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Since Eli Butler is my ggg grandfather - I noticed something, so, I have a very small, very minor (compared to ALL the glorious work you have on-line!) comment.
Eli Butler married Sallie Robinson and they had 4 daughters with unusual names:  Missouri (my gg grandma), Indiana (married Stanton Merris and stayed in Knox Co.), Louisiana (married a Charles Demart and vanished!) and the last girl was America Butler.  Sallie and the youngest girl died (1841/1840, I think they are buried in the Bond Graveyard in Greenbush, IL.)
Eli Butler's next wife was Agnes Ann Williams, whom he married in 1841, about 6 months after Sallie died.  Agnes was the STEP mother of Indiana and her sisters...this is the part I think needs clarification on the website for the generations to come.
(Agnes had a dau. named Harriett Willliams, who married Vincent Washington Butler - a son of Col. John Butler of Warren Co. - that you've probably heard of - so both Agnes and her daughter were "Mrs. Butler."  Truth is stranger than fiction.)
My grandmother's sister was the hoarder of the family, bless her, so we have lots of old correspondence, photos etc., more than most have.  Since Agnes Williams Butler is NEVER mentioned and was never talked about -- I suspect there may have been some issues with Agnes and the Butler daughters - plus, I think Agnes was buried with her first that's a clue...anyway, as the only descendant who is paying attention, I feel it my duty to ask you to clarify that Agnes was Indiana's STEPMOTHER - or - they are liable to come back and haunt me!
(I already sound like a crazy woman talking about them:  Missouri lived in Illinois, then Iowa, then Oklahoma and Indiana stayed in Illinois, but after Lousiana married in Illinois she disappeared...see what I mean?  It is hard to tell where the girls end and the states begin!)
I believe I have previously corresponded with Indiana Merris' descendant that you mention on your website.  I sent her a couple of pictures that I am very willing to share with you too.
I will attach a very old photo of Eli Butler.  I have worked on it to bring it back from obscurity - it was in very bad shape - but then - so am I and I am not as old as the photo! 
Your work is wonderful and thank you so much for doing it.  I help with a little neighborhood website and it is SO time consuming, I can't imagine doing everything you do on-line!
Suzanne Garrett

Native born Iowan




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