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 Clark's Chapel, Haw Creek Twp., Knox County, IL

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The Clark Chapel Cemetery (sometimes called the Clark-Housh Cemetery) is located three and one-half miles north of Maquon in the North West Quarter of Section 20 of Haw Creek Township, Knox County, Illinois.

The above information was taken from the Knox County Genealogical Society.   From the history of Maquon, this cemetery has always been known as the Clark's Chapel Cemetery or sometimes the Bull Cemetery. Until 1878 the people of Maquon and Haw Creek Twp., used these cemeteries: Clark's Chapel, Russell, and McCallister. 

The first regular church built in Haw Creek was Clark's Chapel, in Section 17, 1864. It was placed between the school and thru railroad track on the north side of the road.  The early cemetery remains today directly across the road from where the church once stood. The Methodists established this church since they had early developed a strong organization in the Abingdon nationhood (1829-30). from which they worked into this area.  When the Clark's Chapel Church was sold to a Mr. Buck, who moved it to his farm and made a barn, there was quite a furor. Later, the farm became the property of Harley Stickell who tore down the church-barn. The school, the church, and the campgrounds had an active part in early history.  Today the only thing to mark the spot is the old Cemetery. Will make another page with the history of the Church, school, and the camp grounds that was used here until.......

This cemetery was originally known as the Campground Cemetery.  

HOUSH, Julia B.  b. Dec 12, 1864  d. Nov 22, 1880 age 15 yr 11 mo 10 days

            Francis M., dau of J. & E. Housh,  d. Mar 1, 1856  age 13 days

            Virginia R.  b. Oct 1, 1853  d. Oct 8, 1854

            John E.  b. July 27, 1875  d. May 16, 1876

            John E.  b. June 3, 1833  d. June 14, 1898

BOOTH, Malinda, Wife of Jacob,  d. June 9, 1869

HOUSH, Polly, Wife of George P.,  d. Oct 21, 1854

            George P.  d. Dec 21, 1863  age 75 yr 7 mo 22 days

            Thomas  b. Dec 5, 1820  d. Nov 11, 1888

             Elizabeth b. Oct 31, 1820  d. Mar 20. 1885

 HOUSH, Jessie, dau of T. & E. Housh,    d. June 25, 1875 

 BULL, Walter  d.  Jan 18, 1881  age 82 yr 4 mo 27 days

                        PVT. Spanglers Co. IPA MIL War of 1812

            Betsy     d. Apr 25, 1875 age 78 yr 4mo 1 day

 MINOR, Wm. F.  b. Sept 20, 1802  d. Dec 15, 1862

 MORSS, ? H. & P.E.  d. ___26, 1861  (stones too weathered to read)

DENNIS, Martha, Wife of F.H. Dennis,  d. Apr 1, 1882  age 24 yr 4 mo 16 days 

DICKERSON, John L., son of W.W. & E,  d. Sept 17, 1868  age 2 yr 7 mo 17 days

            Wm. W.  d. Aug 11, 1885  age 65 yr 8 days

            Sarah (Wife of Wm. W. Dickerson)  d. Mar 8, 1862  age 36 yr 8 mo 7 days

SMITH, M. C.  b. Aug 31, 1821  d. Apr 14, 1899

            Isabel (His Wife)  b. May 12, 1826  d. Mar 13, 1862

            Mary A. (His Wife)  b. Sept 10, 1822  d. Feb 11, 1900

Mrs. Mike Smith
Galesburg Weekly Mail, Thursday, February 15, 1900,
Gilson - Mrs. Mike Smith, who was sick for several weeks, died at her home here Sunday. The funeral was held in the Methodist church Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. Busby officiating. The remains were interred in the Campground cemetery. (She was Mary Ellsworth Smith)

NEVITT, Juelda    1848 - 1871

            Edith B.      1870 - 1871

            James, My Husband,   d. Jan 25, 1850  age 44 yrs

                        Note:  He settled in Haw Creek Township in 1832

STEWART, James F.   d. Oct 23, 1856

            John W.             d. Feb 3, 1861            (Sons of D. & C. Stewart)

ARIE, Nancy J., dau. of W. C. & V. R. Arie, d. May 10, 1861  age 1 yr 1 mo 7 days

            Henry P., son of Wm .C. & V .R. Arie,  d. Sept 9, 1865  age 2 yr 1 mo 21 days

JOHNSON, Emery A., son of S. A. & A. R. Johnson,   no dates

Stones by Fence…..Unreadable

Obituary of Charlie Housh
March 24, 1899----Galesburg Spectator

MAQUON - The remains of Charlie, the baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Housh, of Galesburg, were brought here Wednesday for burial by the side of his sister Ada, in the Housh plat in the cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Housh have the sympathy of a host of relatives and friends in this community.


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