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      Located in the North East Corner of Section 2, Knox Township, on the Carl Ecklund Farm in what was called the Barefoot Community.  Copied June 2, 1963 by Alice Cole for a family publication and loaned to the Knox County Genealogical Society for Publication.

       This cemetery listing was typed by Kathy Mills and sent to Foxie for processing.  I have been to the Van Gilder Cemetery and read the stones myself.  There are a few that are getting unreadable.  It is mowed every summer and the Ecklund's will let anyone go back there; just stop and ask Will post photos later. If you know anything or have any information on persons buried here I'd love to hear from you. .  

Information received from William P Kenan Click on his name to go to the page.

Thanks William!

Kate & I took another trip to Van Gilder cemetery on April 21, 2007, and I we retook the tombstone photos in this cemetery. Some of them are in various of stages of some care from some descendants. If you would like a copy of any of the tombstones as right now do not have time to put on the net. email at my doggie above and I will send you instructions on how to get your copy of the tombstone. Thanks! You will be able to see from some of the overview photos below the conditions of the stones in the cemetery. It gets mowed yearly but that is it.

Overview of VanGilder Cemetery, Bingo Buddy peaking around stone.

Kate making a pile of broken stones we found.

Overview of VanGilder Cemetery taken by Foxie April 21, 2007

overview of Van Gilder cemetery Knox Co., IL

Van Gilder Cemetery, Knox Twp., Knox county, IL Tombstone Photo Gallery click here to see all tombstones still left in the cemetery some of them are unreadable.

DUNBAR Mary A. ---- 4/29/1850 age 13y 5m
DUNBAR Mary ---- 8/10/1852 age 1yr, Dau of G.W.& M.
DUNBAR Millie October 10, 1814 9/10/1853 age 38y 11m , Wife of G.W. Dunbar
MECHAM Elizabeth ---- 10/1/1855 age 51y 8m 10d, Wife of S.Mecham
WOOLLEY Richard B. ---- 5/10/1854 age 72y 2m 1d
WALKER Georgia J. ---- 11/4/1854 age 1y 5m 13d, Dau of G.B. Walker
MONTGOMERY Z.  S. 11/18/1825 4/25/1899 (Zadoc)
MONTGOMERY Sarah J. 7/24/1828 2/23/1895 Wife of Zadoc S.
MONTGOMERY, ZADOCK married CHURCH, SARAH JANE 12/25/1845 001/0069 KNOX ---click on his name takes you to his sons biography.

MONTGOMERY, ZADOCK S married PETERSON, ANNA F 01/17/1884 00F/0098 00006953 KNOX

McGLERRY Charles K. ---- 1/24/1855 age 12yrs, Son of S.& E.
CURRY Francis H. ---- 9/9/1851 age 2y 5m 8d, Son of C.& M.
EVERITT Infant Dau. ---- 9/4/1869 Dau of E.J.& E.H.
CURRY ? ---- ---- age 17 yrs, Child of J.M.& M.J.
CURRY Samuel ---- 3/1/1856 age 7m 3d, son of J.M.& M.J.
CURRY Mary L. ---- 2/2/1860 age 1y 6m 3d, Dau of J.M.& M.J.
OSBORN Olive ---- 12/13/1865 age 1m 26d, Dau of E.M.& E.M.
OSBORN James F. ---- 5/28/1861 age 1m 7d, Son of E.M.& E.M.
VANGILDER Nancy M. ---- 3/16/1853 age 22 yrs, Wife  of David
VANGILDER Mary ---- 9/1/1853 age 8m 5d, Dau of D.& Nancy
VANGILDER Mary L. ---- 5/24/1864 age 30y 1m 5d
VANGILDER Henry ---- 12/24/1863 Son of D.& M.L.
MAXEY James M. 2/23/1804 9/18/1875  
MAXEY Lucinda C. ---- 4/26/1845 age 35y 5m 18d, Wife of J.M.
MAXEY Emily ---- May 1843 age 8m 2d
MONTGOMERY Samuel D. 1850 1917  
MONTGOMERY Thomas ---- 7/17/1889 age 30y 10m 18d
MONTGOMERY David 1817 1892  
***MONTGOMERY, DAVID married SMITH, BARBARY 12/12/1839 001/0021  Knox
MONTGOMERY Barbara 1820 1889 Wife of D.
MONTGOMERY Hugh 1852 1887 Son of D.& B.--link to family info on these children.
MONTGOMERY William ---- 9/5/1841 age 1 day, Son of D.& B.
MONTGOMERY Francis ---- 9/2/1840 age 1 day, Son of D.& B.
MONTGOMERY James M. ---- 7/17/1852 age 9y 9m 17d, Son of D.& B.
MONTGOMERY Lorenzo 10/9/1847 4/14/1861 may
OSBORN William E. ---- 3/15/1866 age 2 yrs, Son of S.& E.
OSBORN Infant Daughter ---- 7/4/1854 Dau of S.& E.
OSBORN Thomas ---- 8/20/1868 age 1y 5m, Son of S.& E.
VANGILDER Moses  S. ---- 11/11/1847 age 21y 9m 27d son  of S. & N. V.
VANGILDER Samuel -28 May 1800 9/7/1857 age 57y 3m 9d
VANGILDER Nancy V. Stephenson -20 May 1821 4/6/1892 Wife of Samuel
STEPHENSON David ---- 12/20/1836 age 75yrs probably father of Nancy V. above.
MONTGOMERY Infant ---- 1/27/1861 Infant of W. T.& M.E.
MONTGOMERY Jane ---- 3/22/1862 age 45y 5m 7d
VANGILDER Flora Ruth ---- 3/13/1860 age 7y 3m 6d, Dau of A.& S.
VANGILDER Samuel ---- 10/22/1843 age 14 days, Son of A.& R.M.
VANGILDER Infant ---- 2/18/1841 Infant of A.& R. M.
VANGILDER Louisa L. ---- 6/10/1856 age 5y 2m, Dau of J.& -
VANGILDER Rebecca M. ---- 5/27/1846 age 34 yrs, Wife of A.
CHITTENDON Effie ---- 1868 Dau of A. J.& E.
CHITTENDON Willis ---- 1865 Son of A. J.& E.
McCANN Benjamin ---- 11/18/1865 age 58y 10m
McCANN Anna ---- 3/30/1883 age 77y 22d, Wife of B.
McCANN Ida 6/16/1870 Oct 1875 Dau of _T.& __
CONLY Emma J. 11/21/1866 3/4/1882  
CONLY John F. 7/5/1864 4/22/1865  
CONLY Catherine Anderson 5/30/1830 4/22/1853 Wife of L. G.Conly
CONLY John F. ---- 4/22/1865 Son of L. F.& M. S.
CONLY Catherine ---- ---- age 22 y 10m
CONLY L. G. ---- ---- Co K 45th IL Inf.
HOUSE Nancy ---- 2/28/1868 age 50 yrs, Wife of R. H.
HOUSE Nancy C. ---- 11/28/1861 age 15y 8m, Dau of R. H.& N.
HOUSE John K. ---- 9/22/1850 age 27 yrs
HENDRICKS Fannie E. ---- 11/17/1861 Dau of P.& M.
HENDRICKS Jennie 1875 1912 Wife of Walter
JOHNSON Baby ---- ---- (Grant & Anna)
MONTGOMERY John ---- 9/18/1888 **Married Nancy Worley, father of Eliza Jane Curry wife of Adam Allen Curry!
MONTGOMERY Eliza J. ---- 10/16/1867 age 20y 3m 20d, Wife of Platt
MONTGOMERY Platt ---- 4/18/1866 age 21y 4m
MONTGOMERY John ---- 4/28/1865 age 20 yrs
MONTGOMERY Hugh 1821 1887  
MONTGOMERY, HUGH married ANDERSON, DAISY 04/09/1837 001/0008 KNOX

MONTGOMERY, HUGH married  HENDRICKS, MARTHA ANN 02/14/1864 00B/0113 00005801 KNOX

MONTGOMERY Martha 1833 1913  
MONTGOMERY Mary ---- 1/19/1867 age 2 yrs, Dau of P.& E.
MONTGOMERY Anna ---- 11/22/1868 age 2 mo., Dau of H.& M.A.
MONTGOMERY Zadoc S. 12/3/11853 11/16/1899  
MONTGOMERY Anna F. 7/12/1855 9/7/1901 Wife of Z.
MONTGOMERY Emma J. ---- 9/10/1867 age 1y 9m, Dau of H.& M.A.
PECKENPAUGH Effie ---- 8/30/1873 age 1 day, Dau of Wm.& M.  J.
CHITTENDON Eunice ---- 10/13/1851 age 71 yrs
CHITTENDON Sarah A. ---- 1/9/1861 age 7y 2m, Dau of G.& A.
PETERSON Swante 1830 1912  
PETERSON Catherine 1836 1917 Wife of Swante Petereson
PETERSON Alexander 1871 1927  
PETERSON John Albert ---- 11/29/1887 age 28y 10m, Son of S.& C.
PETERSON Claus Amos 11/17/1863 7/6/1897  
PETERSON William 12/3/1873 9/23/1894  
ECKLUND Elizabeth Peterson ---- 7/30/1894 age 28y 9m 15d
MONTGOMERY Infant ---- 1/27/1861 Infant of W.T.& M.E.
MONTGOMERY Jane ---- 3/22/1862 age 45y 5m 7d
MONTGOMERY John ---- 4/28/1865 age 20 yrs
JENNER Mary ---- 6/12/1865 age 28 yrs
JENNER Alonzo ---- 11/20/1865 age 1y 1m
JENNER Mary A. ---- 3/30/1866 age 4 yrs.
GOMER Rebecca J. ---- 3/13/1851 age 3m 10d, Dau of L.H.& Y.
EARLY John ---- 2/27/1847 age 32y 17d
EARLY Dicy ---- 10/15/1846 age 5m 22d, Dau of J.& S.
EARLY Mary E. ---- 10/29/1849 age 8y 7d, Dau of J.& S.
CURRY Nancy 5/3/1823 12/23/1860 Wife of Adam
JOHNSON Permelia 1828 1909  

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