Veterans of Spanish American War

On February 15, 1898 the U.S. battleship Maine exploded in the Havana Harbor. On April 20, 1898, Congress approved a resolution for use of military force to secure independence from Spain for Cuba and other Spanish territories.

April 24, 1898 - The Spanish American War officially began when Spain declared war on the U.S. The following day Congress passed a declaration of war, effective April 21.

On May 15, a former Under Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt arrived in San Antonio, Texas. He had resigned and received an Army commission as a Lieutenant Colonel to train and prepare the unit that was officially designated the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry; would be forever called "The Rough Riders."

Ten days into the Rough Riders two-week training program at San Antonio, the first Army expedition left San Francisco for duty in the Philippine Islands. That same day, May 25, President McKinley issued the call for an additional 75,000 volunteers.

Battle of Manila Bay 1898

At the Battle of Manila Bay, the six-ship Asiatic squadron of Commodore George Dewey decisively defeated a larger but unequipped to stand on their own feet; Spanish fleet. The U.S. flotilla emerged virtually unscathed, with only eight wounded. They destroyed the Spanish fleet, with heavy casualties. The action cleared the way for U.S. occupation of Manila in August.

Guam 1898

Guam, one Mariana Islands in the western Pacific, surrendered to Captain Henry Glass on the U.S.S. Charleston. The Spanish commander on the island obviously had not heard of the outbreak of the war, for on the previous day when Captain Glass fired on the island. They sent  messages to Charleston with an apology for not having returned the salute, but there was no ammunition on the island.

Battle of Las Guasimas 1898

At the Battle of Las Guasimas, U.S. troops won the first major land battle of the war with Spain. The division of cavalry volunteers led by the aggressive Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler, with Col. Leonard Wood now a regimental commander and Col. Theodore Roosevelt leading the Rough Riders.

Battle of El Caney 1898

U.S. troops stormed and took El Caney and San Juan Heights, Spanish outposts to Santiago de Cuba, over stubborn resistance. There were heavy casualties on both sides. The Rough Riders participated in the attack.

Isla Grande 1898

Forces under Adm. occupied Isla Grande, in Subic Bay near Manila, George Dewey. The German gunboat Irene, which had attempted to hamper American operations, was forced to withdraw.

William C. Manuel

Co. L

5 Ill. Inf.

Spanish American War

Fred M. Starr
CPL Co I 159 Regt. Ind. Inf.
Spanish American War
November 16, 1879 - June 29, 1963

Corpl. Daniel S. Williamson
Co B
I Wash. Inf.

Albert R. Maginnis

U S Army Spanish American War

1872 1952

Co C 6th IL Sp. Am. Vet

Altona Cemtery



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