Humistan Family History

by Phyllis Long


    Hi Foxie,

    The Humiston name has been spelled several ways since Henry Humberstone came to America from England about 1636.  In the present day, I have found 4 spellings, Humiston (my family), Humeston, Humason, and Homiston.  We are all related.

    Elisha and Hartson dealed in land.  There are many deeds and land transactions recorded at the Knox Co. court house.  This was what they also did in New York before they left.

 Several years ago, one of my cousins visited Knox Co. and the Humiston Cemetery.  Cyrus' tombstone was lying flat on the ground and he went to town and bought a bag of concrete and hauled water in buckets from the Josephson farm to reset the stone.  I have pictures of the stones but they are not too good so will let you post what you have.  I hope the cemetery will be there for many years to come for other descendants.  I don't know why some people want to destroy them.  It has been on the news lately that in Springfield, Mo., that a new road had been built next to an old cemetery and some of the graves had been paved over.  People are having a fit as well they should. 

     The obit that you have posted for Cyrus Humiston, burned in barn, is my Cyrus.  He committed suicide.  I have a few more obits that I will send.  A few years ago, I was in touch with Nellie Landon and she did some look ups for me.  She was also interested in the Humiston Cemetery.  I was so in hopes that I would find a picture of Hartson or Elisha in your photo section.  I only have one of Cyrus and will send it along. 

     I am sending a bio that I wrote for Cyrus and wife Elizabeth that is posted on another site.  It is mine, I wrote it, and you can post it on your site if you want too. 

      I am also sending some family group sheets.  I'm not sure what exactly you would be interested in and if there is something that you really don't want to post, it is ok.  I'm easy to get along with.

     You must be commended for the work you have done in getting all the Knox Co. information online.  It takes a dedicated person to do this for so many.  Thanks and hats off to you!!! 

Your new friend,

Phyllis in Missouri

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I want to thank you for sharing with us your very unique family history story on one Cyrus Humiston who was and sounds like a very unfortunate, unhappy man.  This is really some ways sad and awful on the end of what Happened to Cyrus and what he put his family through.  But they survived and were probably stronger people on account of their beginnings.  Elizabeth Weir Humiston deserves special notice for doing such a wonderful job in raising her family by herself in a new land.

The following pages are I'm working on at the moment to get this online, so be watching for more pages of this family saga.  Their are links to pages below that go to marriage certificates and death certificate and to the family Humiston Cemetery, Cedar Township, Knox County, Illinois.

Thanks so much for your kindness in this Phyllis.

Your friend,


PS: using a big front as I have trouble seeing and the better I see it the better I like it... Thanks again Phyllis for sharing....

There are links throughout this family History saga on the Humiston's of Knox County to other related places on this site plus, some very good copies of certificates Phyllis included in her Humiston Family Saga.


Parents of Cyrus John Humiston

Family Group Sheet prepared by Phyllis Long

Name: Hartson Humiston

Birth: 3 Apr 1805 Broome Co., New York

Death: 16 Jul 1878 Knox Co., Illinois

Burial:  Humiston Cemetery, Knox Co., Illinois

Father: Elisha Humiston (1776-1851)

Mother: Elizabeth Hartshorn (1778-1809)

Marriage: 28 Jun 1832 Church Hollow, Chenango, New York

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Church

Birth: 29 Oct 1810 New York State

Death: 10 Aug 1888 Cedar, Knox Co., Illinois

Burial:  Humiston Cemetery, Knox Co., Illinois

Father: Henry Church

Their Children:

1 M: Cyrus John Humiston

Birth: 17 Sep 1833 Broome Co., New York

Death: 30 Nov 1902 Abingdon, Illinois

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann Weir

Marriage: 17 May 1856 Monmouth, Warren, Illinois

Divorce: 28 May 1884 Newton, Harvey, Kansas

Spouse: Ruth Ellen Morrison

Marriage: 21 Oct 1886 Abingdon, Knox Co., Illinois

2 F: Mary Elizabeth Humiston

Birth: 22 Feb 1835 Binghamton, Broome, New York

Death: 14 Feb 1905 Northfield, Minnesota

Spouse: William Marion Latimer

Marriage: 30 May 1855 Cherry Grove, Knox Co., Illinois

3 F: Helen M. (Ellen) Humiston

Birth: 1840 Broome County, New York

Death: 25 Jan 1920 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Spouse: John Little M.D.

Marriage: 7 Feb 1867 Henry Co., Illinois

4 F: Frances Malinda (Fanny) Humiston

Birth: 7 Apr 1839 Binghamton, Broome, New York

Death: 25 Oct 1872 Atchison, Kansas

Spouse: Edward Smith Wills

Marriage: 7 Jun 1856 Galesburg, Knox, Illinois

5 F: Joanna Humiston

Birth: 16 Jun 1841 Binghamton, Broome, New York

Death: 3 Sep 1904 Abingdon, Knox Co., Illinois

Spouse: Joseph F. Latimer

Marriage: 25 Nov 1872 Cedar, Knox Co., Illinois

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The family thinks that this might have been a wedding picture of

Cyrus and Elizabeth Weir Humistan 

     Cyrus John Humiston was born 17 Sep 1833 to Hartson Humiston and Mary Elizabeth Church in Broome County, New York. In 1850, his father moved the family to Knox County, Illinois to be near Cyrus’ grandfather Elisha Humiston. Cyrus was the only son, having four sisters, Mary, Helen, Fannie, and Joanna. Not much is known about his child hood, but being the first born and only son, he must have been given every opportunity that was possible.

On 17 May 1856, Monmouth, Warren, Illinois, Cyrus married Elizabeth Ann Weir, daughter of Elijah Weir and Mary Smith, originally of Belmont County, Ohio, to which 11 children were born. They were, Carrie Almira E., Mary Ellen, Cyrus Hartson, Joanna Josephine (Jode), Lucretia A., Edward Kennon, Henry Merton, Anna May, Frank S., Bertha, and William Weir. By 1860 the family is found in Floyd Twp., Warren, Illinois, living next door to Elijah.

Illinois,Warren, Floyd Twp Series: M653 Roll: 234 Page: 561 Dwelling 2552
Cyrus Hummison 25 day laborer value of real estate $140, value of personal property $40, born New York wife: Elizabeth A. 21 born Ohio
Children: Carry E. 3 born Illinois; Mary E. 8/12 born Illinois

     On August 10, 1861, Cyrus joined the Union Army to fight for what he thought was right.
Muster and Descriptive Roll of Company D, Seventh Cavalry, Regiment of Illinois Volunteers lists

Cyrus as follows:
Rank... Private
Ht......5 ft. 8 inches
Nativity …..New York
Joined for service and enrolled...August 10, 1861
Where......Orange, Illinois
By whom.....Capt. Woolsy
Period......3 years
Mustered into service....Camp Butler
When........Sept. 7, 1861
By whom...Capt. Pitcher
Residence....Cedar, Knox, Illinois

Discharged for disability...

Sept. 16, 1862 at Corinth, Mississippi

Sometime between 1860 and 1870, Elizabeth’s mother passed away, for she is not on the 1870 census. Elijah had moved to Knox County, Illinois. After Cyrus enlisted, Elizabeth moved in with her father and the family remained with him in Cedar Twp., Knox County, Illinois after Cyrus returned from the war.

1870 Illinois KNOX CEDAR TWP Series: M593 Roll: 240/Page: 1

1870 Census Cedar Twp., Knox County Post Office, Abingdon, Illinois June 7, 1870 House # 202

Weir, Elijah Head
of household age 58 male white farmer, born Ohio, value of real estate $700
Humiston, Elizabeth age 31 (daughter) keeps house born Ohio
Humiston, Cyrus age 36 (son-in-law)
works on farm, born New York, value of real estate $100, value of personal property $150
Humiston, Carrie E. age 13 (g.daughter) at home born Illinois
Humiston, Ellen, age 10 (g.daughter) at home born Illinois
Humiston, Hartson, age 8 (g.son) at home born Illinois
Humiston, Josephine age 6 (g.daughter) at home born Illinois
Humiston, Lucresia age 5 (g.daughter) at home born Illinois
Humiston, Edward K. age 1 (g.son) at home born Illinois

    Sometime between 1874 and 1878, the family moved to Newton, Harvey, Kansas. The 1880 census lists Elizabeth and 4 of the children.

1880 Census Place Newton, Harvey, Kansas:
E. HENNISTON Self M Female W 42 OH OH OH
Bertha HENNISTON Dau S Female W 4 IL NY OH

Source Information: Family History Library Film 1254382

NA Film Number T9-0382 Page Number 432C

     Cyrus had abandoned them by this time and Elizabeth was having a very hard time feeding her children. Carrie had married John Emory Potter in 1878, Mary Ellen had married George Albert Corson in 1878, and Hartson was living on a farm as a farm hand.

   1880 Highland, Harvey, Kansas
Harteson Humiston....born 1862 Illinois, age 18...Hired Hand, Day Laborer, Living in the C. Charles Williams household.

    Jode was still at home, as was Lou, Frank, and Bertha. Edward has not been found in the 1880 as yet, and Henry was living with a family in Meridian, Kansas.

    1880 Census Meridian, McPherson, Kansas.
Henry Humiston...born 1871 Illinois.age in the John P. Schneider family home.

    Anna May had been adopted by Mr.& Mrs. George D. McLean, George being a banker in Topeka, Kansas. Little Willie (William Weir) had died in July of 1879 at eleven months old. It is said that he starved to death.

Family stories passed down through generations, has Cyrus as a drifter and a loner. He would leave for months on end without a word and then return as if nothing had happened and expect Elizabeth to take him in as always. When applying for his Civil War pension, he was asked to name his children and where they were located. He failed to name them all and wasn’t sure about any of them. One wonders if his few months in the war made him mentally unstable.

    Elizabeth was literally working her fingers to the bone doing laundry to support her family.

Advertisement for laundry in the Newton, Kansas news:
Mrs. E. A. Humiston, of the East Seventh Street City Laundry, is again able to do laundry work as before. Persons who know of her work by past experience do not fail to pronounce it second to none other; clothes delivered to any part of the city free of charge. Leave your orders with W. H. Wagoner, at the city dray office in J. Benell's sewing machine depot.

    On 28 May 1884 in Newton, Harvey, Kansas, Elizabeth was given a divorce. Cyrus was not a resident of the state of Kansas and was not present for the hearing. She was granted custody of the children and the home in Newton at 324 East 7th St. Judgment was made against Cyrus for $30 for attorney fees. The divorce papers state that she "was granted the relief prayed for".

    Cyrus married again on 21 Oct 1886 to Ruth Ellen Morrison, daughter of Carey and Eliza Morrison of Knox County, Illinois. After about 5 months, Ruth passed away on 12 Mar 1887. As far as is known, Cyrus never married again and became somewhat of a hermit.

    On 24 Oct 1886, Hartson passed away at 24 years of age. It is said that he worked himself to death trying to help his mother feed and support his siblings.

    In 1900, Elizabeth is still in Newton, Harvey, Kansas with newly married daughter Bertha and husband living with her.

Hammistan E 61 F W OH KS HARVEY 1-
WD NEWTON 1900 1900  KANSAS  HARVEY  1-WD NEWTON Series: T623 Roll: 482 Page: 89 Dwelling # 124 324 East 7th
E. (Elizabeth) "Humiston", head, born Jan 1839 OH, age 61, widowed, mother of 3 children, 3 living (no. of children wrong), parents born OH, owns home free of mortgage

Bertha Kellar, daughter, born May 1876 IL, age 24, married 0 years, no children, father born NY, mother OH
Bert, son-in-law, born Aug 1874 KS, age 25, married 0 years, father born PA, mother IA, works restaurant

Elizabeth had bought her home at 324 East 7th St, Newton, Harvey, Kansas and had it paid for. For an unknown reason, she borrowed $250 on the property in 1904 but had it paid back in 1906.

By 1902, Cyrus being a lonely man, heavy drinker, and of mean temperament, was no longer able to cope with life and set the barn on fire with himself in it. The demons within his mind were finally set free. Obituary below in Obituary Section.

In 1909, Elizabeth was visiting her son Henry in Walsenburg, Huerfano, Colorado when she passed away. Henry brought her home on the train to Newton, Harvey, Kansas, met by brother Edward, where she was buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Little Willie, Edward, his wife Emma, Lucretia, Bertha, and Hartson are also buried there.


Following is the family of

Cyrus J. Humiston & Elizabeth A. Weir:

Name: Cyrus John Humiston

Birth: 17 Sep 1833 Broome Co., New York
Death: 30 Nov 1902 Abingdon, Illinois
Burial: 2 Dec 1902 Abingdon, Illinois, Humiston Cemetery
Father: Hartson Humiston (1805-1878)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Church (1815-1888)
Other Spouses: Ruth Ellen Morrison
Marriage: 17 May 1856 Manmouth, Warren, Illinois
Divorce: 28 May 1884 Newton, Harvey, Kansas

Spouse: Elizabeth Ann Weir

Birth: 2 Jan 1839 Ohio
Death: 13 Aug 1909 Walsenburg, Huerfano, Colorado
Burial: 16 Aug 1909
Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey, Kansas
Occupation: Did laundry in her home.
Father: Elijah Weir (abt. 1818 Ohio)
Mother: Mary Smith (1818-)


1 F: Carrie Almira E. Humiston
Birth: 8 Apr 1857 Galesburg, Knox, Illinois
Death: 14 Dec 1936 Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Burial: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Spouse: John Emory Potter
Marriage: 27 May 1878 Geneseo, Henry Co., Illinois
Spouse: George E. Holmes
Marriage: 11 Sep 1887 Whiteside County, Illinois

2 F: Mary Ellen Humiston
Birth: 7 Nov 1859
Death: 27 Feb 1924
Burial: Mt. Olive Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Spouse: George Albert Corson
Marriage: 23 Jan 1878 Knox Co., Illinois

3 M: Cyrus Hartson Humiston
Birth: 16 Mar 1862
Death: 25 Oct 1886 Newton, Harvey, Kansas
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey, Kansas

4 F: Joanna Josephine (Jode) Humiston
Birth: 11 Jan 1864 Decator, Macon, Illinois
Death: 17 Dec 1935 Fort Supply, Woodard, Oklahoma
Burial: Valley Center, Harvey, Kansas
Spouse: Wilbur Marly Thompson
Marriage: 31 Dec 1890 Newton, Harvey, Kansas

5 F: Lucretia A. (Lou) Humiston
Birth: 5 Dec 1865 Illinois
Death: 12 Dec 1947
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey, Kansas
Spouse: James G. Crawford
Marriage: 26 Apr 1883 Newton, Harvey, Kansas

6 M: Edward Kennon Humiston
Birth: 30 Jul 1868 Galesburg, Knox, Illinois
Death: 31 May 1949 Newton, Harvey, Kansas
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey, Kansas
Spouse: Florence Emma Carrier
Marriage: 26 Jan 1899 Newton, Harvey, Kansas

7 M: Henry Merton Humiston
Birth: 17 Feb 1871 Galesburg, Knox, Illinois
Death: 28 Dec 1935 Walsenburg, Huerfano, Colorado
Burial: Bayfield, La Plata, Colorado
Spouse: Lena H. Potter
Marriage: 19 Dec 1900 Pueblo, Pueblo, Colorado

8 F: Anna May Humiston (McLean)
Birth: 22 Nov 1872 Illinois
Death: 2 Mar 1933
Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri
Spouse: Frederick D. Wallace
Marriage: 4 Aug 1890 Newton, Harvey, Kansas

9 M: Frank S. Humiston
Birth: 16 Mar 1874 Galesburg, Knox, Illinois
Death: 17 Oct 1928 Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas
Burial: 19 Oct 1928 Eastside Cemetery, Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas
Spouse: Sallie Tilden (Sarah) Hickman
Marriage: 9 May 1901 Rice Co., Kansas

10 F: Bertha Humiston
Birth: 7 May 1876 Abingdon, Knox, Illinois
Death: 19 Feb 1915 Newton, Harvey, Kansas
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery Mausoleum, Newton, Kansas
Spouse: Albert E. Kellas
Marriage: 20 Feb 1900 Newton, Harvey, Kansas

11 M: William Weir Humiston
Birth: 2 Aug 1878
Death: Jul 1879 Newton, Harvey, Kansas
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Harvey, Kansas


Elisha Humiston & Family

1886 Portrait & Biographical Album

of Knox County, IL

also, found at the link above on this site.

Elisha Humiston (deceased) the gentleman whose name honors this brief review of a worthy life, was one among the earliest pioneers of Knox County, Illinois, having arrived in the State in 1834. He was born in Connecticut not long subsequent to the War of Independence. He was twice married, his first wife being Elizabeth Hartshorn. Two children, a son and a daughter, were born to the union, Hartson and Almira, both births occurring in Broome County, New York. The daughter married Mr. Gary Ruggles, a gentleman of prominence. While the country was still a wilderness, Mr. Humiston moved from Connecticut to Broome County, New York, and resided there until 1834, when he came to Knox County, Illinois, settling in this township.
     Having lost his first wife, he married Betsy Noble by whom he had four children, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Delia and Hobert. The last three were early associated with the history of Knox County. Hartson Humiston, who was born in Broome County, New York, April 3rd, 1805, was married in that place to Miss Mary Church, 28 June 1832, five children being the result of that union; Cyrus J., Mary E., Helen M., Francis M., and Joanna. The last named being the wife of Joseph F. Latimer, of Cedar Township, Knox County, Illinois.
     In 1846, Mr. H. Humiston emigrated with his family from New York to Knox County and immediately engaged in farming, with profit to himself and much satisfaction to those who had dealings with him, he continued in this occupation until his death, 6 July 1876. 

Family Group Sheet prepared by Phyllis Long

Name: Elisha Humiston

Birth: 5 Nov 1776 Litchfield, Connecticut

Death: 28 Nov 1851 Abingdon, Knox, Illinois

Burial:  Humiston Cemetery, Knox Co., Illinois

Father: Titus Humiston Sr. (1751-1819)

Mother: Beulah Batchelor (1755-1811)

Other Spouses: Elizabeth (Betsy) Noble

Spouse: Elizabeth Hartshorn

Birth: 2 Sep 1778 Plymouth, Litchfield, Connecticut

Death: 19 Apr 1809 Broome County, New York

Father: Eliphalet Hartshorn (1744-1831)

Mother: Rebeckah Worden (1750-)

 Their Children:

1 F: Almira Humiston

Birth:  abt 1803 Broome Co., New York

Death: 21 Sep 1855 New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut

Spouse: Garry Ruggles

2 M: Hartson Humiston

Birth: 3 Apr 1805 Broome Co., New York

Death: 16 Jul 1878 Knox Co., Illinois

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Church

Marriage: 28 Jun 1832 Church Hollow, Chenango, New York


Family Group Sheet prepared by Phyllis Long

Name: Elisha Humiston

Birth: 5 Nov 1776 Litchfield, Connecticut

Death: 28 Nov 1851 Abingdon, Knox, Illinois

Burial:  Humiston Cemetery, Knox Co., Illinois

Father: Titus Humiston Sr. (1751-1819)

Mother: Beulah Batchelor (1755-1811)

Other Spouses: Elizabeth (Betsy) Noble

Spouse: Elizabeth Hartshorn

Birth: 2 Sep 1778 Plymouth, Litchfield, Connecticut

Death: 19 Apr 1809 Broome County, New York

Father: Eliphalet Hartshorn (1744-1831)

Mother: Rebeckah Worden (1750-)

Their Children:

1 F: Almira Humiston

Birth:  abt 1803 Broome Co., New York

Death: 21 Sep 1855 New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut

Spouse: Garry Ruggles

2 M: Hartson Humiston

Birth: 3 Apr 1805 Broome Co., New York

Death: 16 Jul 1878 Knox Co., Illinois

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth Church

Marriage: 28 Jun 1832 Church Hollow, Chenango, New York

Last Modified: 21 May 2006 Created: 21 May 2006 by Phyllis Long

Family Group Sheet prepared by Phyllis Long

Name: Elisha Humiston

Second Family ~~

Birth: 5 Nov 1776 Litchfield, Connecticut

Death: 28 Nov 1851 Abingdon, Knox, Illinois

Burial:  Humiston Cemetery, Knox Co., Illinois

Father: Titus Humiston Sr. (1751-1819)

Mother: Beulah Batchelor (1755-1811)

Other Spouses: Elizabeth Hartshorn

Marriage: 28 Sep 1809

Spouse: Elizabeth (Betsy) Noble

Birth: 11 Feb 1778 Suffield, Connecticut

Death: 8 Sep 1865 Waupaca, Waupaca, Wisconsin

Burial:  Lakeside Memorial Park Cemetery, Waupaca, Wisconsin

Father: Captain Nathan Noble (1747-1820)

Mother: Phoebe Austin (1752-1810)

 Their Children:

1 F: Elizabeth Hartson Humiston

Birth: 10 Nov 1810 Broome County, New York

Death: 30 May 1831 Colesville, Broome, New York

2 F: Phoebe Austin Humiston

Birth: 22 Mar 1813 Broome County, New York

Death: 25 Nov 1842 Cherry Grove, Knox Co., Illinois

3 M: Henry Hobart Humiston

Birth: 21 Sep 1815 Broome County, New York

Death: 23 Mar 1872 Waupaca, Waupaca, Wisconsin

Spouse: Lavina Mason

Marriage: 3 Jul 1843

Spouse: Lydia (Lidia) Minerva Belden

Marriage: 13 Feb 1856

4 F: Delia Conant Humiston

Birth: 9 May 1820 Broome County, New York

Death: 17 Jun 1843 Cherry Grove, Knox Co., Illinois

Last Modified: 21 May 2006  Created: 21 May 2006 by Phyllis Long


Obituary Section


The Galesburg Republican
William Marion died at Elgin, Illinois Insane Hospital, Saturday, December 27, 1873, aged 41 years.  He spent the majority of his life in and around Abingdon.  His body was brought here to Abingdon, Thursday for entombment.  The service was at Methodist Episcopal church of which he was a member. Rev. S. W. Brown of Galesburg assisted by Rev. A. J. Jones of this place. 

 The Daily Register, Page 1, Wednesday,  February 15, 1905
Mother of Captain Latimer Passes Away
For Years a Resident of Abingdon
Word was received this morning by Captain F. W. Latimer of this city that his mother had passed peacefully away at 6 o'clock Tuesday evening at Northfield, Minn.  The cause of the death was a gradual decline after an illness contracted twenty-five years ago and from which she had been a sufferer ever since, being unable to walk without assistance. Mrs. Latimer was born in Binghamton, N.Y., in 1835, and would have been 70 years of age had she lived until the 22nd of February. Her name was Mary E. Humiston, and her early childhood and womanhood was spent on the home place four miles north of Abingdon, where her parents settled when coming to this country in 1844.  Here she married in 1855 to William M. Latimer, who died in 1872. Before her marriage Mrs. Latimer was enrolled in the classes of Knox college, but was unable to complete her course. Since the death of her husband she has resided with her children, for the last three years being with Mrs. Gray of Northfield, Minn. She united with the Methodist church of Abingdon when a young woman and has never severed the allegiance of her early years. She is  survived of her immediate family be a single sister, Mrs. Helen Little, of Chicago, mother of the famous war correspondent and press man, Richard Little, of the same city, and three children, James W. Latimer, of Chicago, Mrs. Mary E. Gray of Northfield, Minn., and Captain F. W. Latimer of this city.   The funeral services will be held at the home of Mrs. Emily Chesney of Abingdon, an aunt of the children. The time will be 3 o'clock on Thursday.  Interment will be in Cherry Grove Cemetery.

Galesburg Evening Mail, July 18, 1920, Abingdon
 Joseph F. Latimer
     Joseph Franklin Latimer was born in Cedar Township, Knox Co., Illinois, April 15, 1840, the fourth son of Jonathon and Nancy West Latimer. His ancestors left England and settled in New London, Conn., in the year 1630. His great grandfather, Jonathon Latimer was Colonel of the seventh Connecticut regiment during the Revolutionary war and several of his sons served under his command. His mother, whose maiden name was West was the daughter of Jacob and Barsheba Polk West, natives of North Carolina. Jacob West was a soldier in the War of 1812, under General Jackson, and his wife was a cousin of President James K. Polk.
     Jonathon Latimer, the father of Joseph F. moved from Tennessee, first to Sangamon County, Ill., in 1835 and then in Section M. in Cedar Township, where Joseph F. Latimer was born. As a boy he attended the district school and worked on his father's farm in the summer, until his entrance in Knox college in the fall of 1861.
     In the spring of 1863, he enlisted in the 73rd regiment of Illinois Volunteers but was not mustered in on account of a severe attack of lung fever. In 1864, he was granted leave of absence by his college, and with two of his classmates organized a company for the 137th Reg., Ill. Volunteers in which regiment he was commissioned second lieutenant and served until October, when he was mustered out of the service. He was graduated from Knox college, in the class of 1864, returning to Cedar township after the war. He was elected in 1865 as Principal of Cherry Grove Seminary, which position he held for two years and until his election to the Professorship of National Science at Lincoln University, this state. Failing eyesight forced him to resign this position at the end of a year's work, and he then returned to Cedar Township and devoted his time to the care of his farm, and the raising of fine livestock. On November 25, 1872, he was married to Joanna Humiston. Two children were born to this union, Mrs. Latimer departed this life September 3, 1914.
     In politics, Mr. Latimer was a Republican and an ardent admirer of Lincoln. But placing country above party he always voted national issues as his conscious dictated. In years 1870 to 1872 he was a member of the 27th Illinois General Assembly, and four years later was again chosen to the Legislature, serving two terms. In the 30th and 31st assemblies he filled the important chairmanship of the committee on township and county organization, discharging the duties of that position in a manner that gave him creditable and state wide recognition. Among other offices - Commander of Post 80, G.A.R., Mayor of Abingdon, school treasure of Cedar township for thirty-nine years, director and vice president of the First National Bank, President of Agriculture Society for 10 years, and for two years chairman of the board of supervisors, president of Illinois Jersey Cattle Club, president of Old Settler's Association. As a breeder of Jersey cattle he was known throughout the United States, and his herd was uniformly successful in state and national competition. Early in life he joined the Cumberland Presbyterian church and was one of the principal movers in changing that organization with the present Congregational church of Abingdon, taking an active part as an officer of the church and being Supt. of the Sunday School a member of years, and always maintaining his interest in the church and of all for which the church stood.
    He was also a member of Abingdon Lodge 184, I. O. O. F and a member of Illinois society of the Sons of the American Revolution. As a man and neighbor he was loved, honored and respected for his lofty ideas of true, noble and uprightness. Very few men of this neighborhood loved books more than he did, or read as much and along such various lines as he. And with it all he was approachable by any one and of any social station in life.
     At the beginning of this year he sold his beautiful country house just out of Abingdon and moved to town to be as he said - nearer to his church and to other interests of his declining years.
     Since March, he was practically an invalid, but on July 3rd, had seemingly regained sufficient strength and attended commemoration of our national Natal day, with his beloved comrade of the G. A. R. in their hall in the city building and again on the 5th, he was one of a large member of friends at a picnic given on his former farm and seemed to enjoy it to the fullest. But when his pastor called on him, just a week ago, he found him in bed, not well at all. And yet although his friends had knowledge of the fact that his ailment was a heart disease, his end came as a shock, when it was said that on Wednesday afternoon, July 13, at 3:30 o'clock Uncle Joe Latimer had passed away.
     With him at the time of his departure was his faithful and much beloved housekeeper, Miss Watson and his only daughter, Mrs. Lillian H. Shaufelberger of California, who with the son, Mr. Guy Latimer of Chicago, two brothers, two grandchildren and more distant relatives and a large host of friends will miss him in days to come.
     Funeral services were held from the Congregational church at 2:30 o'clock, Sunday afternoon in charge of Rev. H. R. Booch, who paid a high tribute to the life of the deceased and brought a message of comfort to the family and friends. The song service was very sweetly rendered by a quartet composed of Miss Olive Harris, Mrs. Clyde Hickson, Edwin Crumbaker and Carl Johnson with Mrs. J. M. Shipplett at the organ.
     The floral emblems were profuse and very beautiful, were in charge of Mrs. C. E. Downs, Mrs. A. E. Werts, Mrs. F. J. Graves and Miss Winifred Miller. The casket bearers were Glenn Dunlap, W. J. Dunlap, H. R. Crouch, R. P. Baird. W. B. Dunlap and Orion Latimer. Interment was made in the Cherry Grove Cemetery.
The members of the Post 80, G. A. R. and members of I. O. O. F. attended the funeral in a body.
I don't have one for Joanna, wife of Joseph Latimer, nor Elisha, Hartson and wife Mary.
This is what I have for notes on Cyrus:  I know you have one of these articles on Cyrus when he died, but I forgot just which one it is.

Galesburg Evening-Mail Monday, December 1,1902 Page 1 

Coroner's Jury Finds That Death

Came About Through Suicidal Latest -

 Inquest Held Today.

Cyrus Humiston, an aged farmer living alone on a farm in Brush Creek, eight miles southeast of Galesburg, met a horrible death last night by being burned almost beyond recognition in a fire which consumed his barn and which was thought by the coroner's jury called on the case today to have been set with suicidal intent. The coroner, Dr. G. S. Chalmers, was notified of the terrible accident early this morning, and he left at once for the scene, where he held an inquest over the remains. The body was taken in charge of by Undertaker W. C. Hall of Abingdon after the inquest. Before the inquest Coroner Chalmers found in a coat pocket of the man a paper containing a list of his belongings and also instructions that his debts be paid when he was dead. The coat was found in the small house in which he lived by himself for the past eight years. George W. Horton, the owner of the farm, who lived only a short distance from where the man died, was the principal witness at the inquest. He said that he saw the fire about 9:30 o'clock last night and went over to the place. He found the house locked and supposed that Humiston had gone to some of the neighbors. It was too late to save the barn and it was with difficulty that the timber was prevented from burning. No trace of the man was found until this morning, when some of the neighbors went to the place to see the result of the fire and made the grewsome find. The body was burned to a crisp and was totally unrecognizable. Mr. Horton stated that the man had been a hard drinker for years, though for some time he had been trying to overcome the habit. Lately he had been acting rather queerly and he always has been of a morose temperament. Those serving on the jury were: L.D. Cortelyou, J. Baril, Thos. J. Ryan, John Courson, W.F. Quinn and George W. Horton. They came to the verdict that he met his death in a fire which was set by himself with suicidal intent. Humiston was a man 60 years of age and had a wife and children, though he had not been living with his wife or family for some time. He had been a miner for a number of years before going to farming and is said to be an old soldier. No arrangements have yet been made for the funeral.


 Galesburg Evening-Mail Tuesday, December 2,1902 Page 1

No New Facts Developed Concerning Unfortunate Man's Death.

  Brief funeral services were held this morning over the remains of the unfortunate Cyrus J. Humiston, who was burned to death in his barn on Sunday evening at Brush Creek. The remains were taken at 10 o'clock to the Humiston cemetery north of Abingdon, and the only services were held there. This burying ground was laid out by his father many years ago. Coroner G. B. Chalmers returned to Galesburg last evening after the inquest and said that no new facts had been brought out regarding the man's death. There were only three witnesses at the hearing, Mr. and Mrs. George Horton and L.D. Cortelyou, neighbors of the deceased. The exact facts in the case will never be known, but supposition seems to be that it was a case of suicide while the man was in a despondent mood. Humiston was an uncle of Capt. F. W. Latimer and a brother of Mr. Latimer's mother, who live in Abingdon. The affair is greatly regretted around Abingdon, and the lonely life the man lived is given as one of the chief causes for his rash act.


Same Paper Abingdon Section Page 14 -------- Silas Humiston, who lived alone in the country about five miles northeast of here, met an awful death on Sunday evening, being burned to death in the barn on the place where he lived. His remains were brought to W.C. Hall's undertaking rooms Monday morning, where an inquest was held. The cause of the fire is not known to a certainty, but is supposed to have been set afire by himself, as a note was found in the house stating the circumstances he was in and what to do with his property. Mr. Cortelyou of this place was the first one to find him, as he was going to his farm near there and stopped to examine the remains. Further search discovered his watch and some money. Help was called in and the body was brought to this city. 

Mrs. E. A. Humiston:
Published in the Newton Evening Kansan-Republican,Newton,
Harvey County, Kansas,
Saturday, August 14, 1909, Vol. XXXI, No. 201, Page 5.

Ashton Morgan just received a letter from Edward Humiston that his mother, Mrs. E. A. Humiston, one of the early settlers of Newton, had died at the home of her son Henry Humiston, in Walsenburg, Colorado. The funeral service will be held at the home of Edward Humiston, 124 East 4th street. The body will arrive in Newton sometime Sunday morning. The hour of the funeral is indefinite.

Newton Evening Kansas Republican; Aug. 21, 1909
    ELIZABETH ANNA WEIR, was born in Ohio, January 2, 1839. She was married to Cyrus Humiston to which union eleven children were born. Nine survive, one having died in infancy and the other after reaching manhood. Mrs. Ella Corson and Mrs. Carrie Holmes of Chicago, Illinois, Mrs. Lue Crawford of Wellington, Kansas, Mrs. Wilber Thompson of Lyons, Kansas, Mrs. May Wallace of St. Joe, Mo., Mrs. Bertha Kellas of Canadian, Texas, Mr. Frank Humiston of Sterling, Kansas, Mr. Edward Humiston of this city, and Mr. Henry Humiston of Walsenberg, Colorado at whose home she died, August 13, at 4 o'clock in the morning. Mrs. Humiston was one of the pioneers of Newton. She came here in 1878 and has lived here continuously except a few months spent in visiting. She was a kind indulgent mother and many friends join with the family in their sorrow over their loss. The funeral services conducted by Rev. W. W. Burns, were held at the home of her son on East Fourth street, Monday morning, August 16, 1909.

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