is son of Sheldon and Wealthy Baldwin Potter, of New England; was educated in common schools till 14, then at Aurora Academy, then at Kingsville Academy, Ohio, and graduated at Michigan Central College; studied law from 17 to 20, then taught school some; read medicine with Dr. Colton; came to Maquon in 1850; has been Justice of the Peace, Coroner, Supervisor, Provost Marshal; married July 05, 1847, to Thankful Fowler. She died June 29, 1858; married June 19, 1860, Eliza J. Moore; is parent of 3 children;. Republican.

Potter, Mrs. Charlotte, sec. 19, Salem township. P. O. Summit.

Potts, Henry H., farmer, was born in Bradford co., Pa., September 24, 1828, He is the son of Ephraim and Elizabeth Munn Potts, the former of New Jersey, the latter of New York; he was educated in the district school, and until 20 years old was engaged in lumber business, after which he went to sea 3 years, and since has been farming/ He came to Knox co., in 1868; he has held the offices of Commissioner of Highways, School Director, Trustee, and Clerk in the township. June 07, 1854, he married Julia E. Wheeler. They have had 5 sons and 4 daughters, 1 dead. P. O., Elba Center.

Powell, John, son of William and Sarah Searls Powell, was born November 03, 1796, in Herkimer co., N Y; he went with his parents to Oneida co., N Y, when quite young, and to Knox co., in 1851. September 01, 1819, he married Maria Wilson, by whom he had 1 son and 1 daughter. February 11, 1829, he married Evelina Brainard, by whom he had 7 boys and 1 girl; 2 sons and 1 daughter dead. He died in this county. His wife, Evelina, is still living. P. O. Oneida.

Preston, W. H., Altona.

Price, Oscar F., Attorney, Galesburg, native of Marion co., Ohio, was born September 19, 1836. His father, Dr. George Price, was a native of Pennsylvania and his mother, Mary Caris Price, was born in Ohio. He received a collegiate education; graduated at the Michigan State University; began while young to read law, and continuing in this, was admitted to the bar about 1858, and soon after, entered the Michigan University law school, where he graduated in 1860. He came to Galesburg with his parents in 1840; married to Miss Sabina Lanphere, November 26, 11862, which union has been blessed with 4 children. He has always acted with the Republican party. Held the position of Alderman in 1870, and was chosen to serve in the General Assembly in 1871-2, which position he filled with marked ability. He has attained a high position in his profession; has conducted some of the most important cases ever t4ried in Knox county.

Rankin, Samuel, born in Pa., March, 1844, of wealthy parents, William and Eliza, also natives of Pa. educated at Duff's Commercial College, and Madison Inst. Pa.; followed farming and school-teaching; served as School Director in Henry and Knox counties, and Assessor. Married, August, 1866, to Mary D. Henderson. Enlisted and served on the frontier in the 1st Colored Inf. Removed to Henry co., Ill., in 1868, and to Henderson tp., in 1875, where he now lives.

Ratekin, George W., farmer, P. O. Galesburg; was born in Pulaski co., Ky., in 1820; came to Illinois in childhood; his parents, Joseph and Hannah Ratekin, were natives of Virginia; has a good education, obtained in common schools and at Richland Institute, teaching and studying at home, and in early life made theology his principal study; was married, in 1848, to Lydia M. Russell, 7 girls and 4 boys. Made a profession of religion in 1832, and joined the Presbyterian Church. He is strictly temperate. Republican.

Reese, M., physician, Abingdon.

Regan, John editor of the Maquon Times and Elmwood Messenger, Elmwood, Ill.

Reynolds, Alvah, was born at Bedford, N Y, May 22, 1830. His parents, Enoch and Mariah Reynolds, were natives of New York. He was educated in the common schools; chose the occupation of farmer, learning, however, the trade of carpenter; came to Knox co., in April, 1855, married April 10, 1859, and is the father of 6  children. 3 boys and 3 girls. Holds Republican views. Has acted as School Director 16 years; joined the Christian Church in 1858; has been a very successful farmer. P. O. Oneida.

Reynolds, George F., farmer, son of Winthrop and Hannah Locke Reynolds, of New Hampshire, was born October 10, 1799, in Barrington, N. H.; he passed his early life on a farm; he came to Knox co., in 1836, and settled on section 7, Victoria Township. Has Held several important local offices, and has been active in school interests. March 02, 1825, married Abigail Locke, by whom he had 3 boys and 1 girls; September 03, 1877, he married Anna E. Woodward. Has been a member of the Congregational Church since 1832; is now Deacon. Republican. P.  O., Victoria.

Reynolds, Captain William H., farmer, Orange township, son of Samuel and Ann Jan Reed Reynolds, the former a native of South Carolina, and the latter of Kentucky, who came to Warren co., Ill, in 1837. He was born in Indiana, December 29, 1829; received a country school education, and his early life passed on the farm., Enlisted, July 07, 1861, in 7th Ill. Cav., Co D; was promoted to 1st lieutenant, and in 1862, to Captain; taken prisoner December 05, 1862, and exchanged in March, 1863; was in saddle for 17 days and nights on Grierson raid was in as many as 50 battles. Moved from Warren To Knox co. He was first married June 24, 1855; but his first wife dying February 01, 1873; he again married in 1874. He is the parent of 4children. Republican. In 1855, commenced business poor, and has been very successful in life. P. O. Knoxville.

Rhodes, George G., farmer, is the son of Charles W. and Jane Goodrich Rhodes of Vermont. He was born March 10, 1838, in Richmond, Vermont; was educated in the common schools and in an academy of that State; settled in Knox co., June, 1851. Republican. P. O., Wataga.

Rhodes, Miron M., boot and shoe merchant, Galesburg; born in Richmond, Chittenden co., Vermont, December 22, 1842; his parents, Charles W. and Jane Goodrich Rhodes, were natives of the same place He was educated in the common schools and at Knox College; removed to Illinois in 1851.He was a soldier in the 138th Ill. Regt. Republican. Has been very successful in business.

Rice, Fantleroy, Corban and Elizabeth Rice, his parents, were natives of Kentucky; and Fantleroy was born in the same State, September 23, 1840; received his education in the old log school-house; has always been a farmer. Served 3 years in the late war; went with Sherman from Atlanta to the sea as Division Wagon Master. Came to Knox co., in 1857; married Mrs. Eliza A. Murray, March 11, 1869. Republican. P. O. Altona. buried in the Rice Blue Cemetery, Henderson Twp., Knox co., IL.

Richards, William B., patent solicitor, Galesburg, was born September 27, 1829, in Smithfield, Pa; left home at the age of 16, and prosecuted his favorite studies alone; has made teaching a profession; has taken great interest in business education, and has done much to better the old method of teaching. He was married in 1851, to Louisa Morris. As a patent solicitor, he ranks foremost in the United States

Richardson, James Leroy, railroad conductor, Galesburg, son of John and Elizabeth Richardson, was bon in Cooperstown, Otsego co., N Y, April 10, 1838. His education was obtained in the public schools of that State; server in the U S Army during  the late War as a Sergeant in co. D 3d NY Cav; came to Illinois July 10, 1866; is a conductor on the C. B. & Q. R. R., a position which he has held for a number of years; married Emma M. Burke, by whom he has a son and a daughter. Republican.

Richmond, Henry, Jess and Elizabeth Richmond are both natives of Ohio, and coming west settled in Knox co., where they had born to them on April 03, 1860, Henry Richmond. He was educated in Knox College. P. O., Gilson.

Riley, H. H., born of Kentucky parentage at Elizabethtown, Ky, August 19, 1821, in Crawford co., Ind.; came to Knox co., in 1833; was member of light horse cav. in 1834; married Amanda Mayo October 11, 1842; they have one son and eight daughters; united with the M. E. Church in 1850; has been Collector, Trustee and School Director of Rio; is a farmer from choice. democrat. P. O., Rio.

Riordan, Andrew Jackson, farmer, son of Thomas and Sarah Riordan, the former a native of Ireland and the latter of America, was born in Iowa in 1856. He was educated in the common schools of Knox co., and his early life passed on the farm; moved from Illinois to Missouri, thence returning to Illinois; untied with the Methodist Church in 1872; in 1877 was married to Lottie Darthy Kennedy. P. O., Douglas.

Ritchey, Frank L., editor Abingdon Express, son of Samuel and Nancy Ritchey, of Kentucky, was born in 1855, in Abingdon, Ill. He was educated in the common schools of that place. when old enough he learned the printer's trade, which he has followed. In 1875, he started the Abingdon Express, of which he is now editor and proprietor. Democrat.

Robbins, H. A., Galesburg.

Robbins, Levi, farmer, born in Denmark, N. Y. September 24, 1805; came to Knox co., in 1836; was married August 14, 1853, to Julia Fisher; have 5 sons and 3 daughters; professed religion in 1835; is an Adventist. Republican, P. O. Wataga.

Roberson, H. L. F., teacher, St. Augustine, is the son of Edward C. and Nancy N McCrite Roberson; was born in Jefferson co., Ill., February 10, 1851; when young had great desire for obtaining an education; after many hardships graduated from Kansas State Normal School in 1875 with degree of B. E.; was married, August 24, 1876, to Nancy Jared; have one child. Republican.

Roberts, Charles L., teacher, and postmaster Yates City, was born in the town of Brooks, Waldo co., Me., his parents were natives of Oxford co., Me; was educated at Quaker College, Providence, R. I.; has spent most of his life in farming and teaching; has held the offices of Postmaster, J. P., Town Clerk and Commissioner of Highways for a number of years; married Caroline Metcalf, November 18, 1856, by whom he has had 5 girls and 1 son. Greenback Republican.

Roberts, Rev. Hiram P., Wataga, was born in Thomaston, Ct., September 22, 1831; his parents were Albert and Sally M. Roberts of Northfield, Ct.; was educated at Wilbraham Academy, Massachusetts, and at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, where he graduated in 1857. His life has been devoted to teaching and the ministry; has been Principal of several High Schools; enlisted in the U S service September 01, 1862, as First Lieut. Co E 84th Ill; was wounded three times at the battle of Stone River; was promoted to Chaplain June 09, 1863; resigned on account of wounds March 19, 1864; returned to service May 26, 1864, as Chaplain of 137th Ill., and engaged in the battle of Memphis August 21, 1864; after leaving the army he became a pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Cairo, then of Congregational Church At Council Bluffs, Ia.; served 4 years as traveling agent for the B & M Railroad; became pastor of Congregational Church at Wataga in 18767; September, 1877, became Principal of the schools in same place.

Robertson, Larkin, farmer, born in South Carolina in 1802; died in Knox co., Ill. 1869; came to Knox co. in 1836, and was therefore one of the earliest settlers; married Miss Polly Cox in Kentucky in 1823; they have had 7 sons and 4 daughters; joined the Baptist Church in 1832; always lived an exemplary Christian life, and left a valuable estate on which his widow now lives; served as J. P. In Rio township for 16 years. P O address of Mrs. Polly Robertson, Rio.

Robertson, George, sec. 21, Rio township. P. O., Rio.

Rodgers, James T., farmer, son of John and Eliza McMurdy Rodgers, of Ireland, was born in Peoria co., Ill. August 24, 1838; was reared on a farm and educated in common schools; came to Knox co., in 1867; married May 04,  1859, has devoted his attention to farming and dealing in stock; is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Democrat. P. O. Farmington, Fulton co., Ill.

Rodgers, Pitt D., farmer, was born in Norwich, New London co., Ct. July 18, 1818. He was educated in the district schools, was brought up on a farm and has followed that vocation through life; came to Ohio in 1845, and to Knoxville, Ill, in 1853, where he has filled the office of Alderman several terms; in 1849, he married Effie Ewalt, who bore him one child; in 1855 he married T. P Hibbard, by whom he has had 4 children; is a member of the Episcopal Church. and has for years been an officer. Res., Knoxville.

Rogers, Thomas W., dealer in agricultural implements, seeds, coal and wood, Galesburg.

Rogers, S. W., farmer, son of Edward and Elizabeth Rogers, the former of Maryland , the latter of Virginia. S. W. was born in Ohio March 15, 1819; attended the common school; came to Illinois in 1837; married Jerusha Hand; they have 5 children. Greenbacker. P. O., Yates City.

Routh, Daniel B., farmer born Clinton co., Ohio, May 06, 1819, he is the son of John and Jane Moon Routh.

Routh, Thomas J., son of Joseph M. and Rutisha Morris Routh, natives of Ohio, was born in Clinton co., Ohio, May 06, 1847.

Rugar, Mrs. E. A., residence, Galesburg.

Russell, John, Sparta township. P. O., Wataga.

Russell, Samuel, merchant, Altona, son of George and Martha Russell, was born in Cetter Kenny co., Province of Ulster, Ireland, in 1805. He was educated in a private school; came to the United States and settled in Louisville, Ky., in 1828; came to Knox co., in 1856; has devoted his life to mercantile pursuits; had 2 sons server over 3 years in the late war; has been a member of the Presbyterian Church since 1831; is an Elder. Democrat.

Ryan, William A., City Clerk, Galesburg, son of Bernard and Maria C. Ryan, born January 19, 1852, in Detroit, Michigan Moved to Illinois in 1865; attended the common schools until 15 years of age, then learned the trade of boiler-making, working at it until May, 1875, then engaged in bookkeeping in Chicago and Galesburg; was elected City Clerk on the "Citizens Ticket," April 03, 1877. Democrat.

Sanborn, David, President of Second National Bank of Galesburg.

Sanborn, Lake W., insurance agent, Galesburg.

Sanders, H. M. residence, Galesburg.

Sanford, Patrick H., City Attorney, Knoxville; was born in Cornwall Addison co., Vt., Nov 10, 1822. His parents were John and Anna Peck Sanford, of same co. He was educated at Middlebury College, Vt.,; lived on a farm till 18 years old; he chose the profession of law and read with Judge A. Peck, of Burlington Vt. and Julius Manning. He came to Knox co., Knoxville, in 1852; he was admitted to the bar in the spring of 1853, and has practiced in Knox co., since. He was elected a member of the House in the27th General Assembly of Illinois, and was chosen a member of the Judiciary commission of the Senate in the 28th and 289th General Assemblies, and his ability was recognized by the appointment to the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee. During both sessions. He also served as County Supt. of schools 3 terms prior to 12862. In the spring of 1853 he married Jane Griffin, who died May 1863; by her he had 2 children. In Oct. 1864, he married Helen M. Peck, by whom he has had 4 children. Republican.

Sargent, Daniel B., 704

Henry K. Whiting    is a prominent representative farmer, residing on section 21, in Walnut Grove Township, and the owner of 164 acres, mostly improved land, and 57 acres of timber.  He is numbered among the most successful farmers who early came to Illinois.  He located here in 1851, and was born in Hartford, Conn., April 1, 1808.  His father, Joseph, was a farmer and native of Connecticut, the family having their origin in the United States nearly two centuries ago.  Three brothers from England were the founders of the family.  The mother of the gentleman whose name heads this sketch was Mary Goodwin, also a native of Connecticut and of old American ancestry.

     The family consisted of 11 children, Mr. Whiting being the youngest and the only one living.  The father of this large family was born Aug. 7, 1763; the mother March 16, 1766, the children resulting from this union being as follows:  Joseph, born July 23, 1784; Mary, June 29, 1786; Allen, July 4, 1788; Delia, Sept. 18, 1790; Sallie G., Dec. 8, 1792; Emily, June 20, 1795; Flavia, Aug. 17, 1797; David, Aug. 4, 1799; Nathan, Sept. 1, 1801; and Eliza A., Feb 19, 1804.  These men and women have all lived useful and successful lives, their decease taking place in their native state.

Henry K. Whiting was educated in the public schools of Hartford, Conn., and in his boyhood lived at home on his father’s farm.  He was married in his native county on the 3d of May 1835, to Miss Mary Philleo.  She was a native of Farrington, Litchfield Co., Conn., and was born Dec. 28, 1814.  Her parents were natives of New York State and Connecticut respectively, and of French descent on the father’s side, who was a stone-cutter by trade.  Toward the latter part of his life, however, he had taken to farming.  The mother’s decease took place in Connecticut, while the father lies buried in Rock Island, Ill.  The former died at the age of 44 and later at the advanced age of 88.

The present Mrs. Whiting was one of a family of fifteen children.  She is herself the mother of five children, two now living, viz: Virginia, wife of W. H. Ware of Walnut Grove; and DeLoss P., who married Miss Mary A Mack and is residing on their farm near Galesburg.  This marriage took place Jan. 1, 1862.

            C. H. Whiting,  Civil War Vet- the second son, was born March 21, 1840, and proceeded South to Texas before the war.  Here he enlisted in defense of the Lost Cause, and died soon after his return North.  Wilbert L. was a volunteer in the Army of the Republic, in the 42d Ill. Vol. Inf., and was killed by a gunshot from the enemy at the battle of Resaca.  He was born Nov. 30, 1845, and enlisted in defense of the Union Aug. 10, 1861, when he was but 15 years old.  It will be seen hereinafter that this made him a veteran soldier before he reached the age of 19 years.  He then re-enlisted for the war, receiving $400 bounty with 30 days’ furlough.  This was on March 2, 1864.  He returned to his regiment and started with Sherman on his march to the sea.  This time, however, the fates ordained that he was to forfeit his young life in defense of his country.  He fell at Calhoun, Ga., May 16, 1864.  Being under age, he had never as yet cast a vote in deciding the politics of his country, but for all that was a patriot of the first standing.  His remains lie at rest over which a monument has been erected to his memory, in Altona Cemetery.  The following is a copy of this young soldier’s discharge:

            “Wilbert L. Whiting,   Civil War Vet-a private of Capt. Walworth’s Company C, 42d Regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers, who was enrolled on the 10th day of August, 1861, to serve three years or during the war, is hereby discharged from the service of the United States, to date the 31st day of December, 1863, at Stone Mills, Tennessee, by reason of re-enlistment as a Veteran Volunteer.  Given at Chattanooga, Tenn., the 16th day of February, 1864.”

            After Mr. Whiting’s marriage he took up his residence in West Hartford from 1835 to 1851, when the family removed to Illinois and located on the land where they are now living.  This farm had been secured by a brother of Mrs. W. early in the history of the county and township.  Since making their home here they have as citizens rendered valuable service to the community, their sterling worth and honesty being noticeable throughout the vicinity.  As a Republican in politics Mr. W. has shown himself a strong supporter of the party.  He and his wife are active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Foxie's Note: My Tribute to him on the 1878 biographies Page Link above.

JAMES F. WEBB, engineer C., B. & Q. R. R., Galesburg, is the son of Isaac C. and Elizabeth (Fulkerson) Webb, the former of Vermont, the mother of Tennessee; was born at Hillsgrove, McDonough co., Ill., on Feb. 23, 1846.  Determined to become a locomotive engineer he left home in 1865, came to Galesburg and obtained employment, and Feb. 2, 1869, was promoted to engineer, which he has even since been, never losing a day, or during these years, no person has been injured on, or by his train.  He is temperate in all things; never known to utter an oath or take a drink of whisky.  Sept. 18, 1870, he married Clara Cofer they have a son and daughter.  Joined the M. E. Church at 18; now connected with the 1st M. E. Church, Galesburg.

MRS. SARAH ELIZABETH CHILD WEBB, daughter of Erastus and Rachel (Foster) Child, and was born in Whitestown, Oneida co., N.Y., May 14, 1849.  She came to Oneida, Ill., with her parents in 1855; married Fielding B. Webb of Bedford, Taylor co., Iowa, Nov. 29, 1877; went immediately to her new home in Bedford, where she still resides.

Frank David Thomson, Principal of the Galesburg High School, was born one half mile west of the Lapham bridge in Truro Township, Knox County, March 6, 1864. His parents were Presson Wheeler and Mary S. (Lapham) Thomson. They came to Illinois in 1851, soon after their marriage, and settled in Truro Township, where Mr. Thomson bought a sawmill on Spoon River in 1853. He also worked a farm; and when in the later sixties the sawmill was burned, he gave his entire attention to farming. Mr. Thomson was born in Ohio; his family was of New England stock. One brother, David Thomson, was a general in the Civil War. Presson Thomson was gifted with a genius for inventing; he was greatly interested in all mechanical devices, was original in his ideas and, in his inventions, was far ahead of his time. Thus he invented a cultivator, a sulky and gangplow, a road scraper, a three-horse evener, a corn-planter and checkrow with original features which are highly commended. He is also endowed with a talent for music, and plays the violin. This musical ability has been inherited in a remarkable degree by his five sons. Mr. Thomson served for server terms as Supervisor from Truro Township. Mrs. Thomson has always been entirely devoted to her family; she is a woman of rare judgment and strong personality. Mrs. Thomson's ambition has been to see her sons well educated, and respected men. Her father, Augustus Lapham, was of Welsh and English parentage. He was born in Rhode Island in 1806, settled in Marion County, Ohio, and then cam to Illinois in 1851. He was the first Supervisor for Truro Township after Knox County adopted township organization. He had three brothers, who, like him, were teachers; two of them had attended Yale University.

In 1874, the Thomson's removed to Canton, Illinois, and in the following year to Yates City, where they now live. Frank D. Thomson spent his boyhood upon the farm. He lived an active, out-door life, and enjoyed nothing better than a ramble in company with his dog, or a boat-ride on the Spoon. Like his father he, too, is clever and ingenious in mechanical construction. His mother's ambition, also, had taken possession of his mind, and he was early conscious of the desire "to be somebody" &; as he often heard his mother express it.

When a boy he attended the district school in Truro Township, the public schools in Canton and Yates City. During his High School course in the last named place, he studied under the principal-ship of Mr. W. L. Steele, now Superintendent of the Galesburg public schools. With the assistance of his brother, Leroy, Mr. Thomson was enabled to attend Knox College, receiving from that institution the degree of A. B. in 1892 and that of A. M. in 1895. When the latter degree was conferred, Mr. Thomson delivered, at the invitation of the college, the Master's Oration. During his college course he united with the Christian Church at Galesburg. By the advice and with the material assistance of Mr. Albert J. Perry and Superintendent Steel, Mr. Thomson spent two years, 1892-4, in Baltimore at the John Hopkins University, making a special study of history, political science, economics, and sociology. While fortunate in having had the assistance of willing friends, Mr. Thomson, after all, owes the attainment of his education and his successful career largely to his own industry and pluck, for he belongs to that interesting group of young men who have a mind to help themselves and the spirit to work their way. Appreciating the conditions of his own advance, it has been his pleasure to assist in his turn the brothers who have followed in his steps. Mr. Thomson's professional success has been rapid. He had charge of the village school at Douglas for three years; of the Yates City High School for two years, 1889-91, although he gained his first experience in teaching, as "Master" in the district school at Arkansas Corners, Truro Township, several years before. During the school year 1894-5, he was Principal of the Sumner School in Peoria, and then was called to the Principal-ship of the Galesburg High School, a position that he has held ever since.

On his coming to Galesburg the "elective system" was introduced into the High School and his work, together with that of an efficient corps of assistants, has been to show that this system can be effectively operated in a High School. His idea in education has been that the school should be of the greatest service to the greatest number, and that the "elective system," when properly handled, produces that result by adapting the school more easily to the needs of individuals who need the most help. Owing largely to the success of this plan the school has increased in number from 214 in 1895 to 495 in 1899. Mr. Thomson has been successful as an instructor and as an executive and by both teachers and pupils is held in high esteem. For a number of years he has been employed as a teacher in summer institutes. He takes a just pride in the spirit of the institution in which he works.

From the 1878 History of Knox County, Illinois published by Charles C. Chapman. [Submitted by Joan Achille.]

H. L. F. ROBERSON, teacher, St Augustine, is the son of Edward C. and Nancy N. (McCrite) Roberson; was born in Jefferson co., Ill., Feb 10, 1851; when young had a great desire for obtaining an education; after many hardships graduated from the Kansas Normal School in 1875 with degree of B. E.; was married Aug. 24, 1876, to Nancy Jared; have one child. Republican.


From the December 22, l904, Decatur County [Iowa] Journal.

W. T. ROBINSON died at his home in Knoxville, Illinois, last Thursday night, aged 75 years. In l872 Mr. Robinson purchased the Journal and it remained under his management until he disposed of the paper in l885. He then went to Emporia, Kansas, and purchased the Republican, but soon disposed of it and subsequently became the owner of the Glenwood Opinion which he sold at the expiration of several years. He then went to N. Carolina for the benefit of his wife's health and later moved to Knoxville. About two months ago the deceased visited his son, Scott, at Glenwood and was then in poor health.

Mr. Robinson was an old time printer and had been engaged continuously in newspaper work from early manhood. He was a man of good sense and genial disposition. While residing in Leon, he gained the good will and esteem of all who knew him. Ralph Robinson , the veteran editor of the Newton Journal, is a brother. The deceased is survived by a wife, an invalid, two sons and two daughters.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

From the December 22, l904, Decatur County [Iowa] Journal.

A Former Editor of the Journal Died December 8 at His Home in Knoxville, Illinois.

WILLIAM TAYLOR ROBINSON was born February l5th, l833, at Washington, Pennsylvania, and died at the age of seventy-one years, nine months and twenty-three days, on December 8th, l904. He was married February 2lst, l86l, to Martha Sadler [the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index lists a William T. Robinson marrying a Martha J. B. Sadler in Knox County on February 21, 1861], at the home of her parents, now the Allen place on the Henderson Road, l l/2 miles out of Knoxville. The wife and four children survive him -- Frank, Flora and Winnie, all of Knoxville, and Scott, of Glenwood, Iowa. Of a family of nine brothers and sisters only one survives him, his brother, Ralph, of Newton (Iowa) Journal, who was present at the funeral services.

His father died when he was so very young that no recollections of his father were ever possessed by him. At the early age of about ten years, he began making his own livelihood, owing to financial reverses in the family treasury, due to business ventures of his elder brothers, but who afterwards became very wealthy, --notably, Alexander, of Wheeling, W.Va., who was a leading stockholder and secretary in some of the large iron works and other industries about that city. He followed his brother, James, in an apprenticeship at the printing trade on the Washington (Pa.) Reporter, where he finished as a journeyman printer, being bound for a four year term to his preceptor, a notable editor and printer of Pennsylvania. He was the third youngest of three printer brothers, James being the eldest and John or Ralph next. James was a partner with the famous editor, D. R. Locke, "Nasby" later publisher of the Toledo Blade, in the Bucyrus (Ohio) Journal. His first position after leaving Washington was on the Intelligencer in Wheeling, where he met his afterwards partner, Zach Beatty. Later he worked in Mansfield, and then at Cincinnati on the Commercial, going from there to Peoria where he worked under a former acquaintance, Mr. Beatty, on the Daily Union, then the leading paper of that city.

At the age of twenty-six, in l859, he came to Knoxville with his friend, Mr. Beatty, now deceased and whose last years were put in as editor of the Galesburg Republican-Register, and purchased of the late J. S. Winter, the Knox County Republican. He remained on the Republican until l875, having for his partner during his last years, Mr. Oscar Barnhart, whom he bought out in l874. In July, l875, he became owner of the Decatur County Journal, at Leon, Iowa, when after ten years of marked success in the management of that paper he tried the newspaper business at Salina, Kansas, with no success financially, yet there he passed a most pleasant two years and over of his life in that fast-growing and beautiful little metropolis. After leaving the Sunflower state he came to Glenwood, Iowa, where he had fair success as owner and publisher of the Opinion, and enjoyed his life among the affable people of that pleasant town.

After selling out at Glenwood he had a brief experience on the Burtonian, at Tekama, Neb., but the populistic wave of '96 upset all prospects of success for his Republican paper and it was disposed of to a populist company. In l896, on account of his wife's health and others of the family being in bad health, he journeyed to the mountainous district of North Carolina, at Hendersonville,--a very different land and people from that in which he had resided so many years. At Hendersonville he bought the Republican paper, which he published very satisfactorily to all the best citizens of that section, and while his political views were not acceptable to the ex-confederates, yet some of most ultra former secessionists were personally warm friends of his. After two years in the South the subject again came to the scene of his first newspaper experience,--May, l899. The climate of the Carolina mountains proving to be too moist for catarrhal and rheumatic complaints, which was the affliction of his wife, and the associations in the North were more to the liking of the entire family, owing to their former long residence here.

In his labors, he was tireless, and unhappy when he could not be at work at something, and during the last few years did the work of the best average compositor in Galesburg offices, where he was accepted as a member of the International Typographical Union, but withdrew later from active membership.

 From the December 29, l904, Decatur County [Iowa] Journal.

MARTHA SADLER ROBINSON. The death of Mrs. W. T. Robinson occurred at her home in Knoxville, Illinois, Monday evening, Dec. l9, l904. Though not unexpected, the news did come as a shock to her friends in Glenwood who knew her during the time she resided here, coming as it did so soon following the death of her husband, which occurred Dec. 8, only eight days previous.

The maiden name of the deceased was Martha Sadler, and she was born near Harrisburg, Penn., Jan. 2l, l837. She removed with her parents and family to a farm near Knoxville, Ill., where her childhood days were spent. She was married to W. T. Robinson Feb. l5, l86l [the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index lists a William T. Robinson marrying a Martha J. B. Sadler in Knox County on February 21, 1861], and was the mother of eight children, four of whom survive her. She was always an active woman, taking a lively interest in all public affairs until the dreaded rheumatism attacked her, and this was the indirect cause of her death. In l896, the family removed to North Carolina for the wife and mother's health, but the climate was not beneficial and they returned to Knoxville. During most of the time since they left Glenwood, Mrs. Robinson has been a great sufferer and a great portion of the time has been in a wheel chair or a bed. The true character of a person is brought out during such continued suffering and in the case of the deceased it was no exception, for during all her illness she was bright and cheerful and did much to make the home pleasant for her children and for her husband, who was always active in business.

The funeral occurred yesterday afternoon at Knoxville from the family home and her remains were laid to rest beside her husband. The children were all present except L. S. Robinson, of this city, who was compelled to remain at home.


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