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  Your help is wanted if you would like to volunteer a bit of your free time to help me get more information on Warren County, IL, up and running on this web-site. To apply click on the email graphic below. You will be greatly rewarded for you kindness.  Also, if you would like to do look-ups for other people for this general area apply below. You will be glad you did. Thanks and have a very wonderful day.  

A little advice: When requesting information on your ancestors try and give as much information as you can about the person or persons, such as places lived if known, dates, marriages, children, husbands, siblings, etc.  The more information you can provide helps in locating them. 

Thanks for your help!     


1st Volunteer**    

From your Host Foxie

       I am not able to take on anymore look ups at this time. The Knox County Genealogical Society will do look ups for you.

Update---Still not taking on anymore outside people. My mother passed on May 16, 2007, two weeks later I'm diagnosed with Lyme Disease. so I will be having one happy happy summer trying to get over this disease.

Just remember when out in the woods to dress & really spray yourself. You do not want this disease.


Scroll down have a new person..... Mary. Thanks so much. she lives in Galesburg, is ready, eager, & willing to help solve any brick walls or help to find your allusive ancestor. If you solve a brick wall be sure to let me know. Thanks so Much Mary. You do not know how much I appreciate this. Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!



 Will be making a page or adding on to here their information. Just too much for me to do now. Need to get some of my own genealogy taken care of as I have a 70th Reunion on the Terpening/Armstrong's coming up next year, and want to be able to publish my own Family History Book for this. Sorry, about this but can't be helped. Lost my father this year, 2006, and I need a little time to myself after managing all these web pages. Thanks! If you would like to do look ups for others email me and will add you to this list. Give what sources you have. Thanks for your help, patience, & understanding.

My Sources ~~ Books & papers I own:

Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County; Bateman, Newton, ed. . Chicago, IL; Munsell, 1899. 2 Volumes. 968 pp.

Dewey, J. L. Dewey's County Directory; Galesburg City Directory. Galesburg, IL: J. Dewey, 1868. 257 pp.

Drury, John. This is Knox County, Illinois. Chicago, IL: Loree, 1955. 522 pp.

History of Knox County, Illinois. Chicago, IL: Blakely, Brown and Marsh Printers, 1878. 718 pp.

History of Knox County, Illinois. Perry, Albert James. Chicago, IL: S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912. 2 Volumes. 1154 pp.

Portrait and Biographical Album of Knox County, Illinois. Chicago, IL: Biographical Publishing Company, 1886. 1108 pp.

Galesburg Public Schools Their History and Work, 1861-1911 William Lucas Steele, A. M. (Monmouth), Ph. D. (Knox), published Galesburg, IL: published by the Board of Education, 1911.

Log City, Two Narratives on the Settlement of Galesburg, Illinois.  The Diary of Jerusha Loomis Farnham ~~ Sketch of Log City; by Samuel Holyoke; Introduction by Earnest Elmo Calkins, published by Galesburg Knox College Centenary Publications; 1937

Galesburg's Mighty Horse Market ~~ Leroy Marsh Sales Barn 1877-1920 by Cornelia Thompson and Memories of A Horseman by Fred Dunbar.  note no publishing date... It was put together by Cornelia Thompson to be ready in time for the dedication of the Marsh Memorial

Voices of the Prairie Land, Edited with Narrative by Martin Litvin.... @volumes

1971 Plat book of Knox County, IL

1939 Plat book of Knox County, IL

1948 Plat book of Knox County, IL was stolen from my home.  It belonged to my husband's parents.

Most listings to the Knox County Cemeteries plus, loads of pages to the index book on where people are buried in Knox County, IL.  Cemeteries, Twp., and such.  Am a member of the Knox County Genealogical Society, plus, Walking, taking pictures of tombstones and writing downs names on tombstones.  Have loads of tombstone photos for Knox County cemeteries & if don't have the one you are looking for can get it. 

Aunt Mildred Hagerty Berg Henslow's scrapbook of the 1930's and 1940's newspaper clippings.

Have just recently been to the Knox Courthouse, Galesburg, IL, you can not get copies of probate records or wills anymore from them. I have done 4 - 5 people who have been really happy with the results.  They have to be photographed with a 35 mm camera. As I don't have one anymore they paid a days rental, the film, processing of the film, and postage to send the requested records.  There is also a small charge added on for gas.

    I have unlimited access to Knox County Court Records by living in the county of Knox in IL, also am a frequent visitor of the Galesburg Library where the Knox County Genealogical Society has a very nice Genealogical Section in one part of the library.  I have loads of information here at home and hope to get it online.  Any help from any of your out there in "Cyber~Genealogy~Land" feel free to email me.  I can use all the help I can get. 

    2nd Volunteer**

Sally Hutchcroft, Sally can't do these right now.

member of the Knox County Historical Society, Knox County Genealogical Society,

 Leffingwell Chapter, NSDAR You may claim your copy of a 

"One Room School Book" from Sally Just email her by clicking on the email above.

I thank you and Sally Thanks you...

    Sally has cemetery listings for Persifer Twp, Knox Twp. Cedar Twp, Knox Twp., obituaries from the Library in Knoxville.

     She also has the History of Knox County, Illinois. Chicago, IL: Blakely, Brown and Marsh Printers, 1878. 718 pp.

    Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County; Bateman, Newton, ed. . Chicago, IL; Munsell, 1899. 2 Volumes. 968 pp. this book is all online at this site.

Be patient with Sally for look ups. Her husband has lost a foot due to complications of diabetes. She will get to you. Thanks for understanding......

3rd Volunteer June 2007

Place for you: Mary Moeler has graciously opted to do look ups

at the library on obituaries, family info, be sure when emailing her to put full

names, places, anything you can remember about them. The more info provided

the easier it will be for her to gather info for you. Thanks & Thank you Mary.

4rd Volunteer June 2007

1878 History of Knox Co. IL

it has township histories w/small biographies of early settler's some portraits of famous ones are also in the book. I will be glad to do lookups in the biographies

Joan Achille

5th Volunteer

Place for you_______________


Wouldn't you like to see your name added here as a volunteer. Email me.

Thanks Thanks & Thanks again.....

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