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Log City Cemetery

          Log City Cemetery as it is called and sometimes referred to as the Lewis Family Cemetery, is right off of the Log City Trail. You go out IL state Route 150 heading north towards Woodhull. When you come to the Carl Sandburg Road and stop light, turn left. Keep going till almost to the Carl Sandburg College down in a dip you will see the Log City Trail road, turn left here and then off to your right you see the little white fenced in area of the Log City cemetery. Only three tombstones are there. I remember it well from when I went to college at Carl Sandburg for classes in computer science. I used to take my dog, A. J. Raffles, who was a toy_fox terrier and my first to school with me; and we'd have a picnic not far from the cemetery. Now there is

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Log City Cemetery Sign w/Jorden

Log City Cemetery

Looking Westerly up the hill

Sarah E
dau of F. M. & E. Lewis
died December 15, 1868

The two girls are all on the
same stone only on different sides.
Stone is broken

daughter of
F. M & ELewis
Died August 16, 1877
Aged 4M & 24 D

William Lewis

2 Ill Mtd. Vols.

Black Hawk War


Road in the background
is the Log City Trail goes
over to Fremont Road.

 Jorden by the Log City Cemetery sign

Looking south West

Log City remembrance Rock--- This is hard to get to.
Sets on the right hand
side of the road in front
of house just before going
down a little slope of hill to
the Log City Trail Road which leads to the cemetery.

Log City
Founders of Knox College moved from New York State to the Grove near this marker, living temporarily in Log cabins while building their homes where Galesburg now stands.

In Conger's cabin, just west of here, one of Knox's first Teacher's, Nehemiah Losey taught the youth's of the settlement.

created November 16, 2005

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