Lisa Groesbeck's Hull & Gibb Family Photos

Lisa's Hull & Gibb Family Information

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My Father ( Cleo Gibb) was in World War ll.

Lawrence Wesley Gibb

and Maria Hull Gibb

Maria Hull-Gibb

& Sister Emma

Taken August 15, 1966

Cleo L. Gibb & His Mother

Maria Hull Gibb

Maria Hull Gibb &

her son Lyle Dean Gibb

Only known person in this

Photo is the lady standing

second from the right is

Maria Hull Gibb.  If you

can identify anyone please

email Lisa, Thanks!

From left to right Standing up:

Lyle Dean Gibb, Cleo L. Gibb,

Isabel Gibb, Uhlmann, Iva P. Gibb, Myers,

and sitting: Mother Maria Hull Gibb

This is a photo of Lisa when younger

and her father Lyle Dean Gibb. 

This is a Tribute Published in

the Galesburg Register Mail

December 12, 1977

The above Tribute Lisa and I debated on putting it here; but decided to.

Lisa wasn't too happy with the photo on it.  I received on from a relative

I never knew of my Grandmother I never knew and it was of the same sort.

I about died; but figured this is the 20th century or maybe the 21st and things

are different now.

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