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Sherry Bradley Knox Co., IL Genealogy photos


Attached for your web site, is a photo of the Orchestra at the Knoxville Public School circa 1924-1925.  My mother, Eugenia Truitt Woolsey, is first violinist – front row, right.
  • Can anyone tell me if the grade school and high school were all in one building in the early 1920s?
  • I am interested in obtaining a picture of the public school in Oneida.  Is there a price for a photo of the Oneida School?  
  • Can the Knox County Retired Teachers Association provide dates of membership for Phylis Fooks Nelson, born 1901 - died 1929?  She taught at a Sparta or Ontario Township school, probably Oneida, and she is buried in the Oneida Cemetery in the Fooks family plot.

Thanks a bunch,

Sherry (Krohn) Bradley
Sherry Bradley Knox Co., IL Genealogy photos

I do not know what year these photos were taken at Knoxville H. S., but estimate 1922 or 1923.  The graduation year of my mother is yet to be learned.  Let me know if there are problems receiving these photos.  I have another method to resend that might work better.

Sherry Bradley Knox Co., IL Genealogy photos

Subject: Family Photo pages to add to online Knox pages. Thanks

Hi there,

Being of the Class of 1959 brings memories of my mother telling me stories of Knoxville HS in the 1920s.  The photo is either all of the students of Knoxville HS, or one of the classes my mother was in about 1922-1923.  Just a guess.  Eugenia “Jean” Truitt Woolsey is in the back row, 3rd girl in from the right end.

About your title for this portion of this wonderful web site.  I’m sorry to tell you Sharon is not my given name.  I got used to being called Shirley and Sharon, so no problem, except can you change the title to reflect Sherry Krohn Bradley?

I appreciate all that you do for so many of us in need.


Sherry (Krohn) Bradley

Sorry for the mix up in the your name. I'm not very good with names but with you I know better. But for some reason at the time every one was a Sharon. It is now corrected. Also, do we know anyone else in this photo?

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