How to obtain your copy of One-Room Schools

A great addition to anyone's library... & to share with your children who never saw one-room schools.

One-Room Schools of Knox County

Pictured on the cover is the Newman School

District #121-Orange Township

31 Different teachers taught at Newman School

from1886-1948.  Newman School was moved to

James Knox Park, Knoxville, Illinois in 1976

Knox County Retired Teachers Association

To obtain your copy of this wonderful book compiled by Sally Nelson and Sally Hutchcroft, read on......

Inside the front cover:


     This booklet was made possible through the memorials give for Alene Samuelson, Ruth Vatthauer, and Florence Hickey, each of whom was dedicated to education all of their lives.
     In Addition, Florence Hickey and Lois Whitman spent untold hours at Newman School preparing exhibits, cleaning, assembling numerous scrapbooks, and working to preserve the histories gathered by those who made the 1976 bicentennial project a reality. Florence was always there to open the school, give tours, and keep a watchful eye on the building.
We also acknowledge the work done by William Goodwin, who was so instrumental in making the school museum a reality by serving as the tireless chairman of the project in 1976. Ralph Lundgren, though not a teacher, worked many hours as carpenter, painter, and restorer for the school and was named an honorary member of Knox County Retired Teachers Association in honor of his efforts. Jesse R. Peck took many pictures of the rural schools in the 1970's and thus preserved a visual record of many schools which are gone today. Margaret Neldner compiled much information regarding the schools and the teachers.
         Finally, Sally Nelson and Sally Hutchcroft compiled this booklet from the work done by all of those who labored so diligently. The Knox County Retired Teachers Association hopes that you will enjoy this booklet by recalling those long-ago days of the one-room rural school.

  This booklet is filled with much history and photos when available of the schools with a  history and township map of where they were located in the township.  In some of the photos are some children and teachers in front of the school.  It is a must for anyone who enjoys reading the history of the county of Knox.

Sally Hutchcroft to obtain you copy of One-Room Schools by the Retired Teacher's Association of Knox County, IL. Thanks & have a great day...

For the moment if you would like a copy of this book you will have to email me.

Sally has moved and isn't online at the present time. Her husband has many health issues. But if you email me I will make sure she gets this.

Thanks for understanding.


This is a photo I took in Walnut Grove Township of a memorial stone of the One-Room Schools.

Photos copyright by Foxie

Knoxville Grade School

Photo of the Knoxville Business district.  The school was still here in this photo but was later torn down.  You can also see the old Theater in the foreground.  Click for a bigger view.

click on photo for larger photos to open in own window.

The above four photos was contributed to me by Harriet Stairs.    The top Right is of the Knoxville Grade School, The next two photos are of the class of 1894 0r 1893 in front of Harper School.  Harper School still exists but has been made and remodeled into a home.

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History of Knox Co., IL Schools

One Room Ungraded Schools, Knox County, IL

Schools ^ Academy's many many photos takes 8 min dwnld ovr slw net connect. but worth you'll see!!!!

Knoxville High School Photos contributed by Sherry Krohn Bradley