Knoxville Cemetery, Knox Twp., of Knox County, IL

    Beings the Knoxville Cemetery is a big cemetery and will take a up allot of space this is divided into sections.  Makes it easier to navigate.  This page will be a link to all the Sections of the Knoxville Cemetery.  There have also been newer burials here since the women from the Knoxville Clerk's office read the tombstones.  I've been working with her when doing research on account of the listings for this cemetery was lost when the move from the courthouse from Knoxville to Galesburg took place many moons ago. They only have certain records and went out and read tombstones.  People may be buried here and not have tombstones as I have found this to be so..  I have some photos of this cemetery and place some of them here and then later take some newer ones as time permits to a photo gallery like my other cemetery web pages.  Thanks for your patience....

Kathy Mills typed and made this cemetery possible for you locate your loved ones buried here in this cemetery.   We all owe her our thanks and appreciation in her handiwork as she has done an excellent job here.   Thanks ever so much Kathy..... Kathy and her husband are now in TN but will be traveling on .... soon to be near IL.  Can't wait to meet her.   She's been a very big part of my Knox County site without her I wouldn't have much typed up here for you to explore.

Also, want to note here Kathy has checked and rechecked but can NOT be held responsible for errors.  She has done her best and if there are errors on these pages please contact me with the correct information I will do my best to get it corrected.  You the responsible party of your loved one are the one who should find out if the information if correct and then let us know.  We are only human and humans are all known to make errors.  Thanks for your time and patience. 

This is a work in progress....

Also, note Foxie always pays tribute to Veterans buried in any cemetery.   I make them stand out as my tribute to them and my thanks for whatever war they fought in to save our peace, freedom, peace of mind, to make us one United States of America.  Thanks.

This is Foxie's note and warning to anyone who visits this cemetery page:

     I mean this to go out to one and all. Kathy has went to a lot of time and trouble for me to type up this cemetery listings as time rolls on we will add the newer burials.  But I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION ON ANOTHER SITE BOASTING THAT THEY DID IT OR HOSTED OR WHATEVER.  The cemetery listings for this cemetery all of them that Kathy has done are not seen elsewhere or anywhere on the net.  Maybe a patch here and there but nothing more.  If I do and I mean when I do there will be hell to pay from Kathy and me. So, just be forewarned.  I hate to put this hear but am tired of others after my long hard work and others who have submitted then finding it on another's web page and them boasting and claiming rights to it.  Kathy and I will not tolerate this at all. Thanks.  Genealogy is actually not free as some people also lead others to believe.  It takes money to buy the information and then our time should be worth something although I've never charged for my time and would probably feel funny in doing so. But it cost me for the listings of the cemeteries, photos taken in them, books, copying and sending to Kathy to type, and so forth... Just would like a little cooperation here on other people stealing information from other web pages and then when you find it on another's web page as submitted by your host you tend to see red if you know what I mean. Just a warning to anyone who thinks about taking these pages and then claiming they did them for their own purposes or whatever.  These are copywrited by Foxie & Kathy Mills. Thank you very very Much and have a wonderful day after all that is said....


Have a Great Day.!! If you would like a photo of tombstone in this cemetery feel free to fee my little Doggie or if you have information to share, corrections, suggestions, anything just feed my doggie and he'll love you forever.... Thanks.

Foxie's note" This is Monday afternoon and I'm working on these pages... ....They will be done hopefully by Friday Morning...Set. 2005....\\\Thanks as you can see this is May 21, 2006 and I'm finally going to get this whole cemetery listing online before I go to bed tonight. It's now 4:32p in the afternoon but it will be done.  Finally all online at 3:17a in the morning on Monday, May 22, 2006. Will be adding tombstone photos as time permits.

There are also tombstones in this cemetery that need special attention from you fellow ancestors out there or someday they aren't going to be there anymore.  Help! Help! Help!

Foxie's Note:  Thanks so much Kathy for typing up this cemetery for me & for our the fellow people out there who visit this page....

We are the first and only ones to have the Knoxville Cemetery listings online.... And I think that is wonderful.

Thanks bunches and bunches Kathy. Kathy it's finally done......



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Section IV may 21, 2006

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Foxie and others!

First, let me THANK YOU for the terrific job on transcribing the Knoxville Cemetery! My sister and I visited in 2005 and had the great assistance of Sally Hutchcroft. We took lots of pictures but until now I haven't matched pictures with the data previously collected from my
grandmother who was born in Knoxville. We have 3 or 4 generations of 4 family lines buried in Knoxville, so when I found your site it was a great source of information as it filled in spaces in my Reunion database.

However, as with any task like this there are bound to be errors with the transcription either from the tombstone or with the typing. I have a found a couple and thought you might like to know about them so the website can be corrected.------


In the Addenda - just some additional information for "Mrs. JC Eiker".
She is my great-great grandmother, Sarah Agnes Armstrong, the daughter
of Isaac Armstrong and Mary Campbell Armstrong (buried Section 9 Part
1). Her husband was John Calvin Eiker. He was a farmer in Orange
Township and later moved into town. (that house still stands and we
visited it in 2005). He had purchased cemetery plots in section 318 IN
1860 but there are no gravestones there to mark his grave, Sarah's
grave and the grave of their spinster daughter Edith, who died in
1906. When we visited the Galesburg area in 2005 we discovered that
somehow, when John Calvin died unexpectedly in 1907 (just 6 months
after his daughter's death) he basically left his widow penniless.
Consequently there are no headstones for any of them, but with our
research we feel confident that all three are buried in section 318.
Specific information about them:
Sarah Agnes Armstrong Eiker
  born 20 March 1835, Adams Cty, Pennsylvania
  died 26 April 1913, Knox County, Il
John Calvin Eiker (son of John David Eiker and Charlotte Myers)
  born 24 Jan 1833, Adams Cty, Pennsyvania
  died 1 Jul 1907, Knox County Il
Edith Mae Eiker (their daughter)
  born 5 Dec 1860 Knox County, Il
  died 22 Nov 1906

Thanks again for all of the work you have done!! It is greatly apprciated!

Barb Engvall, Selah, WA

Barb's corrections which I left out are the appropriate pages. Section 9, Agenda,

Always a work in progress.....

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