Pictured above are my two little helpers in the Hope Cemetery, Galesburg Twp., Knox Co., IL.  Above them on the Ark it says: "The Dead shall Rise"


          Here is a listing of all known cemeteries in the Knox County area in the prospective townships.  When I have more time will put better directions to the cemeteries and also will be making a blogg to upload maps to the cemeteries.  I have listings of all the Knox burials for most of these Cemeteries.  "Now only need to get complete copies of  Memorial Park Cemetery, East Linwood, Williamsfield, & Oak Lawn Cemetery.  Otherwise I have all the listings of the known burials in the Knox County Illinois Cemeteries.""

If you would like to add a cemetery to this list or would like to add any information, corrections, additions,  or suggestions, please email I am always open for new information on any cemetery.  I've been to quite a few and plan on going to quite a few more. Any help in this project and the Savings Graves project would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!!

 Always a work in progress....

Please note from here on out all cemeteries in Knox County will be listed as their original Names.

I see no reason to list them as the names that other folks put on them later on down through the years. There are other people out there other than myself who have done research on the history of the some of the cemeteries and I thank them very much for all their hard work. As if not before us, there might not be anything here left for us to find in some of these cemeteries.

"You have my deepest gratitude and my kindly thanks with my heartfelt best wishes; for a job well-done!"

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Merris Cemetery, Scott Co., IL  submitted by Kathy Merris Mills

Township Maps of Knox Co

directions to cemeteries on maps.

Military Burials in Knox County

Sage Cemetery has been relocated to it's rightful place


Cemetery  Name

Location /Description/Directions

10 N, Range 1 E,




cemetery listings...


Just NW of Abingdon


AS OF 08/04/2005

only place to have it online...

July 04, 2005

Brush Creek

NE quarter of Sec 12

Cherry Grove updated

SE quarter of Sec 17

Takes 14m dwld ovr slow net connect


since May 2006 new updates, family info page, & now June 11, 2006-- tombstone photos w/more to come. Thanks!

Section 17



Listings & photos together...

NW 1/4 of Sec 4


SW corner of Section 2

Hermon Christian

Sept. 24, 2005 uploaded

photos will follow when get them named.

SW 1/4 Sec 18

Hermon Methodist~ will be full listings & all tombstones when finished.

Sept. 24, 2005 uploaded-photo gall added July 24, 2007

" October 2007--- Four more Photo Galleries added plus- Cemetery listings being updated. "

SW 1/4 Sec 18

on Knox Co Road #8 as you heading south towards Hermon. or off Illinois state Hwy. #116 turning south & go through the hamlet of Hermon. South west of Abingdon, south of Knoxville, IL, & Delong.


NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 Sec 31

Township Maps of Knox Co

directions to cemeteries on maps.


July 14, 2005


SE section 24
Smith 2 miles south of Victoria Hwy. #15 right hand side of the road.
Headland Has been completely destroyed and nobody has found a record of the cemetery to date.
Martin NW quarter of Sec 11, Coal Road.
Copley Scotch Cemetery

October 25, 2005

added photos.. takes 10 min dwn ld.

SE side of SW quarter of Sec 14

October 23, 2005

W of center of Sec 29 on 1350E


March 16, 2006 added tombstone photos

SW corner of Sec 8

Elba Graveyard

NW corner of SW quarter of Section 15

online Feb 04, 2006

updated w/photos march 16, 2006

takes 4.03min over slow connect

NW quarter of Sec 27
Clesson Family

March 16, 2006 added photos takes 3:09 m to dwnld over slow connect.

Section 26


takes 6:24 min to dwnld over 28.8 kbps But worth it...

On Linwood Rd. in Galesburg,

Williams Cemetery

added Feb 10, 2006

NW quarter of Sec 30

East Linwood off site link w/listings for the 2 following cemeteries also.

will be adding a photo gallery soon

W. Main St., Galesburg, IL


will soon be adding a photo gallery for Linwood. 

W. Main St. & Linwood, Galesburg 
Can't wait to get into my favorite cemetery...


do I have photos...

Corner of Academy & W. Main St., Galesburg, IL


Memorial Park
2368 W. Main St., Galesburg. 
with photos might take a bit to download... 2 pages...

St Joseph's Catholic

Haw Creek

Clark Chappel

with adjoining Photo Page

NW quarter of Sec. 20
Gilson East of Gilson off of  Co. Hwy 12.

Listings & photos together...

NW corner of SE quarter of Sec 15.
Maquon SW quarter of Sec 34
Pickrel NE quarter of Section 8

photo gallery & complete listings

March 16, 2006

NE quarter of Sec. 6


now with & adjoining photo page

SE quarter of Sec 6
State of Illinois

w/new link & Photos


Galesburg State Research Hospital

NE quarter of Sec 27,
Help restore!!!


takes 9m dwld ovr slow net connect

added new photos May 10, 2006

SE quarter of Sec 22

Henderson Tombstone Photo Gallery

Henderson, Henderson Twp
Henderson Grove NE quarter of Sec 20
Junk Section 2 off the Henderson Trail Road. 2350N
Log City NE SW section 32
Oak Lawn Memorial
Southeast quarter of Sec 21;2040 Hwy 150 North
Philip Nance
SE quarter of Sec 9, on 2200N, between 200E & 300E

Rice ~ Blue

Takes 6:53 to download over a slow internet connection.

working on this October 23, 2005


SE quarter of Sec 9, 
Soperville NE quarter of Sec 20
Indian Point


Sec 16


updated April 10, 2006 w/photo gallery page attached.

Center of NW quarter of Sec 32
St. Augustine

w/some photos & more to come.

Union Twp., Fulton Co. Section 5

July 06, 2006 added


Alm's House

March 16, 2006 more info


Market St, north side of Knoxville
Butterfield Just west of Knoxville in the middle of a cornfield off county hwy #10 & Old Post Road.  have to get permission to go there....

Knoxville Cemetery listings

all online as of May 22, 2006

Knoxville Photo Gal

This for now is only the Photo Gallery it takes 10 minutes to download over 28.8 kbps internet connection but worth it.Thanks!

Market St, north side of Knoxville, Knox County Nursing Home is right across the Road and then also the stone for where the Alms's House and Cemetery used to, be too.

3more pages added 9/26/05

1page Jan 24, 2006


St. Mary's Catholic uploaded10/23/05 SW section 07
Swedish Lutheran Division St.,  Knoxville, IL
Union Hill

online November 16, 2005

 SE quarter of Sec. 4

Van Gilder Cemetery  

online November 16, 2005

NE section 02
Lynn Center Prairie

w/tombstone photos June 04, 2006 not all but some & newer information

SW 1/4 of Section 25
Fraker's Marker

Feb 14, 2006 online

Hwy 17 west of Lafayette


May take a bit to download. have redo photo gallery

Galva Cemetery Photo Gallery

NW corner of Section 3



NW quarter of Sec 4


NE quarter of Sec 21
Walter Cemetery

June 22, 2006 added some photos more to come

takes 13m ovr slw net connect dwld

NE quarter of Section 5

This page will be made different soon and with photos of all tombstones.  Thanks to a very nice gentleman.....02/2006

Ontario May take a bit to download..


 w/ photos  now with 2 pages of tombstone photos

SE quarter of Sec 25, northeast of Oneida, blacktop going by the High School.

Ontario/ have tombstone photos of all stones left & new ones.

SE quarter of Sec 30 on Hwy 6
Orange Cook

online November 16, 2005

SE 1/4 of NW quarter of Sec 36
Ferguson   9/24/05 SW 1/4 of Section 11


with adjoining Photo Page

SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec 20
Mather 9/24/05

completed 10/02/05 w/photo gallery

SE quarter of Sec 14, Haw Creek Rd. & 1075E


SW  quarter of Sec 12


NE quarter of Sec 26 June 22, 2005


Photos of all tombstones

SW quarter of Sec 9

June 22, 2005


Photo Gallery

This takes 6:21 @28.8kbps internet connection but worth the wait

SE quarter of Sec 25

July 05, 2005 uploaded



updated June 11, 2006

NW quarter of Sec 25.
Deatherage/Timber McMurtry NE quarter of Sec 33 off of Rt. 150 on 2500N


March 06, 2007

SW quarter of Sec 16
takes a 8.83 minutes to download with 28.8 internet connection.  193 photos of tombstones on this web page.  Kathy working on the listings....

Rio Baptist added Mar 07-2007 adjoining page with cemetery listings

July 14, 2005


Center of Sec 28, off of Route 150 on 2550N
Wright southwest corner of Section 5
Wooley northwest 1/4 of Section 24


NW quarter of Sec 30,south of Uniontown on1800E
Summit-Douglas SE quarter of Sec 6


SE quarter of Sec 19

Yates City

 NE quarter of Sec 14


October 23, 2005

NW quarter of Sec 4


October 24,2005

SE quarter of Sec 16

Cadwell Family


West of center of Sec. 11, off of Hwy 180 on 1650N ~~in a cornfield with a fence around it.

Corbin Family

added a few photos 9/2008

July 14, 2005

NE corner of SW quarter of Sec 30, south side of Rte 150


listings & photos together

SE quarter of SW quarter of Sec 20



NW corner of Sec 15, 2 miles northwest of Williamsfield on 1600N

West Truro

June 22, 2005

SE quarter of Sec 6 on Truro Rd.
Williamsfield~ coming soon!! SW corner of Sec 14
Greep ~~ Anderson  ??? NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Section 12


Etherly Center of Sec 30,
Garrett Sec 20

Salem Cemetery

takes 7m to dwld slow net connect online May 10, 2006

W. Half of Sec 28 

Victoria Cemetery

May take a bit to download..

Victoria CemPhoto Gallery

redoing photo gallery.

NW quarter of Sec 7; North East corner of Victoria IL. 

Walnut Grove

Altona Cemetery

online November 16, 2005  Not done

NW quarter of Sec 21 on S. Station St.

online November 16, 2005

NE quarter of Sec 15; 

Walnut Grove

index added 05/21/2006 w/photos

takes 6m dwld ovr slow net connect.

online November 17, 2005 early am

Center of sec 21, in Altona, IL,

relocation to rightful place

m. SE of Oneida, Section 31

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