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Shenault/Shenaut/Shennet/ & Dolan/Curry etc.,[ Hagerty, Nelson, Norberg, Johnson,  Norberg's , Johnson's, & Nelson's came from Sweden before settling in Galva & Bishop Hill. these are my husband's family. ] Terpening's, Armstrong's, Whitman, Wallace, Smith, Townsend.

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Gehring, Parkinson, Squires   Family Page

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Hi Foxie,
     I want to update my email address in the Edwards search area, can't remember if I did this or not.  I'm Conita Edwards Williams      THANK YOU, this is a wonderful site
Conita Williams
Lewis, Buffington, Myreck Sharon
George Albert Black born 1855--Joseph Penn Black born 1860, married Ethel ?--  Harvey L. Black born 1862--  Benjamin E. Black born 1864, married Rose Mary High
Mary Black
Isaac Marks G. Minklein
Capps, Manly, Ed Manly
Gibbs, Nelson, Reed Michelle
Any Churchill Judy Churchill
Pickrel, Teeple, Whitton, Bradford Gary T. Bloomgren
Rambo, Hutson, Russell, Brooks Cheryl
McKee, Waffle, Alleman Joyce H.
Sheaffer, Crawford, Snyder Kris Wheeler
Cowen/Cowan, Kennedy, Alyce Kennedy
I am the great granddaughter of Joseph Alexander Boulton and Lillian Denbow Boulton.  Their only surving daughter Jessie Grace Boulton Sults was my grandmother.  Surnames I am looking for are Salts, Saults, Saultz, Sults, Solt, Driffill, Driffle, Messenger, Shade, Reed, Jones, Ingle, Chesser, Dimmick, Cook, Cooke ( Mayflower Descendancy), Housh, Gullet, Anderson, Boulton, Cubbage,Tippa, Tippey ,Smith, Kingery, Beaty, Musselman, Deatherage, Lucas, Higgins, Marjorie Tippey
Hobstetter, Partlow, Sinks, Staley, Gammmounts
R. D. Thompson, Doug Sinrud
Humistun   Family Page Phyllis Long
I am researching the Bramble family and Hamilton Bramble is listed as being at the same address as James Bramble.
Bob & Mary Lynn
Armstrong, Heath, Foster, Delong, Brown, Lamphere, Carley. Bennett. Smith Furtad, Phillips
 I don't know if this is the proper place to post this query, yep posted here for all to see....... but I'm going ahead and try to see if I can get some assistance. I've hit the proverbial rock wall trying to locate the ancestors of Richard Armstrong (#1 below).  Consequently, I'm posting the information below to see if it may sound familiar to someone researching the same line of the Armstrong Clan who might be able to provide additional information or direct me elsewhere to find it. 
I have no idea when/where Richard, his wife and family entered the U.S. since my searches of passenger lists have yielded nothing to date.
Would appreciate any assistance someone could provide.
      1.  Richard Armstrong was born February 07, 1808 in Wigton,
Cumberland, England, and died October 19, 1874 in Wataga, IL.  He
married Mary Bewes September 24, 1831 in Uldale, Cumberland County, England, _thought_ to be the daughter of Roger Bewes and Frances Slack. She was born December 14, 1809 in Ireby, Cumberland, England, and died March 23, 1887 in Wataga, IL
  Children of Richard Armstrong and Mary Bewes are:
  +           i.    Joseph B. Armstrong, born September 27, 1831 in
Ireby, Cumberland County, England; died December 29, 1916 in Henderson
Grove Knox County, IL.
            ii.   Frances Armstrong, born July 27, 1834 in Bolton
Parish, Cumberland England.  He married Lyman W. Lamphere November 04,
1858 in Knox Cty, IL; born Bet. December 14, 1809 - December 1810 in
Cumberland Cty, England.
  +           iii.  John C. Armstrong, born October 05, 1835 in Ireby,
Cumberland County, England; died May 28, 1900 in Holton, Jackson
County,  Kansas. He married Mary J. Heath November 26, 1864 in (Knox), IL, daughter of William Heath and Lucinda Field.  She was born April 04, 1844 in Of Center Point, Illinois, and died September 02, 1874.  He married (2) Jennie C. Davis October 25, 1877.  She died in Holton, KS.
            iv.  Roger Armstrong, born Abt. May 13, 1838 in Ireby,
Cumberland County, England; died Abt. August 16, 1858 in Holton, KS.
  +           v.    Mary E. Armstrong, born March 29, 1840 in Ireby,
Cumberland County, England; died July 24, 1872 in Sparta Twp, Knox Cty, IL.  
  +           vi.   Jane Armstrong, born Abt. July 03, 1842 in Ireby,
Cumberland County, England.
             vii.  William Armstrong, born Abt. July 07, 1844 in
Cumberland County, England.
  +           viii. Thomas J Armstrong, born December 03, 1847 in
Cumberland County, England; died April 15, 1881 in Galesburg (Knox), IL.
           ix.   Katherine Armstrong, born Aft. 1848.  She married
Charles F. Jelliff June 30, 1875 in Knox County Illinois.
Thank you,John Armstrong --El Paso, TX
John Armstrong
Robertson, Pennington, Maxwell, Ann
Maxwell, JonesChristine's family site. off site link Christine Maxwell
Way, Owens, Nancy Brown
What an impressive amount of information you have amassed on this site! I am looking for information on the Davis line of my family.  My ancestor is John A. W. Davis was a dentist in Galesburg who shows up on your 1878 Knox County History Bios as a name only.  Also there I find the dentist E. F. Davis and wonder whether there is any relation.
John Davis married twice; first wife died.  He had one daughter, Rosella Davis, whose married name was Read (William perhaps?).  She and her husband both attended Knox College.  After college, they owned a bookstore in Galesburg (I think).  Later they moved to Emporia Kansas and then to New Mexico.
If you have any information, I would appreciate receiving it.  But I am particularly interested in knowing when John Davis came to Galesburg and from where.
Thank you so much for your help. Nancy Baker
My 3x gr grandparents: Wm. Thomas Williamson, died 21 July 1865, and Elizabeth (Betsy) Judd Williamson, died 15 Nov 1855.   Both are interred in Brush Creek Cemetery. Jane McGuire
Date: 1/30/2008 4:02:38 PM
Subject: [RAOGK-Req] Illinois Knox
Foxie - first I want to thank you for your time and kindness in helping others- especially for helping people like I who live far away and can not make it there any time soon! There was a family named Robson that lived Knox County and I am having a tough time locating them. The father was John Robson 1827-1914 married Pamela Davis. They had five children John b-1827, Williams b- 1831; Robert b- 1836; James b- 1839 and Henry S Robson b-abt 1825. Henry is my line he died 1875 Rio, Knox and buried Ontario Cemetery. He had 5 kids and I am having a very tough time locating them and would appreciate any assisatnce or suggestions:
Sarah J b-1852 (?); Anna M. b- abt 1854; John Thomas b -1858; Henry "Harry" Stobert Jr. - 1860; and George b- 1868. Thank you for any assistance would be greatly appreciated! - Lynn
P.S. Henry's wife was Mary Elizabeth Hornage and can not locate her death or burial- this is my ggg-grandfather's sister.
Hi Foxie,  

I am looking for information about my great-grandfather's sister and her parents.  Her name was Cynthia or Lucinda Gould and she attended school in Galesburg about 1859-60.  Apparently according to reports, her parents, George Gould and Charlotte Hensley Gould lived in Galesburg prior to migrating to Wilson County, Kansas.  They were originally from New York. I found them in the 1840 Census in Jefferson Co., NY but have not been able to locate them in 1850.  I don't know if they owned property in Galesburg or not.  Where would I go to find out this information.  Also, where would their daughter have attended school?  Her father returned to Galesburg to get her to teach school in Kansas.  Any help anyone can give me would be
greatly appreciated.  Elayne

Elayne Roberts
Barrak T. Butt Family Wilma Butts  
Date: 5/3/2008 8:44:34 PM
Subject: Foxie's Knox County site Family Research

Hi Foxie!

Please add the following surnames to the surname researchers list:EVANS, RAMP, BELL, MAPPS, WARD, OGBURN

My name: J. Eversmeyer

Thanks!==May 11, 2009

My name: J. Eversmeyer

Mary Ann Boystun Butler she's related to the Boystun's of Knox co., IL. Jac has been trying to find her last resting place and I've always felt it might be in the old Indian Point Cemetery outside of Abingdon, where many of them were buried. there is not any old records that I am aware. Maybe a family member with an old bible or church records might know. email Jac if you found her. thanks. Mary was married to Isaac Butler of Greenbush, Warren co., IL, he was a twin to Col. John Butler. Jac Butler
Hi, Foxie,
Would you please put me in your researchers column.  I am searching for information about my Hays/Hayes, Turner, Noel. and Lee families.
Thanks ever so much.
Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas

Good Morning! 

Would you please add my search to the searcher’s page? 

Looking for Lydia Erma Martin b. 3 Dec 1890 Altoona m. 1915 to Howard Wilson Stuckey b. 14 Nov 1894 Altoona

 My tree is located at




Hi Foxie, I am researching Robert Oliver & Maria (Sherman) Turner

Thank you,

Steve Turner

Steve Turner
We are researching the Smelser (also seen spelled Smeltzer and Smelcer) family who settled in Knox County, Illinois and lived in Rio Township and near Henderson and Galesburg as well.    This family line is related by marriage to the Robertson (Daniel Robertson - Mary "Polly" Maxwell) and Peckinpaugh (John Peckenpaugh and Christene Rice via son George) families of Knox County for sure.   There is at least one gravestone in the Rice-Blue Cemetery for "Wife of J. Smelser - died Nov. 11, 1878" and I would guess others as well.   As of May 9, 2008 we have not identified who either the J. Smelser or his wife were.    We have considerable information about this line after their time in Knox County and a little prior to coming to Knox County from Hart County, Kentucky and Crawford County, Indiana.   It also appears the family had connections in Tennessee....possibly in Overton.  
Principle Knox County names would include:  Isaiah Smelser b. abt 1801, Jacob Smelser b. abt 1807, John S. Smelser b. abt 1812 and James O Smelser b. 1831 (husband of Malissa Jane Robertson b. 1838).    Isaiah moved on with his family including wife Nancy Green Huston in about 1854 to Oregon.   We believe the Smelser's arrived in Knox County between 1830 and 1840.   Some records put them in Knox County in Nov 1835.  Jacob and Isaiah (brothers) first appear in the 1850 census in Township 11 N 1 E.   We do not find them in any 1840 Knox County IL census.   They are in Crawford County, Indiana during the 1830 federal census.  Jacob's family, particularly son James M. Smelser b. abt 1839, moved first to Madison County, Iowa in about and later to Dallas County, Iowa near Linden, Panora, and Redfield.   Others move to Washington County, Iowa; Red Cloud, Nebraska; Perry, Oklahoma; Fremont County, Iowa; and Gillette, Wyoming.   Other associated names of interest include: Logsdon, Dawson, Prigmore, Lyddon, Huston, Houston, Green, Marlin, Cubbage, Hoggatt, Malcom, Langloss.  
John F. Smeltzer
Fort Collins, Colorado


I am so happy to be able to send this to you.  The surnames of my families in Galesburg, IL are Swanson, Stromgren and Strange.
Annette (Strange) Carroll
Annette Strange Carroll
I am researching Han Peter Ottoson, a Swedish immigrant to Knox  County.  I know he was born March 15, 1864 in Sweden and died December 16,  1939 in Gary, Indiana.  His parents may be Otto Johnson and Sophia  Peterson.
He is on the 1900 census of Knox Co. and is listed in the History of Knox Co. as a minister of the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Knoxville.
Does anyone know about his siblings....
There are two other Ottosons who married near the same time that Hans Peter married Clara Amelia Lander (daughter of John Olsson Lander) November 17, 1897   in Knox Co.
They are :  Gust Ottoson b. Oct 1866 in Sweden and married July 30, 1896 in Knox Co. to Ida Larson
Carl A. Ottoson who married December 8, 1892 in Knox Co., to Hulda E.  Olson.
Are they related to Hans Peter?  
Does anyone know where in Sweden these people are from?
Subject: Foxie's Knox County site Family Research - request from Bloomington
I am assisting a CA resident who is wanting information on his mother's early life in Galesburg.  Here is what we have:  Ina Isabelle Walters b. 10 Sept 1891 in Galesburg, possibly child of James and Susan Brown Walters who were supposedly killed in an accident and Ina was raised by her grandparents (not sure if it was Walters or Brown).  Information says that the grandfather taught at Knox College but so far no similar names have been located.  Ina married Hugh B. Gill in Chicago June 12, 1916 and moved to WA state and then to CA.  She died in 1965 without giving her family any good information about herself.  If you have any information, send to  Thank you.  Thank you.
Date: 2/16/2009 6:16:12 PM
Subject: Foxie's Knox County site Family Research
Could you please check your cemetery records for Harriet (Kemp) Dixon – b. January 11, 1817 in Essex, Chittenden, Vermont and d. May 3, 1893 in Galesburg, Knox Co., Illinois
She's the only child of Parker Kemp and his wife, Philenia (Chipman) Kemp.  She was an invalid the last 40yrs. of her life and was probably living with one of her children (James or John, maybe).
She was married on October 1, 1835 in McKean, Licking, Ohio to John Dixon (b. November 2, 1809 in County Tyrone, Ireland & d. May 2, 1878 in Palmyra, Marion, Missouri).  I would check Dunsdale and Memorial Park cemeteries first.
Thank you for your time,
Sue O'Shaughnessy
  From: Kevin O'Shaughnessy
Date: 6/4/2009 10:39:57 AM
Subject: Foxie's Knox County site Family Research
I would like any information on Naslund, Laphan, Smith and Dimmick.  The Naslunds came from Sweden, the Laphans came from Norway and all I know about the Smith/Dimmick group was Ohio.  Any information would be greatly appreciated and passed on to anyone who would be interested. 
Carolyn J Chapman
Date: 6/3/2009 6:16:12 PM
Subject: Adopt Brown County, IL @IL SAv Graves County site
I need your help, I am told by a reliable source that George C Brant
(1829 to bet 1900-1910) and possibly his wife Sarah are buried in Avon Cemetery in Fulton County, Illinois  but the cemetery listing is not complete. Can you tell me of someone that can tell me his date of birth and death so that I can request a death certificate and preferably a copy of his obituary. I am trying to trace this family back and his a brick wall! Do you know of anyone who would have the obituaries for 1900-1910?
Thanks for your help!
Martha Boone
Vicksburg, MS
Martha Boone
Vicksburg, MS


Date: 6/2/2009 1:31:50 PM
Subject: Knoxville Cemetery Cemetery Photo Gallery
My name is Gene Elwell (Eugene E. Elwell) originally from Philadelphia PA, but raised in Southern NJ. I don't know if we are related to the Elwell's from this cemetery. I would like to hear from any Elwell's to find out if we are related.
Thank You 
Gene Elwell Email
Date: 6/1/2009 2:21:10 AM
Subject: needing help
Surname Sheahan, Lineen, Mylan (Maylan) Magner all in Knox County Illinois Anyone interested in these lines please contact me. thanks!!!!
Mary West Email
Date: 5/31/2009 5:43:36 PM
Subject: 1886 P
    My Great Grandfather Alexander Borland was born to Robert and Mary Borland in or near Creetown Scotland around 1860 and left for the U.S. in 1888. I would love to hear from any Borland offspring who can trace their family back to that area and can shed some light on our family for us. Our GGF only said that he knew that his grand father and uncles lived and worked in the Creetown area and he knew them but unfortunately did not give us their names. If anyone can help us locate any remaining relatives in Scotland our otherwise we would greatly appreciate it. We have found some cousins still living in Creetown but they are not direct descendants of the Borland family, and I have had the pleasure of visiting them and seeing the area where my mothers family came from. Thank you. Regards. Ed Wheaton
Ed Wheaton

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