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      This cemetery has been abandoned and is in very bad repair.  The stones are all very old.    If you know of anyone who is buried here and not listed  or information that is not correct feel free to    click on doggie to email me direct. Thanks

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 Dalton ~ Jones Cemetery, Haw Creek Twp., Knox County, IL

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Elba Graveyard


The Elba Graveyard sometimes called--Dalton ~ Jones Cemetery  the  was platted in 1957.) is located on the east side of County Road #18 in the north west quarter of Section 15 of Elba Township, Knox County, Illinois.  It was laid out by Elias T. Byram, the county surveyor at the time and William M. McGowan, Justice of the Peace.


 Jones, Miles A.        d. Nov. 26, 1853 ae 12 yr 8 mo 20 da

         Emaline C.      d. June o8, 1843 ae 12 yr 9da

          Angeline C.     d. Mar. 30, 1861 ae 13 yr 7mo 23 da

          John P.           d. Feb. 18, 1861 ae 21 yr 6mo 27 da

               Children of L. A. & P. O. Jones

            Leonard        d. Feb 11, 1861 ae 52 yr 5m ?da

Johnson, Hiram        d. Jan 20, 1851 ae 10mo 28 da    son of B. F. & L.

Serles, Horance       d. Jan 02, 1853  ae 28 da 3mo 23 da

         Sarepid A.    d. Sept. 28, 1853  ae 7mo 17 da.    The Serles children are both on the same stone and parents were  H. & M. H. Serles

Larkin, David H.       This stone in the ground

Lackey, George P.     d. May 22, 1860  ae 30 yr 6mo 20 da

Higby, Joel               d.  Aug. 09, 1860 ae 54 yrs 9 mo 10 da

Adams, Samuel L. son of T. A. & A. M. d. July 01, 1859  can't read age.

2 unreadable stones.

foot stones with initials G. P. L  could be for George P. Lackey above, and H. J. S. this could be for Horance Serles.


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