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This photo is of the original families that started the Swedish Mission Covenant Church in Galesburg, IL, including my Great Grandparents, Truls and Chasta Swanson.  Truls and Chasta are shown in this photo, third and fourth from the left.
Truls Swanson became a United States citizen in Warren Co., Ill. on 29 September, 1858.
When Truls and Christina, who were strong Christians, moved to Galesburg, Knox Co., Illinois, they attended the Lutheran church.   However, they soon chose, along with 11 others, to leave the Lutheran church and form a Swedish Mission or Covenant Church.  The 13 charter members founded the new church on August 1, 1868 and the organizational meeting was held at the home of Truls and Christina Swanson,  Thirty-one persons signed their names signifying their intention to join.  The English language was used in Sunday School and on Sunday evenings, but the Swedish language was used at other times. 
I am so happy to be able to send this to you.  The surnames of my families in Galesburg, IL are Swanson, Stromgren and Strange.
Annette (Strange) Carroll~~~~Native born Iowan

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