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Bruner Grave Yard, Rio Township, Knox Co., IL


The stone is pictured above.

In Memoriam
1763 Adam Bruner 1846
1761 Peter Bruner 1850
Soldiers of Revolutionary War
J. K. Dickerson, Co A 65th Ill Inf
Hanson Blake, Co B 102nd Ill Inf
Michael Young, Co E. 102nd Ill Inf
Solders in the Civil War
whose graves lie in the cemetery to the south.
Erected by Knox County...1915
The Bruner's are buried in the Bruner Cemetery that is located directly behind this stone, you have to walk to it. It's back in a field.

Knox County, Illinois, Rio Township, NW 1/4 Sec. 25
Deed Book 218 Filed for record Jan 18,1915

     The grantors, Wesley Bruner, single; Isaac Bruner and Mary A. Bruner, his wife; alter
Bruner and Ella Bruner, his wife; Sarah Bruner Strubel, widow; for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar and the covenants hereinafter set forth, do hereby convey and quit claim unto the County of Knox of the State of Illinois all our right, title, and interest in and to the following described real estate, to wit:

     One acre, more or less, located in the southwest corner of the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Section twenty-five in Township thirteen, Range one in Knox County, Illinois. Said parcel of ground being now fenced and known as the old 'Bruner Grave Yard" said granters, Wesley Bruner, Isaac Bruner, Walter Bruner, and Sarah Bruner Strubel being heirs of their deceased father, Elijah Bruner; and said plot of ground containing the remains of more than one hundred and fifth persons, among which is the remains of Peter Bruner who was a solider in the Revolutionary War; also the remains of Michael Young and of James Dickerson, who were soldiers in the Civil War of 1861-1865, and the last burial in said plot being that of Elijah Bruner in the year 1877; and the said Knox County., Illinois grantee hereby covenants and agrees by the acceptance of this conveyance and in consideration thereof to hold and use and maintain said tract described as such grave yard and for said purpose, forever.

In Witness Whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names and same is dated this sixth day of January A.D. 1915. Sealed and delivered in presence of:
Wesley Bruner, Isaac Bruner, Mary A. Bruner, Walter Bruner, Ella Bruner, Mrs. Sarah Bruner Strubel

The Knox County Board of Supervisors appropriated funds for a suitable monument for the heroes buried in the Bruner Graveyard in 1915, with a brass cannon; later a flag pole was erected.

     When interstate #74 was built, 1/4 miles east of the cemetery, the East and West road North of the Cemetery was closed, Knox County moved the big Cannon, flagpole, & monument to the North South Road, 1/4 miles west of the cemetery, on the lawn edge of the Elijah Bruner home; now Richard Billey farm. The cemetery is located and can be seen looking directly east of the monument.

Wesley Bruner took care of the cemetery all of his life.

Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Comments / Inscriptions
Youngs Sarah   Sept 12, 1861 wife of D. AE 44yr 16d
Youngs Elijah   Sept 12, 1861 son of Sarah & D. AE 1yr 8m 6da
As in Adam all died & so in Christ shall be made a life
Bruner Harrison   March 25, 1844 AE 22yr 6m 25da
Young Michael     Co F 65 Rgt. Ill Vol.
French James M.   June 02, 1853 AE 6yrs  son of J C & S
Dickerson James K.   May 20, 1862 Co A 65 Rgt Ill Vol  

AE 18yrs 2m

Badger Leonard M.   Oct 28, 1863 son of F & Ee

AE 11m 2d

Blake Hanson     Co B 102 Ill Inf
Blake Mary   Mar 15, 1847 AE 21yr 2m 23d

wife of A D

Daugherty Malinda

Children of

J. & C

Mar 20, 1847 AE 22yr 5m 23da
Daugherty Nancy A Aug 28, 1847 AE 3yr 8m 3d
Daugherty Angeline Aug 01, 1862 AE 1yr 6m 2d
Daugherty A. W. son of W & M J Aug 26, 1860 AE 1yr 3m 2d
Daugherty Elizabeth   June 01, 1853 AE about 60yrs ~
Button William Mar 07, 1833 Nov 06, 1857  
French Susanna   Jan 09, 1859 AE 30yr 6, 24d

wife of J. C.

Bruner Elizabeth Rice   Feb 26, 1842 AE 76yr 1m ~ Wife of Adam

w/newer stone marked 1765-1842

Bruner Adam   Oct 19, 1846 AE 83yr 5m 11da

w/new stone: Rev. Soldier Lancaster Co., Pa.

Bruner Peter   July 1850 AE 89yr

w/New stone: Rev. Soldier Lancaster, Pa.

Bruner Elizabeth   Mar 20, 1858 AE 56yr 11m 25d ~ wife of Michael

w/new stone: 1797-1858 wife of Michael Bruner

Burner Michael   July 30, 1870 AE 84yr 11m 25d
Dowell Walter B.

Children of

J & C

on each children's stone

Blessed are the dead

Which die in the Lord

Sept 17, 1859 AE 1m 16d
Dowell Louisa Aug 26, 1853 AE 5m
Dowell Delilah E. Oct 18, 1854 AE 13yr 1m 24d
Dowell Mary Oct 18, 1851 AE 9days
Dowell Hester Ann July 06, 1855 AE 15yr 3m 23da
Dowell Harrison Aug 22, 1856 AE 1m 12da
Dowell James Sept 29, 1857 AE 2m
Dowell Eliza Nov 22, 1860 AE 1m 9d
Trueblood Otis C.   Sept 16, 1864 AE 2m ~ son of C L & M E
Anderson Nathaniel   Sept 16, 1864 AE 2m ~ son of G F & M E
There was a flower & to us was given

To bud on earth & bloom in heaven

Bruner Wesley 1851 1922

old wooden marker burnt off new stone in 1962

Bruner Mary   .Sept 09, 1853 AE 26y 4m 27d ~ Wife of Elijah
Bruner Rachel D Aug 19, 1853 Oct 02, 1853 Daughter of Mary & Elijah
Bruner Elijah Sept 28, 1825 Nov 29, 1877  
Bruner Margaret   Oct 24, 1872 AE 44yr 7m ~ Wife of Elijah

Bruner, Mrs. Elijah, section 25, Rio township. Post-office, Rio.; 1878 History of Knox County.

Bruner Joanna A.   May 07, 1873 AE 10yr 4m 27d  ~ dau of E & M
Bruner Martha   Sept 30, 1872 AE 15yr 5m 25da ~ dau of E & M
Trout Sarah C.   Oct 07, 1857 AE 10yr 5m 23d ~ dau of D & H
Jones William D.   Aug 20, 1866 AE 9m 10d


 This is the only photo I have right now of the cemetery.  As you have to walk to the cemetery quite far....

thanks for your patience.


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