Junk Cemetery

Junk Cemetery is located in the NW

corner of section 2, Henderson Township.

Or is It??? That is the question.

Email me if you have any information on any of these people. I am in the process of looking into what happened to this cemetery. 

Read on:

Surname Name/Wife's maiden Birth Death other information
Robertson Alexander

February 26, 1848 AE 48 yr
Robertson Narcissa Ferguson

Aug 27, 1865 AE 47 yr
Hale Elizabeth

September 03, 1884 AE 12yr 10m
Junk Alexander Robertson 1858 1924  
Junk Job 1827 1912  
Junk Elizabeth 1837 1924  
Westfall Sarah Vorus Robertson

August 27, 1865 AE 47yr wife of Ebenezer Westfall & former wife of A. Robertson
Westfall Lora

  AE 13yrs daughter of Sarah & E. Westfall
Westfall Stephan A.

October 27, 1860 AE 11yr

My research into the Junk Cemetery. 

  It says in John Junk's biography that Alexander Robertson was a veteran of the Black Hawk War.   It also states that Alexander Robertson Junk is his son.  John Junk married Elizabeth Robertson, was born in Henderson Township December 14, 1837,  daughter of Alexander and Narcissa Ferguson Robertson on November 22, 1855.  John & Elizabeth had two sons Stephen D. (deceased), and Alexander R.. Stephen D. was deceased at the writing of the John Junk's biography in 1899. Alexander Robertson Junk did not marry and died at tat the age of 65yrs 4m 29days.  He died March 31st, 1924 and was born on November 22, 1858.  He died of cancer of the Esophagus and the contributing factor was starvation.  He was buried in the Junk Cemetery on April  02, 1924. Alexander Robertson died February 28, 1848 and was the brother to David Robertson. The two brother's came to Henderson Township in February 1828. I have the death certificate for this gentleman if anyone is interested in it they may email me.

It is also stated in John Junk's biography, which is online on this web site, John Junk’s paternal grandparents were John Junk of New Jersey, and Sarah (Preston) Junk of Pennsylvania; his maternal grandparents were Benjamin Lincoln, who was born near Baltimore, and was a second cousin of Abraham Lincoln; and Elizabeth (Bates) Lincoln.  Where or where is John and Elizabeth buried?

  When out looking for this cemetery  a couple of years ago; we stopped at several houses and I asked about it and it's location.  I was told a man (not naming him) had come and taken the tombstones to the Henderson Cemetery, that he had filed some thing with at the Knox County courthouse, but he hadn't moved the bodies.  That's the part of it I dislike.  I know now it will be easier to pay tribute to the ones who were buried here at the Junk Cemetery if they are easily accessible. But I don't agree with not moving the bodies and having them lying out in the middle of a cornfield.  The idea makes me ill.  We proceeded to the Henderson Cemetery to look for the tombstones but at the time the tombstones we or rather I didn't determine if they were there or not.  In the tombstone listings at the library in Galesburg, IL, the Knox County Genealogical Society that read the tombstones in starting in 1972 there are no tombstones listed in the book with the surname of Junk.  I find this surprising as there was a pretty big family here that helped to settle the county and lived in Henderson and Rio Twp in Knox County, IL. Also, I looked for a probate or will in that particular book and didn't find that either.  I find that puzzling as they were large land holders in both Rio and Henderson Twp. I was emailed by a fellow researcher who was out looking for the cemetery.  She was in the same vicinity as I and another person who was with me and my daughter as the said time and she thinks she saw tombstones out somewhere.  I'm not sure where  but am looking into this matter as I think I should of before.  Got me curious as to what happened to the Junk's and their final resting places in Knox County, IL.  So, I will leave my listings here for the Junk Cemetery because I also feel there should be more people buried in this Cemetery.  What happened to all the Junks and their descendants.  Thomas and wife, Maria Kilgore,  and some children are buried in the Henderson Cemetery.  If you have any information on any of these people feel free to email me as I would gladly love to hear from you.  Some of the Pioneers of Knox County are not being treated with respect as I see it.  I will let you know what I find out.  At the courthouse they gave me a number to call to see if anything was filed about the moving of the tombstones.  Have a great and wonderful day.


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