Henderson/Meyers, Persifer twp., of Knox County, IL


These photos were taken in the afternoon.  Had trouble with the sun casting reflections.  Memorial Marker reads

This entry was erected May 03, 2003   In Loving Memory of Robert L. Corbin Grandson of Emma Corbin and her children Wayne, Gladys, Harold, & Sara

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           Henderson/Meyers Cemetery is very easy to get to.  It is located on county road 12.  Which if you are in Galesburg, the county seat for Knox County, you take Interstate 74 out of town going towards Peoria, get off on the exit for 150/RT 97 at stop sign turn left.  Follow Illinois Route 150 till you come to signs pointing towards Oak Run.  Which I believe is about 5 miles east, you turn left on this crossroads. This road is county Road 12 which will take you out into the country and through where the little city of Appleton used to be which is now extinct.  They moved in after the flood of '93 to higher ground and nothing is left to tell of a town being there.  You will go out into the country and see on the left hand side of the road the Oak Run Golf course.  Across from this is a farm house owned by the McRell's and a newer log cabin style home where they sell these homes.  In between the two homes is a grass drive back to the cemetery... You can see it from the road.  

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If you are related or know of anyone who is not listed here that is buried in this cemetery please click on my doggie above  to let me know.  Thanks. Any and all information on people buried here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Descendants of the Corbins began a clean up of this badly neglected cemetery in 1997.  I have a newspaper article I saved from the Galesburg Registar Mail May of 2003 when it was all done.  I can't put it on here due to copywrite laws and the Registar Mail frowns on people using their articles on their web sites.  But would like to get in touch with the ones who did the clean up and hear about it and how they went about it.  Thanks for your time. Just email me... click on the my doggie on any of my web pages on this site. 

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James W.

born Mar 21, 1821

died June 06, 1887

Fieldes Foot stone

J. W. F.


Charles B.

died Mar. 27, 1891 ae 30yr 8mo 18da


Joseph 1856-1930

Hannah 1858-1938

stone replaced when cemetery restored.


James 1829-1911

Susan 1832-1899

His Wife

Gone but not forgotten...



wife of R. E.

born Aug. 9, 1843

died July 11, 1885



wife of C. W.

died Nov 22, 1881?

ae 28yrs 11da


don't know who is buried here.


nobody knows who is buried here.


nobody knows who is buried here


William H.

died Jan 23, 1864

ae 33 yrs 4mo 21da

Stone is partially in ground and

leaning forward had to lay on

ground to take photo


William H.

two of these.


Adline, dau of Mary & H.

died June 3, 1871 4 hours old.

This is what is left of her tombstones.



wife of H. Corbin

died July 17, 1871

ae 18yrs 8mos 25da

below Mary's information there is the daughter Adline who died on June 8, 1871



wife of W. H. Irons

died Jan 01, 1871 ae 19yr 2mo 15da



Son of J & R

died December 17, 1881

ae 9 mos, 22 das



another view of stone before this one.



died December 25, 1876

ae 37 years 7 mos 13 das


George W.

Son of S. F. & C. M.

died Dec 23, 1878

ae 18yrs 9m 6da



Daughter of S. F. & M. J.

died Dec 27, 1873

17yrs 1mo 12da


this is a new stone when then restored the cemetery in memory of Ancestors

Our ancestors came ot Persifer Twp., in the 1860's from Licking County, Ohio. They broke ground, built homes, raised familes, some moved westward and others stayed Some have markers and some do not.

Richard 1809--1880

wf of Richard-Barbara Ann Beaver 1811-1875

David June 04, 1832-Feb.02, 1896

Harrison 1839-1876

wife-Mary Overturf 1852-1871

dau. Adline 1871

also lists Emma, George, Ory, & Nettie and who the parents were of these children.


Barbara Ann Beaver

born May 11, 1811

died Dec 8, 1875

Corbin Stones


on same stone as Barbara's name

This side is for Richard

have to go check it to make sure on the dates been alot of errors in the listings and can't read the stone photo too well.


Nettie L.

died Aug 05, 1881 ae 1 yr 1mo 23da

dau of Joseph & Rachel Fields





born Mar. 27, 1816

died Jul 12, 1882

wife of John Parkins

Nothing on these

These could of either be used for names on the top of them or for foot stones with Initails on them but they are blank now.

Nothing on this stone

These could of either be used for names on the top of them or for foot stones with Initails on them but they are blank now.


Macca J.

died Sept 13, 1854

ae 1yr 4mo

dau of C. G. & M.

Foot stone

A. H.

I think it's for Albert Henderson. he's the only buried in this cemetery with those initials.



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