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Henderson Cemetery

Henderson Township, Knox County, Illinois

As you all know working on genealogy is always a work in progress. Have the cemetery listings for everyone buried here and over half the photos will be putting the photos online but they will not be able to be copied as we have some people amongst us who will take our work and make it theirs for all time.... Boo Hoo & Shame on them.  If you would like a copy of any of the pictures in the cemetery feel free to email me.  Would gladly send you a copy only cost is 15 cents for photo paper and then the postage for mailing them. Thanks and Have a fantastic Day....



They shall rest in Honored Ground

Stephen Osborn

1778- 1841

An Early Settler who helped organize Knox County and was the First Sheriff and Tax Collector in 1830-1835, and whose devotion to duty has ever since been an example to his successors.  This monument is dedicated in  1948 by Charles M. Dahler, Sheriff, 1946-1950. A. D. Hickman, Fred Dunbar, Martin Sutor, & Glenn Glass.


Back of Stephen Osborn's stone above.  The Original Tombstone.  Almost gone now with the aging through the times.

These tombstones of Captain Calvin Glass are all right next to each other.

Captain Calvin Glass   

1794 ~ 1878

Arrived by Ox team from Ohio in 1830, owned and platted most of this village site and gave this area as free Cemetery, Commissioned Captain at Rock Island During the Black Hawk War.  Built the First water mill in Knox County, ILl, 1833 on Henderson Creek.  This Marker erected in 1949 in grateful remembrance by Fred Dunbar, Glenn Glass, and Albert Hickman

This is one quarried in Flint Mills of Kentucky. Came by boat by Ohio, Mississippi, & Illinois River, to Peoria.  Freighted by Ox team to Mill site.  Presented  by a Great-grandson~~ Glenn Glass.

Calvin Glass's Original stone.

Calvin Glass 1794 ~~ 1878



another side to Calvin Glass's original tombstone

Catherine, wife of Calvin Glass

Died Sept. 21, 1866 


66 y ~ 3 Mos 17 D







Another side to Calvin Glass's tombstone


wife of Calvin Glass


Dec  1836

Aged 45 ys.


died Jan 1837

aged 9 mos.

Sylvester A.

Died Mar 1, 1818

Aged 15 yrs. 6 mos.


  1760 Jesse Witt 1852

A Revolutionary War Soldier enlisted Jan. 1, 1777, in 10th Virginia, Reg., Co. Wm Davis Comndg. Dishcarged Sept. 6, 1779. To Perpetuate the memory of an unsung hero this marker is erected 1949 by Pelena Witt Beatty, A. D. Hickman, Fred Dunbar, Glenn Glass, and Martin Sutor.

Jesse's original marker is still there in the background behind this tombstone.


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