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Have a Great day.... & Happy Gene Hunting...

 may you find whom/what you are looking for......

Mills, who lives right now in Texas, typed this up and emailed it to me via the net.   Thanks so Much Kathy!!! I really

appreciate all the time and trouble you've taken to help me out on my new venture on my Knox County, Illinois Web Site.



      This cemetery has been abandoned and is in very bad repair.  The stones are all very old.    If you know of anyone who is buried here or information that is not correct, or would like to contribute information to this site,

 feel free to    Have a Great Day.!!

Kathy & I are not responsible for errors we try out best to put the information here to best of the information supplied to us.

always make sure to check out information and to get verification of some sort.  Thanks

Corbin Cemetery has just recently been and in the process of being restored.  Andrew Collopy-Fritz along with the Dahinda United Methodist Men's group from the Dahinda United Methodist Church are in the process of restoring this cemetery and the Bradford Cemetery.   Andrew is also a member of the Dahinda United  Methodist Men.  These are two long long ago forgotten cemeteries.  If not for men like Andrew Collopy-Fritz and Dahinda Methodist Men's Group,  I might never of found it Because I have looked for this cemetery going on two years now. I have read about Mr. Corbin who came here from South Carolina and settled on section 29 of Truro Twp, Knox County, Illinois.  He was a man of color but he had money.  Built himself a home and farmed the land.  Here he was buried long ago. Click on the any of the images below and it will open in it's own window for better viewing.  Thanks and Happy Happy Cemetery Hunting. Going back to take better photos we got there late Thursday, June 29, 2005.  We were hot and tired.  But got these.  It was after 8:30p and should of waited but have been trying to locate this cemetery for a couple of years and just couldn't wait any longer.

I dedicate this candle to burn for the Corbin's and other buried in this cemetery. 

If you are related or know of any other information about these people please

Received an email from Andrew and he Said the Butts buried here that Stewart was listed in the 1850 census as a farmer with wife Elizabeth and son Alvertus.  Thanks so much Andrew.

This is how I feel when I think about all the work these Dahinda United Methodist Men have done to these two cemeteries

Thanks again Guys....


one view of Corbin Cemetery

view to entrance

view to Rt 150 way Kate & I went in.

View of Cemetery looking Southeast Looking towards the entrance Road into the place

corbin Cemetery looking out from Corbin Cemetery you can see the Hwy Rt. 150

click on any photo for better viewing in own window. Thanks bunches..

Many Many thanks goes out to Andrew and his helpers in carrying out this very special deed for both the Corbin and the Bradford Cemetery. I know I appreciate all they've done and hopefully I can be of some help and would like to help.  I still haven't met with Andrew in person yet but it's still on my list.  Every time we've set up a time then something in my family has taken presence over it.  And with me my family always comes first no matter what.  Just the way I am.  They call and I go a running to see what I can do to help... So, Andrew if you see this before I or we can get together I still plan on it.... Just let me know time and place.

 Corbin, Truro Twp., Knox County, IL



This abandoned Cemetery is located in the North East corner of the South West Quarter of Section 30 in Truro Township, Knox County, Illinois. It is East of Spoon River on the south side of U.S. Route 150. 

Foxie's note:

In actuality this cemetery is really located in Section 29 in the south west almost middle part of almost on the line to section 3o.  In order to reach this cemetery you have to travel east on state route 150 heading towards Peoria.  Past Dahinda turnoff, Trenton Cemetery which you would see on the left hand side and then down and across Spoon River.  Just after crossing Spoon River there are two service roads.  One goes back into a bunch of weeds and nothing.  The second one looks like a mowed lane.  You take that one and right after you turn then to your left is a road cut back up a hill to the cemetery.  I did not try and drive to this cemetery.  We just parked at the bottom and walked up.  It's not far.  Andrew and his crew has cleared the way and taken out tress and other vegetation along the way to get to it and to see the tombstones which are very few and far between.  Katherine Spence of the Knox County Genealogical Society told me there was a tombstone for his wife Olive and others they didn't attempt to unearth.  the ones now visible due to Andrew and his crew are located below in a Photo Gallery.  Andrew has just put Henry's to rights and is baffled on not being able to turn up more tombstones.  He probably will in time. Thanks Andrew & the United Methodist Men's Group of the Dahinda Methodist Church.

All extra information on Butts in this cemetery is contributed by lady below & Delores also has her own website so you can go there & check it out.  thanks so much Delores. Delores emailed me to get info on how to get the tombstones set back up. I got her in touch with the Andrew Collpy-Fritz and the Methodist Men's of Dahinda group and it was done in June of 2006. Delores sent me photos and one of her ancestor who is buried here. Tombstone Photos by me.

Contributed by Delores Vaughn: click on link to go to Delores site, thanks!

Stewart M. Butts died Oct. 5, 1850 Age 28 years

Original position before the standing up occurred. taken by me when I got my car stuck in the mud  this spring & had to walk the eight miles home from the cemetery.

Stewart McLung Butts

photo contributed by Delores Vaughn

Listed as a farmer in the 1850 census with wife Elizabeth and son Alvertus.

Alvertis T. Butts died Dec. 8, 1863 age 11 yr 10 mo 7 days (son of Stewart& Elizabeth Butts)

Tombstones restored to their glory. Click on photo & will open in own window for a much bigger view. Contributed by Delores Vaughn.

Original position before the standing up occurred. taken by me when I got my car stuck in the mud this spring & had to walk the eight miles home from the cemetery.

Obituary found in the Galesburg & Peoria Papers:

Stewart was found murdered in a cornfield near Dry Run Hollow on the Peoria Rd, on Saturday evening. Mr. Johnson, who owns the cornfield, noticed a team of horses standing near the fence. Supposing that some one was stealing his corn, he got into the wagon with the intention of driving it to his house. He then discovered blood on the wagon and went back to where the wagon stood. There found a quantity of blood which he traced into the field, until he came to the body. The deed had been done by stabbing with a knife in the neck. Stewart had been to Peoria with wheat and was returning home. Money appears to have been the object of the murderer. Delore's Note: Quite a few years later a man on his death bed confessed to the murder. [Stewart McLung Butt was murdered 5 Oct 1850, Peoria. ]

CORBIN, Henry J. d. 22 Dec 1870 age 59 yr 9 mo 11 da
Wife, Oliv
e ____ _____

FARSTER, Sarah d. 13 May 1858 age 35 yr
Son, Milton d. 13 May 1858 age 6 yr

Other stones buried and unreadable.

Note: Henry J. Corbin and wife, Olive, came to Knox County, Truro Township from South Carolina and settled on Section 29 and 30 in the 1840ís.

In the 1878 History of Knox County, Illinois:

Corbin, Emery J., farmer, is the son of Henry and Olive (Harris) Corbin, both natives of South Carolina. They came to Knox County in 1840, and on arriving had twenty-five cents in money.  Emery was born in Truro township, Knox County, Illinois, March 10, 1847, and received his education in the common schools of that township. Having been brought up on a farm he chose the vocation of his father.  He married September 10, 1872, and now resides on a 160-acre farm of his own in Truro.  He has served as Assessor and Commissioner of Highways in the Township, Republican., P O Eugene.



From the 1850 Black Census of Knox county Illinois.  Remember back in the early 1850's sometimes the names were misspelled.

it is believed that Henry Corbin/Corban married a white woman named Olive and all the children born were white.  Making them Mulatoes.   There is also another family of Corbin's buried in the Henderson Meyers Cemetery which might be related not sure would have to do more research on this to find out.  Thanks

Truro Township
841 1447 1501 Corban Henry 39 M B Farmer 2000 NC Illiterate
841 1447 1501 Corban Olive 38 F B     NC  
841 1447 1501 Corban John 18 M B     NC Schooled
841 1447 1501 Corban Mary 16 F B     OH Schooled
841 1447 1501 Corban Henrietta 14 F B     OH Schooled
841 1447 1501 Corban Martha 11 F B     OH  
841 1447 1501 Corban Francis 8 M B     IL  
841 1447 1501 Corban Edward 5 M B     IL  
841 1447 1501 Corban Emery 3 M B     IL  



Henry J. Corbin


Henry J

close up of the markings on the stone.


Henry J.


59 years 9m 3da

close up of bottom with the age on it.


Stewart M.

October 05, 1850

ae 28 yrs


Alvertis T.

December 08, 1863

ae 11yr 10mo 7da

Looks like could be remnants of stone


Sarah died May 13, 1868

son Milton died May 13, 1868

View behind Henry J. Corbin's tombstone

       1912 History Of Knox County, Albert Perry

     Dr. John Francis Corbin, M. D. , successfully engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery in Galesburg, with offices in the Holmes building, was born near Dahinda, Illinois, on the banks of Spoon river, on Christmas Day of 1869. He represents one of the old pioneer families of this state. His grandfather was Henry J. Corbin, a native of Ohio, who became an early settler of Truro township, Knox county, there taking up his abode when the district was largely wild and undeveloped. He secured land, began the development of property and in course of time became an extensive and prosperous fanner. He died of typhoid fever upon his homestead when about fifty-eight or fifty-nine years of age.

      Among the children born to him and his wife, Mrs. Olive Corbin, was Edwin A. Corbin, the Doctor's father, his birth occurring on the old homestead farm in Truro township. At an early day he began farming on his own account. Subsequently, however, he removed to Knoxville, where he engaged in the practice of law for a quarter of a century, having previously prepared for the bar as a student in the office of Z; Cooley. a well known attorney of an early day. Edwin Corbin has served as city attorney of Knoxville for a number of years and still makes his home there. He married Miss Lucinda Beatty, also a native of Illinois, her parents being farming people of this state. Of that marriage there were born five children, four sons and a daughter, namely: Henry Butler, of Galesburg; Dr. John F., of this review; George Clement, of Toledo, Ohio; Mary Etta, the wife of Charles A. Johnson, of Galesburg; and Al E., of Peoria. For his second wife Edwin Corbin chose Elizabeth Utter and unto them were born four children, as follows: Lucinda, the wife of Charles Ferguson, of Chicago; Lee and Harold, also of Chicago; and Hortense, who married Kenneth Hawkins, of Galesburg.
      Dr. Corbin, whose name introduces this record, was reared in Knox county and completed his public-school education by graduation from the high school with the class of 1888. He then entered Knox College, from which he was graduated in 1895. During his college course he devoted one year to teaching school and later took up the study of medicine, matriculating in the University of Illinois where he completed the full course in the medical department and was awarded his M. D. degree. He then began practice in Galesburg in 1898 and has since been a representative of the profession in this city, building up a business that has increased annually, both in extent and importance. Many who came to him as casual patients have continued as patrons when the need for professional service has been felt.
On the 11th of November, 1903, Dr. Corbin married Miss Marian Saywright, who was born near Toronto, Canada, as were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Saywright, who still reside in that locality. She was the eldest of their four children, the others being James, Norman and Cora. Dr. and Mrs. Corbin have an interesting little daughter, Maxine Frances, who was born on the 17th of July, 1905. Mrs. Corbin belongs to the Episcopal church. Dr. Corbin is a republican in his political views and is a member of the pension board but has never sought nor desired office outside the strict path of his profession, for he prefers to concentrate his time and energies upon his chosen life work and his broad reading and continued study have given him comprehensive knowledge of the science of medicine and added to experience have continuously promoted his efficiency.

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