Parker Cemetery, Turo Twp., Knox Co., IL

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      Located in the North West Quarter of the North West quarter of Section 15 in Truro Township, Knox County, Illinois. This cemetery is easy to get to.  Take 180 out of Williamsfield headed to IL State #150 at the Wright Chevy Garage four corners turn west.  Keep going until you hit a stop sign.  Turn right/south go about a mile or a little more and there will be a road sign.  Turn into it and follow back behind the cornfield.  You will come to the cemetery there.  Very Pretty location and when Kate and I visit it there are generally deer and other critters around.  We give them chips and stuff we carry with us.    This cemetery has been abandoned and is in very bad repair.  The stones are all very old.  I have photos of all the tombstones in this cemetery and will be posting them here later.  If you know of anyone who is buried here or information that is not correct feel free to    

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Spoon River behind Parker Cemetery, Knox co., IL

Spoon River behind Parker Cemetery, Knox Co., IL

Col Kenneth W. F. Feltham
June 23, 1923 December 9, 1997
Barbara Mackie his wife

Row of Footstones


Knox County Court House  Book 172  Page 238

Surveyed July 30, 1897—Containing 2 acres

George W. Parker and Love E. Parker, his wife, to the Township of Truro for the consideration of $1.00.

            Commencing one thousand twenty one and one-half feet East of the Section line of North West Corner of Section 15 in Township 11 North Range 4 East of one-fourth Principle Meridian running thence South at right angle from said North line of Section 15 aforesaid.  Four hundred fifty four and nine tenths feet more or less to center of Spoon River, thence North 42 East along center of said River four hundred fifty four feet more or less to divide line on North West Quarter of Section 15 aforesaid.  Thence North one hundred eighteen and one half feet more or less to the corner of the North side of the Quarter Section aforesaid.

            Thence West on Section Line 304 feet to the place of beginning, containing two acres.  Premises conveyed here in to be used for Cemetery purposes – exclusively – Lots number 31-32-33-34-35 and 65 hereby reserved from this Conveyance.

Dated August 16, 1897                             Signed:


                                                                            George W. Parker

                                                                            Love E. Parker

Notary:  L. J. Baird

Parker Cemetery overivew, Knox Co IL

Parker Cemetery Overview, Knox co., IL

Some of the tombstone photos above are thumbnails click on them they will open in a bigger view. The photos above are overviews of the cemetery. Took these in January 31, 2006. It was a sunny afternoon and actually hard because of the way the sun was coming in through the trees. Two photos above this table are of Spoon River that flows behind the cemetery. Dog in this photo is Rachel. other one in another is Ophelia Phenwick. Take them with to certain ones like this they love roaming around. We scared a bunch of deer out of this one that day.


MACKIE, Father, William J.  1866 – 1916

            Mother, Lucy M.         1872 – 1941

            Janet                            1900 – 1903

            Floyd J.                       1904 – 1910

            David                b. 6 June 1864  d. 22 Dec 1950

            Wife, Mary Maggie   b. 11 Aug 1875 d. 18 May 1901

            John                            1826 – 1899

            Wife, Janet                 1827 – 1903

            Daisy M.          b. 6 June 1873  d. 4 Nov 1876 

CADWELL, Thomas G.    1880 – 1943

            Oliver O.           b. 21 Sept 1847  d. 27 Dec 1937

            Son, Amos C.    b. 24 Oct 1881  d. 21 Sept 1908

            Son, Charles E.  b. 30 Mar 1892  d. 6 Sept 1928 

OTT, Mildred  b. 20 May 1908  d. 22 Aug 1912  (dau. of Frank & Alice Ott)            Infant  b. 19 June 1890  d. 1 Sept 1890 (Child of Mr. & Mrs. F.S. Ott) 

IVERSON, Jane L.  b. 15 Sept 1854  d. 6 Dec 1926 

MACKIE, John  b. 24 Oct 1860  d. 30 Sept 1939

            Wife, Eva C. McDowell  b. 2 May 1866 d. 14 June 1912 

MAHAR, Irma J. Mackie, wife of Harold Mahar   b. 3 Apr 1899  d. 15 May 1923

FOLKNER, Father, John   d. 24 Feb 1886 in the 82nd yr of his age

            Mother, Mary d. 21 Oct 1885 age 70 yrs 10 mo 29 days

            Dau. Sarah E. d. 11 June 1883 age 44 yr 4 mo 12 days

            Samuel S.      b. 20 July 1842  d. 25 Nov 1899 

GALE, Infant son of J.B. & P. Gale d. 9 Sept 1890 

PARKER, George W.  b. 30 Mar 1819  d. 23 Apr 1879

            Wife, Sally Moral  b. 3 July 1824 d. 5 Sept 1897

            Twin Children        b. 7 Oct 1849

            Infant son            d. 7 Oct 1849

            Infant (Derias W.)   d. 29 June 1862 age 2 yr 8 mo 23 days

            Infant (Clay) b. 16 Feb 1862   d. 19 Feb 1862

                        Twin children born 27 Dec 1865

            Isabella d. 16 Oct 1866

            Edward S. d. 24 Apr 1876

            Dau.    d. 18 Oct 1863

                        Children of G. W. & S. Parker

            William H.  b. 27 Apr 1864  d17 Apr 1885 

LEWIS, Kenyon  d. 16 July 1851  age 71 yr 4 mo 28 days

  ?        Daisy  ? ? 

PALMER, America O. d. 12 Dec 1858 age 11 mo 12 days (dau. of L .S. & M. J. Palmer)

PALMER, America O. d. 12 Dec 1858 age 11 mo 12 days (dau. of L.S. & M.J. Palmer)

Her parents were Lewis/Louis Sears Palmer and Mary Jane Richmond moved to Minnesota and is buried in the Sterling Cemetery, Blue Earth Co., MN

She is the granddaughter of Nathaniel Richmond and Hannah Durkee of Knox Co., IL and Ephraim Palmer and Esther Sears Lewis ( she is buried in Sterling Cemetery Blue Earth Co. MN) who was one of the first settler of Spokane Co. WA

She is my GG grandmother's younger sisters.

Rose Mitcham, thanks Rose!!!! contributed by Rose on April 21st, 2007
Date: 04/21/07 13:56:44
Subject: Parker Cemetery Knox Co., IL
Please do, I would love to have the information out for others. Roslyn Hogan who is a Richmond and she has people as will as me the Knox Co., IL Cemeteries.
Thank you so much.
Rose Harmia-Mitcham
Volunteer Genealogist Chairman
DAR State of Washington

"The Halls also gave me a list of the inscriptions on the stones in the old graveyard on the place. There were 88. In this list I made another discovery---- the name of my grandfather Lewis's Mother--- Sally Porter, wife of Kenyon Lewis---1835. I had never known of her burial place, though the story of her death by being thrown from a horse had been a family legend. Kenyon Lewis moved to Knox County, Illinois, and died there about 1850. A son, Leroy (d. 1836), and daughter, Lovisa, and husband, Gildert Palmer (d 1835), are buried by Sally in this cemetery."


 PARKER, Child of  ? & S.  d. 19 Feb 1857 age 3 days 

GULLISON, Oregon, son of Wm. & L. Gullison  d. 23 Feb 1868 age 4 mo 21 days 

MILLER, Sylvester  d. 9 Oct 1861  age 1 mo. (son of A. & A. Miller) 

ENSLEY, William J. d. ??  (stone erected by wife Eliza Ensley) 

DIEFENDERFER, Melissa  b. 1 Apr 1841  d. 1 Apr 1909 

BURDETT, Edmund Dean  d. 22 Nov 1886  age 27 yrs 

CURTIS, Mary  d. 6 Sept 1875  age 42 yr 10 mo 11 days (wife of John Curtis) 

THOMSON, Ersula Peninah  d. 25 Oct 1855 age 9 mo 1 day (dau. of P.W. & M.S. Thomson)

            Stone initials M. C.

            Stone initials B. W.

            Flat stone initials G. G.

            Several other small stones marking graves. 

CADWELL, Philip P.  b. 25 Jan 1833  d. 31 Aug 1890

WORDSWORTH, William  d. 26 Apr 1907 age 86 yrs

            Wife, Ann                d. 13 Mar 1897 age 75 yr 4 mo 27 days 

Parker Cemetery Known Burials---No Stones:  (Found in Court and Published Records) 

WILKINS, John Lewis  b. Feb 1821 d. 11 Dec 1893

            Freddie  b. 1886 d. 26 Feb 1887

            Minnie  d. in infancy

            Mary  d. in infancy

            Lilian  d. in infancy

                        (Children of James L. & Sophrina Johnson Wilkins) 

McDOWELL, Caroline McCoy  d. 10 Dec 1893 (An aged Lady) 

SMITH, Harriett Miller, Wife of Chas. Smith  b. 23 June 1868 d. 8 Oct 1894 

CADWELL, Infant son of E.R. & Melissa Cadwell

            Earl Leroy b. 10 Nov 1932 d. 8 Jan 1933 (son of Raymond & Cecil Cadwell) 

WILEY, Frank  b. 1867  d. in teens 

DOTY, George W.  d. 28 Feb 1887 age 80 yr 11 mo 12 days 

LAPHAM, Augustus  d. 8 Nov 1885 age 78 yrs

            Peneah (his wife) d. 20 Nov 1885 age 78 yrs 

MILLER, Charles E. son of Oscar, b. 1876 d. 27 June 1896

            Sarah (Mrs. Oscar) d. 8 Aug 1896

            Miss Lizzie b. 1878/79  d. 23 Apr 1896 

DANIEL, Milo G. b. 14 Nov 1877  d. 24 Oct 1895 age 17 yrs

MILLEN, Phineas  b. 25 Jan 1810 Grafton Co, NH  d. 1 Dec 1894 Williamsfield, IL

 ENSLEY, Henry d. 11 Feb 1890

            Phebe Jocylon (his wife) b. 10 Apr 1813 Washington Co, OH  d. 17 Sep 1902


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