Biographies from the 1878 History of Knox County, IL


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Adams, E. R. merchant, Galesburg.

Aldrich D. W. M. D., is a graduate of Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York, 1874, He was born in Boone County, Ill, April 01, 1818; is the son of William Aldrich and Sarah (Bassett) Aldrich; was a student at Knox College, and in 1869-1870 attended Rush Medical College at Chicago; was married Aug. 01, 187, too Margarette McBride, and two children have been the fruits of the marriage; joined the United Baptist Church in 1877; has served as Supervisor and held the office of Coroner of Knox County.  Republican in politics. His address is Gilson, where he is engaged in the practice of his profession.1886 bio, too.

Anderson, A. G., conductor, is the son of A. and Anna M. Anderson, of Sweden; was born in that country Oct 26, 1844; came too America when twenty years of age; married Kate Lundquist Sept. 13, 1870; they have one child.  Mr. A. is connected with the First Lutheran Church, Galesburg, where he resides.  He is a Republican.1886 bio, too.

Anderson, Rev., Charles, Civil War Vet--President of Ansgari College, was born in Denmark, July 24 1843; came too America with his parents in 1848; graduated at Illinois State University in 1863; in 1865 served as Chaplain of the 46th Wisconsin Infantry; in 1866-9 was pastor of the English Lutheran Church, Mt. Carroll, Ill; 1869 too 1873 pastor of Second Lutheran Church, Galesburg; 1871-78 editor Zion's Banner; 1873-75 Principal of "Mission Institute," Keokuk, Ia.,; 1875 too present time President of Ansgari College, Knoxville.  He was married too Nettie A. Whipple; they have four children; Republican in politics.

Anderson, Miss Clara, resident Galesburg.

Anderson R. F., farmer; was born in Virginia Jan 06, 1825; his parents were David and Mary Anderson of Virginia. He attended school in  a log school-house; came too Illinois in 1855; has been engaged in the mercantile business.  Mr. Anderson was Alderman in 1873-4, and Mayor in 1875 of Yates City. He was married in 1847 too Miss Martha H. North, and they have had twelve children.  He is connected with the M E church, and is independent in politics, Post office  Yates City.

Anderson, J. F., proprietor of Cornucopia restaurant, Main Street, Galesburg.1886 bio, too.

Anderson, R. P. residence, Galesburg.

Anderson, J. W. merchant, Galesburg.

Anderson, Olof, son of Peter and Betsey (Nelson) Anderson, of Christianstad, Sweden; was born in Sweden; is a farmer by profession; removed too DeKalb County, Ill., 1854, too Knox county, Ill. in 1856, was married too Hannah Ellison on the 13th of July, 1859.  In Political views he is a Republican.  In 1854 he united with the Lutheran Church, and is a Trustee.  He was shipwrecked off the coast of Newfoundland in 1857.  All passengers were lost but 5. P O Wataga.

*****Alexander Andrews, grocery merchant, Joliet; was born in Meriden, New Haven co., Conn., Oct. 29, 1824; in early life he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner; he came West too Illinois in 1852, and settled in Peoria Co., where he engaged in carpentering for a number of years; in 1858, he purchased a farm in Knox Co., and followed agricultural pursuits till 1870; he then spent one or two years in traveling, and , in 1872, located in Joliet; here he worked at his trade until November, 1876, when he engaged in his present occupation.   He was married in 1843, too Lucia S. Lewis, a native of Connecticut; has two children - Frank and Fred.  Mr. Andrews has a fine trade and is deservedly popular as a business man.

Annis, Andrew , son of Eleson Annis (a native of Maine) and Catharine Annis, of Massachusetts.  Andrew was born in Maine April 17, 1825; in 1831 removed too Ohio, and six years later, 1837, came too Knox county, Ill., where he settled on a farm.  He was married Aug. 30, 1849, too Leah Brown , who has borne him five children - four boys and one girl; has served as Road Commissioner and School Director many years; was received into the Advent Church by Rev. Daniel Clark in 1862, and has held the office of Deacon for fourteen years successively.  Republican in politics.  Postoffice, Victoria.

page #647

ANDERSON, WILLIAM F. Civil War Vet-- A merchant, born in Bedford County, PA on 17 May 1835. His parents, John and Elizabeth Anderson were also natives of PA. He was educated in the public schools of Penn. He removed too Warren Co IL, thence too Knox County in September 1858. He was married too Sarah Cox, and followed farming for some time. They are the parents of four children. He was a soldier in the 102nd Illinois Infantry. He is a member too the United Brethren Church of which he is Steward and Class Leader. He has been School Director, Town Trustee and Treasurer. He is a Democrat. P.O. Henderson

page #648

Allen, Edwin, son of Calvin and Eunice Delano Allen, was born in Farmington, Genesee county, N. Y., June 23, 1813.  Removing too Ohio he was educated in the common schools of Madison county.  His early life was passed on the farm, and been very successful; was married Dec. 5, 1833, and has been the parent of ten children, of whom nine are living; removed too Illinois in 1837; was School Director three years, and has been Road Commissioner three years; is a Democrat.  Postoffice, London Mills, Fulton County.

Allen Sheldon W., son of Chester and Eunice Baldwin Allen, and was born in Oneida county, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1808.  There he received a common school education.  He worked at the tailoring trade until nineteen years old, when illness prevented him from continuing at it longer.  He then hired out by the month, and subsequently went into the butcher business, which he followed for 25 years; was first butcher in Galesburg.  Mr. A. came too Knox county in 1837, lived three years in Henderson township, then moved too Galesburg, where he now resides.  His parents spent the last days of their life at his home.  In 1834 he was married too Fidelia Leach; by her he had eight children, all of whom are living, and all married.  She died Nov. 22, 1855, and he married again January, 1858, this time too Nancy Shaver ; seven children blessed this union, three of whom are now dead.  Mr. A. has reared a large and much respected family.  The following are the names of the children, with occupation: James S., butcher; S. O., farmer; Alden H., butcher; Henry A., J. P.; Norman T., M. E. preacher,  Roseville, Ill.; Chester, a butcher; Mary F., wife of Job Wykoff, Canton, Ill.; John S., physician, Keithsburg, Ill.; Frank S., car builder, Chicago; Lida K., living at home; Fred R., in hotel, Peoria; and the youngest Ida D., a little girl.  Mr. A. is a zealous and practical temperance worker.  His gifts for this noble work show him too have his heart truly in the cause.  He is connected with the 1st Church, Galesburg.  Republican in politics.

Allen, S. O. was born at Log City, Henderson township, Knox County, September 10, 1838.  He is the son of S. W. and Fidelia Leach Allen, pioneers of this county; was educated in Galesburg; married Zipporah Edwards October 25, 1860., Dora F. Born August 30, 1862; Edwin A. Born December 08, 1866, George S., born December 18, 1870, and Laura M. born September 18, 1876, are the fruits of this union; joined Baptist Church, Galesburg, 1855. Mr. A. is first male child Born in the Colony at Log City. He is an earnest temperance worker. Republican. Runs dairy farm. Postoffice, Galesburg.1886 bio, too.

Allen, H. A. butcher, Galesburg

Allen, Henry C. editor of Augusta  Herald, Augusta , Illinois, formerly a resident of Abingdon.

Arnold, B. F., attorney, Galesburg.1886 bio, too.

Armstrong, William H., Civil War Vet--- son of William H. and Soloma Bennett Armstrong (the former a native of Rhode Island and the latter of Connecticut); was born in Connecticut June 28, 1818; was educated at a Theological Academy in Otsego Co., NY; early life passed in a store, but subsequently he learned the trade of carpenter and civil engineering, which he followed too some extent, but is now an insurance agent; removed from Connecticut too New York, thence too Galesburg, Illinois, in 1858; served in the Infantry, Co. D., Buffalo, NY ; married Mary J. Autor, November 01, 1848, who died June 01, 1875, They were the parents of ten children. In 1849, h united with the Congregational Church. In politics is Republican. Postoffice, Galesburg.

Avery, George , --- son of William T. and Phebe Throop Avery, of Connecticut; was born in Columbia county, NY, December 02, 1802.  There in the common schools he received his education on the farm passed his early life, which business he has continued too follow; married Seraphina P. M. Phelps in 1839.  They have six children living, one dead; has been Deacon of First Church, Galesburg, for 12 years; in politics a Republican. Postoffice, Galesburg.1886 bio, too. plus, portraits on Portrait pages.

Avery, Cyrus. Minor. merchant, Galesburg, formed the Avery Corn Planter Works of Peoria with his brother Robert Hannaman Avery.  Attended Knox Academy in 1868 and was later a Trustee of Knox College from 1890-1905.

Avery, Robert Hannaman, Civil War Vet---brother too Cyrus Avery and helped too form the Avery Corn Planter Works of Peoria, IL, attended the Knox Academy from 1854-1859. enlisted in the Union Army at the age of 22., into Company A 77th Illinois infantry. Robert was held prisoner for along time in Andersonville, Georgia

Atherton, Joseph, residence section 31 Goshen Township, Stark County. Postoffice, LaFayette

Babbitt, Mrs. M. A. Abingdon.

Babcock, Ransom, Sparta township. Postoffice, Wataga.

Bacon, DeWitt Clinton, MD, (cont #649) was born in Oneida county, NY April 23, 1826. He is the son of Abner and Martha Blackman Bacon, the former of Dedham, Mass., and the latter of New York. He was educated in common and select schools, and in the Baptist Seminary at Clinton, NY. When not in school he labored in his father's shops or mills, or on his farm in horticultural pursuits; spent a year in Mississippi teaching and hunting. On his return went too learn dentistry, which led too the study of medicine. He attended lectures at Geneva Medical College, then went too the college of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, where he graduated in 1849, came too Oneida, Illinois, in 1855.  Two sons and three daughters are the fruit of their union.  Mrs. B. died February 26, 1871; Dr. B. moved his office too Galesburg in 1877.


Bair, Levi G., merchant, son of David and Mary Ann Bair, of Franklin County, Penn.; was born at Chambersburg, Penn. March 10, 1842; received his education in the subscription school of Franklin county, Penn.; came too Illinois in 1851, settling in Knox county in 1860, married Amanda Mann November 15, 1866. Three children were born too them; was married again April 05, 1874, too Martha S. Deatherage. Democrat in politics. Was seven years Collector in Rio, Town Clerk Two years, and at present Supervisor; is in good circumstances. Postoffice, Rio.

Bair, David, residence, Rio

Baker, C. H. Station Baggage Agent, C B & Q Railroad

Baker, Morvan, farmer, came from New York where in Washington, July 20, 1819, he was born came too Knox county in 1839. His parents were Newton and Ann Spaulding Baker, natives of New York; Morvan was reared on a farm; had but little schooling worked at coopering for many years; has been School Director, Treasurer, Trustee, and Justice of the Peace; was married September 02, 1840, too Alida Lansing. They have had ten children, eight of whom now live; united with the Christian church in 1837; Republican. Postoffice, Abingdon.

Bancroft, Addison Newton, grocer, son of William and Sallie Briggs Bancroft, of Worcester County, Mass., was born in that county June 04, 1820. He spent his childhood on a farm.  At the age of 16 he learned the trade of brick mason, which he followed for twenty years, In 1838, he went too Steuben County, NY, where he remained until 1842; then he went too Iowa, where he lived till 1849; thence too Galesburg. He married Catherine Blair March 15, 1849.  They have had seven children, only three of whom are living. He has been a member of the Congregational Church for more that n forty years, and has been an Elder of the First Church for fifteen years. He has been in the grocery business since 1858.  He is Republican in Politics. Mr. B's oldest, Edward A., a graduator of Knox College in the class of 1878, won the prize for oratory in the Inter State Collegiate contest at St. Louis in June, 1878.

Bandy, Richard, farmer, son of Reuben and Libby Adkasin Bandy, both of Virginia, was born in Tazewell county, Illinois, March 14, 1833; was educated in the common schools of the county. His parents came too Knox County in 1837.  He was married too Lucinda Nelson Jan 15, 1857. He has held the offices of School Director and Road Commissioner for many years; is a Republican politically; and a successful farmer.  PO Galesburg.

Barber, J. G. farmer, son of James and Mary McForlard Barber, the former a native of Maryland, and the latter of Ohio, was born in Ohio, October 07, 1848. He was educated in the common schools; early life passed in learning a trade; followed the business of engineering and sawing, which proved satisfactory too him, but finally changed it too farming; removed from Ohio too Knox County November 28, 1868; was married too Mary Ellen Fields.  They are the parents of four children. He has been quite successful as a farmer, and is now in a moderate circumstances. In politics he is Democratic. Postoffice, Knoxville.

Barbero, Nathan, 1812 War Veteran .son of John and Sarah Van Patten Barbero, natives of New York, was born in Montgomery county, MY April 13, 1805; had a little schooling in district school before 10 years old; reared on farm; learned the trade of carpenter; built many carding machines at Maquon; drove a team in the war of 1812; came too Knox county in 1839; married Calista W. Loomis March 1832; parents of four children. Mr. R. Drove from New York once with 1,500 pounds on wagon in twenty-two days. He is a member of the Christian Church; Republican; residence, Maquon.1886 bio, too.

Barker, John F., Civil War Vet. photographer, is the son of Amos and Sophia Barker, both of Connecticut, was born in Nunda, NY, November 14, 1831. He received his education in the district schools of Nunda and by study and observation since. Most of his early life was spent on a farm. He learned photography.  He was Assistant Postmaster in Belfast NY and was Commissary Sergeant and military detective in the late war. He went from New York too Whitewater, Wis; went back too Nunda, and thence too Galesburg. cont (#650) Has been a member of the M. E. Church since 1856; is Steward and Trustee. Is a Republican.


Barnes, M. S.,   Civil War Vet--editor of Galesburg Press, was born in Malone, NY, March 04, 1824.  His parents were William and Margaret Barnes, of Vermont.  He received a liberal education; learned the printer's trade, and became an editor at 16./  He served in the Second Illinois Regiment in the Mexican War; was at the battle of Buena Vista--wounded.  After the war conducted Southport American Wis; 1849 became editor of the Independent Watchman, Ithaca, NY. remained till 1856; he then removed too Chicago and became editor Chicago Daily Ledger, and when the war broke out was editor Rock Island Daily Register.  helped raise 37th Illinois Infantry; was commissioned Colonel and served with distinction and afterwards was brevetted Brigadier General Leit army in 1863e and published Rock Island Union.  Raised 140th Regiment, but did not enter field.  Gen. B. is perhaps the oldest newspaper man in Illinois. In political views a Democrat.1886 bio, too.

Barnes, Samuel D., Galesburg... Civil War Vet--Sergeant enlisted in Company C 72 Illinois Infantry Promoted too 1st Lieutenant in 1864 in USCQ.

Barnes, E. F. farmer, son of Ezra and Ann C. Davis Barnes, was born May 07, 1840, in Clinton county, Ohio.  He was reared upon a farm, and received his education from Ohio too Knox County in 1868.  He married Sarah E. Noon Sept. 29, 1859. They have two sons and two daughters.  he has been a member of the Christian Church since 1857.  political views Democratic. Postoffice Hermon.

Barringer, Henry,   Civil War Vet-son of Peter D. and Elizabeth Barringer, natives of Renssclaer county, NY born at Poestekill, Pine County, NY, Sept. 14, 1821; was blacksmith, but changed his trade too that of carpenter in 1874; was in Company K, 83d Illinois Infantry; in 1853 removed too Pike county, Ill., and too Wataga in 1857; married Margaret E. Simmons July 20, 1844, and they are the parents of one son and one daughter . He is a Close Communion Baptist, uniting with the church in 1855.  Is a Republican. Postoffice, Wataga.

Barton, I. H., Galesburg.

Bartholomew, T. E., Galesburg.

Bartlett, John D., Sr., born at Norridge, VT, 1805. His father, Geo. C. Barlett, a native of same place; his mother, Anna Swain Barlett, was born at Newark, NJ, removed too New York, 1807, too Ohio, 1814, came too Rio Township, Knox County, 1844; was connected with U. S. mail service in Geneseo county, NY and Postmaster sixteen years in Rio;' married Sarah Pryne; they have three sons and two daughters; is a farmer in good circumstances; in politics a Republican.  Postoffice, Rio.

Bartlett, L. S. upholsterer, Galesburg. Civil War Vet1886 bio, too.

Bassett, Charles K. editor Abingdon Register, was born in that city February 24, 1859.  His parents are George and Nancy Wilson Bassett, the former a native of New York, the latter of Ohio, Charles spent six years in the common schools of Abingdon, and then commenced the printing business issuing a tiny amateur paper.  For his journalistic career we refer too sketch of his paper in this book.

Bateman, Hon. Newton, President of Knox College, was born in Cumberland county, NJ, July 27, 1822; came too Illinois in 1833.  His opportunities for education in early years were very limited. In 1835, he attended the anniversary exercises of Illinois College, and was deeply impressed with the addresses of the graduates, and then stand there he formed the determination that he too would deliver a graduate' oration from that platform.  Poverty stared him in the face, and for four years he was prevented from commencing too execute his plans.  In 1839 he entered upon preparation, so zealous were his efforts, a so remarkable his powers of acquisition, that in less that four months he passed a satisfactory examination, and entered the freshman class.  The rigid economy practiced, the arduous labor performed--chopping wood, sweeping rooms, making fires, and all manner of work, besides teaching at intervals, and his constancy of purpose and application, and the marvelous rapidity with which he advanced appear like a stirring romance.  While fitting for college he studied in the woods in warm weather; but when the cool season came on, a huge elm tree which stood near his home was selected.  It was hollow.  He cut a hole in one side for a door, cleared it our and furnished it with a rough stool and table, and a piece of carpet.  In this novel domicile, warmed by a fire in front of the door, the master pursued his studies for months.  When he entered upon his freshman year his cash capital was $250. He supported himself unaided through his college course; his boarding expenses during the sophomore year averaged only 11 cents per week; and through the whole four years averaged but 45 cents per week.

      In June1843, he did deliver his graduating oration from that same platform. After a brief attendance at the Lane Theological Seminary, at Cincinnati, he accepted a traveling agency for a historical chart, and traveled extensively in several states, which brought him in contact with many teachers and prominent men, and afforded him an opportunity too become acquainted with the educational deficiencies and needs of the people.

cont. on #651

     In 1845 he opened a private school in St. Louis.  In 1847 he was chosen Professor of Mathematics' in St. Charles College, MO., and remained till 1851, when he went too Jacksonville, where he was elected Principal of the Public Schools.  While there he was twice elected County Superintendent of Schools.  In 1854 he assisted in organizing the State Teachers' Association, and was one of the committee who established the Illinois Teacher.  He was one of the first board of editors, and in 1858 principal editor; same year he was chosen Principal of Jacksonville Female Academy.  Early in the year he with others began efforts which resulted in establishing the Normal University.

     Mr. B. was first nominated for the position of State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the teachers in convention in 1855; and the following year by the Republican State Convention, but declined.  In 1858, he was elected too that office.  He received in all seven nominations by the Republican party, and five times was elected by a large majority,--one time by a larger majority than any Congressman or State officer had ever received.  In 1860 appeared the first of that series of masterly biennial reports which characterized him as one of the leading educators of this country.  In these reports he grappled with the profoundest as well as the most practical educational question of the day.  As a teacher he has been eminently successful he was elected President of Knox College in 1874.  An interesting volume could be compiled of his life work, but our space forbids.

Baxter, Joshua, Section 26, Henderson Township, Postoffice, Henderson.

Beach, J. W., merchant, Galesburg.

Beatty, Zaccheus, editor of the Republican Register, Galesburg.1886 bio, too.

Becker, John, merchant and farmer; was born in Otsego county, NY June 10, 1811; his parents were Philip and Catherine Wager Becker, the former of Otsego county, the latter of Columbia county, NY.  He spent his childhood on a farm, and his educational opportunities were limited too the district schools of his native county.  He engaged in the mercantile business at the age of 18, and continued in it till 1866.  In 1844, he came too Victoria, this county, and built a store and started in business.  In 1845, June 10, he married Mary Jane Smith, by whom he has had seven children, of whom only three are now living.  They removed too Galesburg in 1866.  Mr. Ebb's attention has been divided between merchandising and farming he having purchased and managed a large farm which he stills owns.  Republican.

Beechtel, George Civil War Vet- carpenter, born in Pennsylvania in 1831; his parents are John Y. and Susanna Gerhart Beechtel, of Pennsylvania. He was educated in common schools, was musician in the 16 Illinois Infantry; came too Illinois in 1856, went too Kansas in 1870, and returned in 1874; married Miss E. S. Haines in 1868; two children of the four born too them are living.  postoffice, Galesburg, politics--Republican.

Behringer, George, farmer, son of Michael and Helen Behringer, natives of Germany; was born in Galesburg November 04, 1856; moved too Sparta township in 1875; independent in politics. Postoffice, Wataga.

Belden, Marcus, farmer and grain merchant, was born in Greenfield, Saratoga county, NY April 01, 1815, He is the son of Aaron and Sarah Wood Belden, of the same county; his early life was spent on a farm and his education obtained in the common schools and by individual effort.  When he was 10 years old his parents moved too Genesee County, NY he came too Galesburg, in the spring of 1840, since he settled in Illinois he has been engaged in farming and dealing heavily in grain.  He has held the office of Mayor of Galesburg, and has been Alderman for six years; April 21, 1846, h he married Ann Norton, who was the mother of four girls.  He married Louvica B. Rigby for his second wife, by whom he has two sons and two daughters; he has been a member of the Congregational church for years, and an Elder in the "First Church of Christ" for twenty years.  He was a strong Abolitionist, and an active member of the Underground Railroad company;' he has hauled many loads of wheat too Chicago, and has camped opposite the Tremont House. Postoffice, Galesburg.1886 bio, too.

Bellwood, James, farmer; son of Seth M. and Polly C. Shumaker Bellwood, natives of Ohio; was born in this county March 03, 1845, where , in the common schools he was educated; served as School Director, and is Constable; was married Aug 11, 1870, too Sarah E. Shumaker; two children have blessed this union; one dead. Democrat. Postoffice, St. Augustine.


Bellows, Frank D., foreman molding shop, Frost factory, Galesburg.

Belknap, Erwin H., conductor C. B. Q. R residence, Galesburg.1886 bio, too.

Bennett, William, farmer, son of George and Betsey Bennett of England; was born in England in 1831; he spent his early life till 25 years of age in a cotton manufactory, after which he turned his attention too farming; his education was obtained chiefly in evening schools; he came from England too Knox County, Illinois, in 1856, he has filled the office of school director for six years in this county. He married Sarah Chapman in 1860, by whom he has had three children, two of whom are living; his political views are Republican. Postoffice, Douglass.

Berggren, Augustus W., Sheriff; was born in "Amot," Sweden, August 17, 1840. He is the son of Johan and Karin Berggren; he received his education in the country schools of Sweden and by instructions from his father, who was a well-read man. He spent his early life until 14 on a farm. At that time he contracted too serve a five-year-apprenticeship at the tailor's trade, the first three for his board, the last two for a very small additional compensation. In 1856, his father, five brothers and one sister and himself started too America, and after a nice weeks' voyage in a small sailing vessel they reached New York, from Whence they proceeded too Oneida, Knox County, The subject of this sketch worked at his trade in Victoria the first year after his arrival, for $8 per month, at the expiration of which time he came too Galesburg, where he has lived since. except four years spent in Monmouth, Warren County He was elected City Justice in 1869, at the age of 29, and while filling that office in 1872, was elected Sheriff by the Republican party; he was again re-elected in 1874, 1876, and 1878 nominated for the fourth term, and again re-elected. Mr. Berggren has a fine talent for music, and for several years teaching music was his principal occupation; he was leader of a string band at Monmouth and at Galesburg; taught and arranged music for bands. He was married too Christine Naslund, March 10, 1866, which has resulted in a family of one daughter and three sons; he is a prominent member of both the Masonic and Odd Fellow orders, and a high official in each; he has been a member of the Swedish M E Church since 1870, and is President of Board of Trustees of the Church in Galesburg. Politically he is a staunch Republican. PO Galesburg.1886 bio, too.

Bevard, George, farmer, was born in Huntington county, Pa., April 16, 1801; he is the son of John B. and Hester Smith Bevard; father born in Ireland mother in Maryland; his early life was passed on a farm, and his education was such as the common schools afforded; he removed from Pennsylvania too Ohio when that country was new; left Ohio and came too Fulton County, Ill., in 1845, from there too Knox County in 1854; he was married too Hannah Crone September 21, 1826, which union resulted in ten children, of whom four sons and three daughters are living. He has been a member of the Christian Church since 1837; is a Republican. PO Hermon.

Bevier, Celia R.  A. L. R. Bevier, her father was born in Ulster county, NY, July 16, 1820, and her mother Adaline Misner Bevier was a native of Sullivan County, NY, born April 20, 1826; Celia was born at LaFayette, Stark County, Illinois, May 23,1855, untied with the Stark County Congregational Church was received by Elder Delle of LaFayette.  Postoffice, Mitchellville, Iowa-----Foxie's note this lady didn't live or was not born in Knox County but she's in this book.

Biggerstaff, William, farmer, was born in Athens county, Ohio, September 11, 1803, he is the son of John and Mary Biggerstaff, the former of Virginia, the latter of Pennsylvania; he was educated in the common schools, and learned the harness-maker's trade in youth; later in life abandoned that business and devoted himself too farming; he also engaged in the mercantile business in Gilson for a time; he came too Knox County in 18512; in 1823 he married Mary Kirgan, and as his second wife he married Debora Ducenberry, in 1877;' he joined the M E Church in 1833. Politically he is Democratic Postoffice, Elba Center.

Binge, George P., farmer , resides on section 1, Walnut Grove Township. Post office, Galva, Henry County, Ill.  Foxie's note this guy lives on the or close the line at Knox Henry Counties.

Bishop, Samuel H., was born February 24, 1837, in the State of Pennsylvania; his parents were John M. and Jane Elizabeth Bishop, the former a native of New York, and the latter of New Jersey; he enjoyed only the advantages of a common school education;' he came too east too Indiana in 1852, and too Knox county, in 1860. He was married January 27, 1864 too Amelia Calkins, and has three sons and one daughter living and one daughter deceased; joined the M E church in 1861, is Class-leader and Secretary of the Church. Politically is a Republican. Postoffice, Oneida.


Blair, John L., physician, Abingdon; was born in Franklin County, PA., September 18, 1845; his parents were James and Mary Lawton Blair, the former of Maryland, the latter a native of Ireland. Dr. B. was educated at Dickinson Seminary and Marshall College. Pennsylvania, regularly preparing himself for the study of medicine; he entered the University of Michigan, after which he went too the University of Maryland, where he graduated, holding a place in front rank. He has also attended lectures at the Universities of New York and Edinburgh. In a scientific point of view the Dr. has but few equals, which is shown in a clock constructed by him alone and inside of a period of a year, during leisure.  As a piece of mechanism it has no equal. In it are combined sciences of astronomy, anatomy, mathematics, and mechanics. It tells the minutes and hours, and has but one hand; it tells the day of the week, the week of the years, the month and the day of the month. It also tells the time of day in any part of the world; it explains longitude and time.  There are three skeletons; One strikes the time of day, one plays a tune every hour five minutes before striking, the third represents Father Time.  On the top of the clock stands two small forts--Moultrie and Sumter--mounted with small cannons; Sumter is fired on by Beauregard, giving the date. It also shows the assassination of Lincoln by Booth, who fires at Lincoln, and he drops forward; this is only visible the day of the year the President was killed.  It also shows any historical scene you may want, and as many. it represents the fall of the Southern Confederacy with Jeff Davis in Petticoats. Astronomically this clock shows the earth passing around the sun every 3651/4 days, an don its own axis each day; in passing through its orbit, goes through the twelve constellations or signs of the zodiac, as well as through her seasons she enters her solstices.  It shows he noon and all its movements, and all the planets and their movements. Halley's comet is shown, and other wonders. He was married too Sadie Ann Anderson February 27, 1867, who has borne him two children.  Foxie's note: would like too know what happened too this clock.....

Blakeslee, Sala, farmer, son of Sala and Mary Merchant Blakeslee, of Connecticut: was born January 14, 1805, in the State of Connecticut. His education was limited too the common schools, he worked a while at the blacksmith trade in his youth, but abandoned it for the farm; his parents moved too Ohio in 1817, and he came too Knox County in 1834; he was married on January 10, 1830, he has held the offices of School Director and Commissioner of Highways for many years. Postoffice, Douglass.1886 bio, too.

Blanchard, Jonathan, was born in Rockingham, VT, January 19, 1811; he shared the labors and the sports of New England farmer boys, laying there the foundation for that superb physique for which he has since been so distinguished. He attended the district school of his native place, going thence too Chester Academy, where he fitted for college; he graduated at Middlebury College in 1832.  Though but 21 years of age, he was immediately elected Preceptor of Plattsburg Academy, where he taught two years too earn money too continue his studies. Prior too this, however, he had consecrated himself too work of the ministry, and in 1834 he entered Andover Theological Seminary, where he remained two years.

     About this time the cause of human freedom began too revive; the smoke of the slavery controversy began too blacken the air, the war in words waxed fierce, and the valiant little band of anti-slavery workers sent up a cry for help.  Mr. Blanchard responded; leaving the seminary, he spent a year in Pennsylvania battling for the right, where he soon became a leader of the noble band of reformers. He then finished his theological course and graduated at lane Seminary, Cincinnati; was ordained and then installed over the Sixth Presbyterian Church in that City, October 31, 1838, where he remained nine years, serving with so great fidelity that 500 were added too the church. he was also active in the various forms of Christian, temperance and other philanthropic work in the city Stationed thus on the boundary between the slave States and the free, his anti-slavery zeal was kept well fired up; he was sent in 1843 as a delegated too the second World's Anti-Slavery Convention in London, and was there elected the American Vice-president of that body.

        In 1846 he was called too the Presidency of Knox College. So promptly and completely did he and his amiable wife identify themselves with every interest of the college that before they had been here a month every citizen felt that they had always lived here. During the fourteen years of his presidency here there was not one agency in the village for the promotion of good which did not receive their aid; he was 35 years of age when he came too Galesburg. Teaching all day, writing much of the night preaching a great portion of the time., taking the lead in all good enterprises, cont. #654 caring with fatherly kindness for all the students, spending his vacations in traveling and striving too enlist his friends in the interests of the college. with all these labors abundant, it is no wonder that he grew aged before his time. He came here in his early prime he left here an old, gray haired man.

        When he came, the college was in its infancy; he graduated its very first class and the 13 following. The "Seminary" had no existence, the ladies' collegiate course being organized under his direction. Financially, also, his administration was a success. He found the college in debt several thousand dollars and running behind, and for several years before he left it each annual report of its treasurer showed it free from debt; the main college building and the seminary was erected and paid for, and when he resigned, the college property was estimated at $400,000 too $500,000.  Much of this increase was of course due too the rise in real estate; but credit is due too Mr. Blanchard, as he collected or received from personal friends and paid into the treasury over $50,000, which obviated the necessity of sacrificing real estate before it attained its highest value.

        He was naturally a teacher, and inspired his pupils with such a love for learning that all their future lives felt the influence of that inspiration. He possesses in a wonderful degree that personal magnetism which draws people into him. In spite of all the seeming hardness which his life-long conflict with evil has developed, or rather with which it has encased him, underlying the strength of his character is a vein of tenderness which makes children always recognize in him a friend.

     When his resignation was accepted he was invited too continue in charge of the college the following year, which he did. AT its close he became pastor of the First Church. he was closely identified with all kinds of Christian Work thought this county. The first sermon in Oneida was preached by him. In 1860 he accepted a call too the Presidency of Wheaton College, where he has labored untiringly for these 18 years.

     He has his faults, but they are the faults of a strong nature, and such as necessarily arise from his hand-too-hand conflicts with evil. A reformer by nature, he must ever suffer, as all reformers do. from being misunderstood by his fellows, because he is in advance of them.

    During these years the part which Mrs. B. took was scarcely less important than his. She gave gentleness, regularity and cheerfulness too their whole work.

Bliss, Cyrus, farmer, was born in 1834, in Chautauqua, NY; son of Z. G. and Mabel Gillett Bliss, the former a native of New York and the latter of Connecticut; early life was passed on the farm. His general character in youth was honest and upright; moved too Peoria county, Illinois, in 1837, and settled there until 1853, when he moved too Knox county; in 1855 was married too Angelina Smith, and now are the parents of six children; in 1859 united with the Christian Church; has always been engaged in farming, and been quite successful. PO Yates City. 1886 bio, too.

Block, Charles Owen, merchant, Galesburg; was born in Muscatine, IA, May 08, 1846; had a good common school education; embarked in dry goods and notion business several years ago in Galesburg with small capital, but now has an extensive trade and carries a large stock.

Blood, B., Deputy Sheriff, Galesburg.

Bloomfield, John L., farmer, son of Isaac and Mary Hahn Bloomfield, of Hamilton County, Ohio; was born in Butler county, Ohio, June 09, 1836; spent his youth on a farm, and obtained his education in the common schools. His parents removed too Montgomery county, Ind., in 1837, and he came too Knox county in 1845. He first married Elizabeth Coziah April 01, 1858, and as his second wife he married Hannah C. Gritton June 25, 1868. He has two sons by his first wife, and four sons by his second wife, three living and one dead.  Politically he is a Liberal Democrat. Postoffice Rio. 1886 bio, too.

Bloomfield, William, farmer, was born in Indiana August 18, 1837. He is the son of Isaac and Mary Hahn Bloomfield, the former a native of Ohio, the latter of Indiana. He was educated in the district schools; spent his youth on a farm, and his mature life in the same vocation. Came west and settled in Rio Township in 1845. (Foxie's note: the above John L. Bloomfield is his brother.  They probably traveled together or came too Knox County together.)  He was married too Euphemia Reed October 13, 1865. Their union has resulted in three sons and two daughters; one son is deceased. PO Rio.

Blue, Eleanor Rice, Mrs. Blue was born in Crawford county, Ind., January 17, 1826. Her parents, Jonathan and Margaret, were natives of Hardin county, NY; received a common -school education; was married too William B. Blue, and is the mother of five children. Postoffice address, Henderson.

Boden, Samuel, farmer, was born in Pennsylvania March 14, 1809, He is the son of Andrew and Margaret Fitchjarves Boden, the former born in Pennsylvania, the latter born in Ireland. His education was limited too the common schools of Pennsylvania.  He was reared (cont. #655) on a farm, and continued a farmer from choice; came from Pennsylvania too Ohio in 1838; thence too Knox county in 1848. He was married September 25, 1832; has been a member of the M E Church since 1842; in politics, Democrat. PO Maquon.

Boggs, James Buchanan, attorney, Galesburg, son of John and Isabelle C. Boggs, natives of Pennsylvania, was born in Green Castle, Franklin County, PA., October 20, 1828; studied law in Chandlersburg, PA., with McGanahan & Reilly. He came too Galesburg June 1856; served as City Attorney five years; married Susan C. Weeks, who has borne eight children, but three of whom are living; is a member of the Presbyterian Church and Trustee. Republican in politics.

Boher, David, farmer, son of John and Rachel Lewis Boher of Pennsylvania; was born July 01, 1835, in Summersett county, Penn., was reared on a farm, and never attended school a day in his life. In 1847 his parents moved too Kentucky, thence too Ohio in 1848, and Mr. B. came too Knox county, Ill., in 1858. He married Martha Gooch in November 1866. Two children are the result of their union; on daughter living. He has filled the offices of City Marshal of Farmington, Ill., and Road Commissioner and School Director. PO Yates City.

Bolding, William,  Civil War Vet---  son of Thomas, and Sally Wayman Bolding, the  former a native of Kentucky, the latter of New York, who were in comfortable circumstances; was born in Kentucky, October 09, 1825, and was educated in the common school; was of good moral character in youth; removed from Kentucky too Knox county; in 1865 went from the county and served in the war of the rebellion; was a school director in 1874; learned the trade of a Blacksmith, and also followed the life of a framer; has been quite successful, and is now in moderate circumstances; in 1875 united with the Methodist Church of Victoria; October 20, 1877, was married too Maria Wayman. Is Democrat in politics. PO Knoxville.

Bond, Levi, was born June 09, 1852, in Ohio. His parents Walter and Eleanor Bond, were natives of Maryland and Tennessee respectively; was educated in common schools of Hermon, Knox county, parents coming too the county in 1852; was married too Sarah Drumm, November 11, 1875, had one child, died May 18, 1878; joined the Christian Church in 1874; in politics a Democrat. Postoffice, Hermon.

Bond, Henry, sec. 8, Chestnut township. Postoffice, Hermon.

Bond, Cynthia A. Hermon

Bond, Elemender, farmer, son of Walter and Eleanor Moon Bond, the former a native of Maryland and the latter of Tennessee; was born in Clinton county, Ohio, December 15, 1834; received a common school education; moved too Knox county, September 07, 1862, and has been the parent of eleven children, of whom seven are living; was School Director for four years and Path master in Chestnut township; is a Democrat., Farming has been very satisfactory, and he has been successful. Postoffice, London Mills, Fulton, county, IL.  ****These Bond's are all related.  Elemender is brother too Levi above.

Boone, Mrs. L., residence, Galesburg. 1886 bio, too.

Booth, Jacob, son of Isaac and Mary Gernell Booth, natives of Maine, was born June 01, 1821, in Maine. His early life was passed on the farm; received his education from the common schools; learned the trade of wagon maker; also followed other business, but changed too farming, in which he has been successful; married Melinda Housh September 17, 1844, and was again married October 24, 1869, too Edith Martin; moved too Illinois, then too Iowa, returning too Knox county in 1865; was School Director for five years. Is Republican. PO Maquon. 1886 bio, too.

Borg, Rev. John F., pastor of Lutheran Church, Knoxville, was born in Sweden December 13, 1849; his parents were G. A. and Grata Johnson Borg, natives of Sweden; came too Galesburg in 1869; he was reared on a farm and finished his educational at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill., and chose the ministry; was married June 28, 1878, too Miss M. Clay Anderson. Republican.

Bowens, Jacob, born April 11, 1816, in Frankfort, Ohio; his parents were Solomon and Elizabeth Bush Bowens, natives of Virginia, educated in the old log school-house in Indiana; he has been Road Commissioner and School  Director in Schuyler county, where he moved in 1854; he came too Ontario in 1865, he was married June 02, 1842, too Esther Hadley, Of Indiana, and August 02, 1855, too Zelinda Fuller; had six boy by the first wife, and three girls and one boy by the second; joined the M E Church in 1813; Steward and Class-leader. Republican. Postoffice. Ontario.

Bowhay, Joseph, farmer, son of William and Mary Bowhay, the former of England, the latter of Ireland; was born in Pennsylvania in 1825; his early life was passed on a farm, and his education was obtained in the common schools; he came from Pennsylvania too Illinois, and settled in Knox county, in 1855; married Elizabeth Householder. He has filled the offices of School Director and Road Commissioner; he is Democratic in politics. Postoffice, Yates City.


Boyer, Aaron, Galesburg, refer too Broom Manufacturers in Chapter XXII

Bradbury, James J., artist, son of Benjamin and Hannah A. Stevens Bradbury, the former of Ohio and the later of Illinois, was born in Knox County, Indian Point Township, April 17, 1848, was educated in Abingdon College; married July 20, 1869, too Belle S. MeKinnie, who has borne him one child; he has studied art from childhood, and is occupied at his chosen calling now in Abingdon, where for the last few years he has been a Professor in Hedding College, teaching drawing and painting; he has been very successful in enlarging pictures.

Bradbury, Otis T., of the firm of Bradbury & McOmber, planning mill, Galesburg.

Bradfield, E. H., farmer, son of E. H. and M. A. Bradfield; was born in England in 1828, educated in common schools. His early life was spent in market gardening; later, spent four years in lithographing, and some time in the wholesale grocery business; came too Illinois in `1854; married Mary Crandel in 1862; has six children. Is a Republican. Postoffice, Elba Center.

Bradford, Harvey S., farmer, was born in Maine, Sept. 27, 1809; parents were Charles and Elizabeth Brown Bradford, the former a native of New Hampshire, and the latter of Maine; was educated in the common schools; his early life was passed on the farm; learned the tanner's trade, but gave it up for farming; removed from Maine too Ohio, thence too Knox County; married Hester Whitter Oct. 24, 1836. They have been the parents of nine children, of whom six are now living; he has been very successful in business and well prospered.  In political views he is republican.  Post office, Gilson.  His parents are listed above in the Bradford Cemetery.

Bradford, H. S., of whose history we give a few brief details, is a farmer on section 3, in Haw Creek Township.  He was born in the State of Maine, September 27, 1800, and is the son of Charles and Elizabeth Clark Brown Bradford.  The father of the subject of this sketch was a native of Massachusetts and his mother of Maine.  The Father in his younger days was a potter by trade, and removed too Ohio when his son, H. S., was but four years old.  There he followed farming, and about the year 1833 he removed too Knoxville, Illinois, with his family.  They came overland with teams.  The father bought and improved land in Persifer township, in this county, and made a home for himself and his family.  He died on the Homestead about the year 1873.  the mother died at the same place in 1833; directly after coming too Illinois.

Bradford, Winslow W., son of William S. and Nancy Youngs Bradford, both natives of Ohio; was born in Persifer township, Knox county, August 13, 1843; his early life was passed on the farm; received his education from the common schools; was a drummer in the Company H, 102nd Illinois Infantry. April 26, 1866, married Victoria S. Beck. They have been the parents of seven children, of whom five are now living; removed from Knox county too Galena, Ill., but returned; he has held the offices of Township Clerk and Road Commissioner in 1869 and 1872; in 1870 joined the church of United Brethren of which he was Trustee and Treasurer in 1871; he has been very much prospered as a farmer. He is a Republican. Postoffice, Knoxville.

Brainard, Jeptha, son of Jeptha and Catharine Comstock Brainard, the former of Connecticut, the latter of Massachusetts; he was born in western Oneida county, New York, March 17, 1822, and came too Ontario township, this county, where he now lives, in 1860; educated in common schools and at the Liberal Institute, New York; raised as a farmer, he has continued that occupation ever since. postoffice, Oneida.1886 bio, too.

Brainard, Edwin, born in Oneida county, New York, November 09, 1809; his father Jeptha Brainard, was a native of Connecticut, his mother, Catharine Brainard, was a native of Massachusetts. Edwin received an academic education at Whitestown, New York, and chose the life of a farmer; served in the Militia; married Mercy White December 21, 1842, four children being the fruits of the marriage; came too Oneida in 1855, where he now lives, still pursuing his chosen occupation of farmer.1886 bio, too.

Brechwald, Charles, liquor dealer, Galesburg, was born at Klein Winterheim, Germany; he is the son of Michael and Margaret Fleck Brechwald; came too the United States in 1853, and too Galesburg in 1856; in 1863 engaged in the retail liquor trade, and in 1872 in the wholesale trade; he was married April 02, 1854 too Barbara Waltz, and is the parent of seven children, two of whom are dead. 1886 bio, too.

Bridson, Samuel, farmer, was born on the Isle of man, December 25, 1827; his parents were John and Margaret Tier Bridson, both natives of the Isle Of Man; his education was confined too a few months in a common school. He emigrated from his native country too New York, and thence too Knox County in 1853.  April 02, 1851, he married Dolly Cole, by whom he has two sons and one daughter. Farming has been the occupation of his choice; he is a Republican. Postoffice, Hermon.

Briley, Benjamin, farmer, was born in Clermont County, Ohio, February 22, 1825. Parents were Samuel and Catharine McGarvey Briley, the former a native of Delaware and the latter of Ohio. His early life was passed on the farm; was educated in the common schools moved too Knox county March 31, 1862; married March 04, 1851 too Cassandra Smiser. They are the parents of eleven children. Mr. Briley is a Democrat; was Road Commissioner in Ohio for six years and six years here; united with the Christian Church in 1870. Postoffice, Hermon.


Bristol, H. C., conductor C B Q Railroad, Galesburg.]

Bristol, Richard, son of Richard and Lucy Edgerton Bristol, of New York, was born in Wyoming county, New York, August 29, 1818; was married too Laura J. Smith, October 08, 1845. One boy and one girl has blessed the union; learned the trade of carriage-maker and trimmer. Moved too Oneida, where he now lives, 1855.

Brooks, T. C., farmer, resides on section3 Victoria township. Postoffice Victoria.  1886 bio, too.

Brown, Aaron B., farmer; was born in Cortland County, New York. December 18, 1831. His parents were William and Eunice Kinney Brown; they were both born in New York State. He was educated in the common schools. His parents moved west too Cook county, Illinois, in October 1843; thence too Knox county in 1853. He settled in Oneida Township; he had held the offices of School Director and Justice of the Peace for a number of years. On October 08, 1854, he married Alvira Buck, formerly of Jefferson, New York. They have one son. He has been a member of the Universalist church for ten years, and is Trustee of the Church. Postoffice, Oneida.

Brown, Benjamin F., MD, Civil War Veteran-- was born in Troupsburg, Steuben County, New York, March 05, 1839. He was educated at Troupsburg Academy; studied medicine three years with Dr. McFarling, and graduated from the Albany Medical College, NY. He was Alderman two years in the City of Oneida. Dr. Brown was Assistant Surgeon three years during the rebellion; he was married November 20, 1866, too Jennie McCornack, has five children, all boys. He is a member of the M E Church; held the office of Steward for the past five years. Political views, Republican. Postoffice, Oneida.

Brown, Frank A., merchant, Galesburg.

Brown, James Harvey, son of James and Polly Baker Brown, was born  in Clinton, Ohio, September 04, 1823; educated in common schools, and reared on the farm which he continued too follow; married in November 1846, too Lyda L. Barnes, who born him seven children, five of whom now live; joined the Christian Church in 1855; has been Deacon for several years; Democratic in Politics. Postoffice, St. Augustine.

Brown, George, W.--Foxie's note: My 3rd great-Uncle If you are related too this man, I would love too hear from you please email me. Thanks!  inventor of "Brown's Corn-Planter" and proprietor of the extensive corn-planter works located at Galesburg, was born in Saratoga County, NY October 29, 1815; he remained upon the farm where he was born until he was 14 years old, when he learned the carpenter's trade, in which he worked many years. In July, 1836, he came too Illinois, locating near Galesburg, being one of the earliest settlers in this section. Previous in coming west September 1, 1835, he was married too Maria Terpening. They did not live in the lap of luxury, but were hard-working pioneers, and he earned a living by farming and working at his trade. Many houses through the county were erected by him. On his arrival in Warren County, he traded his team for a piece of land and went too farming;  he had a log house too build for himself, and his neighbors needed his mechanical services. For a long time he went out too work at his trade, and his wife conducted the farm.
In 1848 Mr. B. conceived the idea of turning a cultivator into a corn-planter; he saw the great need of a machine that would plant the grain which was so universally cultivated as corn was in Illinois. Nature had gifted him with faculties of genius of superior quality, and with untiring energy and perseverance he labored on until he gave too the civilized world one of the most useful implements ever invented. As we speak of this great invention at great length in a sketch of "Brown's Corn-planter Factory," we will not repeat here.
         Mr. Brown has been no office-seeker, nor has he held many public official positions, his large business commanding his attention. In 1876, however, he was elected Mayor of Galesburg and served the city well; he joined the Methodist Church in 1835, however, and ever since has lived a faithful, consistent and conscientious Christian life. He is eminently noted for his zeal and earnestness in religious works. No man in this part of the State gives more abundantly and from purer motives than he. Too him the M. E. Church, Galesburg, is indebted for the finest church edifice in Knox County, and the city of Galesburg for much of its business; he is the parent of three children, one son and two daughters; James E. Born April 12, 1837, is married and associated with his father in the corn-planter business; Elizabeth A. ., born March 21, 1839, is the wife of T. L. Perrin, a banker of Creston, Iowa; and Sarah J., born June 12, 1844, is the wife of Mr. W. S. Cowan, a merchant in Galesburg. Mr. B. has not only blessed his race by giving the corn-planter, but also for his practice philanthropy thousands bless his name. He has no great scholastic attainments but is endowed with those eminently superior faculties, rare practical judgment and knowledge, and great native genius. Foxie's note: My 3rd great-Uncle.
1886 bio, too.

Brown, Harmon G., veteran of Black Hawk War--farmer, son of Samuel and Henrietta Hobbs Brown; was born in Nelson county, KY, December 20, 1803; his father was a native of Pennsylvania, his mother of Kentucky; he was educated in a private school in Kentucky; brought up on a farm. Came too Knox County in 1831, and located on the farm where he now lives in 1832. He participated in the Black Hawk war; was elected Justice of the Peace, but declined too serve; was married too Nancy Hogan Sept 01, 1840, who has borne him twelve children, of whom six sons and two daughters are living. He is a member of the M E church. A Republican in politics. Postoffice Galesburg, 1886 bio, too.

Brown, John V., Civil War Veteran-- son of Andrew J. Brown, whose nativity is Jackson county, Ohio, and Mary A Ferguson Brown, native of Hart county, KY; was born in Knox county, Illinois, April 23, 1844, has always been a farmer from choice; enlisted in company D, 7th Illinois Cavalry, Nov. 09, 1864, and served till the close of the war in 1865. Was married too Alice Harshborger, January 31, 1869; joined the United Brethren church in 1874. in which he was chosen Class-leader in 1875. Postoffice, Maquon.

Brown, Rev. R. A. student Hedding College, Abingdon. Prominent member of the Oliniana society.

Brown, V. R., Galesburg.

Bruner, Henry, was born in Breckenridge county, KY., December 12, 1812; his parents were Henry and Eves Frymire Bruner, of Kentucky. He only attended school a few weeks, in a log house without a floor; moved too Warren County at a very early date, where he lived for some years; filled the office of Road Commissioner there; came too Galesburg in 1856; he was married January 08, 1833; he has ten children, seven of whom are living. He has been a member of the Christian Church since 1840, is now a Deacon in the congregation at Galesburg. Mr. Bruner has been a hard working man and very successful in life., When he arrived in Warren County he had but 75 cents.

Bruner, Francis M., Civil War Veteran-- President of Abingdon College, is the son of Henry and Matilda Claycomb Bruner, of Kentucky; was born in Breckenridge county, KY, December 28, 1833. When about one year old his parents moved too Warren County, Illinois. locating on a farm, where he attended the country schools until 19years old. The first school he attended was three miles or more from his home. His father attended the same school, carrying his son behind him on a horse. President Bruner gives his father credit for giving him the best part of his education in the persevering, industrious habits which he cultivated in him under arduous labors and trials of pioneer life.  At the age of 19 he entered Knox College, where he spent 5 years, graduating in 1857 from the classical course. Not being content with this, he earned about $400 teaching, received more from his father, married and went too Germany where he spent nearly two years in the Royal University at Halle on the Sarle in Prussia.  Here he enjoyed the benefit of eminent lecturers; he became proficient in the German language. He visited Berlin and studied the city, then went too Paris, where he spent five months acquiring the French language and hearing lectures on botany, physiology and anatomy, zoology, anthropology, etc. by eminent scholars.  He then went too London and home, after three years absence. President B. has always had a love for farming, but from early youth his mind has turned too preaching; while following the plow he frequently became highly exalted of religious sentiments. He has loved the languages, and while in Europe combined the ancient and modern languages with his bible thus ably fitting himself too both teach and preach. One reason for so much special preparation was too be correct in religious matters; his study of the languages, although never teaching them, has been a source of much strength in preaching. On returning from Europe he labored as an evangelist for about four years; was then ordained Elder in the Christian church, Monmouth, Illinois, where he preached five years; resigned and became President of Oskaloosa College, Oskaloosa, Iowa, where he remained for six years; he then returned too Monmouth and preached , and July 24, 1877, accepted the Presidency of Abingdon College, where his labors have already been for the good too the school and community. In 1863 he was appointed Captain of Company A, 7th United States Colored Infantry, doing much service in the south; from Ill-health, resigned. He was elected too the legislature from Warren County in 1866; was married too Miss Esther Lane April 01, 1858, a graduate of Knox College; made a profession of faith in Christ at age of 14, and united  with the Christian church. Republican in politics. President B. envies no man because of his success, nor tries too pull him down that he might get his place, for it has also happened that most of the positions he has filled have been such as others had abandoned or would not have.

Bruner, Mrs. Elijah, section 25, Rio township. Postoffice, Rio.

Bruington, Benjamin, ---Civil War Vet farmer, is the son of George and Mary Bruington, the former born in Maryland in 1776, the latter in Pennsylvania in 1782. Benjamin was born in Kentucky in 1810; he was educated in the common schools, and spent his early life on a farm.  At the age of 25 he came too Warren County, thence too Knox county, Il.  On December 06, 1836, he married Mary Scott, of Kentucky, who has borne him two sons and one daughter, all living. He had one son Thomas P., in the 102nd Regiment Illinois Volunteers in the late civil war; he has filled the offices of school director and Supervisor. Votes the Democratic ticket. Post office Galesburg.

Bulkley, John Adams, --Civil War--photographer, Galesburg, is the son of A. W. and Margaret A Coenhoven Bulkley, the former of Connecticut, the latter of New York City. He was born in Canton, Ill., September 23, 1842l reared on a farm; served in the late War three years in Company I, 102nd Illinois Infantry; came too Galesburg in 1871/ Was married September 23, 1871, too Emma H. Copley, and has one son; joined the M E Church in 1872. In politics is a Democrat.

Buffum, Matthew, farmer, son of Stephen and Ester Buffum, the former a native of Vermont, the latter of Ohio; was born November 31, 1820. He grew up on a farm, and obtained his education in a log school-house. He left Ohio and came too Knox county in 1837. He married Lidia J. Jobes.1886 bio, too.

Bunker, Dwight W., ``Civil War Vet--merchant, son of Samuel and Silvia Walton Bunker, was born November 04, 1846, in Lake county, Ohio. He enlisted in Co K, 45th Illinois Infantry, October 20, 1861, was wounded at the battle of Shiloh. He was left on the field too die. He so far recovered from that he walked from the battle field too the river, where he remained for seven days in the old tent, upon wet straw without blankets or covering, his wounds not being dressed. From 1864 too 1873 he was engaged in railroad building; served as County Clerk of Harvey county, Kansas, came too Galesburg, and embarked in the boot and shoe trade in June, 1874. He married Mary Bell Carpenter, who has borne him one son. Republican.

Burkhalter, James L., __Civil War Vet_ County treasurer, is the son of David and Mary A. Marks Burkhalter, of Pennsylvania; was born in Lehigh co., Pa., April 15, 1835. Educated in common schools and academy, and reared on a farm. He learned the carpenter trade and commenced the building business in 1852 and has followed it since; came too Knox county in April, 1856. Was married too Martha E. Adle November 02, 1858, who had borne him eight children, six living. In 1862 he recruited a company for the Union army; commenced July 23, completed August 10th; was chosen Captain and kept recruiting until he raised nearly two companies. His was the first recruiting commission obtained by a Knox county man. He was often detailed in various staff positions, much of the time in charge of sappers and miners. During his last year he served as Assistant Adjutant General, and always received favorable mention in General Buell's reports; for meritorious services at Beatonsville, North Carolina, was promoted too Major; was with Sherman on his march too the sea. He is a Republican, and was elected Treasurer of Knox County in 1875, and re-elected in 1877. Residence Maquon.  Foxie's Note: have more on this gentleman and have a page started just for him. But thought had better put this here too as he was listed in this book.1886 bio, too.


Burnaugh, George W. carpenter and farmer; was born October 28, 1830, in Clermont County, Ohio. He is the son of Joseph and Lydia Black Burnaugh, both from the Eastern States. He passed his early life on a farm, and his educational facilities were confined too the common schools. he served an apprenticeship of four years at the carpenter's trade, and worked at it five years, until his health failed, when he changed too farming, in 1855. He came from Ohio too Illinois in 1844; lived in Knox county since 1856. He married Rebecca Cramer, March 08, 1855. They have one daughter, who is married and living in Orange township. Postoffice Knoxville.

Butler, James W., has for many years been prominently before the public as an educator and preacher of the Gospel of the Christian Church. He was born in Warren County, KY, October 02, 1826. His father, Peter Butler, (He is famous or was in Warren County he started a wagon train westward) moved too Warren County, Ill., in 1829, hence was among the earliest settlers in this part of the State. In 1853, he removed too Polk county, Oregon, where he died in 1856. His mother was Rachel Murphy Butler, of Kentucky. The first school attended by Mr. B. was taught in a log school house in Warren County, Ill. His first teacher was Alexander Reynolds, a preacher; subsequently he received training of that successful teacher, officer and farmer, Howell Haskell. In 1845 he entered Knox Academy, Galesburg, and after two years entered Knox College. In 1847 he entered Bethany College, Bethany, Va., where he graduated in 1850, and soon entered upon the ministry. It was under the preaching of Alexander Campbell while at Bethany that he made a profession of religion and was immersed by W. K. Pendleton, the present president of Bethany. Among his classmates were J. B. New, late Treasurer of United States, and J. W. McGarvy, Professor in Kentucky University. July 01, 1851, he married too Mary E. Ground, daughter of Henry Ground, who resides two miles west of Abingdon. Mrs. B has ever been a faithful and devoted wife. In 1853 he was elected Treasurer of Warren County, which position he held until called too the chair of Mathematics in Abingdon College in 1855. The principal work of his life was performed while he filled for fourteen years. During the war it seemed the College must fail, the trustees could not pay the Faculty, but President B. assumed all, and by his untiring labors raised it too prominence among Western Colleges. In 1867, he was called too the Presidency of Christian College, Monmouth, Oregon. The trustees of Abingdon College would not accept his resignation, but consented too his absence six months. In August 1867, he and his family sailed from New York city for California, whence, after a short visit, they went too Oregon. February 02, 1868,they started home by rail. At Rowling Springs a heavy snow storm was encountered, which stopped the train and cut off all communications either way. The snow filled the cuts too the depth of 25 feet. After three weeks delay, and in great danger they proceed on their way. In 1874, he was called too the presidency of Christian College, Santa Rosa, California, which position he filled for one year, where he also was Pastor of the Christian Church. He is logical and forcible in argument, pleasing and courteous in manner, and possess rare good judgment. In 1877 he was elected Supervisor, and re-elected in 1878. He has but one child living. His son, Seldon H., is a graduate of Abingdon College, also of the Law Department of the Northwester University, Chicago.


Butt, Charles Norris, farmer, was born in Champaign county, Ohio, March 10, 1833. He is the son of Thomas D. and Sarah Williams Butt, of Greenbriar county, West Virginia. His parents came too Knox county, Ill., in 1837. He was educated in the district schools of Persifer township. He still lives on the old farm six miles east of Knoxville, where his parents settled forty-one years ago. He filled the Office of Road Commissioner in Knox Township, in the years of 1875-6-7. December 31, 1857, he married Sarah S. Montgomery, who has born him one child, a son. Politically, his Republican. Post-office, Knoxville.

Bryam, Nelson B., son of Joseph and Abigail L Harris Byram, natives of New Jersey; was born in Dayton, Ohio, April 04, 1818, educated in common schools in Indiana, and reared on the farm; learned the blacksmith trade which he changed too farming; was married December 24, 1847, too Rebecca Jane Hamilton, who has borne him three children; united with the M E church in 1857; has been Collector; Town Clerk, and Justice of the Peace. Republican in politics. Post-office, Knoxville.

Cadwell, J. P., Postoffice Altona. 1886 bio, too.

Cadwallader, William O, miller, of London Mills, Fulton county, Ill., was born September 10, 1830, in Hahoning county, Penn.; his parents were Eli and Catharine Hank Cadwallader, the former a native of Pennsylvania and the latter of Maryland. he received a common school education' worked at shoe-making until 1858, then followed other professions and business until he changed too milling, in which he has been very successful. June 11, 1855, he was married too Isabel Sence; they have been the parents of one child, a boy, who died at three years of age. He removed too Ohio, thence too Iowa, and too Illinois in 1866; he is a Republican; he clings too the Unitarian doctrine: was Township Clerk in Iowa, Postmaster in Ohio, and is now Post-mater. Post-office, London Mills.

Calkins, William C., attorney, Galesburg, of the firm of McKenzie & Calkins.

Calkins, Edwin J., son of Elijah and Philena Coleman Calkins, was born October 23, 1811, in Hillsdale, Columbia county, NY; he learned the carpenter trade in his youth, and followed the business until 1837, when he quit it and went into farming; he settled in Sparta Township in 1837, where he has since resided; he was untied in matrimony with Harriet Alvira park in 1836, who bore him three sons and two daughters; he is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is one of its Trustees; politically he is a Republican. Postoffice, Oneida.  1886 bio, too.

Campbell, Orange L., editor of Knox Republican, is the son of Elisha and Mary A. Lowell Campbell, the former of Ohio, the latter of Maryland; he was born in Knoxville March 07, 1852; educated in public schools and the printing office; learned the printer's trade quite young; is City Clerk of Knoxville; was married June 19, 1873, too Miss A. S. Bull, who has borne him two children; a Presbyterian in religious faith and Republican in politics. 1886 bio, too.

Cardiff, Mrs. Edward, Section 2 Lynn township. Postoffice, Galva. 1886 bio, too.

Carr, Clark E., Postmaster, Galesburg. 1886 bio, too.

Carr, M S, M D, Galesburg.


Carpenter, Asaph Newton, is the son of Asaph and Caroline Carpenter, of Rehoboth, Mass., where he was born June 02, 1828; his parents lived on a farm. Early in life he manifested a genius for invention, which took the direction of landscape architecture; he labored at his chosen art with an intensity of devotion, without an instructor, until it can be truthfully said he is master of it, having conceived and executed some of the most extensive and beautiful scenic effects, in both private and public grounds, too be found in America. His love for his calling amounts too a fascination, and he still plies himself too it with an unabated zeal. On the 20th of November, 1853, he was married too Mary Elizabeth Winter; their family consists of two daughters; They came too Galesburg in 1854. 1886 bio, too.

Cashman, D. A., Indian Point township. Post-office, Hermon.

Cashman, J. L., farmer, the son of George and Rebecca J. Murphy Cashman, was born in Clinton county, Ohio, January 06, 1836; he had such educational advantages as the common schools of Ohio afforded till he was 14 years of age, when his parents came and settled in Tazewell county, Ill.; he removed too Knox County in 1856; where he has since lived; he has held the offices of School Director and Road Commissioner in Indian Point township; he married Martha E. Bond on December 31, 1858, by whom he has one son and one daughter; he is a Deacon in the Hermon Christian Church; has been a member since 1852; Democratic in politics. Post-office Abingdon. 1886 bio, too.

Cashman, I. M., farmer, whose parents were George and Rebecca J. Murphy Cashman, formerly of Virginia, was born in Tazewell county, Ill., February 11, 1850; his educational advantages were the High School of Cherry Grove and a course at Abingdon College; he was married January 16, 1873, since which time he has lived in Knox county; he has been a member of the Christian Church since 1870; politically he is a Democrat. Post-office Hermon.

Cassel, Elmer, Sparta township, Post-office, Wataga.

Castle, Reuben, farmer, was born at Green Prairie, W. Va., September 16, 1813; his parents, Henry and Sarah Curry were natives of Virginia; he was raised on a farm, and obtained his education in the old log school-house; came too Knox county in 1834; was married March 18, 1841, too Mary Long; they have four children; has been School Director and Road commissioner; is member M E Church, joined in 1831; Republican. Post-office, Knoxville. another bio on the 1886 P & B Index page.

Catterton, J. R., farmer, son of Diler and Sarah Ann Catterton, was born in the State of Kentucky August 20, 1819; his only opportunity for education was in common schools; he served an apprenticeship at the harness trade at the age of 14, he followed the business for a time, and then turned his attention too farming; he served in the Mexican war under General Scott, and was a member of the 102d Regiment Illinois Infantry from 1862 in the War of Rebellion; he married Sarah Ann Organ on the 18th day of February, 1849;l they have had nine children, four of whom are living; he joined the Christian Church in 1844; politically is a Republican. Post-office Elba Center. 1886 bio, too.

Caulkins, Samuel, farmer, born in Washington county, Ind., October 21, 1821; married Sarah Ann Stewart December 08, 1842; they have a family consisting of eight children living, 2 having died, making ten in all; he united with the United Brethren Faith, 1840, in which he served as Steward and in 1843 as Class Leader; was Justice of the Peace in Henderson township in 1868; came too Knox county in 1855 and has never desired too remove. Post-office, Gilson. 1886 bio, too.

Cawlkins, Albert A., farmer, son of Stephen and Anna Smith Cawlkins, both of New York, was born in Columbia county, NY June 01, 1808; his childhood was spent on a farm, and his only educational facilities were the common schools; he learned the trade of house carpenter and pll9ed himself too it for many years, but turned his attention too farming later in life; he came too Knox County in 1836, and settled on Section 2, Sparta township, where he has lived ever since; he was one of the first settlers on the prairie; May 01, 1837, he married Louise M. Park; they have had eight children, six of whom are living; he has been a member of the Baptist Church since 1832; he has been a pronounced Republican since 1850. Post-Office, Oneida. 1886 bio, too.

Foxie's note. On this page lists the Caulkins, Cawlkins, and Calkins, I did research for a person a few years ago and we found out these are related.  I can't remember how but the changing of the spelling of the name happened.  But even though they aren't spelled the same they are related.

Chaffin, S., Galesburg.

Chambers, Jacob S., retired merchant, was born in Addison county, Vt., March 14, 1816; his parents were Matthew and Hannah Smith Chambers, the former born in New Hampshire, the latter in Vermont; Jacob was educated in the common and select schools of his native State; he began the mercantile pursuit in his boyhood and continued in it until 1868; his father, Matthew Chambers, purchased property in Galesburg with the colony, and erected the second store in the place; he settled however in Knoxville, where he remained several years; where he died in 1869. Jacob went from Knoxville too Whiteside county, but finally settled in Altona, and opened the first store in the town; after conducting his business there successfully for a number of years he came too Galesburg, where he now lives, retired. On September 28, 1857, he married Amanda M. Parsons, who is the mother of three children living and one dead; he is a member of the First Church; politically a Republican; he was for several years Supervisor, and filled the office of Road Commissioner in Walnut Grove township. 1886 bio, too.


Chandler, Charles P., merchant, of Galesburg, was born in Scioto county, Ohio, August 02, 1817; his parents were Ellis and Deborah Chandler, the former a native of Pennsylvania, the latter of Vermont;' his education was limited too the common schools in the vicinity of his father's farm, where he remained until he was 23 years old; On November 10, 1840, he married Azuba G. Miles, who has borne him eight children, seven of whom are living; Ellis Chandler was born February 12, 1846; A. Deborah, born October 29, 1848; Sally Miles, born October 05, 1851; Joseph Barton, born June 20, 1854; Charles P., Jr., born January 17, 1859; Stephen, born April 01, 1862; Harriet M, born May 26, 1868; Ellis died October 05, 1847. Moved too Missouri in 1841; remained until 1844, when he returned too Ohio, and in 1867 came too Galesburg, where he now resides; he was Sheriff of Scioto County, Ohio, two terms, and Treasure one tern; served as Provost Marshall during the rebellion, and in Missouri was elected Justice of the Peace; he is member of the M E church, and politically a Republican 1886 bio, too.


Collinson, Henry G. His father, Simon L. Collinson, was a native of England, and his mother, Mary M. Collinson born in Pennsylvania. Henry was born in Lynn Township, Knox County on Jan. 4, 1840, where he has a fine farm. He has always been a farmer by choice. He served in the war for the Union three years. He married March 7, 1867, Miss Jannett McKie, who bore him two sons, neither of whom is living. He united with the Presbyterian Church in 1870. Postoffice, Altona, where he now resides.

Collinson, George M. Thomas, his father, was born in England, and his mother, Louisa, was a native of France. George was born in Pennsylvania April 12, 1846. He spent his early days on a farm; removed too Lynn, Mass., in 1851, and married Mary A. Murray May 22, 1868. They have three children, all girls. He has been a member of the Board of Education in the Collinson Academy nine years. He is a Democrat in politics. Postoffice, Altona.

Collinson, Simeon L. He is the son of Thomas and Mary (Kirby) Collinson, natives of Yorkshire England. Simeon was born July 7, 1806, in Yorkshire, England, and spent his youth and received his education in his native country. He came too America and settled in Pennsylvania where he spent five years in the coal mines. He came too Illinois, where he engaged in farming, accumulating a large property, and is now the owner of 1,700 acres of beautiful farmland. He has been twice married; Nov. 5, 1834 too Mary Craver, who bore him nine children, five boys and 4 girls; and on Nov. 21, 1874 too Mrs. Jane McClure, one son being the issue. He has held the office of School Trustee eight years; first Assessor after township organization, two years; Road Commissioner, ten years; and served seven years in PA Light Inf. under the State Law; always led a moral life, resolving when young never too gamble or lead others by his example into bad habits. Post-office, Altona.

Collinson, Thomas W. He was born in Pennsylvania July 2, 1835, and is the son of Simeon Collinson, native of England, and Mary Collinson, born in Pennsylvania. He came with his parents too this county in 1838, when but three years of age, and is therefore one of the earliest settlers of Knox County. He chose the best of all occupations, that of farmer, in which he has been very successful. He was married on Nov. 25, 1858, too Miss Sarah Brooks, from which union sprang eight children, seven boys and one girl, two of whom are dead. He has served as School Director ten years. Post-office, Altona. Foxie's note all these Collinson's of Walnut Grove Twp., Altona, IL are related in some way or another.

Colton, Chauncy S., retired merchant and capitalist, was born in Springfield, Luzerne co., Pa., September 21, 1800. His parents were Justin and Abigail Sill Colton: and were both natives of New England. Soon after the birth of Chauncy they returned too Massachusetts. He was educated in the eh common schools of that state. in 1820, they removed too Maine, where for five years later he was married too Emily H. McLanathan. In 1836 he came west. In the spring of 1837 he was the first too break ground for building on the site of Galesburg. He erected the first store in the he infant village that summer, and filled it with the first stock of goods ever brought too this part of the county. For thirty years he carried on a general mechanizing business. At the close of this long and successful career he retired from mercantile life. He had been always actively identified with the education interests of the county; he has for many years been Trustee of Knox College, and is now its Financial Agent and has by his wise counsels, ardent labors and generous donations been efficient in building up this institution,  He was one of the chief originators of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway. and has been one of its Directors ever since the company was organized until recently. its present charter was obtained by him though Mr. Colton is verging upon four-score years he is remarkably well preserved and active, and has personal management of the affairs incident too his large estate.

Colton, Hon. Francis, President of the Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Galesburg, was born in Monson, Mass., May 22, 1834. He is the son of Chauncy and Emily H. McLanathan Colton;' his parents came too Galesburg in 1837; he grew up amid the native beauty and expansive freedom of the broad prairies, and spent his early school days in the public schools of Galesburg. finishing up with classical course in Knox College, where he graduated in 1855. On leaving school he engaged in the mercantile business with his father, in which he continued until 1864, when he was elected Vice President of the First National Bank of Galesburg. He filled this office for two years, and at the same time held the office of Internal Revenue Collector. In 1866 he was appointed U S Consul too Venice and held the position four years, returning too Galesburg in the fall of 1869. He assumed the duties of general officer of the Union Pacific Railroad in October of the same year, and had charge of the general passenger traffic. In 1870, he was appointed Foreign Agent of the U P and C P Railways; and sent too Japan, China and India too arrange for the tea and silk trade of the Orient. He also at the same time made a circuit of the globe, and established several thousand agencies in Europe and Asia for a general passenger and freight business between Europe and Asia via the United States too Him is also due the honor of introducing  "round the world" tickets. In 1871 he was elected too the presidency of the Farmers & Mechanics Bank which position he now fills. He again went too Europe in a semi-official capacity; he was chosen Centennial Commissioner for the State of Illinois in 1876. During his residence in Europe he achieved some journalistic honors as Vienna correspondent for the Tribune and other New York journals, which he maintained during and subsequent too the Austrian-Prussian war.

Colton, Gad Dudley, manufacturer, was born January 10, 1816, at Monson, Mass, which was also the native place his parents, Justin and Abigail Sill Colton. He was educated in common schools learned the building and cabinet trade; came too Galesburg in 1837; where he built the first store building and. In 1854 built first shop run by steam in Galesburg; in 1856 erected a planning mill; was burned out November 17, 1864. In 1865 G. D. Colton & co., added a foundry and machine shop and denominated it Novelty Machine Works. He is a member of the Congregational Church, having joined in 1839. He has been four times married, and is the father of ten children, of whom only four are living. Residence Galesburg.

Colville & Bro., editors and publishers of the Galesburg Review., Galesburg.

Comstock, Milton Lemmon, was born in Hamilton co., Ohio, October 19, 1824. His father, Rev Jacob Comstock was a native of the same county; his mother, Jane Lemmon Comstock, was a native of Hartford C., Md; was reared on the farm from his early boyhood, spending the winters in the district school until 1869, when the family removed too Des Moines co., Ia. There the subject of this sketch lived until September, 1844, with little schooling. He then spent a year in Knox Academy, Galesburg; after which he spent two winters in teaching in Des Moines Co., Ia. He entered Knox College in September, 1847, and received the degree of A. B. in June, 1851. He chose the profession of teaching; he was Principal of Knox Academy three years, then for three years he engaged in horticultural pursuits, being also editor of the Iowa Farmer. A year was then spent as professor in Yellow Springs College, Des Moines co. In September, 1858, he returned too Knox College as assistant professor of mathematics, and in 1861 became Professor of this department, a position h he now  holds. July 30, 1851, he married Cornelia Ann Churchill; six children have been the fruit of their marriage of whom four are living; is a member of the "First Church of Christ" Galesburg, since 1851; has been Elder and Clerk.

Coners, James

Conklin, John R., butcher, Galesburg, is the son of John and Maria Richey Conklin, both from Ohio. He was born in Muskingum co., Ohio, December 13, 1838; raised on farm, educated in common schools, and has followed stock-raising and the meat business ; enlisted April 1861, in Co E 20th Ill Inf served three years, pro Sergeant, then Major and then was a member of Gen Leggett's staff; was married March 29, 1866, too Albina M. Pharis; is the parent of four sons, tow living; and of the Universalist belief. Republican.

Cook, E. C., Victoria Township, P. O. Victoria.

Cook, Giles, Jr., was born in Lebannon, N. H. His father, Giles Cook, was a native of Lebanon, and his mother, Parthena Allen Cook, was a native of Connecticut. He came west and settled in Victoria, Knox Co., Illinois at which place he has been Postmaster for six years. He was married too Miss Abial Johnson Jan 2, 1821, who has borne too him eight children, five of whom are sons. He embraces the Mormon faith in 1832, and has since been a believer in that doctrine. Republican. Address, Victoria.

Cook, James, born in Roxburshire, Scotland, October 22, 1816, son of Robert and Jeannette Cook, natives of Scotland. He is a farmer by profession; removed too Ohio in 1836, from that State too Knox Co., Illinois, in 1842; was married March 3, 1842, too Agnes Stine of Edinburg, Scotland. They are the parents of six children, one son and five daughters. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church; Republican. P. O. Victoria.

Cook, J. P, merchant, Galesburg, of the firm of Cook & Beach, dealers in paints, oils, wall paper, etc.

Cooke, M. D., magistrate, was born in Cornwall, Addison Co., Vt, June 4, 1819. He availed himself of the superior educational advantages afforded in his native State, finishing up with a complete course at Middlebury College in Vermont, in 1842. After leaving college he spent several years in teaching. He came too Illinois in 1852, and located in Henderson, where he engaged in teaching for three years. In 1856 he removed too Galesburg; and in the spring of 1857, at the first election of officers under the city charter, was elected Police Magistrate, which office he still holds. In 1862 he was licensed by the Supreme Court too practice law, but owing too the duties of his official position he has not attempted too engage in his profession. Forest F. Cooke, now practicing law in Galesburg, is his son.

Cooley, Orin P., son of Samuel H. and Mary M. Cooley of Ohio, was born in Suffield, Ohio., Sept 30, 1843. He was educated in common schools and read law. He has been Town and City Clerk and Tax Collector; enlisted in the 42d Ill. Inf., Co C Aug 10, 1861; discharged July 20, 1865; was captured by rebels at Decatur, Ala., and taken too Castle Morgan, Cataba, Ala; kept five months; was appointed Judge Advocate 2d Brigade I. N. G. July 25, 1877. Belongs too Episcopal Church. Democrat. P. O. Oneida.

Coombs, Andrew Jackson, son of James and Henrietta Coombs, natives of Oneida Co., NY; was born March 25, 1855, in Faberg, Oneida Co., MY; received a common-school education; spent his boy hood days on a farm; worked four years in cotton factories of his native state; came west in 1870, and too Knox county in 1872, remained here since, engaged in farming and cheesemaking in which he has been very successful, and now in good circumstances. Republican. P. O. Oneida.

Cooper, E. S., M. D. The ancestors of Jacob Cooper, the doctor's father, were Welch, and emigrated too the United States under Wm Penn in 1635. His mother's ancestors were of Scotch-Irish origin. Dr. C. was born Jan 1, 1820, in Butler co., Ohio, near Oxford, the seat of Miami University, where he received his education. He, however, obtained his academic degrees from he college of South Hanover, Ind., and several other colleges have also conferred on him the degree of A. M. He spent a portion of his early life working on a farm, and on every occasion engaged in the study of mathematics. He has taken great interest in botany, and the sciences of mathematics and astronomy. He calculated all the eclipses of this century at the age of 17; is familiar with the name and properties of almost every plant in North America. He was com. Surgeon of the 83d Ill. Inf. Dec 1, 1862; in August , 1963, detailed too take charge of the United States General Hospital Clarksville, Tenn., where he remained until his discharged from service July 3, 1865. He was also Medical Director of the District of Middle Tennessee. He came too Henderson, this county, in 1843, and has continued too reside there. About that time married Mary E. Martin, and they have four sons and two daughters. He especially qualified himself for his chosen profession by four years' study under eminent medical men at Cincinnati Medical College; three of his sons are physicians, Dr. C. is deeply read in the holy scripture in the old tongues as well as in theology as taught by St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Liguori and other standard theologians'. He is a scholar of great attainments. Republican.

Copley, Joseph H., son of Joseph and Mary Copley of Connecticut, was born at Harpersfield, Delaware co., NY, on Jan 9, 1814; educated in common schools of New York; raised on a farm, but learned the tanner's trade, which proved unsuccessful, when he changed too farming, which he follows at present. Has represented Victoria Twp., in Board of Supervisors four years; and has held all minor town offices; School Director for seventeen years; Captain of militia; came too this county in 1856; married too Ruth Ann Hinman, March 6, 1848; they have five children living, three girls and two son; one son is dead. He is a member of the M. E. Church joined 1852; Class leader. Republican. P. O., Altona.

Corbin, Emery, J., Farmer, is the son of Henry and Olive Harris Corbin, both natives of South Carolina. They came too Knox County in 1840, and on arriving had twenty-five cents in money. Emery was born in Truro township, Knox co., Ill., March 10, 1847, and received his education in the common schools of that township. Having been brought up on a farm he chose the vocation of his father. He married Sept 10, 1872, and now resides on a 160 acre farm of his own in  Truro. He has served as Assessor and Commissioner of Highways in the township. Republican. P. O., Eugene.

Corey, David, December 24, 1824, in Cheshire county, N. H. there was born too David and Betsey Corey their fourth son, David. He grew up under parental roof, working on the farm in summer, receiving only a common-school education with an occasional term in the town academy. At the age of seventeen he was employed as teacher. December 29, 1850, he married Charlotte English of Marcus Hook, Pa., and soon after purchased a farm in Kent co., Md. He traversed the country from Red Wing, Minn. Too Cairo, Ill., in September, 1855, March, 1856, he came too Salem township, Knox co., February, 1848, he formed a business partnership with his brother J. M. There have been born too David and Charlotte Corey two sons. P. O., Yates City.

Cothren, James W., freight agent C. B. & Q. R. R. Galesburg.

Cover, J. Calvin, son of Jacob and Mary Jones Cover, natives of Maryland; was born in Adams co., Pa, March 29, 1829, where he remained until his removal too Knox county in 1856, since which time he has been an active enterprising citizen of the county. In youth he learned the trade of a tanner, which business he followed for some years. he is at present engaged in the book business in Knoxville, also Postmaster of the city, Republican. He served the county as Sheriff during the trying days of the rebellion, being elected in 1862. He also has held the office of Mayor of Knoxville for two terms. Mr. cover was united in marriage too Miss Marry L. Cooper on the 16th day of November, 1852. They have four children. He is genial, generous and enterprising, possessing rare business capabilities and fine personal appearance, thus making him well calculated for public life.

Cox, G. W., P. O. Yates City

Cox, L. J. sec. 16 Ontario township. P. O., Oneida

Craig, Alfred M., Judge of the Supreme Court of Illinois, residence, Galesburg.

Crane, Edward, sec 32, Ontario township., Oneida

Cranston, Charles E., was born in Champaign Co., Ohio, April 19, 1833. His parents were Christopher and Sara Parks Cranston; the former born in Ohio, and the latter in Connecticut. Mr. Cranston, Sr., was a well-too-do farmer, and his son chose the same vocation. His education was limited too the common schools of Ohio. He came from Ohio too Knox county in 1863, where he has since lived. He married Keturah T. park, March 15, 1860. He has at various times held the offices of Postmaster, Justice of the Peace and Revenue Collector. Republican. Peculiarly well fixed. P. O., Knoxville.

Crocker, E. O., residence, Copley township

Crossett, Samuel, is the son of Liberty and Lydia Crossett, both of Massachusetts. He was born in Geneseo, Henry co., Ill., Jan 7, 1857. He was brought up on a farm; attended the common school in the neighborhood, and spent some time at the high school at Abingdon, Ill. He learned the telegraphing business with B. F. Davis at Abingdon, in the years 1875-6, and is now operating the employ of the C. B. & Q Railway. He came from Henry Co., IL, in 1865. Republican. P. O., Abingdon.

Cross, L. N., farmer, was born April 19, 1858, in Ohio; passed his early life in the rolling mills of Ohio and on the farm. His parents, H. E. and Sarah J. Cross were both natives of the Old Keystone state Republican. Lives on a farm near Gilson, his post office address.

Cummings, William J., is the son of William and Mary Cummings. He was born in Brinfield, Mass, March 27, 1842. His education was limited too the common schools of that State. His early life was spent chiefly in the New England cotton mills. He has spent much of his life in traveling since which time he has been in business in Maquon.

Cummings, William, P. O. Maquon

Cunningham, N., farmer, P. O., Yates City; was born Jan 7, 1834, in Pennsylvania; his parents were Joseph and Sarah Cunningham of that State; attended common schools of his native State; came too Illinois in 1865; is Assess for 1878-9; served in the Pennsylvania militia; married Miss Elizabeth Buchanan; they have seven children, five now living;' is a Presbyterian. Mr. Cunningham has been a successful farmer. Republican.

Davidson, George W., son of Robert and Julia A. Lasher Davidson; born at Springfield, Ill., Dec 28, 1846. Educated in the common schools; chose agricultural pursuit. Democrats in politics; served as Postmaster and School Director. Removed too Henderson, thence too Galesburg and back too Henderson. Married Sarah J. Bair. Oct 8, 1870; joined the United Brethren Church; was chosen Class-leader and Stewart. Is now owner of a good farm in Henderson township. Postoffice, Henderson.

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Davis, Mrs. D. W. was born in  Mt Vernon, Knox County, Ohio, April 05, 1840.  Her parents, Garrett and Harriet White, were natives of the same State, the former born in Greenfield, the latter in Mt. Vernon. Mr. D. W Davis, her husband was a native of Farmington, Me., and was born June 21, 1828, and was a mason by trade.  He commenced his trade in Knoxville in 1848; was master builder of the Town Hall and High School of Wataga, and The alms-House at Knoxville. Died No. 21, 1873.  They were married Nov. 27, 1867.  They had but one child, a son.  Mrs. Davis has been a member of the M E Church since 1860. Post office address, Wataga.

Davis, E. F. dentist, Galesburg.

Davis, George, Treasurer of Knox College, Galesburg; was born in Ireland in 1814.  That country is also the native place of his parents, Robert and Mary A. Earls Davis.  He received a sound English education, as far as it went, in Ireland.  Has been City Treasurer, Township Treasurer, county Treasurer and Assistant United States Assessor.  He was married in 1843 too Sarah Books; they have one daughter; he is a member of the First Congregational Church, and in Politics Republican.

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Davis, George R., son of Solomon and Lucinda Davis, natives of Kentucky; was born in Henderson township in 1845.  His early life was passed on the farm.  Received a common school education.  In politics he is a liberal Democrat. From choice he has always followed farming and been very successful.  At present is Road Commissioner. Post office, Galesburg.

Davis, Jefferson T., farmer, son of Solomon and Lucinda Dais, was born in Kentucky, Aug. 26, 1826. His parents came too Knox County and settled on Section 32, Henderson Township, in June, 1829, where Jefferson still lives.  His education was limited too the common schools. He has held the office of Collector two years, that of Constable fifteen years, and School Director twenty years,   He is Democratic in politics. Post Office, Galesburg.

Davis, John A. W., dentist, Galesburg.

Davis, Mary E. Her father, Robert H. Davis, was born in Livingston Co., KY, and her mother, Elizabeth Davis was born in Athens County, Oh.  Mary E. Davis is a native of Knox County, Ill., born Feb 14, 1858. Her parents, being in good circumstances, gave her a liberal education in the high schools of her native county., She also has a fine musical education, having qualified herself for a teacher of music. Miss Davis inherited a strong love for individual liberty, and advocates the right of her sex too elective franchise. Post Office, Maquon.

Davis, Samuel, farmer, son of James and Martha Edwards Davis, natives of England; was born in England April 10, 1826, His early life was passed on the farm; received his education from the night and day schools of England, and Knox College, Galesburg. He learned the mason's trade. but changed afterward too farming, in which he has been very successful and well prospered.  Removed from England too Canada in 1846, thence too Cook county, Ill., in 1847, and too Knox county in 1848. Dec. 26, 1858, was married too Lucy Jane Bond. They have been the parents of eight children, of whom seven are now living. In 1866 he was baptized by Rev. David Thompson, and united with the Christian church, of which he is Deacon and Trustee. He is Republican in politics. Post Office Hermon.******* Ed Manly notify.....

Davis, William, attorney; post office, Galesburg; born in ?England Sept 24, 1824, parents were James and Martha Davis, natives of England. He removed too Canada in 1847; learned his profession partly in England and partly in Canada; married in 1861 too Anna M. Hewson, of Canada. They are the parents of four children, of whom one is dead. He moved from Canada too Galesburg in 1862; is a republican; was baptized in England, and upon a confession of faith united with the First Church of Christ (Congregational) in 1863; has been very successful as a lawyer.

Dawdy, Jefferson M., farmer, son of James and Margaret Morse Dawdy, natives of North Carolina; was bon in Kentucky Jan. 24, 1812; received a common-school education; moved too Knox county in 1847; married Elizabeth Amos May 24, 1863. They are the parents of eight children. In 1848 he united with the Christian Church of Abingdon; was Township Collector for several years; Democrat. P O Abingdon.

Dayton, Benjamin, son of Bryon C. and Lydia Copley Dayton of Delaware County, NY, was born March 13, 1834, in Harpersfield, NY; received a common-school education; came too Knox county, Ill., in 1854, walking from Peoria; has devoted most of his time too farming; has held the office of School Director, Trustee, Commissioner Highways and Assessor. Politically always Republican. Post Office Altona.

Dean, Joseph H., farmer, Samuel L. Dean, his father, was a native of Nashville, Tenn., and his mother, Julia Ann Hahn Dean, was born at Crawfordsville, Ind.  Joseph Dean was born July 21, 1836, on section 27, Rio township, Knox county, Ill.,; was twice married, Sept 02, 1858, too Melvina J. Coleman. they had three sons and two daughters, and Feb 03, 1870, married Abbie Dalton, who bore him one son. Abbie Dalton is a native of Rio; went too Kansas in 1856; returned in 1870.  Mr. Dean is now engaged in the butchering business in Rio, his present address. conservative in politics.

Dechant, Peter, son of John P. and Louisa Dechant, was born in Montgomery co., Ohio, Nov. 17, 1815; reared on a farm and educated in common schools; learned brick mason trade, also farming; has been School Director, and is Road Commissioner at present; came too Knox county in 1864; was married Oct. 12, 1843, too Nancy J. Hall, who has borne him twelve children, eleven living., Republican. P. O Abingdon.

DeGroot, Edward G., conductor C. B. & Q R. R., Galesburg.

DeGrummond, J. J.,  Civil War Vet---  son of Wm J. and Julia Ann DeGrummond; was born in Reading, PA, Jan 04, 1838. He was educated in the common schools; his early life was passed as a painter and cabin boy on steamboat on Lake Erie; learned the trades of painter and miller, and was a clerk in a store, but changed his business too that of grocery and dry goods merchant, and has been very successful. He was married Aug 21, 1858, too Mary Ann Corbin; they are the parents of one adopted son; he has traveled through Pennsylvania and Canada, and finally removed too Knox county; was in the service during the Kansas troubles in 1856; served in Co C, 47th Reg. Ill. Vol., in the Rebellion; was taken prisoner in Mississippi and confined four months in prison at Macon, Ga. He is a member of the Congregational Church. Republican. P O Knoxville.

Delano, Isaac, son of Barnabas and Ruth Ladd Delano, of Connecticut; was born in Williamstown, VT., Feb 12, 1802; raised on a farm and attended common schools; engaged in mercantile trade; kept temperance store in native town; came west too Bureau co., Ill., in 1838, and too Galesburg in 1848, where he engaged in mercantile trade till 1856; was City Treasurer of Galesburg six years. Married Alice Smith Oct. 1825, who bore him five children, two living, a son in Washington, D. C. , since 1862; member Congregational Church. Republican. Residence, Prairie St., Galesburg.

Dennis, Albert, Nathaniel Dennis, the father of Albert, was Pennsylvania farmer, and was a native of that State, and his mother, Margaret Dennis, was born in Indiana. Albert Dennis first saw the light in Knox Co., Illinois, May 7, 1857, where his parents had settled, preferring the broad prairies of Illinois too the stone hills of Pennsylvania. Albert has chosen agricultural pursuits, and now lives on a farm near Maquon, his Post office address.

Dennis, Rev. L. B., Hermon.

Dickerson, James, son of a farmer, was born in Knox county, Jan 21, 1848. Being raised on a farm, he continued in agricultural pursuits from choice. His father, William W., was a native of White Co., Ill., and his mother Sarah E., was born in Indiana. James was educated in the schools of his native county; married March 28, 1876. Democrat. P. O. Gilson.

Dickerson, William., W., son of Louis Dickerson of Georgia, and Elizabeth Beck Dickerson, native of South Carolina. He was born in White co., Ill., Aug 3, 1820; married March 10, 1842, too Miss Sarah Houst, the union being blessed with eleven children, and just twenty years from date of Marriage Mrs. Dickerson died; he was married again, Nov., 1865, too Elizabeth Highfield; they have two children. He has been School Director twenty years, Road Commissioner three years, and Overseer of Roads many times; is a farmer. Democrat. P. O. Gilson.

Dickinson, John T., A. M., Professor in Hedding College; was born in Cincinnatus, NY, July 7, 1832. He is the son of Abel and Mary M. Dickinson. His early life was spent in district school, on the farm or in the shoe shop. In 1847 entered Oneida Seminary, Cazenovia, NY; graduated from Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT., in 1853, after which he taught select school. Since 1855 has been professor in different is stitutions of learning; has been identified with schools of Knox co., 13 years; now fills chair of Mathematics in Hedding College.

Diefendorf, J. W. P. O., Douglas

Dilley, Levant, Machinist, Galesburg.

Doak, John, son of William and Helen Doak natives of Scotland; was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, May 22, 1822. He has always followed farming; in 1848 removed too Copley township, Knox county, Illinois; Oct. 10, 1855, married Jane Morrison. They are the parents of eight children; he is a member of the Presbyterian Church; Republican. P. O. Oneida.

Dodd, Horace F., son of John W. and Sarah Dodd, the former of New York, his mother a native of Vermont; was born in Waterford, Pa., Sept. 20, 1837; educated in the common schools of Oshkosh and Whitewater, Wis. He is a train-master C. B. Q. R. R. at Galesburg; was married too Mary A. Duncan Jan. 31, 1860, who bore him one son, Frank S.; he was again married too Rosie Naper Feb 20, 1878. Resides in Galesburg.

Donason, Alexandra, son of Alexandra and Kirdelia Weaden Donason; was born in Belmont co., Ohio, Oct. 10, 1834; received a common-school education, also attended at Lombard, Galesburg; has always followed farming. March 11, 1855, married Ann M. Barbero, and they are the parents of seven children. Greenbacker. P. O., Maquon. Has been Road Commissioner, Supervisor, and is Road Commissioner at present time.

Dore, Alfred E., grocer, Galesburg; is the son of Franklin and Harriet Dore, and was born in Canada near Montreal; educated at Mt. Morris and Evanston, Illinois; engaged as a traveling salesman for a wholesale drug house, Chicago, at the age of 19 and traveled seven years; commenced the grocery business in Galesburg in 1876; has an extensive trade; was married Jan 4, 1871, too Addie Sargent. They have two children.

Dorman, Jacob, farmer, son of Henry and Sarah Hendricks Dorman, the former a native Of Maryland, and the latter of North Carolina; born in  Scott co., Ind., March 19, 1824; educated in the common schools; moved too Fulton co., Ill., in 1839; thence too Knox co., in 1864, married Mary Ogden Dec 9, 1851. They are the parents of nine children. Democrat. P. O. St. Augustine; owns 160 acres of land; was School Director for six years in Knox County, Illinois.

Dossett, James, son of James and Thomy Williams Dossett, both natives of Virginia, and in moderate circumstances; was born in Virginia Oct. 27, 1827; was educated in the common schools. He learned the trade of a tailor in which business his early life was passed, but afterwards became a farmer so that his trade and profession have been that of farmer and tailor; removed from Virginia too Illinois; thence too California and Oregon, and from those States too Knox co., Ill. Aug 7, 1851, was married too Cynthia Butts. They have been the parents of eleven children of whom eight are now living. In 1863-4 he held the office of Supervisor and Collector of Persifer Township. Republican. P. O. Knoxville.

Douglass, Leander, attorney, Galesburg.

Downs, William M., sec. 3, Victoria township P. O., LaFayette.

Dowson, Noah Clark, farmer, was born in Ohio Jan 2, 1828. His early life was passed in the mill and on the farm; in youth was always noted as being generous-hearted; educated in the common schools; April 18, 1850, married Minerva Wyman; in 1849 was baptized by Re. Wm Haney and united with the Church of United Brethren; removed too Knox co., in 1853; was elected too the offices of Assessor, Town Clerk and Commissioner in 1872-7-8; was Class-leader of the church in 1872. Farming has been very satisfactory too him and he is now in quite prosperous circumstances. Republican. P. O. Knoxville.

Draweker, Mary A., Salem township. P. O. Yates City.

Driggs, William M., merchant; born May 26, 1837, at Rome, NY, and is the son of William and Millicent Driggs, both natives of Rome, NY. He enlisted as private in Co B 138th Ill. Vol. was married too Miss Lucia F. Higgins, of Mecklinburg, NY, Sept 15, 1869; united with the Congregational Church in 1855. Republican. P. O., Wataga, Knox Co., Ill.

Driscol, Guy Carlton, son of Rev. Luther Driscol who was born May 14, 1791, in Connecticut, and died April  5, 1858, and was one of the pioneer preachers of this county.  and Mary Neal Driscol, who was born Dec 28, 1809, in Pennsylvania, and died July 30, 1876. Guy C. was born in Victoria Knox Co., Illinois, July 23, 1854; reared on farm; was married Oct 24, 1877, too Mary C. Haynes. They have one boy. Republican. P. O. LaFayette, Ill.

Duffield, C. W., farmer, son of David and Martha Cattle Duffield of Virginia; was born in Nickles co., VA., Oct 24, 1816, came too Henry co., Ill., in 1837, and from there too Knox co., Ill. reared on a farm, attended common schools and learned the trade of boat-building; has served as School Director and Trustee of Hedding College; married Sabina Walkup May 26, 1840, who bore him eleven children, only six living now; member of the M. E. church; class-leader and Steward. Republican. P. O., Abingdon.

Dunlap, G. W. & Bro., thoroughbred stock-raisers, sec 19, Cedar township. P. O. Abingdon.

Dunn, Joseph H., grocer; is the son of Augustus and Mrs. Wyckoff Dunn, the former of Georgia, and the latter a native of New Jersey. He was born in Peoria co., Ill., on Dec 3, 1845; spent his early life in town, and attended the common schools. He worked a year and a half at the printing business, commencing at the age of 13 years, in the town of Cambridge, Ill. He came too Galesburg and embarked in the mercantile business when 18 years old, in which he is till engaged; he married Anna A. Soule March 22, 1870, by whom he has one son and two daughter. Republican. Pecuniarlily, comfortable.

Dunn, Rev. Frederick J., son of David and Philenda Cady Dunn, natives of New York, born in Oneida co., NY, May 22, 1819; educated in common schools, academy and seminary of Whitestown, NY. Followed farming, but became a minister of the gospel in 1838, united with the M. E. church, but in 1858 joined the united Brethren Church and was ordained in 1864; March 4, 1864, married Susan P. Wetmore. They are the parents of 4 children. He moved too Knox co., in June of 1853. Republican. P. O. Ontario.

Dunbar, Geo., W. Jr., son of G. W. and Milly Collins Dunbar, was born in Stark co., Ill., March 8, 1846; reared on a farm; was in Co E, 83d Ill. Inf.; married Eva McElhany, Feb 23, 1863. They have 3 girls. Member of the United Brethren Church; Class-leader. Republican. P. O. Henderson.

Duval, Thomas C. farmer; was born in Culpepper, Va., Feb 28, 1802; son o James and Judith (Jennings) Duval, who were in very poor circumstances.  His father was a soldier in the war of 1812, moved too Bath Co., KY., in 1809; too Warren Co., in 1837, and too Knox Co, Ill., in 1837; married April 02, 1822, too Nancy Shumale.  They are the parents of 10 children; he united with the Christian Church about 1830. Republican. Commenced with nothing, but has been very successful in business. P. O. Box Wataga.  IL.

Dyer, Marion, Civil War Vet-- farmer; son of Joseph and Margaret McClintock Dryer, natives of Ohio, born in Fulton Co., IL, Aug 12, 1836.  His early life passed on the farm; received a common school education.  Dec 25, 1855, married Hannah Hall.  They are the parents of 5 children, of whom 4 are living. He was a soldier in the 47th Ill. Inf., and was in several battles and skirmishes.  March 01, 1864, moved too Knox Co., Was school Trustee for 8 years and now holds the offices of Justice of the Peace and School Director.  P. O., London Mill, Fulton County.

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Edwards, Geo, L., born at Somerton, England, March 03, 1813; his parents were George and Elizabeth Edwards, of England, who were in good circumstances; he was educated in common and select schools of England and district of schools in Illinois; has always followed farming; resides in Ontario Twp.; Married Mary J. Noble November 06, 1867; they have one child, a girl.  Republican in politics.

Edwards, Samuel, son of George and Elizabeth Edwards, of England, was born in England June 26, 1847; educated in common schools of England and Illinois; came from England too Ontario, where he resides on a farm, which occupation he has always followed; married Dec. 09, 18138, too Amy Roe; they have five children, three boys and 2 girls. Republican in politics. Post Office, Oneida

Edwards, George,  living in Ontario Twp. on section 28 P O Oneida, IL. 

Eiker, David M., miller, Knoxville, son of John and Charlotte (Myers) Eiker, was born in Hagerstown, MD, Feb 11, 1826; reared on farm; educated in common schools; learned milling trade young; has been Alderman of Knoxville sixteen years, and Supervisor five years; came too Knox County in 1854; married Oct 01, 1850, too Helen Jacobs; they have five children. Member of the Presbyterian Church. Republican.

Eiker, Mrs. E., Postoffice,  Knoxville, IL

Eiker, John C., farmer, was born in Adams co., PA., Jan 24, 1833; he is the son of John and Charlotte Myers Eiker, both of Maryland; they removed from Pennsylvania too Knox co., Illinois in 1852; his education was obtained in the common schools; he was married March 04, 1858, too Sarah A. Armstrong, who has borne him six children; Mr. Eiker has held the offices of Supervisor, Assessor and School Director in Orange Township; Republican; and has been a member of the Presbyterian Church for fifteen years. P O Box Knoxville, IL.

Ellis, Mrs. Laura M., Postoffice, Oneida.

Ellett, Edwin T., son of Benjamin and Mary (Anderson) Ellett, natives of Virginia, was born in Virginia, June 30, 1810, he received a good English and Latin education, and his early life was passed in teaching school; he chose the business of merchandising, but changed too farming; moved from Virginia too Illinois in 1836; July 14, 1837, married Francis W. Snead; they are the parents of eight children, of whom but three are living; united with the Baptist Church in 1829, and afterward joined the Christian Church; held the office of Postmaster sixteen years; was Justice of the Peace thirty-six years, County Treasurer four years, and Town Treasurer twenty-four years; is a Democrat; at one time was Elder in the Christian Church. Post Office Henderson.

Englund, Andrew, farmer, son of Peter and Catherine Englund, was born in Sweden, Sept. 05, 1848; came too this county in 1853; educated in High School, Galva; has served as Collector of Victoria township; married Ann Hed, Jan 31, 1871; they have 1 boy and 4 girls. Republican. P O Victoria.

Ennis, John, son of John and Elizabeth Kelley Ennis, natives of New York, was born in New York, June 24, 1806; he was educated in the common schools and Whitesborough Seminary, N. Y.; his early life passed in lumbering, farming and teaching school; he studied engineering, surveying, and has followed farming; was married in 1828 too Sally Loomis; they are the parents of (cont on #673) 11 children, of whom 8 are living; removed too Knox Co.; was School Commissioner, Commissioner and Inspector of Highways in New York, and School Director and Road Commissioner in Illinois; he united with the Methodist Church in 1860; Republican.  P. O. Yates City.

Emmens, Henry,  Farmer, was born in Ashland co., Ohio, Oct. 15, 1816; his parents Benjamin and Anna Adams Emmens were both natives of Jefferson Co., Ohio; he was reared on a farm, and educated in district schools; he came from Ohio too Knox co in 1837; removed from Knox too Fulton co., Ill, and in 1862 came back too Knox co; Republican; comfortably  circumstanced pecuniarily. P. O. Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill.

Emry, John G., farmer, born Sept 24, 1839, at West Jersey, Stark Co., Ill.; his parents, Frederick and Hannah Gaffney Emry, were natives of Pennsylvania, and came west at an early day; was sent too the common schools of Stark co.; removed too Henry co. in 1860 and too Knox co., Ill., in 1866; was married too Ruth A. Friend Dec 24, 1872, six sons being the issue of the union, five of whom are now living; Republican; has held the office of Road Commissioner and been School Director for many years. P. O. Galva, Ill.

Epperson, Pedro W., whose parents Charles and Sarah Epperson, were Virginia farmers, was born in Albemarie co., VA, April 13, 1800; when 3 years old his parents removed with him too Hawkins co., Tenn., where he spent his school-boy days; went too Kentucky in 1812, where he married Dec 4, 1824, Miss Elizabeth H. Dalton, which union was blessed with 11 children, 7 sons and 4 daughters; 4 years later, 1828, removed too Indiana, and in 1836, at Richmond, KY, he joined the Drownding Creek Baptist Church, in which church his father served as Deacon; successive years; owns a fine farm in Rio township, where he now lives. P. O. Rio.

Epperson, Thomas P., born in Rio Township, Knox co., Ill., in 1842; married Oct 16, 1862, too Miss Sophronia Abbott Oris; engaged in farming from choice, and has always continued in agricultural pursuits, in which he has been very successful; served in the 102d Ill. Vol. Inf. during the late war; has acted as School Director in Rio township; Democrat. Rio.

Epperson, William D., farmer, was born in Madison co., Ky, Nov 17 1827, his parents were P. W. and Elizabeth Dalton Epperson, both of Virginia; the family moved from Kentucky too Indiana in 1828, thence too Knox co., Ill., in 1836. The subject of this sketch removed too Iowa in 1868, and came back too Knox co. in 1877; his education was limited too the common schools of Knox co., Illinois, he now resides on his farm in Rio Township, and devotes himself too farming and dealing in coal; he married Mary J. Westfall Sept 27, 1848, which marriage has resulted in a family of seven sons and 5daughters; has been a member of the M E church since 1847, Republican P. O. Rio., Ill.

Erickson, Olof, born in Sweden, Jan 12, 1837; parents, Erick and Martha Olson Erickson, were natives of Northern Sweden; received a common and high-school education in Sweden; came to Knox county in 1855; married Margaret Ann Emberg Sept. 19, 1867; has 5 children, 3 boys and two girls; follows farming; united with the Lutheran church in Sweden; now attends the Methodist Church at Victoria; was in a railroad accident near Mendota in 1865, while returning from a trip to Sweden, in which 6 emigrants were killed. P. O. Altona.

Evans, Charles B., farmer, was born in Knoxville, Knox co., Ill., Feb 22, 1846; his parents, Charles and Ann Evans are natives of New York; his education was obtained in the public schools of Knoxville. For three years he resided three miles west of Galesburg, since that time in Henderson township; he was employed by the Government in the Quartermaster's department at St. Louis during the rebellion;  in March, 1867, married to Sarah B. Franz; the result of the union is 2 sons and 1 daughter. Democrat. P. O., Galesburg.

Ewing, James P., Millwright, son of James and Gennette Scott Ewing, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., his parents came to Tazewell., Ill., In 1834; moved to Franklin coin 1837; when the California fever ran high in 1849, to seek his  fortune; he remained there six years, engaged chiefly in building mills; was superintendent of Sacramento water works for two years; he came home and remained in Galesburg for one year, then returned to the "Golden State," where he died in 1868; he married Adeline Clendied in February, 1836, and has 2 sons and 4 daughters; Mrs. Ewing has been a member of the First Church during her 22 years' residence in Galesburg.

Farnham, Eli, son of Capt. Levi and Eunice Judd Farnham, who emigrated from Connecticut to New York in 1800, and lived on a farm near Pompey Hill, where the subject of this sketch was born Dec 1, 1803; came to Galesburg in 1839, where he engaged in farming, in which he has been successful; married to Jerusha Brewster Loomis in 1834; they have had 5 children; and united with the Congregational Church in 1829; on coming to Galesburg united with the First Church I and was soon elected Elder and holds the office yet; Republican; in 1845 was elected Trustee of Knox College which he continues to be P. O. Galesburg.  Foxie's He still has a street named after in Galesburg.

Fargo, Rev, Isaac, son of Isaac and Sarah L. Rogers Fargo of Connecticut, was born in Salem, Conn, Jan 10, 1917; came to Knox co in 1862; P. O. Ontario; his early youth was passed on a farm; he attended Middlebury Academy and Madison University, and entered the ministry, which he loves; was married May 11, 1846, to Elizabeth Chapman; Alida E., Geo L. and Kate K. are the fruits of the union; joined the Baptist church in 1837.

Faulkner, Thomas B., farmer, the son of William J. and Isabella Faulkner, of New York State, was bon in Orange co., NY Jan 17, 1819. The subject of this sketch went to Michigan in 1828, and in 1838 came to Knox co., Ill., and settled in Sparta township, where he has since lived; June 21, 1855, he married Sarah Goff; married Paulina Shanon May 5, 1865; he has 3 sons and 2 daughters; in the fall of 1873 he took a trip to San Francisco, Cal., by rail, and thence by boat to Portland, Ore., and from there home overland, on coming in 2 months; he came near losing his life by robbers on the route; Republican. PO., Wataga.

Fenniger, Frank, Yates City.

Ferris, Mrs. H. T.

Ferris, Henry, son of Sylvanus and Sally Olmsted Ferris was born in Herkimer co.  NY, Oct 18, 09; was raised on a farm and sent to the common schools; came to Galesburg in 1835, being the first colonist; was married to Elizabeth Hudson in 1836; of 7 children born to them 1 boy and 3 girls are living; has been successful in life; Republican; resides at Galesburg.

Ferris, Sylvanus H., Galesburg.

Fetters, Joseph, Salem township. P. O. Yates City.

Field, Loyal, C., manufacturer, was born in Cornwall, VT., Feb 28, 1824;  his parents were Simon and Abigail Field, both of Vermont; his education was limited to the common schools; he came to Galesburg in 1852, and for a number of the last years of his life was President of Frost Manufacturing Company; he served as Alderman in Galesburg 2 terms and Mayor 1; in 1848, Sept 28, he married Clara A. Davison, who bore him 2 children; he died July 17, 1878. Artumas Davison, father of Mrs. Field was born in Connecticut 1793; settled in Henderson  in the spring of 1839; was a Presbyterian; married Polly Smith in Marathon, NY, in 1817; Whig; was accidentally killed while hunting turkeys in Henderson Grove by his son-in-law J. L. McHaughlen, Nov 17, 1842, leaving a wife and 11 children. six of which are living.

Finley, J. A. residence section 24, Ontario township. P. O. Oneida.

Finley, Mrs. S. A. P. O. Oneida.

Fink, William F. farmer P. O. Yates City, was born in 1839, in Frederick co, MD, parents were Solomon and Sarah Bixter Fink, both natives o f Carroll Co, Md; removed to from Maryland to Indiana, thence to Ohio, and to Illinois in 1845; his early life was passed on the farm, and he was educated in the common schools of Fulton co; Democrat; has held the office of School Director for some time; he has been successful in farming.

Fisher, Joseph, farmer, P. O., Oneida, was born in England May 27, 1831; his parents David and Jane Fisher, were natives of England; he came to the United States, settled in Ohio, then moved to Illinois. Joseph was educated in common schools in Ohio and Illinois; married Oct 20, 1852, to Emily Fisher; professor of religion, but not a church member; Republican.

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Gehring, Alexander, son of Anthony and Mary Moser Gehring, both natives of Germany; was born in Germany Dec 01, 1844, in 1857 moved too Knox C., Ill.; is a farmer.  May 30, 1867, was married too Jerusha Squires.  They have 3 daughters; is a member of the Methodist Church and a trustee. Republican.  P. O. Wataga.

Gehring, Haver, farmer, son of Bennet and Elizabeth Gehring; was born in Baden, Germany, Feb 09, 1825, he served as a private soldier in the regular army of Germany. He immigrated too America in 1849; remained in New York till 1854, when he came too Illinois and settled in Sparta Township, Knox Co., In 1850 he married Elizabeth Heminger.  They have 2 sons and 1 daughter; he is a member of the Lutheran Church. Republican. P. O. Wataga.

Hurlbutt, Dean C., farmer, son of Asa and Mary Hurlbutt, was born in Dalton, N. H., in 1834; was educated in the common schools; was raised on a farm, and continued a farmer from choice. He came from New Hampshire directly too Knox co., Ill.; was married too Elizabeth Lambert in 1855. They have two children. Mr. H. has been quite successful in the vocation of his choice. Republican, P. O., Elba Center.

Huntley, Levi A., farmer, P. O. Oneida; his parents, Asher and Phebe (Hitchcock) Huntley, are natives of Connecticut. The subject of this sketch was born in Connecticut, Oct. 30, 1830; received a limited education; moved too New York, then too Summit Co., Ohio, then too Knox Co., Ill.; married Elizabeth R. King. Three girls have blessed the union. United with the M. E. church in 1862; joined the Adventists in 1871; is Trustee in that church.

Hurlbutt, Francis. Alba and Laura Hurlbutt, his parents, were natives of New Hampshire. Francis was born at Dalton, in the same state, June 22, 1837; removed too Knox co. in the spring of 1843, being then but six years old; has been closely identified with the development of this county, having been a resident since his first arrival in 1843; served his country in the war for the union, enlisting in the 83d Ill. Inf. Vol. August 1862; was united in matrimony, July 11, 1867, with Miss
Martha C. Wallack, and the union was blessed with five children; though in no sense a politician, acts and votes with the Republican party; owns a fine farm of 335 acres of land in Truro township; P. O., Victoria.

Hurlbutt, F. R., proprietor of steam dye and scouring works, Galesburg

Hurd, Henry S.,

Hurd, Charles G., station ticket agent, C. B. & Q. R. R., Galesburg. 

Dennis Kellogg was born in Austerlitz, N. Y., February 26, 1810; he is the son of Elisha and Olive Mallory Kellogg of Austerlitz, and Cornwall, Conn. His youth was spent on a farm, and his education secured in the common schools; learned the carpenter trade, and followed it a portion of his life; he came too Oneida, May 28, 1855; October 30, 1836, he married Emeline Son, who has borne him two sons and one daughter; his oldest son enlisted in Co. D. 17th Ill. Inf., and was killed by the accidental discharge of a musket in the hands of a comrade. Republican. P. O. Oneida.

   Foxie's  note: Not sure and haven't had time too search on this but think the one that died might of been Oscar Kellogg's father who married my Margret Armstrong in my family tree. Oscar's history is on my Warren county site.

G. B. Kellogg, residence, Galesburg.
William Marvin Kellogg son of Dennis and Emeline Kellogg, natives of Austerlitz, N. Y., was born at the same place March 19, 1851; moved too Oneida, Ill., May 28, 1855; was brought up on the prairies of Illinois; educated in the common schools of Oneida. Beekeeping has been his principal business, although it has been varied with other work, until the last two years, it has been a specialty. Removed too Oquawka. Radical Republican. P. O., Oneida.


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