Copley Scotch Cemetery


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Kate & Racheal

Looking Northeast

Kate & Racheal in front of

the Civil War Soldiers

 This is looking at the front of the cemetery. The tree
was of very beautiful colors.

John Tait

Peter C. Tait

These are the tops of the
main tombstones for the
the Tait Boys who were
killed while serving for the
freedom of our country.
I thought them unique.

Samuel Mc Conghie
died July 16, 1859
Aged 54 years

Took several different ones of Samuel's as his grave is off by itself tending you or leading you to believe their might be others buried here with no tombstones.

She is not in the list below

Marion McGuie
died April 05, 1863
Aged 67 yrs & 11m's

Samuel Milroy
November 23, 1887
Aged 89 years
This is a tree like tombstone
I liked it. Has markings
on three sides, footstones,
and then grave site markers.

son of N & E C. Gordon
died March 10, 1889
These are by the big
Milroy Tombstone
which is next to this

daughter of
A H & M C Gordon
Born March 04, 1881
died August 23, 1884
We found this one under
a tree Katie is not listed
below either.

Old Scotch Photo Gallery  coming soon....

     The Old Scotch Cemetery is located about one mile west and one half mile south of Victoria.  It is in the south east side of the south west quarter of Section 14 in Copley Township, Knox County, Illinois. You take IL state Rt. 167 west out of Victoria. You go about a one and half mile and you see county road 1650E turn left off of highway heading south.  Go on pass a house and the cemetery will be on your left hand side of the Road.  It is mowed by Copley Twp. person's.  There used to be a Chapel here called the John Knox Chapel.

     Have photos will upload at a later time.  If you have any information, corrections, additions, on persons buried or not listed as buried here be sure to email me the corrections.  Also, if you have any photos of the tombstones in this cemetery I would gladly share them with others.  Some people are missing in this listing. I did research and there should of been more.  I will have to go back to the cemetery and check.  It's been over a year since I did this cemetery and the research on the McDowell's for a gentleman out east but they ended up not being related. 

The ones listed below with with * before it I've made changes and for proof have inserted the tombstone.  They are old and very hard to read.  Didn't realize this was going to take so long to download over a slow internet connection if you have trouble let me know via click'n on my doggie and he will let me know and I can remove them and put them on another page. 

Thanks for your help!

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McCONCHEE Samuel   7/16/1859 ae 54 yrs
McCORNACH John   3/20/1885 ae 43 yrs
McCORNACH Lizzie   1/8/1885 ae 35 yrs, Wife of John
McCORNACH Nettie A. 11/24/1876 8/6/1894  
EVANS Mary G.   8/12/1880 ae 21y 9m 22d, Wife of J. B., Dau of A.& J. MILROY
Small Stone M .G. E.     footstone probably for Mary G. Evans
MILROY Alexander   8/20/1890 ae 69 yrs
MILROY Janet 6/5/1830 3/28/1903 Wife
MILROY Samuel T.   11/14/1898 ae 30 yrs
MILROY Samuel     small stone only
                                  The above are in an old iron fence
McKIE James

4/18/1852 ae 2y 9m 12d, Son of J.& J.
McKIE Mary 6/8/1858 ae 17y 2m 6d, Dau of J.& J.
McKIE R. M. C. ---- ---- a small stone only
McCLYMONT Margaret   4/14/1880 ae 59y 2m 6d, Wife of Peter
M. Mc. D   ---- ----  Footstones Note: not in the cemetery as of October 28, 2005.
W. M.   ---- ----
McCORNACK Jessie Ann   9/25/1889  
McCORNACK Sarah   9/2/1884  
McKIE W.   9/26/189-  
McDOWELL Elizabeth   8/29/1844  


ae 37 yrs, Wife of Robert
McCORNICK Robert   8/1890  
McDOWELL Gordon     Mother
McDOWELL Marian ---- ----  
McDOWELL Robert ---- ----  
*McCONCHEE Sam ---- ---- small stone-no dates didn't find this at all but the above tombstone above has to be his. His footstone is still there, too. It's been set in cement and is in very good condition.
McKIE John 4/7/1808 2/1878(9) b: Parish of Comenell, Ayshire Scotland
J. G. M.   ---- ----   Footstones
E. N.   ---- ----
McKIE Elizabeth   3/2/1891 ae 38y 1m 22d
McKIE Jessie STEWART 5/2/1811 2/9/1899 Wife of John McKie, Born Wedonshire, Scotland
McDOWELL Margaret GORDON   12/17/1881 ae 61y 4m 2d, Wife of J. McDowell
McDOWELL John ---- ----  
*McDOWELL Margaret

Dec 17, 1891

Wife of

John McDowell

*Margaret Gordon
wife of
John McDowell
died December 17, 1881
aged 61yrs 4ms 2ds

To those who for
her loss are grieved This consolations given
she's from a world of once relieved and blooms a rise in heaven

my info from tombstone

McDOWELL J. M. ---- ----  
McDOWELL A. G. ---- ----  
McDOWELL John   2/11/1878 ae 31y 9d
McDOWELL Maggie   ----  
GORDON William   5/4/1868 63yrs
*GORDON Annie L.

& Nettie L.

1/12/1865 Daughters of Peter & M.A. Gordon

In the listings is only Annie and they are on the same tombstone.  Nettie above. She died in the year of 1865 but very hard to read the date.

Peter Gordon lived in Copley Twp., 1878.

GORDON Alexander   8/22/1852  
SHAW Cora MCDOWELL 4/3/1865 2/8/1905 Wife of James A. Shaw
SWEENEY Miles 1782 1860  
SWEENEY Mary 1797 1864 Wife
SCOTT Jane 1831 1918  
SCOTT William   5/7/1885 ae 78 yrs
SCOTT John 1827 1911  
*SCOTT Jane 2/15/1871 ae 72 yrs, Wife of Wm. Scott
McKEE Robert 12/10/1858 ae 44y 2m 22d
*McKeE Sarah M. August 25, 1854  
MILROY Samuel   11/23/1887 ae 69 yrs
MILROY Margaret 1815 1903 Wife
AITKEN David 11/6/1805 12/5/1872 Husband of Margaret
AITKEN Margaret 8/16/1816 7/8/1894 Wife of David
McDOWELL Agnes   5/6/1875  
McDOWELL Bertie B.   4/1879 ae 4y 1m 4d, Child of J. B.& A.
McDOWELL Peter ---- ---- Son of J. B.& A.
McDOWELL DeWitt 10/17/1855


His memory

is blessed

TAIT John   5/27/1861 ae 29y 10m 29d,

Co G 89 IL Inf

TAIT Peter O.   12/16/1864 ae 26y 3m 29d,

Lt. Co G. 89 IL Inf.

TAIT ? Nettie A.   1/1/1865 ae 71 y 16d
TAIT William   1/3/1843 ae 40y 8m

McCORNACK, WILLIAM, is a farmer living on section 8 of Copley Township, Knox County, and was born in Creetown village, on the Cree River, Scotland, March 22, 1832. His parents were Samuel and Jenette (Tait) McCornack. They were natives of Scotland; the father by trade was a carpenter, and, also owning a saw-mill, had a good source of income. They came to America in 1839, and settled four miles east of Knoxville. There they purchased 40 acres of land, on which they remained until 1852. They then removed into Copley Township and purchased 160 acres on section 8, on which they lived until 1872. He then moved into Oneida village and erected a house, living there until the death of the husband and father, in 1878. The mother followed him in 1880. Their family consisted of four children, as follows: William, Margaret, James, and AndrewJames died in 1874.

      The subject of our sketch remained at home until he reached the age of 29 years. He studied two years at Monmouth College, and was a well-informed and intelligent youth. His general knowledge of things and his worldly experience were fairly good, and he was liked and respected by those he met during these years.

      He was married on the 4th of March, 1861, to Miss Angeline Bacon, daughter of Jirah and Maria (Reeves) Bacon. Five boys and one girl were the result of this unionóJirah S., Edwin B., Ivan W., Willard H., and James L. The little girl died in less than a year after birth. Mrs. McCornack died the 22nd of July 1880, and Mr. McCornack remarried Sept. 27, 1883, the second lady of his choice being Miss Ellen Doak, daughter of William and Helen (McKee) Doak, native of Scotland. They died in the land of their birth Sept. 8, 1878, and Feb 6, 1879, respectively.

      Mr. McCornack moved onto the place he now occupies in 1861, and at that time laid the foundation of his present home. He is now the owner of 640 acres, 320 in Knox County and 320 in Iowa. He devotes his attention chiefly to the raising of grain, hogs, and cattle, and is very successful. He values his land at $40. per acre. In politics Mr. McCornack is a Republican, and has held some of the minor offices of his county, being Collector and School Treasurer for several years. He takes a deep interest in education and the prosperity of the schools of his county. He and his wife, hand in hand a Christian bond of union, are enrolled as members of the Presbyterian Church.


GORDON, ALEXANDER H., a farmer, residing on section 12 of Copley Township, Knox County, was born in that township Oct. 18, 1851. His parents, Peter and Mary A. (McDowell) Gordon, were natives of Scotland and came to America in 1840. They settled in Copley Township, locating on section 10. Here they lived and reared a family of six children, four of whom are still livingóJames, Mary E., Alexander H., and Albinus M.

      The subject of this biographical notice remained at home until he was 22 years of age, assisting on the farm and receiving a limited education. He then took up a part of the homestead for two years. At the end of that time, in 1876, he moved onto 160 acres of land, where he has since resided, raising stock and grain. He was married Oct. 19, 1873, to Miss Mary C. Olmsted, daughter of Henry and Catherine (Wilder) Olmsted. Her parents were natives of New York, and she was born Sept, 17, 1855, her birthplace being Delaware Co., N.Y.

      Mr. and Mrs. Gordon have four children, by name: Arthur O., Eva L., John H., and James PArthur O. was born Aug. 8, 1874; Eva L. was born Jan. 5, 1877; John H., Dec. 31, 1878, and James P., May 24, 1882.

      Mr. Gordon is in politics a stanch Republican, zealously supporting and voting for that party. He is School Director and has a keen interest in educational matters. Both himself and wife are earnest members of the Presbyterian Church, worshiping under its doctrines of faith and showing forth the noble principles of a Christian religion in their daily lives. Mr. Gordon is one of the representative men of Knox County, and for solid and substantial traits of character and nobility of purpose has no superior in this section of country.




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