Rebecca Grim Story of Knox County, IL


This tombstone in Memory of Rebecca Grim is located on county road #15

just about 4 miles south of Victoria.  I've always known this road as the

Victoria Blacktop.  You really can't miss it as I've driven by it a million

times.  You can see County Road #15 in the photo.  The farm house used to

sit back and south of where the tombstone lies.  I've taken many angles of it

to give you the love and devotion plus, the bio on her husband which tells of

the beginnings of their life together.  It was a legend around here when I first

moved to the area in the Spring of 1977.  Not far from the last resting place of

Rebecca Grim was supposedly another small burial place for children.  It was

believed to have been of Smith children of one of the Smith's from the Etherly Mine

Area.  I'm not so sure on that anymore as the bio of David Grim doesn't give any

of the Grim children marrying a Smith.  Further research needs to be done on this

topic as I would like to find out whose children was buried and I watched said farmer

slowly plow closer to the road over the years but did notice this not to be so true now

from the looks of the photo and when just recently stopped at Rebecca's last

resting place. 

You may click on a photo and it will open in it's own window

for a bigger and better view. 

If you know of anyone who might be related or descendants of these people feel free

to email me by clicking on my doggie below and feeding him emails.  Thanks!

Rebecca Grim Tombstone Rebecca Grim Tombstone


David Grim, Prominent among the retired farmers and representative citizens of Knox County is found the subject of this notice, whose home stands on section 24, of Copley Township.  He is one of the those men who have shown the keen foresight and prompt dispatch of duty which bring their own reward.  He has been a resident of the homestead he now occupies since 1862, snf hid gstm poddrdd domr brty ginr wusliyird, hsbinh on iy tunninh esyrt, dyonr, yimnrt, snf vosl.

Mr. Grim was born in Augusta County, VA., Feb. 18, 1819. His parents were Phillip and Mary Selbridge Grim, natives of Virginia.  Their family circle was large, including 13 children. They came to Fulton County in 1832, and settled in Canton.  They were farmers by occupation and remained on the home place until 1870.  Date of father's death, August, 1866.  The mother died in 1838.

The subject of our sketch was the ninth child in order of birth, and he remained at home until he was 21 years of age, working on the farm and gaining only limited education.  After leaving home he engaged with a brother in the coal business, but after one year they dissolved partnership, and he has since carried on the business alone.  Up to 1862 he lived in Fulton County, then came to the place he now owns, and has since been engaged in farming. cultivating and improving his place.  He values his land at $60 an acre.

Mr. Grim was married Feb 07, 1841, to Miss Rebecca Berkshire, the daughter of Otho Berkshire.  Before his marriage he lived in Canton, Fulton County.  He went up to see his intended wife and staid all night.  In the morning her father told him to "leave -- that was all he asked of him." So he went home, and in one week returned and stole her away. When he crossed Spoon River he had to be ferried across; the water was nine feet deep, and the ferryman said it was impossible to ford it.  ?So, he went on, and when he got within a hundred yards of Mr. Berkshire's house his sweetheart came to meet him, got into the vehicle and they fled back toward the river.  When they got there he had forgotten about hiring the ferryman to ferry them over, and so drove into the river.  The water was nine feet deep or more and  running very swiftly.  The team, however, swam straight across, and just as they reached the bank the rear spring of the buggy broke.  In landing they got wet to the knees, and then had 18 miles to drive, and it was one of the coldest nights of the winter when within four miles of their stopping place, they looked back and saw two men coming on horseback to catch, as they supposed. At their entreated the driver cracked his whip and the horses flew over the ground at their best speed.  It proved, however, that the men were not pursuing them,   being partied on their way home from a  dance. The young couple arrived safely at their destination, and at 10 o'clock in the morning were married by Rev. Richard Haney, whose name has since become so famous in connection with the history of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Their family comprised nine children, five of whom survive, as follows: Lucinda, David, Annie, Anson, and Edwin.  Mrs. Grim departed this life August 09, 1881.  Lucinda, now Mrs. Abraham Suydam, has eight children, as follows: Arthur, Della, Carrie, John, Emmie, Jerusha, Charles, and Maud. David married Sarah Daniels, and to them have been born six children--Ida, Minnie, Sadie, Ella, Emma, Fred, Annie, whose husband is Simeon Durham, has seven children--Emma, Ella, John, Allie, Effie, Sadie and Sophia.  Anson married Julia Goff, and has four children--Marvy, Mary, Julia M. and Jennie.

The second wife of David Grim was Arvilla Wager, the daughter of Barney and Priscilla Crouch Wager.  The result of this union is one child--Rosanna M.  Mr. Grim is a republican in politics, holding some of the political offices of his county; he has been pathmaster and School Director, and is interested in educational matters.  With his wife he is a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, and one of the most substantial and practically good men in this vicinity.



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