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Russell Cemetery

    Russell Cemetery is located on the north side of the northeast quarter of Section 6 in Haw Creek Township, Knox Co., Il.  It is back in a cornfield to the south of the road.  It is fenced and mowed.  This spring someone has been repairing the stones.  Willma Butts and Pam Eagle recopied the stones and dug some of them out of the ground.  We found two that had been completely covered over with grass.  Another stone was found along the fence.  Many stones are missing, as you can easily spot sunken graves.  We tried out be to copy this exact .  June 1982...

    Since this time the cemetery has been restored.  There are three Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in this cemetery. One is Abraham Haptonstall, David Manley, and John Strange.  I have photos of these tombstones and many more from the Russell Cemetery.  If you are interested email me.  While I have made every effort possible with information gathered by me; if you would like to add  any corrects, additions, or omissions are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Feel free to

Russell Tombstone Gallery One Russell tombstone Gallery Two

We read and wrote down the names of these people:

Surnames First & wife's surname Birth


Death Date Inscriptions


Taylor Henry 1879 1918 son of David & Rachel
Steepleton H. S. 1831 1920  
  Ellen 1842 19320 H. S. Wife
  Melissa 1865 1885  
  Lorena 1861 1878  
  Dorence W. 1876 1878  
  Martha E. 1869 1879  
Anderson Lorena 10/221861 2/28/1881 Wife of James, this stone was near

the fence and overturned.

Powell Martha Mar 4, 1836 Sept. 18  1902  
  Willie July 16 1868 Oct 25 1870  
  Effie Nov 29 1870 Feb 25 1871  
Taylor Edwin S. 1861 1917  
Anderson Ellis   Sept 3 1867 son of J. & M L ; ae 2y 1m 29 da
Blachly Benton M.     son of Dr. M & F
  Commelia     no stone or dates
Ramp David Sept 6 1845 Aug 3 1910 Co E 83 IL INF.
  Virginia Vorys July 28 1851` 9*/2/1902  
  Lodema   9/30/1894 ae 22y 10m 6 da
Vorys Charles Benton   10/18/1865 son of J. & M
Ramp Alonzo 6/15/1868 2/13/1908  
  Ella H. 2/6/1869   wife of Alonzo
  infant son   9/8/1898 infant son of Ella & Alonzo
Mundwilder, Frederick   5/30/1893 ae 86y 1m 14da**
  Eliza   3/10/1874 ae 65yr 7m 2da**
McDaniel Rose A. 3/22/1835 1/31/1890  
Mundwiler Infant son   7/2/1862 of W H & M E**
  Frederick 3/20/1873 1/30/1877 infant son of W H & M C**
Woolsey Darius Gordon 10/28/1880 10/21/1901  
  Darius B. 6/9/1848 12/24/1892  
  Emily 8/1/1855 9/9/1896 Wife
  Elizabeth 5/23/1878 2/10/1879 dau. of D. & E  old stone
Pickrel Solomon 1827 1860  
Donley, T. Clark   1/9/1861 ae 23y 2m 17da
Evans Frances S. 12/6/1849 10/11/1876 dau. of A. & A
  Annie S. 9/17/1881 6/3/1883 dau of A & A
  Armstrong 2/27/1822 `4/29/1890  
  Adaline A. 6/1/1825 3/26/1865 Wife
Gates William D. 2/4/1865 12/28/1897  
West Nancy 6/13/1850 9/23/1879 wife of T. D. dau of W & E Evans
West Emma G. 8/5/1875 7/31/1880 dau of W & E Evans
Gadwell Alvertes   7/1/1870 ae8m 3da; son of W & L
Gates, Oliver P 1857 1945  
  Caroline O 1853 1907  
  Reginald C 1885 1912  
Evans Willford 3/27/1814 4/7/1897  
  Eleanor 8/23/1823 5/3/1903 Wife
  Ida A.   3/25/1889 ae 27y 4m, dau of Willford & Eleanor
  Sarah C.   10/1/1859/ ae 1y 10m 24da; dau of Willford & Eleanor
  Almeria E. 5/11/1855 5/1/1896 dau of Willford & Eleanor
Huggins Emma   12/26/1837 ae 3y 6m; dau of C H & E
Bechtle, Henry   9/20/1869 ae 60y 3m 25da

cant read stone

  Betsy   12/9/1864 ae 52y 10m 13 da; Wife
Evans Dellford C. 4/22/1872 6/10/1903  
  Anna E. 1848 1927  
  Allan T. 1846 1921 from sexton's record Knoxville, buried Oct 29, 1921
Ward Lizzie 1877 1878  
  Maggie   1878  
Russell  Warren     Co E 83rd IL INF.
Dredge Isabelle K.   1/10/1864 ae 28y 3m 10 da; Wife of Joseph H.
  Hugh   8/22/1864 ae 7m 17da; son of J & I K
Concludes Section A.      
Dossett James 10/4/1828 8/26/1908  
  Cynthia Williams 6/22/1836 10/9/1908 dau of T D & Sarah Williams Butt
  James M   10/21/1871 ae 8yrs 6m 3da; son of James & Cynthia
  Minnie A.   8/20/1879 ae 7m 20da
England Mary E.   1/11/1857 ae 24y 6m 24d; wife of George
Marks Dolly   2/22/1859 ae 34y 10m 5da; wife of I.
Kelso David   4/19/1884 ae65y 8m 17da
  Mary Ann 1/15/1823 3/27/1896 wife of David
  Oliver P.   4/9/1870 ae 21y 22da; son of David & Mary Ann
Dosset Jesse Avice 7/11/1893 2/19/1898 dau. of C L & S E
  Elnora May   10/13/1882 ae 10m 15da; dau of C L & S E
Corbin Viola J.   9/19/1870 ae 1y 3m; dau. of R W & M A
Snavely Rosanna   5/18/1856 ae21y 9m 18da; wife of Peter
Dossett James 05/21/1801 12/19/1877  
  Tomzy Williams   09/30/1868 ae 65y 6m 18da; wife of James; sister to Sarah Williams Butt; also sister to Mary Williams Church, wife of Cyrus Church.
Eckman Lacy J.   2/26/1855 ae 15m 14da; dau. of S & E
French William H.   2/26/1855 ae11m 8da; son of J Y & R
  Rosanna   10/30/1864 ae 37y 7m; wife
Bothel Zilla A.   9/20/1859 dau of J & E ; no stone
Richmond Lineus   12/9/1887 ae 86y 2m 5d
  Sarah   10/21/1853 ae 43y 8m 15 da; wife of L L
  Solomon   5/17/1864 ae 16y 8m 26da
  Guy W.   12/25/1865 `ae 22y 2m 21da; son
  John S. 3/31/1834 12/25/1865 ae 22 yr 2m 21 da
  Lenora C. Harshbarger 9/91849 5/12/1873  
Smith James R   4/29/1860 ae 1y 1m 11da; son of E & S
  Benjamin A. 5/7/1842 10/10/1865 ae 23y 5m 3d; son of E & S
  Sarah P. 6/9/1818 3/11/1897  
  Edmund 6/19/1809 5/22/1888  
  Abram 10/05/1843 12/05/1892 Blue stone that was once white
Parkins Charles   08/31/1860 ae 38y 7m 3d
  Martha 1823 1893  
  Laban   10/22/1857 ae 7m 2da; son of Charles & Martha
Strange John 1753 1809 3rd Regt. Westchester Co. Militia Revolutionaryar Served 1775-1783

Rebecca Park Chapter---DAR

Chase Morris 09/02/1805 12/13/1880  
  Eliza 12/11/1808 10/12/1851 Wife


Warren L 04/03/1839 06/17/1863 Co E 83 IL INF.
McDowell Abraham 04/20/1826 09/26/1856 AE 30Y 5M 6DA
Holcomb Samuel R. died 04/22/1867       AE 28Y 1M 12DA

Enlisted 8/17/1861 Co G 47th IL Inf.      Discharged 03/27/1863--disabled

Re-enlisted Co B 11/23/1863      dicharged-01/21/1866

Spatch Charles I   07/21/1863 ae 2y 1m 12da; son of J J & M
  James J   05/0/1869 ae 3y 6m 2da; son of J J & M
Boyd John S D 02/07/1843 10/28/1868 Co U 21st Regt. MO INF.
Metz Maria A 12/01/1834 09/29/1854 wife of Franklin
Boyd John S P Check this guy out he died before the Civil War.... 12/19/1851 45 y 13 da

Co I 21 MO Inf.

  Rachel   10/11/1855 wife of J S P Boyd
Richardson Pliny C. 10/12/1855 05/13/1856 ae 7m 10da
  Mary Bell 02/15/1857 07/06/1862 ae 4y 3m 6da
Donnally James A   03/19/1860 Sgt. Co A 59 IL Inf.; died at Louisville, KY
Lindsey C R 1822 1811  
  Mary A 1828 1911  
Gumm Cynthia A   06/11/1861 ae 3y 3m 29da; dau of I B & M A
  Mary A   05/25/1861 ae 1y 10m 11d; dau of I B & M A
  Martha A   04/12/1876 ae 37y 13da; wife of I B
Blair John   02/26/1848 ae 48y 9m 19d
  Sarah Parkin   07/21/1893 86y 3m 6da; wife of John
Andrews John A   10/07/1862 ae46y4m 17da
  John   03/29/1858 ae 3y 29da; son of John & Nancy Williams Andrews
  Robert   01/10/1853 ae 7m 17da; son of John & Nancy Williams Andrews
  Mary   12/03/1865 16y 7m; dau of John & Nancy Williams Andrews
Montgomery Elizabeth Butt   10/25/1870 ae 45y 8m 25da; wife of Rolen 2nd wife, first wife of Chester Morey
  Nancy Butt Andrews was married first to John Andrews listed above before marrying Rolen 11/23/1865 ae39y 6da; Nancy was also a sister to Elizabeth Butt listed above and to & daughter of T B & Sarah Williams Butt
Butt Thomas D. 02/15/1801 10/19/1879  
  Sarah Williams 01/01/1797 12/13/1879 Sister to Tomzy Williams Dossett and Cynthia Williams Dosset and Martha Williams Church.
Butt Sarah Williams 01/01/1797 12/13/1879 Sister to Tomzy Williams Dossett and Cynthia Williams Dosset and Martha Williams Church.
Butt Martha   4/14/1848 ae 14y 2m 2d
Butt Thomas J.   1/3/1854 ae 11m 15d, Son of WT&SA
Butt Mary A.   5/22/1867 ae 8y7 11m 18d, Dau of WT& C
Butt Infant Son   2/6/1865 Son of WT&SA
Butt John W.   6/7/1862 ae 2y 4m 1d, Son of GW&D
Butt Thomas H.   1/26/1876 ae 3y 9m 1d, son of W.T.
Butt Lewis   12/2/1876 ae 2y 8m, son of W.T.
Butt George W. 2/16/1836 3/1/1900 1st Cav. 10th MO
Butt Dorcas T. 7/18/1834 2/19/1907  
Butt James A. 4/10/1856 4/25/1890 Died from drowning in State of Washington
Butt Thomas J. 3/25/1858 4/25/1890 Died from drowning in State of Washington
Caldwell John   11/26/1873 ae 81yr 26d
Caldwell Mary   10/14/1845 ae 17yr 5mo, Wife of John
Gates Mary Florence   10/27/1855 ae 4m 1d, Dau of Robert D.& Eliza I.
Caldwell Oliver 12/17/1820 4/10/1861  
Caldwell Desire S. 3/5/1823 3/10/1895  
Caldwell Oliver A. 2/29/1860 11/9/1862  
Caldwell Mary L. 7/3/1844 7/20/1845  
Caldwell Anthony 8/30/1824 8/15/1888 b: Lycoming Co, PA
Caldwell John W. 12/31/1858 1/31/1859 Son of A.W.& S.
Caldwell Sarah M. 8/16/1831 11/28/1908 Wife
Caldwell John W.   1/31/1860 ae 13 mo, Son of AW&SM
Rambo Abraham 11/6/1820 4/2/1901  
Rambo Arvilla P.   4/11/1877 ae 50y 5m 9d, Wife
Rambo Clark A.   10/21/1876 ae 3y 1m 22d, Son of A&A
Rambo Charles E. 12/4/1845 3/8/1854 Son of A& A.
Rambo Clark S. 8/29/1873 10/21/1875 Son of A&A
Rambo Robert A. 11/22/1856 2/16/1858 ae 14m 25d, Son of A&A
Rambo Charity   1/15/1849 ae 52y 1m 15d, Wife of Reubin
Haptonstall Abraham 4/6/1764 10/22/1847 Woodhulls NY Militia Rev. War 1775-1783, DAR marker-Rebecca Parke Chapter
Rambo Allen T. 1815 1874  
Rambo Elizabeth 1818 1891  
Rambo Judd     obit: 1/23/1895 Knox Co. (*wife: Annie Linegar)
Rambo Annie     no dates
Rambo Tabitha     no dates
Rambo Ruben   5/30/1854 ae 61y 11m 21d
Manley Cecil W. 10/8/1895 2/1/1897 Son of G.& L.
Manley Lavina 3/10/1880 2/8/1905  
Manley Leroy 1890 1979  
Lindsey Rolland B.   10/18/1843 ae 50y 6m 12d
Lindsey Phebe 11/17/1797   Wife of R.B.born Duchess Co, NY, married 8/19/1819
Russell Phanetta 2/2/1811 6/28/1842 ae 31y 4m, Wife of John D., Dau. of Laban & Booton, sandstone stone/almost unreadable
Russell Elizabeth Weed 8/17/1802 6/11/1877 Wife of Edmund, b: Cayuaga Co, NH

the next two possible three on same stone and it is turned over upside down and all over in a pile.

Russell Edmund 11/9/1794 12/22/1884 ae 90y 1m 13d, born Duchess Co, NY
Russell George 11/13/1871 1/1/1901  
Russell Emma E. 7/17/1868    
Russell David 9/27/1822 2/1/1911  
Russell Mary Ann 5/9/1832 1/9/1901  
Russell Edmund 1837 1909  
Russell Emma 1851 1925  
Bell Robert Henry 1/17/1839 2/14/1924  
Bell Mary J. 10/28/1843 12/30/1911 Wife of Robert H.
Ramp Benjamin 11/28/1815 3/17/1891  
Ramp Sarah Mapps 9/18/1819 3/25/1891  
Ramp Benjamin   6/5/1856 ae 1y 3m 2d, Son of B&S
Ramp Aaron   1854 ae 6 yrs, Son of B&S
Ramp Jessie M.   10/21/1853 ae 8m 29d, Son of B&S
Winn John T.   8/6/1849 ae 1y 3m 3d, Son of W&R
Winn Lydia   3/10/1852 ae 10mo, Dau of W&R
Sherman Emily   10/11/1865 ae 8m 14d, Dau of E&H
Sherman Mary J.   3/22/1862 ae 13y 5m 9d, Dau of I&E
McPherrin Amanda     ae 3m 10d, Dau of W&C
McPherrin Sarah   4/7/1849 Dau of W&C
McPherrin Rosannah   June 1844 ae 75yrs
McPherrin Elizabeth 2/11/1788 2/21/1867 Wife of George
McPherrin George 9/3/1777 8/26/1852 on same stone with wife top is missing
McPherrin Mary E.   3/9/1859 ae 10m 24d, Dau of W&C
Dredge Henry   5/23/1869 ae 83y 8m 7d

not readable anymore

Dredge Elizabeth 2/9/1791 9/14/1856 Wife of Henry
Dredge James S.   9/28/1862 ae 15y 11m, Son of W&E
Dredge Elizabeth 12/5/1823 1/26/1883 Wife of Wilson
Dredge Frank   12/23/1855 ae 2y 2m, Son of W&E
Dredge Wilson 12/7/1818 6/13/1892 no stone, info from obit, b: Cumberland Co, PA, d: Holton, Kansas, buried 6/16/1892
McPherrin Alexander   6/27/1861 ae 32y 8m 27d
Parkins Morgan   2/14/1884 ae 65y 7m 19d
Butt Thomas H. 10/14/1880 1/13/1881 son of TJ&SH
Butt Kathleen 12/16/1897 12/17/1897 Dau of GW&Mary C
Howarter James W.   2/17/1900 ae 39 yrs
Howarter Michael P.   3/18/1900 ae 16y 7m 9d
Ramp Benjamin E.   1/18/1878 ae 4y 1d, Son of S&A
Sutherland Charlotte   11/19/1886 ae 1y 9m 4d, Dau of WA&E
Sutherland Alexander   8/11/1870 ae 68y 3m 15d
McElwain Wm. B. 5/4/1825 2/10/1886 Co E 83rd IL Vol
McElwain Mary J. Mapps 8/20/1829 4/14/1908  
McElwain John W. 8/6/1861 12/3/1875  
McElwain Willie W   5/20/1860 ae 3y 5m 2d
McElwain Albert Barnes   3/2/1872 ae 9m 5d
McElwain Mary Jane   5/21/1873 ae 7y 1m 16d, Dau of WmB&MJ
Wesner Anthony   10/22/1876 ae 53y 9m 25d
Wesner Julia Ann   3/4/1885 ae 65y 3m 1d
Wesner Wm. G. 3/3/1876    
Wesner Lana 7/23/1862    
Miles Rev. Solomon 12/28/1794 10/6/1876 b: Washington Co, OH, came to Knox Co 1836
Miles Eliza Ann Gilmore 5/15/1800 7/19/1880 b: Rutland, Vermont
Miles James Harvey 9/231/1856 7/28/1877 Son
Miles Rufus W. 9/21/1822 8/12/1894 b: Newark, OH
Miles Mary J. Bruce 1/24/1831 10/31/1895 Wife
Miles Emma Marion 1854 1918 daughter
Miles John 10/20/1897 10/25/1897 Infant of Joseph W.& Mary E.
Miles Mary   6/21/1899 Infant of Joseph W.& Mary E.
Mastin Carl A. 12/14/1872 11/15/1894  
Mastin Eliza O. 10/27/1878 6/20/1899 Dau of C&L
Mastin Willie 11/8/1876 9/4/1877 Son of Charles & Lucy
McNaught Harriet E. 1854 1901 Wife of Jessie C.
Fowler Lydia   12/29/1864 ae 22yrs, Wife of J.C.
Fowler Delana   10/23/1865 Wife of Wm.
Biggerstaff George W.   5/5/1855 ae 24y 6m 9d
Biggerstaff Ira Lons   12/29/1854 ae 1y 9d, Son of J&N
Biggerstaff Charles W.   8/10/1873 ae 1y 6m 7d, Son of W.& MB
Biggerstaff Mary   5/9/1866 ae 63yrs, Wife of Wm.
Bradford William W.   7/25/1867 ae 24y 4m 17d, Son of H.S&H
Bradford Sophia E.   10/15/1870 ae 25y 2m 16d, Dau of HS&H
Pickrel Louisa J.   6/25/1873 ae 25y 8m 25d, Wife of Harvey
Bradford Harvey S. 9/27/1809 2/13/1892  
Bradford Hester Whitton 10/4/1815 3/26/1894  
Bradford Charles   1/25/1876 ae 1y 6m 12d, Son of CR&MA
Bradford Freddie   3/20/1883  
Bradford Jessie Blanche   4/21/1893 ae 7y 6m 25d, Dau of CR&MA
Bullard Daniel   3/5/1867 ae 61y 7m 15d
Bullard Daniel 4/29/1871 10/3/1876 Son of AM&Mary E.
Tanner Leroy   8/8/1856 ae 1y 1m 10d, Son of HA&EW
Evans Hulda   10/18/1857 ae 1y 14d, Dau of D&SJ
Evans Charles   8/18/1855 ae 1y 1m 26d, Son of D&SJ
Whitten Daniel   9/13/1863 ae 64y 7m 25d
Whitten John   3/29/1852 ae 45y 6m
Whitten William 8/10/1776 5/29/1864  
Suydam Matthew 1798 1850  
McKinney James   3/8/1852 ae 63 yrs
Probst Emma Bell   3/6/1864 ae 11m 23d
Probst Harry Obed   7/28/1864 ae 2y 11m 23d
Hannah William G.   5/18/1864  
Bullard Morris D.   8/30/1847 ae 1y 1d, Son of D&E
Bullard Alpheaus C.   11/17/1849 ae 14y 3m 12d
Stephenson John   2/13/1842 ae 6m 28d, Son of A&C
Richardson Aley P.   4/22/1853 ae 10y 28d, Dau of P&E
Fowler Sarah   6/27/1851 ae 8m 4d, Dau of W&D
Forster Isephina A.   4/11/1849 ae 19y 3m, Wife of F.H.
Strong Elizabeth   10/16/1846 ae 7y 10m 16d, Dau of S&E
Richmond Lineus D 5/10/1829 8/29/1904  
Richmond Elizabeth A. Rouse 8/19/1833 2/12/1886  
Miller Hulda Richmond 1814 1888 Wife of Phillip
Richmond Hannah Durkee 1791 1845  
Richmond Nathaniel 1789 1869  
Richmond Esther Alwood 1820 1876  
Richmond Edmond 1812 1895  
Richmond Clarissa Cook 1820 1847  
Richmond Clarissa 1847 1852  
Manley Lee     ae 2yrs, Son of Geo&L
Manley Amanda 3/16/1831 2/5/1906  
Manley George W.   5/28/1875 ae 79y 2d
Manley Lucretia   12/7/1859 ae 59y 2m 27d, His Wife
Mastin Sarah   2/20/1852 ae 1y 1m 8d, Dau of I&O
Mastin Olive   1/15/1855 ae 34y 25d, His Wife
Manley David  

Mass. Pvt. Col Carparts Reg Rev War 1775-1783


Manley Desire   9/28/1853 ae 88y 4m
Ramp Hannah   6/27/1869 ae 27y 5m 27d, Wife of Wm.
Johnston Almeria E.   12/12/1853 ae 3y 3m 11d, Dau of J&A
Johnston Samuel T.   12/12/1853 ae 1y 11m 12d, Son of J&A
Epperson John B. 9/14/1892 12/7/1892 Son of WmB&NE
Epperson Bessie E. 10/30/1894 6/27/1895 Dau of WmB&NE
Cook Elizabeth M. Ramp   1/18/1864 ae 24y 10m 22d, Wife of J.W., Dau of B& I Ramp
Pierce James S.   5/4/1864 ae 83y 4m 16d, no stone found
Hickey Lucinda   10/4/1865 ae 35y 6m 11d, no stone found
Knox Florence L.   10/17/1854 ae 3m 24d, Dau of WB&H, no stone found
Tree Eliza B.   11/4/1856 ae 1y 1m 2d, Dau of MS&L, no stone found
Taylor Rachel 1851 1907 Wife of Daniel, no stone found
Taylor Edward 1885 1898 Son, no stone found
Haptonstall Charles check there is a tombstone. 4/3/1870 ae 78 yrs, no stone found
Dowley Lydia   12/29/1861 ae 22yrs, Wife of J.C., no stone found
Dossett Delana     (dates not readable)
Epperson Sarah A.   8/30/1862 ae 6m 29d, Dau of John
Epperson John 1836 11/4/1863  
Russell Louisa   11/18/1847 ae 11y 8m 12d, Dau of E.& Elizabeth

Russell Tombstone Photo Gallery

Takes 7:30 min to download over slow connection not named Enjoy!!!

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