Military Burials in Knox County, IL


       As I was raised a patriot by father, Ormand "Andy" Anderson, who always had a flag flying everyday of the year;

 I am dedicating this & all linking pages to him.

Mr. Edd & Lona Olna Kelley Anderson & their son

& my father, "Andy" Ormand Edward Anderson

    I believe all down through the years from all the Wars we've had the same things have always been said about them and protests made.  But just think what or where we might be today if our ancestors had not had the American Revolutionary War?  Just imagine what other kind of life we might of had, the things we might not enjoy today because of it.

       I am a proud member of the Leffingwell Chapter of NSDAR in Knoxville, IL, which I joined through my Terpening ancestors on my mother's side of the family.  I have also found out I can get bars for my father's side of the family in which I really need to do more research on.  Someday when I have more time.  But I'm proud of our ancestors and what they have accomplished and I thank them for all they did for those of us today. 

     If you have any comments or want to add to these web pages as they will be in the making for sometime as it takes time to put all the information in one place or if you'd like to help in the creation of one feel free to email me. I will welcome one and all. Thanks!

graphic made especially for me from Pat @ Galesburg, IL.

thanks Pat...... I love it & had to place it here for everyone to see..... You might be seeing it on other pages on this site also.


American Revolutionary War

Soldiers buried in Knox Co.

AHGP Rev War Soldier's

War of 1812  1812 ~ 1815

Black Hawk War  1832

Mexican War 1846 ~ 1848

CaptainWilliam McMurtry's Co.

note both Black Hawk & Mexican War

Updated July 23, 2009

Civil War  1861 ~ 1865

New Confederate Stone link on page to info.

takes 11:25m over slow internet connection to dwnld. Civil War photos added March 25, 2006 & May 16, 2005 more photos & Civil War Page 2 takes 6.40min over slow connect

Ladies Aide Society History of.

Spanish American War  1898

World War I  1914 ~ 1918

World War II  1941 ~ 1945

Korean War 1950 ~ 1953

 Vietnam Conflict

Agent Orange

Iraq War

takes almost 10 min to dwld over slow net connection.

created March 19, 2006 in honor of my father as he taught me to be patriotic,

for all our fallen heroes with and for the ones that are still fight'n the fight!

Friday, September 14, 2012 10:30:25 PM update & uploaded

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