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Birth Record

Probate court: Lucy Slaughter's petition to adopt Eliza May Cox was Approved, August 05, 1893.

The final report of the guardian of Gracie Liddlie was approved and he was discharged.

Death of Bertie Johnson. Bertie, son of Mr. John P. Johnson died at 2:30 o'clock Sunday morning at the home of his father. No 676 Grove street. Some time ago the lad was taken down with scarlet fever from which he recovered. Next dropsy set in but he got the better of this. Friday he became subject to spasms and these were of such violence that they resulted in death. Mr. Johnson has been severely afflicted during the last 18 months, having lost his wife and two children and he feels this very keenly. Bertie was a bright little fellow six years old the 31st of last May. There are two children living. Much sympathy will go out to Mr. Johnson.

Death of Ralph Purdy.

Ralph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Or. R. Purdy, died Wednesday at the home of his parents.

November 29, 1943 Galesburg Register-Mail

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Soderquist, 18 West Brooks street, are parents of a son, born in Galesburg Cottage hospital at 11:40 pm Saturday.

A daughter was born to Mr. And Mrs. R. L. Meyer, 536 Olive Street, at 5:17 o'clock Sunday morning in the Cottage hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Schumaker, Knoxville, are parents of a daughter born at 3:16 am today at the Galesburg Cottage hospital.

Lt. and Mrs. T. G. Richards, 736 North Prairie street are parents of a daughter, Catherine Ann, born at 9:15am, Saturday at St. Mary's hospital. Mrs. Richards was formerly Miss Catherine Holahan and she is making her home with her mother, Mrs. John Holahan, for the duration. Mr. Richards is a Lieutenant in the U. S. N. R. Both Lt. and Mrs. Richards are Knox graduates.

Pvt. and Mrs. Robert Buskirk, 232 North Chambers street, are parents of a daughter born at 11:45pm Sunday at St. Mary's hospital.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson, 600 Mulberry street, a son at 1:46pm Sunday at St. Mary's hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. James Overton, 250 Cottage avenue, are parents of a daughter born at 12:54 pm Sunday at St. Mary's hospital.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Reed, Alexis, a son at 6am Sunday at St. Mary's hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fox, 606 North Washington street, Abingdon, are the parents of a son born at 7:35 am St. Mary's Hospital


Friends here have received the word of the birth of 7 pound son born to Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Sharpe of Joliet on November 17, 1943. The baby has been named John Crissey. The family was former residents here, Mr. Sharpe being superintendent of the Knoxville schools.


   A birthday party was held on Nov 22, 1943 for Mary Louise Cross, celebrating her ninth birthday. Games were played and prizes won by Beverly Bruce, Frances Elaine Cross and Carole Davies. Later refreshments were served, the table being beautifully decorated in keeping with the Thanksgiving season. Mrs. Soderquist, Mrs. Cross and Miss Dorothy Ponce served.

Mary Louise received many gifts from those present who were Beverly Bruce, Darlene Howater, Carole Davies, Sarah and Darlene Adams, Joan White, Jean LaFollette, Sandy Jo, and Linda Soderwuist, Ruby Williams, Christine McLaren and Frances Elaine Cross, also Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Soderquist, Mrs. Mary Pouche and daughter, Patty Carr, who was unable to attend sent a gift.

December 27, 1939, Galesburg Register-Mail

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holmes, Wataga, are the parents of daughter born at 8:33 pm Tuesday at the Galesburg Cottage hospital..

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Nelson, 145 Garland Avenue, a son at 7:45am today at the Galesburg Cottage hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Comber, 169 West First street, are the parents of a daughter born at 8:13am today at the Galesburg Cottage hospital.
November 29, 1943

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Biederbeck have adopted a two year old baby girl. she has been named Judy.

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 1969--INFANT ROSS.

A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Ross, 1628 Bateman street, at 8:36 o'clock Saturday night in Galesburg Cottage hospital died at 9:15 o'clock Monday morning. Grave services were held in Lindwood cemetery at 11 o'clock this morning in charge of the Rev. R. J. Kingberg.

Dec 19, 1919 Tues, Evening Republican Register Mail

To Mr. and Mrs. Guy Struckland of 1285 S. Cherry Street, a ten pound girl on Saturday.


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