Walter Cemetery, Maquon Twp., Knox County, IL

Different views of the Walter Cemetery, Maquon Twp., Knox County, IL.

View of Cemetery looking northwest

View of Cemetery looking Southeast

View of the Walter Tombstones

More photos to come when I get a chance to get them uploaded.  Below is a black & white of Wm Brown's Quaker Tombstone.  Three different shots.

If anyone who is buried here or information that is not correct feel free to    click on doggie to email me direct. Thanks

This cemetery has been restored and is being kept in very good condition by a descendant of the people buried here.   The Walter Cemetery is located west of Maquon off of Knox County Road #20.  From Illinois RT 97 you turn at a curve going into Maquon right and that is Knox county road #20. You go out past the new addition to Maquon there is a road there 1400 go past it.  The next lane is to a house that is set way back from the road.  Turn here.  You follow this road down to just past the cornfield and you will see a grass lane that is kept mowed you turn left here and follow the grass lane back and around and you will see the Walter Cemetery and all the hard work Todd does to keep it in shape.  Thanks!!!

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It looked and looks great for being an old cemetery.  Walter Cemetery has many older tombstones in the Cemetery plus one that Todd nor have I seen in Knox County, IL.  It is a Quaker tombstone and looks rather odd but unique.  Will be placing photos of the tombstones on here or rather on to a linking page soon.  Todd takes very good care of the cemetery and one thing my daughter noticed when we were there on Sunday taking photos and Todd was mowing was that he doesn't hit the tombstones with the mower.  We have been in other cemeteries doing our thing and people have been mowing and such and we have heard and saw them hit the tombstones with the mower.  And Kate couldn't believe that Todd didn't, but she was also glad as she has seen what hitting them with a mower does to them.

     Walter Cemetery Photo Gallery coming soon, curtsey of Todd Walter, whose ancestor's are buried here and this cemetery was originally started by his ancestors.  Todd takes good care of this cemetery that he restored in the 2001.  When he began the restoration project of his family cemetery, it was covered with brush, trees, and only a few tombstones could be seen a top the overgrowth of the cemetery.  The listings below were from the listings I copied at the Galesburg Library when the Knox County Genealogical Society read the tombstones.  Todd later did his own research which was extensive by acquiring obituaries, death certificates, land deed for the said cemetery.  All documents said and called this cemetery The Walter Cemetery.

Have a Great Day!!!  & Happy Gene Hunting to you & yours may you find whom or whomever you are searching for.... May you ear echoes from the past......

  Walter Cemetery, Maquon Twp., Knox County, IL

Foxie's Note: I have put here some of the research plus, Todd's listings which is the correct one with names and dates to the best of his knowledge.  Not all of his research is listed here. All of Todd's information is listed below: making some changes here on Walter Cemetery.   whatever.  You may find errors as Todd did or something that isn't quite right and sometimes things need to be further investigated to obtain the correct information.

And I want to thank Todd for his help and in his giving me permission to publish this information here. 

Todd for your help and in the great job you've done here. I greatly admire you for all you've accomplished.  Todd has also restored some other cemeteries in the area such as the McCallister Cemetery, Cook Cemetery, and a couple of others.  I'm  glad I finally got to meet him. Todd did all the restorations and setting of tombstones by himself.  No help from anyone.  Thanks bunches Todd and I know your ancestors will thank you, too. I will soon make a web page of the Walter Cemetery photos.  Am planning on making it a little different than the ones I already have online. Thanks for your patience.


                  This cemetery has been known variously as "Old Maquon", "Housh- Sumner-Walter", and "Briggs", three obituaries and one death certificate have been found that confirm it was named "Walter Cemetery" as late as 1914.

                The first known burial was in 1839 with the last being in 1914. It is located one and a half miles west of Maquon on County Highway 20 and down a lane one-half mile South on the Southern edge of the North East Quarter of Section 5 in Maquon Township. The land was patented September 23, 1838 by Peter Jones and John W. Walter. It measures 125 feet by 100 feet on a point, overlooking a wooded ravine on three sides, where three small streams come together with a field being on the North side. No mention is made of it in any deeds. It is currently owned by Harlan and Jean England.

                According to a history of Maquon Cemetery written about 1900, in 1839 James Van Winkle, a hired hand of Benoni Simkins Sr., died and Mr. Simkins approached John W. Walter about burying the man here. He was told that the cemetery was considered a family burial plot. He also approached Mr. Barbero, who owned what is now known as Ouderkirk Cemetery in Section 4 of Maquon Township, and was also refused. Mr. Simkins decided to start his own cemetery on his farm on Section 34 in Haw Creek Township. This was the beginning of the Maquon Cemetery.

                 I began working on this cemetery on October 31, 1998. At that time only four stones were visible among the trees, weeds and brush, most had fallen over and were buried in the ground. I used a metal rod to probe the ground to locate them. After removing countless trees and mountains of brush, I repaired and reset all of the stones and keep it regularly maintained after decades of neglect. Amazingly, it is probably this neglect, and the fact that it was virtually inaccessible, that I was able to restore it to the condition it is in today. There had been no vandalism and all but two of the graves have their footstones. There are only 3 headstones that I'm not sure are where they belong, but they are probably close.

                   Shrubs and flowers have been planted and I've purchased flag holder markers for the veterans. Being a work in progress, there is much more to do, not only on the cemetery itself, but also on the research that follows.

                Some dates and names are from a Walter Family Bible, Will and Probate Records, Biographies, Deeds, and Census. Following the research is the actual transcription of the stones in this cemetery.

 Todd Walter, December, 2001


*1 - The date for this infant is incorrect, the parents were not married until August, 1854.

 *2 - Isaiah Stevenson's stone has his date of death as 1849, but it was actually in 1848. His doctor bill is   from 1848 and his estate probate is dated January 9, 1849.

 *3 - Betsy (Walter) Stevenson was first married to Edward T. Smithson, son of Samuel and Mary (Terrill)   Smithson. He died October 21, 1836 and is buried in Bennington (Thurman) Cemetery in Maquon Township. Her uncle, Bowater Sumner, served as Surety on July 11, 1837, in Highland County, Ohio, when her father, John W. Walter was appointed Guardian of Edward and Betsy's sons:  William M., age 3 and John W., age 18 months. In 1848, John W. Walter was again appointed guardian of the children in Knox County.

*4 - I have been unable to locate where or when Cary Sumner died or is buried.

*5 - Thomas R. Sumner died in 1935 and is buried in Cook Cemetery in Orange Township.

*6 - Martha J. (Sumner) McCoy died January 29, 1926 and is buried in Gilson Cemetery, Hawcreek Twp. 

*7 - Abigail (Sumner) Stevenson was married to Isaiah Stevenson, after his first wife, Betsy (Walter) died.

 *8 - Dorothy (Strange) Thurman's stone has dates that conflict with her obituary. Her stone indicates she was born Apr 6, 1797 and died Jan 25, 1887. Her obituary says she was born Apr 15, 1799 and died Jan 28, 1888. Clearly she died in 1888. Her son Alexander's biography is found below and supports that she was born in 1799.   

*9 - Peter Brown's death certificate has his father's name as John Brown, but unfortunately it has his wife, Martha Thurman, listed as being his mother.

*10 - Cynthia M. (Montgomery) Beacham was married to John Beauchamp, although the name on the           stones for her and their son is "Beacham". Census and other records also have the name as  "Beauchamp".  Her father's name was probably John.

*11 - William Brown is not known to be related to Peter Brown , although they were both from Highland Co., Ohio.  I can't find that he was married or had any family here.

                According to his probate record his possessions were "in the hands of John Walter" and "the sum of fourteen hundred and sixty three dollars and interest in the hands of John Eads", who had been appointed his administrator by his brother, Elgar, who was in Ohio. Bowater Sumner is listed as Executor on the probate packet. His family were Quaker, and his stone is the only one: I've seen in the area that has Quaker dating (8th month, 1st, 1839).


There are 46 marked graves, not including 4 duplicate stones. The 3 children of James H. and Rachel Sumner that are buried here have separate marble stones and are also on the family monument, and John G. Thurman has one for him and is also on one with his wife. There are at least fifteen depressions in the ground that are very visible and are probably graves, judging by their locations in the rows. A couple of the depressions are marked with simple rocks in the ground. I have been told by a former resident of the nearby farmhouse that there were a few tombstones in the creek in the late 1950's, but I have been unable to locate any.


There is one stone base with no monument on top of it in the section among the Thurman's. I believe that this stone was for Elizabeth (Waddle) Jan 30, 1830-Nov 2, 1869, the wife of Joseph P. Thurman, who was a son of John G. and Dorothy (Strange) Thurman. Their monument is in Maquon Cemetery with no base. The placement of the footstone (to the left) would seem to indicate it was the wife of someone. Next to this there is a depression that was  possibly  Joseph and Elizabeth's daughter, Samantha, who died September 11, 1865, and whose name is on the stone with her parents in Maquon. The monument could have been moved when Joseph died in 1892.


Another probable burial is Joshua Barrett Needles, parents unknown, who died October 18, 1845. He was married to Lettice Walter, a daughter of  John W. and Hannah (Sumner) Walter. There is no stone found for him in any area cemetery. Lettice later married William Darnell and moved to Nebraska.


According to the obituary of Thomas Richardson Walter, son of John W. Walter and Hannah Sumner, from May, 1897, he was  buried in "Walters Cemetery" but the family has a large monument in Maquon Cemetery. His wife, Sarah (Stevenson), died in 1904. His body was possibly moved at this time. The above Mary Ellen Walter, Thomas and Sarah's daughter, also has a stone with the family in Maquon.


There is a footstone with the initials  N. M. H. found near the headstone of Granville Houser. Possibly a sibling.


James H. Sumner had a brother, Thomas W. who lived near him in Orange Township. He was married to Sarah G. Ashby and they had several children, four of whom died young:

Ashby                    Sep 27, 1852 - Nov 11, 1857

Wilshire                 Jan 27, 1855 - Nov 22, 1857

Infant Dau                Aug 27, 1862 - Aug 27, 1862

Bowater                 Apr 8, 1864 - Oct 2, 1869

Their names are all listed on their parents stone in Gilson, Haw Creek Township, however, Gilson Cemetery was not used until 1878. It's very possible that the four children were buried here.


William Jackson Walter and Catherine Housh had three children that died, besides Thomas R. who has a stone here, and it is likely that they are also buried here though unmarked:

Wesley                  Born about 1841

Abraham                Jun 10, 1851 - Jun 14, 1851

Eliza Vianna                Jun 5, 1866 - Jun 30, 1866



 John W. Walter was a Private in Captain Hugh Rogers Company of Highland Co., Ohio, from July 28, 1813 to August 26, 1813 during the War Of 1812.

 Peter Brown enlisted as a Private in Co. G, 83rd Infantry of Knox County, IL, on August 11, 1862 and was discharged on December 22, 1862 due to disability during the Civil War.

 Adam Housh served from Indiana in Captain James Bigger's Company of US Mounted Rangers during the War of 1812 from June 1, 1814 to May 31, 1815. For his service he was paid one dollar per day for a total of $365.

There is a James Walter listed in the Revolutionary War Militia Muster Roll of Captain Jonathon Isham's Company of Montgomery County, Virginia, dated April 28, 1778. I have not yet been able to prove this is the same buried here, and probably never will since the records were destroyed, but  it appears there was only one Walter Family in Montgomery, now Carroll County at the time. James would have been 15 years old, which at that time was not too young.

 OBITUARIES the following have been found: Left these as is what I am about is obituaries and such.

 Unknown Paper

 Died, Jan 28, 1888, Mrs. Doritha Thurman.  Mrs. Thurman was born in Virginia, April 15, 1799, aged 88 years, 9 months and 13 days.  Her parents to Ohio; there she married John G. Thurman and there resided until 1843, when they moved to Knox County, Illinois, and remained in Knox Co., until 1857 when they moved to Iowa living there 2 years, and then returned to their old home in Ill.  after the death of her husband she made her home with her son Alexander Thurman, and after his death with Alexander's wife Eliza Thurman.  She leaves to mourn for her loss, seven children, 4 boys and 3 girls.  She was the mother of 12 children.  She was interred at the  cemetery one mile west of Maquon.


Knox County Republican

Wednesday, September 5, 1894

                                                                                  LOST HIS LIFE

                                                                 James Sumner Killed by the Cars

                Mr. James Sumner of Orange township, and for many years a resident of the county, lost his life last Saturday morning, at the fairgrounds crossing. He was a member of the Knox County Agricultural Board, and had been at the grounds attending to some of the work of the fair, and while crossing the track was struck by the morning passenger train and instantly killed, his neck being broken and his skull crushed.

                A jury was empanelled by Coroner Aldrich. After viewing the remains, an adjournment was had until Monday morning, when the following verdict was rendered:

                We, the undersigned jurors, sworn to inquire into the death of James Sumner, deceased, do say that the said James Sumner came to his death by being struck by Peoria passenger train No. 2, of the C.B.&Q. R.R. Co., on the morning of Sept. 1st, 1894, in such a manner, by us unknown, as to cause instant death.

                                Dr. W.R. McLaren, Foreman,

                                E. Sherman,

                                A.C. Dempsey,

                                William Tate,

                                S.M. Turner,

                                Harvey J. Butts.

                James H. Sumner was born in Highland County, Ohio, Nov. 28th, 1814, Emigrated to Illinois in the fall of 1837, and settled in Canton, Fulton County. In the spring of 1838 he moved to Knox County, near where Gilson now is, and has ever since resided in that vicinity, until death. May 12th, 1847 he was united in marriage to Rachel Epperson, and departed this life Sept. 1st, 1894, aged 79years, 9 months, and 3 days, and leaves to mourn his sudden and cruel death, one brother, Thomas W. Sumner, two sisters, Mrs. Peter Godfrey and Mrs. Richard Maxey, two sons, Thomas and Carry Sumner, and one daughter, Mrs. Lewis McCoy, besides hosts of friends and neighbors to mourn his death, as he was a friend to the needy, a helper to those who were in want, a faithful, loving husband, a kind father, and respected by all who knew him. The funeral was held at his late residence, conducted by Rev. N. G. Clark, and attended by a large concourse of people, and his body laid to rest beside his wife near Maquon.


Galesburg Evening Mail; Thursday June 3, 1897

 T. R. Walter, who has been in declining health for the last year, died at his home south of town Friday, May 28, at the age of 79 years. The funeral services were held in the Methodist church Sunday morning, conducted by Rev. N. G. Clark. The remains were interred in the Walters cemetery. The deceased was one of our oldest citizens and was highly respected by all who knew him.

 London Times; London Mills, IL

 Uncle Tom Walters of Maquon township, Knox County, died on Friday of last week, in the 80th year of his age.  He was a prominent and wealthy man. and one of the oldest settlers of the county.  His funeral was preached by Rev. N. G. Clark at Maquon. Sunday.  He was buried in the Walters cemetery.


Galesburg Daily Republican Register; Thursday April 2, 1914; Rapatee

Peter Brown is quite bad off at this writing, with the chances against him. He is 88 years old, and a veteran of Civil War.

Galesburg Daily Republican Register; Wednesday April 8, 1914

Peter Brown

Rapatee, Ill., April 8. - The telephone informed us on Saturday morning that Uncle Peter Brown had died on Friday night at his home northeast of Rapatee. This removes one who has lived in Maquon township for over four score years, he was brought here an infant and was in his 84th year. He married Martha Thurman who died nine years since. There remains living four children, Elias of Nebraska, Gilvey of Peoria, Mrs. Sylva Bridgewater, of Rapatee, and Irven of Middlegrove, grandchildren and great grand-children. Peter was a veteran of the Civil War. The funeral was held at the home on Monday morning and the interment in the Walter cemetery west of Maquon.

_ _ _ _ _ _

 BIOGRAPHIES the following mention people buried here: Not all biographies are here.  Just left Thomas R. Walter's in tribute to Todd who is a direct descendant.  Other's Todd had you can find on the other site. Thanks!

 Portrait and Biographical Album of Illinois and Knox County 1886, Chapman Brothers

                 THOMAS R. WALTER is a successful farmer and stock raiser, residing on his productive farm on section 16, Maquon Township. He has been closely identified with the agricultural development of the county since his arrival here in the fall of 1837. He emigrated to this county from Highland County, Ohio, with his parents, and resided on the home farm in Maquon Township, west of Maquon, remaining there until his final settlement on his farm on section 16.

                The parents of  Mr. Walter are John W. and Hannah (Sumner) Walter. The father was born in Virginia and was a soldier in the War of 1812. The mother was a native of  South (sic, North) Carolina.  Mr. Walter is the third in order of birth in a family of ten children, namely: Betsey (deceased), William J., our subject, Jincy, Lettice (deceased), James (deceased), Bowater, John G. (deceased), Cynthia (deceased), and Richeson C. William J. married Catherine Housh and they live in Nebraska; Betsey was the wife of Edward Smithson, deceased; subsequentially she married Isaiah Stevenson; Jincy became the wife of Milo Preston, deceased, and she lives in Iowa; James married Catherine Lawrence; Lettice became the wife of Joshua Needles, now deceased; she was a second time married to William Darnell; Cynthia became the wife of Joel Darnell; and Richeson C. became the husband of Polly Hall; the latter resides in Nebraska.

                Mr. Walter's first purchase of land was 160 acres, on which he erected a set of comfortable and substantial buildings and made other convenient improvements, subsequently adding to his first purchase until he is now the proprietor of 1,481 acres of well improved and cultivated land in Knox County. He is also the owner of property in the village of Maquon.

                Thomas Walter was born in Highland County, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1817. He had attained the age of 19 years upon his arrival in this county, and has always followed the honorable calling of an agriculturalist.

It is needless to say that he is one of the largest land-owners and most substantial farmers within the county of Knox.

                The date of the marriage of our subject, in Maquon Township, was Aug. 8, 1854. The lady of his choice was Sarah J. Stevenson, daughter of Edward and Mary (Keys) Stevenson. The father was a native of Maryland and the mother of Delaware. In June, 1840, the date of the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. S. in Knox County, they settled in Haw Creek Township, subsequently removing to the township of Maquon, where they passed the remainder of their lives. Their family consisted of six children, and bear the names of Sarah J., William, John, James K., Lewis N., and Edward O. Sarah J., the wife of our subject was born inFranklin County, Ohio, Sept 24, 1835.

                Mr. and Mrs. Walter, of whom we write, have become the parents of ten children, as follows: Vianna, Mary E.., Ethzelda, two who died in infancy, Lyman, Elnora, Thomas Ulysses, Laura B., and Albertie. Vianna is the wife of B.F. Adams and resides in Peoria; Ethzelda married Frank D. Pickrel; this lady died in Haw Creek Township June 2, 1881. Mary E. is deceased, and the remaining children reside at home.

                Mr. Walter has held the position of Road Commissioner and also that of School Director. In politics he affiliates with the Republican party. The publishers take pleasure in presenting a view of Mr. Walter's fine homestead in connection with this sketch.

_ _ _ _ _ _


James Walter's bill for one visit from Dr. Caldwell of Farmington was $1.50. His coffin was built by Jacob Conser for $8.00.


Moses H. Gregg's doctor bill from Richeson Walter was $33.75 from September 3rd to November 17, 1846. His coffin was built by James McCully for $15.00.


 Isaiah Stevenson's doctor bill from Richeson Walter was       . In his  probate there is a bill for

 "...making one cauphfin for Isaiah Stevenson, Deceased. December 5, 1848, Seven Dollars, Wm. Conser".

There is also a bill of $3.00 from John W. Walter for "setting tombstones" in September, 1848. These must have been the stones for his wife and child.


John W. Walter's bill from Dr. J. R. Cunningham was $6.50, including a pint of whiskey. His coffin was purchased from F. C. Warden for $25.00, his stones were purchased from Geo. Carley and A. W. Anderson for $25.00, and his "articles for burial" were from George Stetson for $1.25. E. E. Blakesly also furnished medication (what appears to be "Frost's Pills") for $1.50.


Peter Brown's death certificate indicates he died of "Urenia" with complications from "Senile Debility" at 11:45 pm Apr 3, 1914 and was buried April 6, at 10:00 A.M. in "Maquon".  Their stone has no date of death for him. His was the last burial.

Martha (Thurman) Brown's death certificate states she died of "Lagrippe" May 19, 1904 at 12:00 P.M. and was buried May 22 in "Walters Cemetery".  These are the only two burials here with death certificates.


FACING EAST          ROW 1

MARY ELLEN - Dau. of T.? & S.J. WALTER -

 Died ?? 12, 187? Aged ?? Years, ? Ms., 2 Days

ROW 2 Left to right

Large White Bronze Monument


Front (West): 

JAMES H. SUMNER, Born Nov. 28, 1814, Died Sept. 1, 1894.

RACHEL SUMNER, Born June 14, 1825 Died Jan. 7, 1893.

South Side:

 DAVIS SUMNER, Born Apr. 16, 1853, Died Oct. 4, 1861.

WILLIAM M. SUMNER,  Born Jan. 19, 1851, Died Aug. 22, 1855

MARY SUMNER, Born Mar. 5, 1869, Died Mar. 8, 1870

INFANT Son, Born June 28, 1860, Died July 9, 1860.

Foxie's Note: These are all on the same tombstone above only
on a different side.

East Side:

THOMAS R. SUMNER, Born Dec. 6, 1848.

CARY SUMNER,  Born May 6, 1855.; Erected 1893

Foxie's Note: These are all on the same tombstone above only
on a different side.

Sumner Erected 1893

North Side:

MARTHA J. SUMNER, Born Sept. 12, 1857.      

Gone But Still Remembered*****

Foxie's Note: These are all on the same tombstone above only
on a different side


BOWATER SUMNER - Died Nov. 4, 1851 Aged 63Yrs. 4Ms. 2Ds.



Top Of Stone Gone - Died Apr. 28, 1852 Aged 60Yrs. 9Ms. 26Ds.

Has footstone with initials L. S. (Lettice Sumner)


ELIZABETH - Wife of James WALTER - Died Oct. 13, 1845 Aged 79 Y's

JAMES WALTER - Died Feb. 8, 1839 Aged 75y's. 9m's. & 18d's.


SARAH - Daughter of James & E. WALTER - Died Aug. 8, 1839 Aged 40y's. 7m's. 7d's.


INFANT Died  Jan., 1858 - T. R. & S .J. WALTER

INFANT Died  Sept., 1853 - T. R. & S. J. WALTER


SARAH J. - Dau. of E.G. & H. MOORE - Died June 15, 1855 Aged 6yrs. 9mos. 16ds.

ELLEN - Dau. of E.G. & H. MOORE - Died May 14, 1855 Aged 2yrs.5ms.16ds.

ROW 3 Left to right


Died Sept. 7, 1861 Aged 49y's.11m. & 17days.

ROBERT - Son of J. & C. BEACHAM -

Died Feb. 10, 1850 Aged 14y's. 3m. 8d's.



Who deceased on the 22nd day of September A.D. 1844

Aged 51years, 4 months, and 13 days

To My Departed

Tis past - the fond - the fleeting dream

Of love and hope is o'er,

And darkly steals life's troubled stream

Unto the silver shore.

But still this broken heart of mine

Shall be thy memory's mournful shrine

Till it is laid at rest with thine,

Where grief is felt no more.

My sorrow seeks a lonely spot

In some fair deserved place

To me each scene where thou are not

Is not but joyless waste.

Where all the land is bright and fair

But dim what thou can't not share

And I sigh to be at rest.


JOHN W. WALTER - Died Aug. 6, 1863 Aged 73y's. 7m's. & 24d's.


JOHN G. - Son of J. W. & H. WALTER - Died Sept. 6, 1845 Aged 17y's. 11m's. & 28d's.


In Memory of JAMES WALTER - Born Nov. 28 ??, A.D. 1821 Died Sept. ??, A.D. 1845




who deceased on the 23rd day of  June, A.D. 1842

Aged 7 months and 16 days

You can catch of glimpse of Todd on his mower in the

background of this photo & one below.

This is a footstone



who deceased on the 23rd day of ??, A.D. 18??;

AE 28 years ?? months and 14 days

I. STEVENSON - Died Dec. 3, 1849 Aged 31y. 6m. 1d.

In the background of the photo on the left you can see Todd mowing.

Hope you don't mind Todd



In memory of a daughter of Peter and Nancy GODFREY who died in infancy.

INFANT Dau. of Peter and Nancy GODFREY - Born Feb. 18, 1841


WILLIAM M. son of Jas. H. & R. SUMNER -

Died Aug. 22, 1855 Aged 4yrs. 7ms. 3ds.

INFANT Son of Jas. H. & R. SUMNER -

Died July 9, 1860 AE 12 Days;

Happy infant early blest, Rest in peaceful slumber rest.

DAVIS son of Jas. H. & R. SUMNER -

Died Oct. 4, 1861 AE 8yrs. 5mos. & 18d's.

MARY dau. of J. H. & R. SUMNER -

Died Apr. 8, 1870 Aged 1yr. 3days.;

Short pain, Short grief,

Dear babe were thine, Now joy eternal and divine.


ROW 4 Left to right 

INFANT ?? of  ?? KINSER - Sept. ??, 18??; Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best.

INFANT Dau. of W.J. & M.O. KINSER - Died Dec. 10, 1874 Aged 10 days; Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best.

ABIGAIL STEVENSON - Dau. of Thomas and Hannah SUMNER; Born in N. C 

Oct. 15, 1804 Died Feb. 12, 1894

PHEBE GREGG - Dau. of Thomas and Hannah SUMNER; Born in N. Caro.

Mar. 1, 1781 Died Mar. 13, 1858

MOSES H. GREGG; Born in N. Caro. Apr. 1, 1777 Died Nov. 19, 1846


 SARAH HOUSH - Died Jan. 24, 1844 Aged 60 Yrs.


ADAM HOUSH - Died Sept. 27, 1861 Aged 77 Yrs.


ROW 5 Left to right

ELIZA - Wife of John IVIS - Died Jan 17, 1875 Aged 54yrs. 2mos. 16days.

Rest Mother, Rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow for thee weep,

And here their heart-felt offerings bring, And near thy grave thy requiem sings.


THOMAS R. - Son of W. J. & C. WALTER -

Died Sept. 27, 1869 Aged 24yrs. 7ms. 2ds.

ROW 6 Left to right

Blank Footstone

In Memory of  WILLIAM BROWN Deceased 8th Month, 1st, 1839

Aged 40years, 4months, and 13days. 

William Brown's tombstone.  It's a Quaker Tombstone.... Notice the way the death is recorded on this tombstone.  The two Photos on the right are of the main tombstone and then of his footstone.


Footstone with initials N. M. H.

GRANVILLE - Son of Wm. & S. HOUSER -

Died Apr. 6, 1856 Aged 10ms. 16ds.

ROW 7 Left to right

CLARY M. - Dau. of P. & M. BROWN - Died Sept 11, 1865 Aged 1y'r. 3m's. 16d's.

On Same Gray Marble Stone -

PETER BROWN - Born Jan. 1, 1831

His Wife; MARTHA A. - Born Feb. 14, 1835 Died May 20, 1904

OSCAR - Son of P. & E. THURMAN - Died Aug. 7, 1868 Aged 9ms. 16ds.

Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest, God called thee home, He thought it best.

 On Same Gray Marble Stone -

JOHN G. THURMAN - Died Jun. 25, 1862 -

Aged 67y's. 5m's. 25d's; A loving husband and father dear, A faithful friend lies buried here.

DOROTHY THURMAN - Died Jan. 25, 1887 Aged 89y's. 9m's. 19d's.

A place is vacant in our home, a voice we loved is stilled,

A place is vacant in our hearts, that never can be filled.

White Marble Stone -

JOHN G. THURMAN - Died Jun. 25, 1862 Aged 67y's. 5m's. 25d's.; loving husband and father dear, A faithful friend lies buried here.

Stone Base and Blank Footstone


 MARY A.- Dau. of R. W. & M. McWilliams - Died Oct. 10, 1851 Aged 2yrs. 6ms. 24ds.

Below is what the Knox County Genealogical Society has on record and in their listings.


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Kathy Mills, who lives right now in Texas, typed this up and emailed it to me via the net.   Thanks so Much Kathy!!! I really

appreciate all the time and trouble you've taken to help me out on my new venture on my Knox County, Illinois Web Site. Kathy typed up the information I had from the Knox County Genealogical Society from records at the Galesburg Library.


  Walter Cemetery, Maquon Twp., Knox County, IL

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Walter  Cemetery

This cemetery is located one-half mile west and one-fourth miles south of Maquon, IL. on the north east quarter of Section 5 in Maquon Township, Knox County, Illinois. This cemetery is also known and was sometimes called the Housh or the Sumner Cemetery.   But I have learned from Todd Walter who lives in the area and restored his family cemetery that it is really called the Walter Cemetery.  So, I will call it the Walter Cemetery. Am leaving this here in respect for the Knox County Genealogical Society of which I am a member. But go by Todd's information which is listed above.

KINSER, H., dau. of W. L. & O. M.,  d. Dec 10, 1844  age 12 yr 10 days

 IVES, Eliza, wife of John,  d. Jan 17, 1875  age 54 yr 2 mo 16 days

WALTER, Thomas R., son of W. J. & C.,  d. Sept 27, 1869  age 24 yr 7 mo 2 days

 STEVENSON, Abigail, dau. of Thomas & Hannah Sumner—born in N.C. Oct. 15, 1804

d.      Feb 12, 1894

Betsey    ______   age 28 yr 14 days

 GREGG, Phebe, dau. of Thomas & Hannah Sumner—born in N.C.  Mar 1, 1781

                        d. Mar 19, 1858

            Moses H. (born in N.C.) Apr 1, 1777  d. Nov 19, 1846

WALTER, “In Memory of Hannah Walter”  d. Sept 22, 1844  age 51 yr 4 mo 13 days

            “In Memory of James Walter”  d. Sept 11, 1847   no age

            John W.  d. Aug 6, 1863  age 73 yr 7 mo 24 days

SUMNER, Bowater    b. July 2, 1788    d. Nov 4, 1851

            James H.         b. Nov 28, 1814  d. Sept 1, 1894

            Rachel             b. June 14, 1825  d. Jan 7, 1893

            Davis              b. Apr 16, 1853    d. Oct 4, 1861

            William M.    b. Jan 19, 1851      d. Aug 22, 1855

            Mary, dau.,    b. Mar 5, 1869       d. Mar 8, 1870

            Infant Son      b. June 28, 1860    d. July 9, 1860

            Thomas R.     b. Dec 6, 1848        __________

            Cary               b. May 6, 1855      __________

            Martha J.        b. Sept 12, 1857    ___________

ACHAM, Robert, son of B.E.    Feb 10, 1850

THURMAN, Oscar, son of P. & E. Thurman, d. Aug 7, 1869  age 9 mo 16 days

            John G.   d. June 25, 1862  age 67 yr 5 mo 25 days

            Dorothy  d. Jan 25, 1887   age 89 yr 9 mo 19 days

HOUSER, Granville, son of Wm. & S. Houser,  d. Apr 6, 1856  age 10 mo 16 days

McWilliams, Mary A., dau. of R. W. & M.,  d. Oct 10, 1851  age 2 yr 6 mo 24 days

Brown, William

 MOORE, Ellen  d. May 14, 1835  age 2 yr 5 mo 16 days

            Sarah J.  b. Aug 20, 1848  d. June 5, 1855

                        (Daughters of E. C. & D. H. Moore)

 WALTER, James   d. Feb 8, 1839  age 75 yr 9 mo 18 days

            Sarah, dau.,  _____  d. Aug 8, 1839  age 1 yr 10 mo

            Infant dau. of T.R. & E.J.,  d. Jan 1858

            Infant child of T.R. & E.J.  d. Sept 1853

BEACHAM, Robert, son of J. & C.,  b. Nov 2, 1835  d. Feb 10, 1850

 GODFREY, Infant dau. of Peter & Nancy,  Feb 18, 1841

 STEVENSON, I.  d. Dec 8, 1849  age 31 yr 6 mo 1 day

            “In Memory of Betsey….”  Weathered stone, couldn’t read

            George K.  d. June 23, 1842  age 7 mo 16 days

 WALTER, Elizabeth, wife of James,  d. Dec 13, 1845  age 79 yr

            James  d. Feb 8, 1839  age 75 yr 9 mo 18 days

            John G., son of John W. & Hannah,  d. Oct 6, 1845  age 17 yr 1 mo 28 days

            “In Memory of James Walter”  b. Nov. ___  d. Sept 11, 1847

 BROWN, Clary M., dau. of P. & M., d. Sept 11, 1865  age 1 yr 3 mo 6 days

            Peter  b. Jan 1, 1831

            Martha A., his wife, b. Feb 14, 1831  d. May 20, 1904

 HOUSH, Adam   b. 1784   d. Sept 27, 1861

            Sarah       b. 1782    d. June 2, 1841

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