Sage Cemetery

Sage Cemetery is located 1/2 mile east of Oneida, IL, on the Post Road; just over the Ontario Twp line into Walnut Grove Twp. With the help from a descendant of Amy Sage I have relocated this cemetery in it's rightful twp and spot in Knox County, IL. I've always felt it was in the wrong Twp. and thanks To Keith and me calling the Supervisor's of the Twps I've found it is not in Copley Twp as it is in the records at the Knox County Genealogical Society.  It is located also south of the house that Horace Sage lived built and lived in while his stay in Knox county before leaving us and going to Kansas.  Also, Emily Post lived in this house and why they call the street or road Post Road. Information on these pages and pages that will be linked from here and from the family research page are compliments of Keith Jones. Thanks Keith.  Keith has also graciously emailed me many pages on the Sage, McConchie, Roundtree, Osborn, Mosher families of
There is a small graveyard in Walnut Grove Township on the former farm of my
great great grandfather, Horace Sage. It is very close to Oneida on the
western edge of Walnut Grove Township. I'm not sure, but Horace's mother-in-law,
Lydia Mosher, may be buried in that cemetery as well. I know both Horace and
Guli's mothers were living with them in the 1850s before they died, but I have
never determined where Guli MOSHER Sage's mother, Lydia PALMER Mosher (Mrs.
Nathan Mosher) was buried.
The only marker in the cemetery is that of Horace's mother, Amy Sage, wife of
Solomon Sage.
-Keith Jones

My start for this Sunday, and what a day.  Between Keith and myself with me calling supervisor's of townships and such found out the Sage Cemetery is not and never was in Copley Township.  It is actually, just over the township line from Ontario to Walnut Grove Twp in section 31.  We have also determined by comparing photos the house still standing at the end of Post Road, and where Emily Post once lived is where His ancestor before removing to Kansas lived. Horace Sage. Am now looking into two other people whom we believe to be buried here. Also, to find or see if anyone has any of the burial records. So, far no such luck on that.

All photos are copy write of Keith Jones & Foxie.

You need permission to download. up ma also click on the

photos for a bigger view. Although Amy's portrait is a thumbnail I made

it bigger in honor of her memory for being right now the only

known for sure burial in this cemetery. If you know or have any

on any one who could be buried here, feel free to email me.  Keith

and another gentleman would be most appreciative.

Thanks for you kindness.

Sage Saga by Keith Jones


Horace Sage's Home Amy Sage Wife of Solomon Sage
Sage house comparison
Comparison photo's Keith made w/one I emailed him.

click on thumbnails for a better view


Wife of

 Solomon Sage


Jan 23, 1862


  75yrs 4ms 5Ds  

Solomon Sage born 1783 at Sandisfield, age 25 married Amy Loomer.  

Amy born Berkshire Hills at

Partridgefield, now known as Peru.

 What is left of the

Sage Cemetery

 Two other possible burials at least.

William McConchie

Civil War Soldier

died May 15, 1864 in line of duty

next person is same person.

Guli Mosher, Horace Sage's mother -in-law,

Lydia Palmer Mosher

(Mrs.Nathan Mosher


  More information to come in the next few days to be linked here and at the family page. Thanks so stop back by when you can.


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takes almost ten minutes to download over slow internet connection. Photos to the grave site and the house. for Keith.