This cemetery is located in Orange Township on the northwest 1/4 section of Section 36. 

Information submitted by Todd Walter

    As Todd gave me permission to publish his listings and restoration of older tombstones in the Cook Cemetery, I've made a link to the page. In 2001, he all by himself walked and restored older tombstones in this cemetery.  Todd deems his information to be the most accurate and correct.  They still use this cemetery to bury people in. Have photos somewhere around here and will post them at a later date.

OUDERKIRK Infant Son ---- 7/10/1869 Son of H.& S.E.
COOK William H. ---- 1/28/1865 age 1y 16d, Infant son of E.J.& N.
COOK John Allen 9/3/1844 8/30/1899  
COOK Hetty ---- 7/22/1868 age 60y 5m 25d, Wife of J.A.
COOK Armel S. ---- 6/10/1863 age 26y 10m 11d
GODFREY Enoch ----- 8/17/1888 age 83y 8m 18d
GODFREY Sarah Cook ---- 9/11/1871 age 62y 3m 21d, Wife of Enoch
FREEZE L. ---- ---- Dau of H.& M.
FERGUSON James ---- 1/18/1865  
FERGUSON Ora ---- 4/18/1871 age 10y 9m 1d, Dau of J.M. & A.M.
HOLLOWAY Benjamin 11/1/1809 12/8/1869  
HOLLOWAY Levis Ann 1/7/1821 3/20/1854  
BENSON Levi W. 1799 1849 (marked Levi W. and his wife?)
BENSON A.Curtis 1860 1949 (marked wife of L.W.)
RAMBO Oliver R. 1815 1869  
RAMBO Elizabeth J. 1824 1909 Wife
LINDSTROM Addie P. 1864 1937 Mother
RAMBO Hezekiah ---- 12/24/1854 age 1y 10m 14d, Son of O.S.& E.J.
GOLLIDAY Ella R. 1865 1949  
GOLLIDAY Charles E. 1863 1929  
ALLEN Richard A. 11/26/1840 3/10/1873 Sgt. Co A 59 IL Inf
JONES Elizabeth Allen 1/5/1842 10/25/1925  
ALLEN Emma L. 3/4/1870 12/31/1941  
McLAUGHLIN Cora Allen 11/17/1872 4/7/1951  
STEVENSON Edward 9/1/1807 1/25/1885  
STEVENSON Mary 11/30/1810 3/1/1865  
STEVENSON John Wesley ---- 10/21/1845 age 6 mo.
STEVENSON W.C. 2/26/1836 4/1/1913  
STEVENSON Charlotte A. 2/6/1841 12/30/1902  
STEVENSON Edward Otterbine ---- 10/22/1860 age 8y 8m 9d
STEVENSON William Logan ---- 2/18/1870 age 5y 10m 28d, Son of W.C.& C.A.
STEVENSON Harriett ----- 6/29/1872 age 2y 4m 18d, Dau of W.C.& C.A.
OUDERKIRK Nancy ---- 10/10/1892 age 77y 12d, Wife of Jacob
OUDERKIRK Jacob 8/6/1814 5/29/1882  
OUDERKIRK Martha L. ---- 7/1/1872 age 18y 9m 24d, Dau of J.& N.
GADDIS Robert E. ---- 3/16/1870 age 1y 2m 13d, Son of T.J.& S.
SCHNEIDER Jacob ---- 10/23/1866 age 4m 17d, Son of J.& A.G.
STEVENSON Julia A. 10/16/1835 5/22/1864 Wife of R. W.
LEU Edward 1857 1888  
RAMBO Andrew J. 9/30/1858 9/18/1926  
SUMNER Thomas R. 1848 1935  
SUMNER Abbie 1850 1904 Wife of T. R.
RAMBO Harvey 3/15/1818 7/21/1884  
RAMBO Deorah 3/15/1825 4/28/1904 Wife of H.
MORSS John 5/13/1814 7/21/1884  
MORSS Elizabeth 6/24/1815 9/11/1898 Wife of J.
MORSS Amos 1/6/1858 2/24/1947  
MORSS Alice T. Page 12/23/1860 11/22/1888 Wife of A.
MORSS Charles 6/26/1887 7/14/1908 Son of A.& A.T.P.
MORSS Etta 2/8/1864 10/5/1940  
WEST Stella 1901 1922  
RAMBO Levi ---- 2/10/1885 age 71y 8m 24d
RAMBO Nancy 12/31/1863 5/5/1888 Wife of L.
LIBOLT Henry P. 1840 1914  
LIBOLT Marg 1850 1928 Wife of H.P.
LIBOLT Harry 4/13/1890 5/20/1962 IL Pvt Co E 7th Inf. WW I PH
HOPKINS Chauncey J. ---- 3/5/1890 age 10y 4m 17d, Son of G.G.& A.
LEU Michael 1830 1923  
LEU Caroline 1836 1909 Wife of M.
LEU Caroline 1857 1916 Dau of M.& C.L.
FREEZE Frank A. ---- 9/18/1859 age 18 days, Son of H.& M.
FREEZE C.O. ---- 8/22/1861 age 11m 14d, Son of H.& M.
FREEZE ---- ----- ----- age 6y 2m 24d, top of stone gone
SHAVER Benjamin A. ---- 9/1/1865 age 1y 10d, Son of D.& E.
KELLY Hubert ---- 9/7/1865 age 1y 3m 1d, Son of B. J.& M. M.
WEBSTER Sarah J. ---- 6/8/1883 age 26y 6m 13d, Wife of S. H. Webster, Dau of H. B.& I. Rambo
RAMBO Hezekiah B. 9/9/1825 2/6/1888  
RAMBO Frances Isabel Criger 1825 1925 Wife of H. B.
RAMBO Mason ----- 12/15/1863 age 1year, Dau of H.& T.
MORRIS John ---- 8/15/1846 age 80yrs
MORRIS Nancy ---- 10/15/1845 age 1y 5m 13d
MORRIS Sarah Ellen ---- 9/21/1853 age 9m 2d
MORRIS Enoch W. ---- 1/31/1863 age 7m 12d, Son of L.& S.A.
MORRIS Louis ---- 10/24/1865 age 48y 2m 12d
MORRIS Sarah ---- 3/20/1850 age 83 yrs
WOLF ---- ---- ---- (stone unreadable except for name WOLF)
COOK John 10/5/1774 11/15/1845 b: Dorchester, MD
COOK Sarah A. 1/2/1777 5/4/1847 age 70y 4m 2d, b: MD
SMITH Nancy T. ---- 3/1/1850 age 3m 20d, Dau of S.& M.
SMITH Levi L. ---- 4/18/1854 age 1y 3m 6d, Son of S.& M.
SMITH Stephen F. 1855 1933  
SMITH Martha Davis 2/9/1818 9/7/1903  
SMITH Samuel 1/17/1814 1/24/1876  
SMITH Robert Davis ---- 1/25/1861 age 19y 4m 16d, Son of S.& M.
LINIGER Abraham 3/7/1833 1/8/1882  
LINIGER Elizabeth 3/15/1830 1/29/1920 Wife of A.
LINIGER Julia A. ---- ---- no stone found
TUCKER Lucy 2/22/1887 10/22/1887  
TUCKER Lena 2/22/1887 10/31/1887  
TUCKER Mary E. 12/18/1882 11/18/1886  
TUCKER Ida May 11/20/1883 9/25/1884  
BOYD Robert 1840 1909  
BOYD Maggie 1847 1902  
KINSER Lucy M. 5/22/1880 2/16/1903 Wife of Daniel W.
COOK Frederick 12/19/1857 4/24/1915  
COOK Catherine 1/10/1841 3/16/1904 Wife of F.
COOK Mary A. 1867 1941  
NELSON Evertt L. 1906 1958 Father
MELTON Beulah 1916 ---- Mother
MELTON Bernard 1913 1942 Father
SHAVER Goldie Wells 1907 1930  
THURMAN Susie M. 1885 1958  
SHAVER Isaac 1869 1946  
SHAVER Kate 1878 1922  
BENSON Rebecca 1824 1862  
BENSON Richard Bird 7/30/1798 4/7/1871  
WILWOLD Milton ---- 11/26/1876 (stone not found)
SHARP? Orestes ---- 3/6/1868 age 10 yrs, Son of Caroline Sharp
McWILLIAMS Noram 8/12/1873 10/8/1874  
WEIR Martha E. ---- 4/31/1873 age 37y 6m 5d, Wife of A.
BRICKER George ---- ---- Co K 2nd IL Cav.

Obit contributed by Mary Moeller, Thanks Mary.

Martha (Davis) Smith      Feb 9, 1818 - Sep 7, 1903 Year: 1901 The Knox Republican


Died at her home in Orange township, Knox County, Sept 7, Mrs. Martha Smith, aged 85 years, 6 months and 9 days. Martha Davis was born in Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 8, 1818. At the age of 21 years she was married to Samuel Smith from Ohio. They moved to Knox county in the year 1847 and settled on a farm in Orange township, where they always lived, excepting one year in Knoxville, where Mr. Smith died Jan. 24, 1876. To this union were born seven sons and two daughters. Four sons are still living, two in Kansas, one in Iowa and one in Illinois. The only living daughter is in York County, Neb.

This old lady was grandmother to fifty grandchildren and two great great grandchildren. At her request the funeral was held at her home. Rev Frank Rist of Gilson preached a very able sermon, taking for his text Isiah 26: 3-4. The following hymns were sung: "Nearer, My God To Thee," "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessings", "Sweet Peace," "The Land Where We Never Grow Old," being Hyms of Mrs. Smith's own selection. Those who sang were Mrs. G.Willis, Miss Cora McCleary, John Ben and Asbury Stegall. Mrs. Clara Sumner presided at the organ. The floral offerings were very beautiful, showing the great respect the people had for her memory.
The pallbearers were William McCleary, Fred Cook, Isaac Owens, Harry Holsinger, James Sumner and David McWilliams. J. R. Wilder and wife conducted the funeral and she was laid away in the Cook grave yard Sept. 9.

The procession contained over thirty teams.
In a talk with this person she said she was growing old and would soon pass away. These people came by wagon all the way from Ohio to Knox county when it was not as it is today. By the death of this old lady it leaves just four persons of the old settlers in this neighborhood, Thos. Sumner and Mesdames Barbero.
The writer has lived near these people since the year 1856. I have been at this home a great many times and has always treated kindly and can remember seeing this old lady using the hands and spinning wheel, preparing woolen clothing for the family to wear in the coming winter.

A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.
God in His wisdom has recalled
The boon His love has given.
And though the body slumbers here,
The soul is safe in heaven.

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