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26 deaths required inquests, of these:
3 murders
12 Railroad Accidents
8 Suicides

Ed Erickson will answer at the next term of court for the death of James E.
Haptonstall, which came from injuries received in a row between the two men
in the European Hotel Restaurant.

Ada Morrison was shot in a drunken melee at Henderson and Ed Morrison, her
husband, and Frank Cronkite, her brother, are being held for connection
with the crime.

Mrs. Laura Capping, widow of the dead man, is now lying in the county jail,
accused of being criminally connected with his death, and will be brought
too trial at the next term.

N. P. Johnson came too his death from alcoholism and suits are now pending
against Lois Nirdlinger for damages, it being contended that said Johnson
procured his liquors or part of them at his saloon.

List of cases and findings of jury:

Jan 7- J. E. Kelley, C.B.&Q. engineer: died from injuries received by
breaking of side rod of engine, about 4 miles east of Neponset; jury
considered accident unavoidable.

March 24- James F. Sergeant, Williamsfield; strangled himself by hanging
himself with a rope.

March 26- James T. McDavid; accidentally struck and run over by a string of
cars in the Galesburg yards while attempting too couple air hose.

April 3- James E. Haptonstall; came too his death by being struck by one Ed
Erickson in the European Hotel Restaurant and fracturing and breaking his
skull by reason of his head striking the floor.

April 25- Mrs. B.H. Tryon, Knoxville; drowned herself in a pond of water
with suicidal intent while laboring under a condition of mental derangement.

April 29- Ada Morrison, Henderson; shot by a gun in the hands of Ed
Morrison while in a drunken melee.

May 21- Jesse Bottorf; fell beneath wheels of C.B.&Q. fast mail while
riding on cross-rods of coach; was riding without ticket and was not in the
employ of the railroad.

June 13- J. A. Maxwell; was run over by a street car while lying on a track
of the Peoples Traction Company; no blame attached too anyone.

June 18- J.F. Golding; came too his death by asphyxiation at home of Mrs.
Woodward of Prairie Street; jury pronounced it suicide.

June 19- A. E. Wennerberg; came too his death by a pistol shot fired into his
head by his own hand with suicidal intent.

July 1- George L. West; fell accidentally from moving C.B.&Q. train about a
quarter mile east of Oneida on June 30.

July 11- Homer Bombanels; acute indigestion, probably caused by ptomaine

July 30- Fred Wickstrom; crushed between two cars while performing his
duties in C.B.&Q. yards.

Aug 15- Anna Beer, Rio; died from a shock too the nervous system producing
nervous exhaustion.

Sept 3- C.L. Gabbhart; took a quantity of morphine with suicidal intent.

Sept 26- N.P. Johnson; death due too acute alcoholism.

Oct 13- Theodore N. Rowe; accidentally run over by train of cars in C.B.&Q.
yards; was riding without ticket and was not in employ of railway company.

Oct 15- Augusta Lanstrum; struck by Santa Fe engine on public crossing in
Galesburg; had passed under gates and all danger signals had been given.

Oct 15- W.F. Bailey, Maquon; fell from top of car while discharging his
duties in C.B.&Q. yards at Maquon.

Oct 13- Aaron Weir, couldn't read all of this one.

Klinck Mortuary Death Records

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