Oneida Cemetery photo Gallery 2 of Knox County, IL

Hi, this is two sections of the Oneida Cemetery, east of the ROWVA High School, in Oneida, IL.

It is two of the newer sections.  A few of them are blurry and will be replaced as time permists. Thanks for your patience

in this matter and hope you enjoy them. Thanks, Foxie

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Hi,  I took these photos Tuesday afternoon while my daughter was at the ROWVA High School for basketball camp.  The Oneida Cemetery is not far from there.   All photos are named, not listed below will have to do that later.  But the pico search engine will pick up the names from the photos.  So, if you are searching for a certain person and don't want to wait for this page to download every photo is named with the surname on the tombstone and most with the first and first name of both parties involved if they are both on the same tombstone. If you would like a bigger view of a certain tombstone just click on the thumbnail and it will provide you with one... Enjoy...

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