St Joseph's Cemetery

  Monday May 22, 2006 06:12:37 AM -0500

  St. Joseph's Cemetery is located just south of East Linwood and Linwood Cemeteries in Galesburg, IL.  If you are on Main Street., travel west going towards Monmouth.  When you see a The Ford Car Dealer ship, Lakis Ford, on the right hand side of the road there will be a stop light here and that street is Linwood Road.  Turn Right.  Go to Monmouth Boulevard and turn right.  You can see the cemetery from the road.  Swing's Mobil park is right across the street from it.  This is an old Cemetery that was established when the St. Mary's Cemetery in Knoxville was filling up and the Catholics needed another place to bury their loved ones.  There are allot of unique stones in this cemetery.  I have just recently taken over 200 photos of the tombstones in this cemetery.  Time permitting with all my other duties I plan on putting them here for your pleasure.

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St. Joseph's Cemetery Sign


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upon entering the cemetery This tombstone which is very old will catch your eye.  I want to go back and get a better photo of this.  These photos were taken in February 2005.  It was a one cold and slightly snowy day.

This is the final resting place of John Slattery's family.  the little stones in the front  are for where they are buried.

John Slattery June 24, 1800--January 20, 1882

Ellen Muuray  His daughter

October 25, 1850

then there are some sayings that I can't make out.


Front view of Slattery Stone.

"May their souls rest in Peace. Amen"


Rodich & Riesebieter Family Plot



This is a close up of the tombstone above this photo. 

"Father Nicholas Luze Rodica Rodich

Mother Pauline T Palich Rodica Rodich

Daugher" Ann Anastasia Martha nasta Rodica Rodich Riesebieter

son-in-law Bob Robert John Reisebeter

This is the back of the stone right next to the photo on the left.

It looks to be a little blurry.  There are photos and other

memorabilia on the tombstone.


Sisters of Providence

St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana

1st Grad-8th grade, Sisters of Loretta 1952-1984 Churchill Jr.

 High, Galesburg, High

1952-1984 Thirty-two years Churchhill Jr High, Galesburg High School

These turned out a little blurry will have to retake.  This is a close

up of the bottom to the picture on the left.


Son Anthony Nicholad Antone Anta, Tony Rodich Oct. 04, 1935 Rodich, Nicholas L. 1888-1961   Pauline T. 1896-1974


"Ann" Anastasia M Nasta  April 18, 1930  "Bob" Robert I

Dec. 23, 1929-Oct 25, 1983

Robert J. Riesebieter, 1st Lt US Army, Korea War,

Dec. 25, 1929-Oct 25. 1983


  This is another view of the Rodich/Riesbeiter Plot with this

tombstone in front.

Andrew ??ndlan born July 1860-Oct-1893


This is an unusual tombstone.  There are several of these in the cemetery. 

 I don't read Swedish but I think that what the language is. 

 Jack Zefo Austrian  Rest in Peace.

This is an unusual tombstone. 

Nick Zee Matto Nov. 04, 1903--March 27, 1921




Ovde Pociva Tielo Poloinoqa, Vlade T. Dodick

Remains of Louis Tony, R. I. P.

Mary wife of Oscoor K. Marshall died Sept. 07, 1878

aged 32 years.


Jay Welsh
Jay Welsh
infant Welsh Mary J. Welsh
Michael Welsh September 09, 1830-May 28, 1907 Catherine Welsh June18, 1827--January 26, 1907

  also headstones for them.

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