Victoria Cemetery Photo Gallery of Knox County, IL

       Victoria Cemetery is Victoria Twp., Knox County, IL, just outside of Victoria, IL.  You take the last street in Victoria going out on IL State RT. 167 East. Turn north, keep going and you will see the cemetery.  It is quite huge and still in use today.

       It has a lot of old tombstones from early settlers in it.  One who is prominent in the area and still has descendants is

       George Sornburger.  He was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War and fought for our freedom.  His so many great grandson lives not far from me not even a mile and his daughter goes to school with my daughter even though she is a couple of years older... lots of History here in Victoria area... Will put names here later but will mark George's tombstone before upload this page to the net... Thanks for stopping by....

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Thursday, March 08, 2007 09:52:45 AM updated

Hello, am redoing this page and will have the names under the tombstone photos soon.

Some of the tombstone photos are not going to come out in fact until I get this done none of them will. will also be adding a new page with more tombstone photos. We are in the process of having baby lambs. One born on Tuesday, March 6, 2007, and then Daisy Lou, had twins last night, a boy and a girl. March 7, 2007. One more Ewe, Misty, to go. Will get these online soon. Thanks for stopping by and come again. Be sure to email me if you have any questions. Thanks & our Ancestors thank you too.


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