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     This old abandoned Cemetery is located in the Center of the South East Quarter of Section 4 of Knox Township.  Take East Fremont Street Road, Galesburg; County Highway 7 out of Galesburg.  You will come to a stop sign and the on left side of the road is the Livestock Barn.  Go straight through stop sign keep going till you hit another stop sign, turn left, you will see a farm house on your left hand side of the road.  Just as you are going down the hill look to your left and you can see when the grass is not too high a few tombstones sticking out of the ground. This is the Union Cemetery sometimes called the Shragell; It used to be called Shragell Corner's because Shragell's owned all the property around here.   Robert Shragell is now living on farm.

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     Especially if they pertain to anyone in this cemetery or if you know of anyone else who might be buried here.  I need to go and check this one out.  I've been by it a million times on my way to Galesburg since I've lived out here in Copley Twp. Want to put it on my Illinois Saving Graves as a Cemetery to Restore.

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MOORE Stephen W. ---- 3/22/1891 age 44y 8m 14d
MOORE Robert C. ---- 10/6/1870 in 26th year, Son of J.& H.
MOORE Hannah 6/1/1805 4/26/1876 Mother
MOORE Joseph 5/23/1800 8/23/1881  
MILLER Dorcas ---- 9/23/1874 age 83y 11m 18d, Wife of Charles
MILLER Charles ---- 1/6/1861 age 83 yrs
COLLINS Permelia E. ---- 12/26/1886 age 58y 7m 17d
*SCOTT Elizabeth Apr 27,  1839 2/26/1864 age 24y 9m 29d, Dau of G. D.& S. M.
SCOTT John H. ---- 9/6/1863 age 7m 17d, Son of W. M. & S. J.
*SCOTT Jacob A. Oct 14, 1846 5/3/1865 age 18y 6m 19d, Son of G.& S. M.
*SCOTT John W. Mar 26, 1836 10/6/1862 age 26y 6m 10d, Son of G. D.& S. M., Died in the U.S. Service at Paducah, Kentucky, Co E 83rd Regt. IL Vol.
*SCOTT William M. July 21, 1834 7/18/1863 age 28y 11m 27d, Son of G. D.& S. M., Killed instantly in the blowing of an engine
WOOD Mary ---- 12/5/1861 age 66y 8m 14d, Wife of K.
TAYLOR Phebe 10/1/1800 11/25/1855 b: Fayette Co, Penn, Wife of William
TAYLOR Jesse ---- 5/26/1855 age 66y 1m 21d
TAYLOR Anna I. ---- 2/19/1855 age 21m 11d, Dau of J.E.& S.M.
FUQUA Andrew ---- 2/22/1850 age 5y 9m 17d
LYONS Infant Dau ---- 8/23/1857 age 2 days, 1st Dau of John & Mary
LYONS Jennie Lula ---- 9/18/1863 age 1y 2m 8d, Dau of John & Mary
CARLTON Rose A. ---- 9/11/1857 age 7 mo., Dau of R.M.& M.E.
CARLTON James D. ---- 12/2/1854 age 1m 1d, Son of R.M.& M.E.
GOSE Nancy B. ---- 11/27/1866 age 72y 1m 27d, Wife of Peter
GOSE William D. ---- 2/9/1865 age 33y 7m 5d, Eldest son of P.& N.
MAXEY Thomas B. ---- 2/12/1865 age 18y 9m 8d, Son of P.& S.M.
DAY Lettie C. ---- 10/17/1866 Dau of J.D.& W.Y.
SPOONER Infant Son ---- 2/26/1866 Infant of A.A.& N.A.
HOUSE Cora F. ---- 10/3/1866 age 8m 17d, Dau of G.W.& M.F.
INGHRAM Elizabeth ---- 1/31/1868 age 46 yrs, Dau of J. Inghram
EMERY Mary J. ---- 1/2/1856 age 5m 5d, Dau of F.B.& F.E.
EMERY Loe Ella ---- 12/8/1869 age 5y 11m 18d, Dau of L.& M.
EMERY Mary J. ---- Feb 1866 age 3m 15d, Dau of S.W.& S.E.

Additional burials found at Salt Lake City Library listed under Union Hill Cemetery Records. These were copied by Daughter's of the American Revolution members December, 1986.

BLAKE Isaac ---- 1/15/1868 age 19 yrs
GEHRING ---- ---- 1868 Son of A.& J.           
HERREN Luella ----- 12/8/1869 age 5y 11m 18d
MONTAGUE Grizzilla ---- 8/12/1861 age 35y 7m
REYNOLDS Infant Son ---- ---- Infant Son of E. E.& J. S. (no dates)
SMITH Grizzilla ---- 9/8/1851 age 77 yrs, Wife of William Smith
TOPE Lewis F. ---- 10/19/1867 age 18y 8m 27d, Son of J.& E. A.
WOOD Leah E. ---- 3/29/1860 age 28y 8m 19d, Wife of John F. Wood

History of some of the persons buried here.

*Scott, Gaddial, was one of eleven children, whose father, Andrew Scott, was born November 21, 1786, in North Carolina, married May 28, 1808 to Anna Longest, who was born in 1791. He was born August 09, 1809 in Jackson Co, Tenn.,; was married July 25, 1833, at Island Grove, Sangamon Co., Ill., to Susan Sexton, who was born May 25, 1810, in Knox Co., Kentucky; was married again to Sarah M. Hobbs November 09, 1876. He moved to Knox co., Ill., settling 4 miles north of Knoxville October 06, 1834; they had six children:

William M., born July 21, 1834; died July 18, 1863
John W. born March 26, 1834, died October 06, 1862
Elizabeth S., born April 27, 1839, died February 22, 1864
Enoch S., born July 25, 1841, near Galesburg
James M. born May 05, 1843, in Knox Co
Jacob A. born October 14, 1846, died May 03, 1865
Nancy L. O. born April 21, 1852, died August 24, 1867
Mrs Susan Scott died January 22, 1875

Mr. Scott was in Knox co., at an earlier day than any man of whom we have any account. He was in every sense a pioneer, for of all the stron hands and willing hearts who went forth to conquer the wilds of the great West, none did more to advance the agricultural and educational interest of Knox co., than id Gaddial Scott. He turned the first soil ever plowed by white man in Galesburg township. He is a member of the Christian Church. P. O. Galesburg.


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