First I want to know if this is the correct email address for the people who run the Warren County genealogy project.
Assuming it is, my name is Erin and I live in Spokane WA.
I have in my possession an antique photo album of 30 or so photos dating between 1860-1880. Some Daguerreotypes, most photographs and a few engravings.
I am interested in finding ancestors of these photos which is proving to be near impossible as I have little info to go off of and your site has been the closest I have come to anything useful all day.  
You have done some amazing work in Warren County on your website and I am sure you are terribly busy people but if this is something that would interest you I would be willing to make scans of said photos and go more into detail of what I know of the album (which I purchased when working in a thrift store)
Any help would be appreciated!

Erin Carden

  Thanks for doing this Erin. I will put the rest online probably tomorrow sometime. & I hope we find the owners to this photo album. If someone emails you let me know. I would love to know how this turns out.

Thanks so much and I know the people below in the photographs will thank you too.

Your Host--- Foxie Hagerty----- Have all on one page. they are great photos and hope they find their rightful owners.


General McClellan & Unknown Family Claim Post ~~ Knox Co. IL

Unknown family--photographs taken in Abingdon, Knox Co., IL

Submitted by Leslie Erin her email is below to contact her.

Under photograph on left it reads General McClellan

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Album cover

Pictures taken at Art Gallery below.

Johnston's Art Gallery Cor. Main & martin Streets, Abingdon, Illinois Negatives preserved.

This is the back of the three photos above it. Wm Johnston's Art Rooms, Baker & Johnston's New Block, Abingdon, Illinois

This one has a name written here but cannot make it out.

D. H. Hrirlock? ???


The one on the right is a little dark.

Back of the above photos with the single girl and then her in her wedding dress with her new husband.

Back's of photos above and they seem to be taken at different times. and different places. two of them one taken in Prairie City, IL and the other one in Bushnell, IL.

two top ones seem to be taken in Abingdon.

Back's of the photos above.


All taken in Abingdon. have the back to this one too.

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