Kightlinger Cemetery

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Kate, my daughter, Racheal, my dog, and her daughter, Ophelia Phenwick visited the Kightlinger Cemetery

on March 11, 2006 and I took photos as Kate checked the cemetery listings. Our Dogs roamed around

and barked the whole time.  You can also see where there were tombstones but none there today.  If you would

like to contribute any information on the people buried here or have newer photos of the tombstones feel free to

Feed my doggie emails he'll love you....

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Cemetery Sign up the hill

Cemetery Sign along Road

Cemetery Sign up the hill

Knox county Rd #18

coming from IL State Rte #150

In front of my car after

we pulled in & stopped. The

Gate was open. You walk up the Hill.

Knox County Rd #18

heading into Yates City

Looking back up the hill.

Racheal, my 15yr ole dog,

making her way down.


Different views of the cemetery. one on far left just as we got up the hill.

One are far right just inside the gate


Kightlinger Cemetery, Elba Twp., Knox County, IL


   I have tombstones photos from Kightlinger  Cemetery.  If you are interested email me.  While I have made every effort possible with information gathered by me;   would you like to add  any corrects, additions, help or omissions are greatly appreciated.    Feel free to Thank you.

The Kightlinger Cemetery is located on County Road !8 in the North West Quarter of Section 27, in Elba Township, Knox County, Illinois. County road #18 goes from IL state Route 150 and goes into Yates City.  As you are traveling along the road and just around a curve and to the left and up on a hill you see a nice piece of ground where this cemetery resides.`

We read and wrote down the names of these people:

BAIRD ---- 1876 7/11/1890 ae 14y, dau of J. O. Baird, no stone, died in Elba Twp.
BALCH J. Edgar March 1846 5/5/1866 ae 20y 1m 2d, Pvt, Army Co H 102 IL Inf, military stone (8/10/1862-6/6/1865)/ son of Sam A. Balch
BENGSTEN Nellie ---- 10/18/1881 (no stone)
BOWHAN Frank ---- 1881 (no stone)
BOWHAY Charlotte 1866 11/1/1866 ae 10m 25d, dau of J.&E Bowhay
BOWHAY Rachel 1865 10/21/1866 ae 1y 1m 2d, dau of G.W.& MGS
BOYES Robert ---- 7/17/1873 ae 76y 5m
BOYES Frances ---- 9/29/1885 ae 85y 3m 15d, beloved wife of Robert
BYE Charles W. Jan 1866 2/28/1866 ae 1m 17d
BYE Marion E. ---- 5/18/1883 ae 6y 9m 11d, son of E.& MM
CALAHAN James ---- 1886  
CALAHAN ---- ---- 1882  
CALLAHAN Earl R. ---- 7/5/1881 ae 4m 10d, son of M. R.& Jennie
CALLAHAN Jennie ---- 4/15/1881 ae 21y 10m 12d, wife of M. R. Callahan
CLESSON Mehepsabeth ---- 1889 ??her death certificate says Family Cemetery. Should be in the Clesson Family Cemetery. ???
CONDREAY Abel P. 1824 1/1/1869 ae 44y 9m 2d
CONDREAY James W. 12/25/1825 9/27/1876 ae 51yrs
CONDREAY Mary D. 1/20/1828 2/20/1894 ae 66 yrs, wife of James W.
CONDREAY Lucy I. 122/21/1868 8/4/1889 ae 21yrs, dau of James W.& MaryD.
CONDREAY Robert P. ---- 2/24/1898 ae 43y 6m 25d
CURTIS Archie Linn 4/25/1870 9/20/1870 ae 4m 27d, son of JB& JF
DOUGLAS Alice L. Hurlbutt ---- 2/10/1882 ae 29y 10m 28d, wife of J.C.Douglas
DOYLE Michael ---- ---- Pvt. Army Co C 89th IL Inf, Military Stone
DRAGOO Infant daughter 12/11/1899 12/11/1899 dau of Ulysis Grant & Loretta Elizabeth Rambo Dragoo
DUCKWORTH William E. ---- 4/16/1871 ae 2m 8d, son of P.& LA
EASTMAN Charles P.W. ---- 9/30/1879 ae 64y 10m 20d
EASTMAN Mary A. ---- 1/12/1890 ae 61y 2m 24d, Wife of Charles
FARWELL John Arthur ---- 1889  
GAVANEE Dollie Truitt 1856 1924 ae 68yrs, wife of W.M.Gavanee
HELLER George ---- 5/12/1882 ae 70y 1m 11d, born in Lancaster Co, PA
HELLER Margaret Gelwickes 1/25/1810 ---- born in Franklin Co, PA, Wife of George --- These two are on the same tombstone.
HURLBUTT Asa 5/23/1800 4/2/1862 ae 59 yrs
HURLBUTT Mary Jones 5/2/1808 7/15/1856 ae 48 yrs, wife of Asa
HURLBUTT Caroline H. 2/20/1841 4/17/1858 ae 19 yrs
HURLBUTT Henry 9/26/1845 5/15/1886 ae 40 yrs
HURLBUTT Laura E. 5/24/1849 6/8/1880 ae 31 yrs
HURLBUTT Mary Ann 5/26/1836 6/15/1856 ae 20 yrs
HURLBUTT John 11/26/1837 5/10/1857 ae 19 yrs
HURLBUTT Charles N. 5/30/1832 2/22/1861 ae 19 yrs
HURLBUTT Alice L. 3/12/1852 2/10/1882 (2 stones, also as Douglas, wife of J.C.)
HURLBUTT George S. 9/14/1855 2/14/1884 ae 28 yrs
KIGHTLINGER Inez E. ---- 12/28/1879 ae 3y 11m --, dau of LC&LE
KIGHTLINGER Ollie ---- 3/10/1876 ae 1m 12d, dau of LC&LE
KIGHTLINGER Ernest L. 1877 1944 ae 67 yrs
KIGHTLINGER Margaret Peck ---- 7/2/1880 ae 30y 8m 12d, wife of T. J. Kightlinger
KIGHTLINGER Charlie ---- 3/5/1871 ae 1y 3m 18d, son of AR&PC
KIGHTLINGER James A. ---- 1/26/1853 ae 16y 7m 7d, son of J&MA
KIGHTLINGER B.B. ---- 7/17/1872 ae 42y 10m
LAURENCE Alma O. ---- 12/23/1862 ae 8y 7m 5d, dau of M.&S.A.
LEE Alfred ---- 9/31/1875 ae 1y 6m 23d, son of E.& L.
LEE Phillipp S. ---- 9/6/1875 ae 4y 7m 8d, son of E.& L.
MARRIMAN Matilda A. ---- 4/18/1857 ae 2m 8d, dau of J.& B. Marriman
MARSH Harry E. ---- 1879  
PAINTER William ---- Aug 1895 ae 61yrs
PECK Margaret Mar 1805 5/10/1867 ae 62 yrs, wife of H. Peck
POTTERFIELD Isrial ---- 12/15/1883  
POTTS Jessie M. ---- 12/30/1877 ae 7y 2m 16d, dau of HH&JE Potts
PRUITT Catherine ---- 1886  
ROATH Mary Ann Thurman ---- 2/21/1863 ae 19y 11m 4d, wife of R.C. Roath, dau of  Allen & Elizabeth Thurman
THURMAN Elsa Bales ---- ---- wife of John Allen Thurman
THURMAN John Allen ---- 9/14/1865 ae 85y 6m 1d
THURMAN L. A. ---- ----  
THURMAN Allen 1820 4/23/1923  
THURMAN Elizabeth Truitt 1818 2/11/1874 wife of Allen Thurman
THURMAN Martha Ellen 4/21/1879 2/29/1880 ae 10m 7d, dau of John Allen & Rebecca Condreay Thurman
THURMAN Rena 1887 1888 dau of Wm.& Sevilla Kay Thurman, sister of Irene Thurman (no stone)
TRUITT Rebecca A. Thurman ---- 3/11/1891 ae 73yrs, wife of Littleton Truitt "Our dear Mother has entered the Valley And passed from out of sight always, Our hearts are sad and weary, And our home is lonely to-day"
WHEELER Cynthia Walker ---- May 1881 wife of Moses Wheeler
WHEELER Moses ---- 7/1/1887 ae 77 yrs  found no tombstone

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There are 121 photos. 

A few are views of the cemetery and many of them are in black & white.




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