Charles Bradford

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12. Charles7 Bradford (Stetson6, Robert5, John4, John3, William2, William1) was born 14 September 1777 at Kingston, and died 25 February 1868 at Persifer Twp., IL1

He married (1) Elizabeth Perkins (Brown) Clark, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Perkins) Brown, 28 October 1802 (intention published 2 October 1802 at Thomaston, Maine).2 She was born 3 April 1776 at Ipswich, and died 6 January 1835 at Persifer Twp., Illinois.3 She had first married Benjamin Clark, intention published 12 January 1797 at Thomaston, Maine,4 by whom she had Ebenezer Brown (born 21 May 1798), Lydia Dodge (born 19 December 1799), and Eliza Perkins (born 18 November 1801).5 Benjamin Clark was born 9 November 1768 and died 22 March 1801 at Thomaston.6

He married (2) Permelia Ann (Reynolds) (Thorp) Richardson, 8 November 1834 in Peoria County, Illinois.7 She was born 2 November 1811 at Mumfordsville, Kentucky, and died 30 April 1896 at Galva, Illinois.8 She had first married Richard Thorp, by whom she had Edward (born 19 February 1828 in Kentucky).9 She had married second Mr. Richardson, by whom she had Sarah Jane (born 19 December 1831, died 2 January 1892, married Daniel Evans 23 March 1847 in Knox County).10 She married fourth George Brooks 24 July 1879 in Henry County, Illinois.11 He was born about 1803 in Vermont,12 and died 29 August 1886 at Galva, Illinois.13

Deacon Charles Bradford was born at Kingston and moved to Thomaston Maine prior to 1802 when he married the widow of Benjamin Clark and took over Clark’s pottery business. In 1813 he moved again to Licking County, Ohio where he lived until the autumn of 1834 when he moved to Knox County, Illinois. He was the first settler in Persifer Township, where he resided until his death. The first sermon preached, and the first Sabbath School taught in Persifer was at the Bradford home. In the autumn of 1792 he voted for George Washington in the first presidential election (the local judges allowing the 15 year old to vote since there was no opposition to Washington, anyway), and he voted in every presidential election after that until his death.14

Children of Charles Bradford and Elizabeth Perkins Brown, first five born at Thomaston, Maine, next three in Ohio, probably Licking County:15

i. Charles Otis8 Bradford, born 15 June 1804, died about 1839 in Champaign County, Ohio. He married Jane Sparr 17 November 1825 in Licking County, Ohio. She was born in 1808 in Pennsylvania, and died in 1900, buried at Schuler City Cemetery, Nebraska.16

ii. Lucy Holmes Bradford, born 23 June 1806, died about August 1840 in Champaign County, Ohio. She married (1) Charles Herren 4 January 1827 in Licking County. He was born 31 March 1806 in possibly Maine or Ohio, and died about 1835 at Van Buren Twp., Ohio She married (2) George S. Hart 25 May 1837 in Hancock County, Ohio. (See Charles Herren and Lucy Holmes Bradford chapter.)

iii. Harvey Stetson Bradford, born 27 September 1809, died 13 February 1892. He married Hester Whitten 24 October 1836 in Knox County, Illinois. She was born 4 October 1815 in Pennsylvania, died 26 March 1894 in Knox County, Illinois.

iv. Nancy Lucia Bradford, born 3 July 1811, died 22 June 1825 in Licking County, Ohio.

v. Sophie Marie Bradford, born 17 March 1813, and died 1 June 1900 in Johnson County, Indiana.17 She married Malachi Wheatcraft 31 January 1833 in Licking County, Ohio. He was born 8 September 1807 in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, and died 19 October 1873 in Johnson County, Indiana.18

vi. William Spencer Bradford, born 5 July 1816, and died 13 November 1871 in Knox County, Illinois. He married Nancy S. Young 15 November 1842 in Knox County. She was born 22 April 1819 in Ohio, and died 11 April 1878 probably in Knox County, Illinois.

vii. Sarah Jane Bradford, born 2 June 1818 at Zanesville, Ohio, died 1 August 1908 at Hamilton, Missouri. She married Robert C. Benson 5 January 1837 in Knox County, Illinois. He was born 14 December 1807 in Greenbrier County, Virginia, and died 21 February 1894 in Knox County, Illinois.

viii. Martha Ann Bradford, born 1821, died in 1821 in Licking County, Ohio.

Children of Charles Bradford and Permelia Ann Reynolds, born at Persifer Twp., IL

ix. Robert Dawson Bradford, born 19 May 1836, died 10 July 1836 at Persifer Twp.

x. John Bradford, born 6 September 1837, died 4 October 1859 probably in Colorado.

xi. Daniel Webster Bradford, born 11 December 1840, and died 9 April 1925 in Boulder County, Colorado. He married Clara Frances Stuart 26 April 1876 in Boulder County, Colorado. She was born 17 September 1845 in Iowa, and died 11 January 1936 in Boulder County, Colorado.19

xii. Mary Ellen Bradford, born 3 May 1842, died 15 June 1919 at Wray, Colorado.20 She married Albert Merrick Bullard 6 June 1857 at Knoxville, Illinois.21 He was born 14 August 1836 in Leeds County, Ontario, Canada, and died 25 January 1896 near Laird, Colorado.22

xiii. Eliza Ann Bradford, born 7 May 1843, died 5 March 1924 at Burlington, Kansas. She married James Ferman 1 November 1864 in Henry County, Illinois.23 He was born 4 April 1841 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and died 2 September 1913 at Burlington, Kansas.

xiv. Charles Alden Bradford, born 24 December 1847, and died 9 July 1911 at Cody, Wyoming.24 He married Sarah Ann McHenry 6 November 1866 in Knox County.25 She was born 18 March 1847 in Ohio, and died 8 February 1938 at Cody, Wyoming.26


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