Portraits from the Past of Knox County, Illinois Ancestors

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Here is the second in a line of series am doing on the founders and the early inhabitants of Knox County, Illinois.  These pictures are all owned by Foxie and I will not appreciate somebody using them on their site unless they have my permission to do so.  I respect copy write laws and expect that out of people out there in Cyber space.

All of these pictures are from the old History books I have mentioned earlier in my web site.  I have scanned them and thumbnail them for faster viewing however it will still take a bit to download over  a slow internet connection.  about 6:41 minutes on a 28.8kps internet connection which I believe is the slowest one yet.  If you would like a copy of any of the pictures for your files feel free to email me.  Just click on the email sign below and I will receive it.  Anyone having information or related to these people would love to hear from you and see what went on later. 

"Old stories never die they just get bigger."

Some of the looks on these people's face's about crack me up.  If they knew back then that someday they might be in a place where somebody all over the world could see their likeness I think they might of smiled.  It really seems rather odd that the women never did for some reason or another.  They just all look so grim and proper.  They would really be amazed at how things have changed through the years, centuries, and such.  Have a great and wonderful day. Thanks.

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you can also click on the pictures to get a bigger view.  I've tried to put

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how that is.   

Always a work in progress...

Thanks for stopping by and come again.


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Colonel Clark E. Car

Peter C. Nelson


D. H. Frisbee

Colonel E. F. Phelps



George Avery

Seraphina Princess Mary Phelps


A. J. Rankin Philip Sydney Post


C. Collinson

H. M. Mitchell


George Ekins Shafton Lowry























































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