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Brush Creek Photo Gallery click here.....

more photos on the way as Kate & I were back and dug up tombstones we could find. This cemetery needs your help!!!! Click on doggie below to find out how or follow directions on web page.  This has founding father's of Knox county, IL buried here.  Please help save their tombstones and last resting place before it is too late.

They thank you, Kate thanks you & I thank you...


Brush Creek Cemetery

Below are some photos Kate, Jorden, & I took when visiting this cemetery over the Fourth of July week end.

you may click on any photo and it will open in it's own window for a better view. Thanks!

This Cemetery could use some tenderly loving care.  It's back off a main road by a cornfield.  Have to look up the directions as I just go there automatically.    There are many tombstones that are broken and lying on the ground or covered up altogether.  Kate dug some up and with the photos when I get them online you will see for yourself.  It gets mowed and some put flowers and flags out but many of the older tombstones are going to be lost if something is not done to prevent this. So, if you have relatives buried here please feed my doggie below with emails so we can do something to save these tombstones.  Thanks... Happy Daysss....

This Cemetery is very much in need of some help. If you would care to donate your time, donations to help with repairs, have family buried here, or anything you could do to help in the rebuilding of this cemetery either click on my doggie to email me or write me at

Foxie Hagerty
RR #2 Box 63
1635 Sherwood Road
Dahinda, IL 61428

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Mills, who lives right now in Texas, typed this up and emailed it to me via the net.   Thanks so Much Kathy!!! I really

appreciate all the time and trouble you've taken to help me out on my new venture on my Knox County, Illinois Web Site.


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      The stones are all very old.  I have photos of all the tombstones in this cemetery and will be posting them here later.  If you know of anyone who is buried here or information that is not correct feel free to    Am always open for new information, corrections, additions, etc. Thanks & Happy Days....

Have a Great Day!!!  & Happy Gene Hunting to you & yours may you find whom or whomever you are searching for.... May you ear echoes from the past......

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Cedar Township 10 N 0- R. 1 E. Section 12

     The Brush Creek Cemetery is the old Hutson Property, now owned by a grandson, Edwin Griffith, 1973.  The plot of the Cemetery was furnished by the great grandson, George Hutson, Abingdon, Illinois – whose father plotted the ground in 1934.

         These Searle's were not on the original listings I have, but there are tombstones in the cemetery for these folks.

Ethel L. Searle
1899 -- 1986

Our Beloved
Wife and Mother
Ethel V. Searle
1891 - 1950
Frank F. Searle
1887 --1972

MARTZ,  John

            Anna ----- didn't find these people either

BARBAR,  Negro---- Didn't find this one either!!!!!

THEAP,  Matilda J., wife of W. E. Theap,  died 1872  aged 30 yrs 8 mo  This is spelled Thrap you can see that by looking at the Brush Creek Photo Gallery page.

            John H.  died 1861  aged 2 yrs 4 mo.

BOYLASS, Uriah  died 1861  aged 22 yrs------didn't find this one

HUTSON,  Martha Long  1857  - 1907

LONG,  George M.   died 1900

            Susanne         died 1884

            Catherine       died 1919

LONG,  Margaret, dau. of G. & C. Long,  died 1856  aged 32 yrs.

            Harriet M., dau. of G. & C. Long, died 1853  aged 21 yrs.

            George  died 1862  aged 82 yrs.

George Long,

CASTLE, Reuben P.  1813  - 1895   Bio on 1866 P & B page on this site.

            Mary Ann Long       1815  - 1904 

Mary Ann is the daughter of George and Catharine Duffey Long

TALLANT, Rebecca, dau. of Wm. Tallant, died Feb. 1861  aged 32 yrs.

SIMKINS, Bertie G., son of A. W. & A. E., died 1872

            Grace, dau. of S. & S.C. Griffith,  died 1861

CASTLE,  Mary C., dau. of Henry P. & Eliza,  1856

            Mary Ann, wife of Henry Castle,  died 1842  aged 24 yrs.

GARRETT,  John  died 1860  aged 81 yrs.

GARRETT, Cassius F.  died 1870  aged 5 yrs.

            Elijah A., son of E.C. & M.A. Garrett, died 1858 aged 4 mo

            Elijah C.  died 1859  aged 41 yrs.

1860 Census Township: Cedar  Township

Name Age Occupation Value of Real Estate Place of Birth
John H. Garret 34 Farmer   Ill.
Catherine Garret 36     Ill.
Mary N. Garret 6     Ill.
D. V. Garret 4     Ill.
Jerome Garret 6/12     Ill.
Mary Garret 75     N. C.

WILLIAMSON,  Eli S.  died Dec. 1879  aged 48 yrs.

CARTER, Virginia, dau. of D. & M. Carter, died 1856  aged 6 yr. 5 mo.



WILLIAMSON,  Nancy H., wife of John, died 1870  aged 19 yrs

John Williamson and his second wife are buried in the Abingdon Cemetery. Information curtsey of Sally, who is related to this family.

            Thomas  died 1865

            Elizabeth  died 1855  these two both have a new tombstone in the Cemetery Photo of original tombstone is on the Brush Creek Photo Gallery page, is curtsey of my good friend Sally who is related to this family.

DREDGE, Paul, son of F. J. & W. P. L. A., died 1895  aged 8 mos.

TURNEY,  Infants----twins  died 1859

            Virginia  died 1864

                        (Children of J. & M. Turney)

            Daniel C., son of J. & M. Turney, 1898

             Turney, John  1816 – 1899

orbit from the February 04, 1899, Galesburg Weekly Register:

John Turney was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, August 23, 1816, and died at his home near Galesburg, Ill., January 24, 1899, aged 82 years, 6 months and 8 days.

His parents were Phillip and Sallie (Bird) Turney, natives of Pennsylvania and Virginia respectively. He was united in marriage to Miss Mary A. Ringer, September 19, 1836, at Blandinsville, Preston county, Va. They came to Illinois in 1854, where they have since lived. There have been eleven children born to this union, six of which, five sons and one daughter, have preceded their father to the unseen world. Five sons and their mother are left to mourn his departure.

            Mary A. , wife of W. E. Turney,  1861 – 1917

            Leroy  1851 – 1894

            Blanch  1830 – 1833

RANEY, Ellen  1842 – 1904

            David W.  1809 – 1871  Foxie's note: I think this man has two tombstones his newer one is lying on the ground. and the older one is still standing.

            Mary R., wife of B., 1819 – 1889

ROBERTSON, Ernst, son of J. W. Robertson,  died 1895

WAGNER, John J.  died Apr 24, 1869  aged 27 yrs

Brush Creek Photo Gallery click here.....

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