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Thanks Tom for your contribution

I Thank ~ you, other researchers thank you & Our Ancestors

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Submitted by Tom from Missouri.

I emailed Tom from Find A Grave.com trying to locate my 2d-great-grandmother's last resting place on my side of the Terpening Family and to maybe get a tombstone. He had her listed but not close enough to get me tombstone photo but he also has ties to Knox Co., IL. Below are his ties. Thanks Tom

Descendants of Hervey Jackson Vivion, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1.  Hervey Jackson1 Vivion, Sr. was born 27 Apr in 1799, and died 11 Jan 1857. He married Martha Gholson, daughter of John Gholson and Esther Cooke.

Child of Hervey Vivion and Martha Gholson is:

2.                i.   HERVY JACKSON2 VIVION, JR., b. Abt. 1822.

Generation No. 2

2.  Hervy Jackson2 Vivion, Jr. (Hervey Jackson1) was born Abt. 1822. He married
Mildred Ryon. She was born 22 Mar 1783, and died in Missouri.

Child of Hervy Vivion and Mildred Ryon is:

3.    i.   DR. JOHN BOWEN3 VIVION, b. 23 Oct 1810, Clark County, Kentucky; d. 02 Jul 1902, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois.

Generation No. 3

3. Dr. John Bowen3 Vivion (Hervy Jackson2, Hervey Jackson1) was born 23 Oct 1810 in Clark County, Kentucky, and died 02 Jul 1902 in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. He married (1) Maria Jane Atkinson 21 Sep 1836 in Layfeyette County, Missouri, daughter of Stephen Atkinson and Sally Hall. She was born 1819 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, and died 24 Aug 1887 in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois. He married (2) Lucy Neely 16 May 1888 in Knox County, Illinois. She was born 1844, and died 1930.

More About Dr. John Bowen Vivion:

Burial: Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois

More About Maria Jane Atkinson:

Burial: Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois

More About Lucy Neely:

Burial: Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois

Children of John Vivion and Maria Atkinson are:

i.   SARAH ANN4 VIVION, b. 15 Jun 1839, Dover, Lafayette County, Missouri; m. THOMAS S GORHAM, 18 Nov

1858, Lafayette County, Missouri. ii.   ROBERT VIVION, b. 10 Nov 1848, Dover, Lafayette County, Missouri; d. 05 Feb 1866, Macon County?,

Missouri. iii.   JOHN GILPEN VIVION, b. 18 Jul 1853, Lafayette County, Missouri; d. 15 Apr 1909, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois.


Burial: Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois

iv.   EDWARD LESLIE VIVION, b. 22 Nov 1857, Lafayette County, Missouri; d. 1922.


Burial: Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois

Email from Tom:
Sorry I did not realize that you had put your mother in the Subject. I see that she is buried in Marion County. That is North of Saint Louis and across the river from Quincy Adams County, Ill. I am on the other side of the state. I am 40 miles South of Kansas City.  

I noticed that you are in Knox County, Ill. I have a line that I would be glad to share. John Boven Vivian married Maria Atkinson daughter of  Stephen and Sarah Hall Atkinson.. he would be a brother to my Great Great Grandfather. I have information on the Atkinsons and the Vivions. The Atkinsons were from Lincoln County Ky. John married in Layette County, Mo.  

Thanks for taking the time to let me know that you found someone. Do you know Martha maiden name or anything else I will be happy to add that too. Some people think you should put just what the stone says. but I like to add where what and when.

Thanks again Tom

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