Trenton Cemetery, Persifer Twp., Knox County, IL



These photos were taken today.  Kate, Jorden, and I started out and it was nice and Sunny day.  But by the time we over at Trenton Cemetery which is located not too far from where I live, it started to rain.  We need the rain so badly have not had any for about six weeks or more so am not complaining.  I end coming prepared with umbrella's in the trunk.  So, we got photos of all the tombstones in the Trenton Cemetery.  Kathy Mills is typing up the listings of persons buried here and will add it later when she has mailed it to me.  Thanks Kathy for all your hard work.

Photos are now listed apathetical order.  Had to name the photos in order to save them correctly and not save over a previous photo that had already been saved.   Photos will later be added to the search engine and will show up when surname is searched in the pico search engine on the index page of my site.

There may be some photos with more than one shot to get a better view or to show a nicer view and then a close up of the tombstone.  In order to get them online now will go back an put the names later.  For now just the photos. Enjoy.... If you have somebody buried in the Trenton Cemetery and are not listed here be sure and email me so I can add them to the list.  The older part of this cemetery has missing tombstones, plus, there is no record of the burials just when the Knox County Genealogical Society went out and recorded the tombstones.  If you have any information on anyone buried here in this cemetery and would like to share with others be sure and email me the information in an email with the information in a word documentation attached to the email.

If you have any additional information on people who are buried here, but are not listed on this web page, your contribution would be most appreciated!  Thank you! Make your contributions to this web site by clicking on my email doggie. Thanks...






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