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Larson Cemetery what it is called today.

      This abandoned Cemetery is East of Altona, Illinois on County Highway 4 and is located in the North East Quarter of Section 15, Township 13 North-Range 4 East, on the Larson Farm.  When the Larson Family purchased the farm in 1892, a corner portion had been set aside for a burial ground and a school, known as the Austin School or District #3.  The School was also used for a Church by the early settlers and the first burial here was in 1842.  Mr. Larson also told us the last burial was in 1884 and there were originally 47 stones.  Tombstones read 1977 by Pam Eagle, Katherine Spencer & Mildred Doubet. This was typed by Kathy Mills and sent to Foxie for processing.

    This cemetery is still there but there are very few tombstones left.  I once lived in this school house in the early 1970's.  I used to go out and try to see the tombstones but I don't remember if I ever took any photos of them then. I wish now I had of.  Since then a daughter has lived in the house and horses have roamed the cemetery.  You can not see very many of the tombstones if any.  They were broken and many of them lying on the ground when I lived there. Also, while being a Girl Scout leader in Altona and doing a history on the town of Altona for a badge for the Troop #2241; we found out that this cemetery was started by the Mormon's.  They had come here to settle.  The Altona Blacktop was or used to be lined with big old Walnut trees and there were Walnut forest all over this township giving it it's name; and they had some kind of disease go through.  The early settler's of Altona, wouldn't let the Mormon's settle here and they settled one mile east of Altona, and before moving on lost many of their children to the disease. They later moved on to what we now know as the city of Nauvoo, IL.

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McCLELLAN David H. Bean ---- 10/6/1861 age 12y 2m 17d, Adopted son of S.R.& C. McClellan
WALGREN Anna Louisa ---- 11/21/1868 age 23y 7m 2d, Wife of Chas.
ATWOOD Jane S. ---- 6/17/1866 in the 29th year of her age
ROSENE Carl E. ----- 1/15/1871 age 8m 20d, Son of J.& H.
JOHNSON Emma M. ---- 3/19/1867 age 1y 7m 17d, Dau of J.L.& C.
JOHNSON George D. ---- 4/20/1866 age 1y 3d, Son of J.L.& C.
JOHNSON Charles A. ---- 2/19/1874 age 7y 6m 9d, Son of J.L.& C.
JOHNSON Rachel ---- 1/25/1865 age 20y 7m 8d, Dau of S.M.& L.C.
JOHNSON Ida C. ---- 3/2/1870 age 11m 6d, Dau of S.M.& L.C.
JOHNSON Adna C. ---- 4/8/1865 age 2y 9m 21d, Dau of S.M.& L.C.
MACK Amanda ---- 9/8/1862 age 29y 1m 26d, Wife of H.J.
MACK Horace ---- 1/31/1866 age 1y 5m 10d, Son of H.J.& D.
McLAUGHUM Nancy L. ---- 8/15/1867 age 17y 2m 21d, Dau of J.
REDIN Fredy B. ---- 3/6/1861 age 2m 5d, Son of R.& M.
WHITHEAD B. R. ---- ---- Co. B. 7th Kansas Cavalry
RICHARDS Chas. L. ---- 1/6/1860 age 1y 5m 25d, Son of R.S.& M.S.
BIVENS Orlando ---- 9/22/1870 age 6m 12d, Son of J.J.& A.
McLAUGHUM E.V. Hoad ---- 3/11/1863 age 23y 6m 26d, Son of ____McLaughum
BURNESON Louise ---- 4/21/1861 age 10y 10m 6d, Dau of W.& E.B.
PIATT William ---- 5/21/1858 age 7m 2d, Son of J.A.& E.
COOK Jeremiah C. ---- 3/31/1857 age 3y 4m 27d
CHAMBERS Mattie S. ---- 10/6/1862 age 10m 10d, Son of J.S.& A.M.
SWANSON Charlie ---- 5/31/1862 age 19y 10m 4d, Son of D.F.& S.L.
SWANSON Swan F. ---- 9/21/1863 age 15y 3m 26d, Son of D.F.& S.L.
COLBURN Jane S. ---- 5/23/1856 age 15y 19d, Dau of E.D.& H.D.
WAGONER Victor E. ---- 11/4/1861 age 7m 15d, Son of H.B.& C.L.
EMREY William F. ---- 2/6/1857 age 12y 2m 17d, Son of Rev. A.J.& S.B.
TERWILLIGER Edward Tiffin ---- 1/12/1856 age 5y 5m 28d, Son of J.& M.A.
BUFFUM Sylvia ---- 12/26/1857 age --y 9m 25d, Wife of A.C. Buffum
BUFFUM Lucinda M. ---- 9/27/1842 age 22 y 4m 13d, Wife of A.C.Buffum
Hinsdale Mrs. died August 1838 sister of Amos Ward, first death in Walnut Grove Twp., and she died at the home of Abram Piatt, on Section 15, where she was also buried. Not sure if this is the place or not.  but it's section 15, and both of the other cemeteries are in other sections of the township. info from 1899 township history

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