Old Buildings and Memorial Stones



Memorial Stone for the site of where W. J. Mosser's Ontario Cheese Factory once Stood. Built ~~~1890


Knox county Courthouse early 1840's

Union Hotel, Galesburg, IL


St Mary's School, Knoxville, IL

All that remains left of the St. Mary's School is the Chapel it's on the right hand

side of this photo.


Lombard University


Lombard University is now used as the Junior High, they have a new gym and more

 rooms last year some of the other buildings were tore down.


Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Depot, Galesburg, IL


Central Congregational Church, Galesburg, ILl--built in 1898-9

The Central Congregational Church still stands today and is in use. 

Many weddings are performed here.

Uniontown Church

This building still stands.  Not

far from the sign in the next

photo. It is in a pasture like hay field.

Uniontown Sign

All that is left of what was once a

little communitiy of Uniontown later

called Summit I took both of the these

photos a couple of years ago.

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